King Charter Celebrates Successful Year
Grants Awarded
Elimination of ‘Reading First’ Funding Advances
Early-Education Research Viewed as a Policy Tool
Policy Shift Lets Students Withhold Low SAT Scores
Senate Panel Also Votes to Kill Funds for 'Reading First'
Keep ‘Reading First’ Funds, Advisory Group to Urge Congress
House Panel Backs Funding for D.C. Voucher Program
D.C. Vouchers Have Scant Effect on Scores, Study Finds
For Kentucky’s P-16 Council, Quiet Influence Proves Best
The ‘Three A’s’ of Successful P-16 Reform
Rhode Island Governor Drives Agenda, Raising Questions About Sustainability
Arizona Council Carves Out Solid Niche in Rocky Ground
Righting a Troublesome ‘Disjuncture’
Tackling the Dropout Crisis Comprehensively
Executive Summary
State Councils Vary in Form and Focus
Graduation Briefs
Reaction to Diplomas Count 2008
Setting a P-16 Agenda
P-16 Councils Bring All Tiers of Education to the Table
Sources and Notes
States Notch Slow, Steady Progress Toward Consistent Graduation Goals
Education Wanes as Campaign Issue, Poll Finds
Teacher Quality Found Improving in Chicago Schools
Native American Students Flag Holes in Instruction
Could Standard Grading Practices Be Counterproductive?
Instruction Drives Construction ... Or Should
Study Urges National Board to Weigh Student Gains
Justices to Hear School Sex-Discrimination Case
HBO Film Examines School in NCLB Era
Utah Board’s Incumbents Left Outside, Looking In
States Found Moving to Head Off Due-Process Hearings
Accrediting Teacher Colleges
NCATE Revising Standards on Child-Development Preparation
State Testing Mandates Swell Summer School Ranks
‘Reading First’ Interim Report Prompts Larger Questions
Where the Girls Aren’t
Unified Teacher-College Accrediting System Urged
Showing What They Know
Supreme Court Rules for Public Employers in Targeted-Bias Case
Bell Curve Author to Question College Goal in New Book
Scores Found to Rise Faster in Los Angeles Charters
Higher Education
La. Voucher Program Borrows From Plans Around the Country
Project Aims to Improve H.R. Systems in Big Districts
Districts and Partners Coordinate on Arts Education
Exit Exams
Digital Media
Advocates Say NCLB’s ‘Comparability’ Provision is in Need of Fine-Tuning
The ‘Growth Model’ Pilot Isn’t What You Think It Is
Breaking the Logjam on Teacher 'Value Added'
Socioeconomic Integration: It’s Legal, and It Makes Sense
Is Compliance With NCLB a Misdirection of Effort?
Long Live the King
Leadership Jobs Top Agendas for NEA, AFT
Chiefs’ Turnover Poses a Leadership Challenge
Debate Erupts on How to Pick Chief of U.S. Schools Data
Pennsylvania Seeks Broader Approach in Deciding Who Qualifies as ‘Gifted’
Credential of NBPTS Has Impact
2 New Coalitions Seek Influence on Campaigns
Educators Get a ‘Second Life’
Reading for Fun
Principals’ Group Calls for National Academic Standards and Tests
Jumbo Payout Gets Fierce N.J. Backlash
The ‘Fundamental Flaw’ in Test-Scoring Systems
National Identity
S.C. to Ban Higher Ed. Services for Undocumented Students
Effort Launched to Develop District Leadership Talent
Student Loses Discipline Case For Blog Remarks
Delaware Rolling Out New Evaluations for Principals
Zero Tolerance: The School Woodshed
Chicago District Focusing On Pathways to College
What Works Offers ‘Quick Reviews’ of New Studies
Somber Students Found to Outperform Cheerful Students
The Impending Death of Face-to-Face Instruction
Quick Fixes, Test Scores, and the Global Economy
Schooling Issue a Complication for Foster Care
Long-Term Payoff Seen From Early-Childhood Education
Kennedy’s Illness Raises Doubts for NCLB
Illinois Spending Remains in Flux
Arizona Seeking $1 Million Repayment From District
Arizona E-Learning Advocates Press to Keep Initiative’s Momentum
Pay More to Those Who Teach 9th Graders
Review Criticizes Textbooks' Take on Middle East, Islam
Spending Priorities
Majority of Youths Found to Lack a Direction in Life
Proposed ELL Guidelines Criticized as Too Rigid
Teachers Achieving 'Highly Qualified' Status on the Rise
The Reverse Incentive of Rewards for Learning
Busywork 101
Catholic Schools
Regulations Face a Sunset Provision
Lessons at the Museum
Candidates Are at Odds Over K-12
National-Board Teachers Found to Be Effective
National-Board Teachers Found to Be Effective
Reading Scores Given ‘Bump’ By Student Incentives, Study Finds
Scholars Put Price Tag On Parent Involvement
Congressional Republicans Call For Probe of Fraud in Ed. Programs
New Uses Explored for ‘Value Added’ Data
Labs at Elementary Level Help Bring Science Alive
Plans to Give NAEP Via Computer Face Obstacles
Study Finds Phila. 9th Graders Taught by Least-Experienced Teachers
Obama Introduces Bill on STEM Issues
How 'Disruptive Innovation' Will Change the Way We Learn
Hurdles Remain High for English-Learners
South Carolina Training Aimed at Sex-Abuse Prevention
After Control Bid By Ohio Governor, Chief Plans Exit
Do Single-Sex Classes Work? Answer: Yes, No, and Maybe
Accountability That Works: Adding Another ‘Pillar’
ACT Test-Prep Backfiring in Chicago, Study Warns
Teach for America
Plaintiff in Brown Case Dies
‘Systems of Care’ Found to Benefit Troubled Youths
Ga. to Invalidate Results On Social Studies Tests
Equity in Developing Countries
As Year Ends, Questions Remain for New Orleans
Tennessee Loosens Reins on Mandate for Scholarships' Minimum GPA
Confronting Race Will Take More Than Teachers, Programs
In Poll, Superintendents Express Worry Over Supply of Leaders
School Technology
Ed. Dept. Says Enrollment Nears Milestone
Texas State Board Approves English, Reading Standards
Grants Awarded
Fears of ‘Boys Crisis’ Called Overstated
Work on Funding Bills With Education Items Goes On in Congress
Diversity Training
Performance Assessments and ‘Cockeyed Optimism’
It’s About the Schools
‘An Impossible Choice’
No Penalty for Test Woes
Phila. 9th Graders Found to Get Least-Seasoned Teachers
Supporting Choice Broadly Is in the Public Interest
‘Reading First’ Research Offers No Definitive Answers
Addressing the Empty Mailbox
Steep Climb to NCLB Goal for 23 States
Ariz. District Plans to Defy State Law on English Instruction
Mathematics and Game Playing: Nothing New Under the Sun
African-American Achievement
Voucher Plan for New Orleans Gathers Steam
Essayist ‘Speaks the Truth’ on Status of U.S. Teachers
Obesity in Young People
Hawaii Lawmakers Urge Program Offering Flexibility
‘Viewpoints’ Clash On Law Protecting Religious Beliefs
AAUW Sees No Educational Crisis for Boys
Charters Offered Support in Georgia
Teacher-Retention Funding Approved in Mississippi
A Local Feud Proves Toxic