Budget Woes Putting Squeeze on State Testing, GAO Reports
KIPP Benefactor Dies
Proposal Sets Out 'i3' Rules
Data on Districts
Turnover in Principalship Focus of Research
Ohio Settles Spec. Ed. Case
Baltimore School District on Upward Swing
Blogs of the Week
Scholarship Boon at Risk in Arizona
Hawaii Judge Refuses to Stop Planned Friday School Closing
Literacy Program Found to Have Effect
Rediscovering the 'Pygmalion Effect'
Common-Standards Leaders, Experts Eye Adding Math, Science
Contrarian Writer Gerald Bracey Dies
'Common Core' Leaders: Contempt for Teachers?
STEM Defection Seen to Occur After High School
Teacher Quality
Missouri Education Department Drops Plan for Integrated-Math Tests
Latino Children
Study Urges Regional Focus on Rural Schools
Charter-Management Organizations: More Pluses Than Minuses
Controversy Still Swirls Around Safe-Schools Chief
How English Teachers Invert Bloom's Taxonomy
More Views on What Standards Must Include
NCLB Suit Dismissal Stands as Appeals Court Deadlocks
'iCulture' and the Plight of Today's Youth
Charter-Management Organizations: Expansion, Survival, and Impact
Education Dept. Contract to Launch Resource Center on Charter Schools
Plyler Judge Dies
Blair, Duncan Push Schools as Community Hubs
L.A. Gives Parents 'Trigger' to Restructure Schools
Pittsburgh Board Seals Deal to Retain Superintendent
Tenn. Collaborative Envisions Major Changes in K-12 Education
Chicago School Closings Found to Yield Few Gains
Institute of Medicine Calls for Upgrade to School Meals
Education Issues Bidding for Voters' Attention
Raymond-Hoxby 'Spat' Has Historical Resonance
Competing Nations and Multicultural Challenge
School Management Organizations
Lives on the Boundary, 20 Years Later
Cognitive Science
Forensics Courses Becoming Classroom Fixture
Obama's Next School Message: Eat Your Veggies
Experts, Public to Weigh In on Common Tests
Fordham Thumbs-Up on Standards
Data-Oriented District Draws Reader Question
For Better Schools and for Civic Life, Boards Must Assert Power
Nashville Judge Reduces Sentence for PTA President Who Embezzled
Growing Up Scripted
Spec. Ed. Official Confirmed
High Court Denies Hot-Button School Cases
Economic-Stimulus Funds
Mayors Can Be 'Prime Movers' of Urban School Improvement
Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture—From a Small Town
In Pittsburgh, Monitors Hold School Board Accountable
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District of Columbia Union Sues Over Layoffs of Nearly 400 Staff
Outcry Against Violence
Charlottesville, Va., Apologizes for Role in ‘Massive Resistance’
Graduation Rates Rise in South, Study Finds
'Portfolio' Districts
An Overlooked Institution Struggles to Remain Relevant
Wake County, N.C., Voters Back Change in Diversity-Assignment Plan
Community Organizing
Successful Schools Avoid False Choices
More Children Alone After School
Governance Project Teaches Value of Policy Framework
NAEP Math Scores Idle at 4th Grade, Advance at 8th
Time on Learning, Assessment
"Turning Around Schools"
Meetings Are Just Tip of Iceberg
'Striving Readers' Tough to Measure
Education Secretary Leads Chorus Calling for Big City-Hall Role
Commercialism in Schools
Teacher 'Residencies' Get Federal Funding to Augment Training
Teaching Is More Than Content and Enthusiasm
Did N.Y.C. Charter Study Have a Selection Bias?
Michigan Legislators Pass Budget Cutting K-12 Education Spending
'Dropouts Happen'
At State Level, Power Over Schools a Contentious Issue
Teacher Compensation Ripe for Change, Authors Say
Alaska Eyes Gold for Scholarships
AFT Announces First Recipients of Innovation Fund
Pre-K Lessons Linked to TV Produce Gains in Literacy, Study Says
Decline in Schools Selling Candy, Snacks Reported by CDC
Pre-K Funding Up, Despite State Budget Woes
Four Cities Cited for Successful ELL Policies
States Stung by Criticism on Use of Federal Aid
NAEP Scores Put Spotlight on Standards
House GOP Members Call for Resignation of Safe-Schools Chief
Nevada to Sit Out 'Race to Top' Start
Del. District Reduces Penalty for 1st Grader
Graduation Rates Rise in Southern States, Study Finds
Incentives Alone Not Enough to Prod Teacher Effectiveness
Institute of Education Sciences to Open Three Research Centers
Ohio Charters
Oral-Language Skills for English-Learners Focus of Researchers
Interim Kansas Chief Named
High School Dropouts
Pa. Teachers on Strike
Schools Taking Part in Campaign to Give Swine-Flu Vaccine
New York City's Promotion Policy Found to Have Positive Impacts
State of Mind
No Success Like Failure?
Conn. Teenager Facing Charges for Posting Threat on Facebook
Louisiana Education Chief to Offer Incentives to Cut Agency Roster
Florida Athletic Group to Pay Fees for Parent Suit Over Sports Cuts
The Problem Is Poverty, Not a Lack of Standards
Clearinghouse Finds Evidence Reading Program Works
Teacher Learning
Stress, Control, and the Deprofessionalizing of Teaching
Calif. 'Curriculum Crisis' May Have a Silver Lining
An Education Stimulus for the Nation's Cities
On Reading, Will Obama Repeat Bush's Mistakes?
Urban Education
Troopers Ride Buses
Blogs of the Week
K-12 Engineering Plans Need Support to Succeed
Twitter Lessons in 140 Characters or Less
Data on Schools
Teacher Contract Called Potential Model for Nation
West Virginia Unions Sue Over Plans for Health-Care Changes
A Dropout's Guide to Education Reform
For Migrant Children, Out of Fields and Into Head Start
Survey Finds More Children Unattended After School
Early Childhood Education
'Race to Top' Said to Lack Key Science
States Using Stimulus as Patch, Critique Says
Louisiana School Board Reaches Settlement in 'Jena Six' Case
Colo. Charter Dispute Stirs Oversight Issues
La. Union Takes Aim at Recruiter
Oklahoma Governor Appoints Strategist in Bid for Federal Grants
Detroit Board Member Not Guilty of Charges After Scuffle at Meeting
Clarifying NGA Position on Graduation Rates
Jennings Backed in Comments Flap
Assistant Superintendents: No Need for Own Group
New Tack on Math Promoted
Toughen State Curriculum—Soon, Ohio Told
Best of the Blogs
The Children Left Behind
Inverting Bloom's Taxonomy
Facilities Bonds Prove Hot Item Under Stimulus
The Charter School Express
Washington Parents Vow to Fight Plan to Move Spec. Ed. Students
Segregation and Student Achievement
School Bullying
EPA Urges Schools to Check for Caulk Containing PCBs
Bennet Takes Slot on Education Panel
Denver Teachers Approve Revised Contract With Lower Pay Raises
Federal Officials to Visit Chicago in Wake of Student's Fatal Beating
A Science Question on Matter and Energy
Tight Focus on Instruction Wins Texas District Prize
Running Into the Fire
Early Child Care
Study Finds Mixed Success for 'Enhanced' After-School Lessons
Nurturing 'School Minds'
Home-Schooler in S.C. to Run Again for Post as Chief Education Officer
Senator Calls for Oversight of D.C. Voucher Program
Duncan Cites Shortcomings of Teacher Preparation
Sizer's Legacy Seen in Push to Revamp High Schools
K-12 Cuts Continue Despite Stimulus Funds
Stimulus Reporting Advances
Achievement Gaps Continue to Narrow, Report Says
Consortium's Algebra Test Again Yields Poor Results
Hawaii Parents Consider Paying Teachers
NCES Finds States Lowered 'Proficiency' Bar
What Ted Sizer Meant to Us
R.I.: Cranston Awaits Ruling From State High Court on School-Funding Lawsuit
Test Experts Wary on 'Race to Top' Rules
Standards Aren't Enough
'Common Core' Standards Earn a B From Think Tank
Scholars Spar Over Research Methods Used to Evaluate Charters
Standards Aren't Enough
In Hawaii, School's Out for Recession
'Funding Cliff' Looms Large for States
House Panel Targets Distribution of Teachers in ESEA, Stimulus