‘Scientific Research’ and Policymaking
Council Promotes ‘Response’ Idea
Sex Education
Grants Awarded
Poor Rural Children Attract Close Study
Schools Get Fresh Focus in Michigan
Retiree Obligations Cloud Fiscal Horizon
Bill Would Change Liability Standard in Title IX Cases
When Performance ‘Rewards’ Are Snatched Away
States Weigh Plans to Address Educator Sexual Abuse
Election Year Hints at Shifts for Unions
Louisville District Unveils New Student-Assignment Plan
College and Charter Groups Team Up to Train Teachers
Bush’s Latest ‘Voucher’ Idea May Face Same Fate as Others
‘Business Model’ Thinking Is Outdated—and Wrong
Public-Service Academy: An Idea Worthy of Support
Student Cheating
Key Democrats Join President in Seeking to Revive NCLB Renewal
Funding Formula Revised in N.J.
U.S. Review Finds No Proof That Reform Model Works
Closing the Science Gap by Hand
Teacher Evaluation
Hawaii Board Votes Against Funds for Teacher Drug-Testing Program
Ohio Initiative Adds to STEM Momentum
Federal Official Says Reading Commission Will Move Forward
Teacher-Quality Gap Examined Worldwide
Louisiana Seeks Partners to Take Over Failing Schools
New in Print
MIT Orients Course Materials Online to K-12
English-Language Learners
Parents Lose Federal Challenge on Gay-Tolerant School Materials
Leaving Violence Behind, 5th Grader Returns to School
What About K-8 Model’s Effect on the Youngest?
Inside the ‘Crucible’ of School Reform
Budgeting, Tax Trims in Conflict
After-School Education
Middle School Performance
Contract Stalemate Comes With a Price, Minnesotans Find
As Test Looms, Teachers Drill King Students
The Privatization Infatuation
Woes of Bond-Insurance Industry Latest Fiscal Concern for Districts
Other Classroom Resources on Elections Are Available
NASA’s Budget Seeks to Jettison a K-12 Program
Student, 14, Charged in Shooting in Classroom in Oxnard, Calif.
When ‘Unequal’ Is Fair Treatment
Science in India and China: How to Compare Teaching?
Clearinghouse’s Review of Dropout Programs Faulted
Bane of Architects, Building Prototypes on W. Va. Blueprint
Gunman at NIU Left No Note, Made No Threats, Officials Say
NCLB Seen Fueling Texas Dropout Rates
Say Yes to Recess
Ga. District Under Fire for Plan to Separate Students by Gender
Top Two Officials at AFT Won’t Run for Re-Election
Leaner Class Sizes Add Fiscal Stress to Florida Districts
Few Teacher Pacts in Largest Districts Seen as Overly Flexible or Restrictive
Charter School Laws
Inquiry Sought on Safety of Meat in Federal School Lunch Program
Extra Literacy Class Helps Struggling Readers—Some
Federal Audit Finds Louisiana Oversaw Hurricane Aid Well
School Readiness
Flagging Economy Propels Financial Education
L.A. District, Charter Groups Settle Lawsuit Over Facilities
NCLB Trumps IDEA, Appeals Court Rules
McCain Emphasizes School Choice, Accountability, But Lacks Specifics
Comic Books and Creativity
What the Finns Know Shouldn’t Surprise Us (But Does)
AP Trends: Tests Soar, Scores Slip
After-School Programs Go Beyond the Academic
Bills to Aid School Facilities Get Attention
Boost in U.S. Aid Proposed for Schools in Washington
Survey on Homework Reveals Acceptance, Despite Some Gripes
Spellings: Naming Dangerous Schools Under NCLB Not Very Succesful
Schools Need Collaborative Leaders
Head Start Programs
Legislation Aiming to Raise New Crop of W. Va. Hunters
Louisiana Chief Plans Math, Reading Initiative
Advocates Worry Gifted Funding Veering Off Course
Greene County, Ga., Going Entirely to Single-Sex Public Schools
NCLB Restructuring Found Ineffectual in California
L.A. District, Charter Groups Settle Facilities Lawsuit
Back in School, Iraqi Teen Lacks Motivation to Study
Lessons Learned
Students in Cash-Incentives Study Score Higher in Math
CDC Tallies Toll From 'Choking Game'
Sauce for Gander: Districts Sue Court in Finance Dispute
States Move Forward on College Readiness
New Group Formed to Promote Liberal Arts Curriculum
Coming Soon: Movie Backs ‘Intelligent Design’
Pressure to Lighten Tuition Burden Factors Into College-Aid Equation
N.D. Schools Chief to Run for 7th Term
Education and Earning
Standards for School Leaders Get New Thumbs Up
Fla. Panel’s Evolution Vote Hailed
A Flaw in NCLB Is Acknowledged by Spellings
A ‘21st-Century Education’: What Does It Mean?
Gaining a Voice After School
FEMA Site Shows Recovery Money
Justices Decline District’s Appeal in Speech Case
Researchers Propose NAEP Look Beyond Academic Measures
Meat Recall Raises Food-Safety Questions
Student Loans Are Feeling the Impact as Credit Crunch Roils Bond Markets
Reading Skills
Analysis Finds Time Stolen From Other Subjects for Math, Reading
Market for K-12 Course-Management Systems Expands
No Easy Road to Choice
Good Principals by Fiat?
Class-Size Reductions Seen of Limited Help on Achievement Gap
HEA Proposal on College Costs Riles States
Essay Producer Warns of Plagiarism by Athletes
States Struggle to Find Secure Pre-K Funding
Grants Awarded
Panel Studying Concept of Solo Teacher Ed. Accreditor
Democrats’ K-12 Views Differ, Subtly
Some Presidents Not Only Say, But Do Something
Where Teachers Work vs. How They Were Prepared
Campaigns Spreading to Reverse Downturn in Library Financing
Tribal-Gambling Expansion in Calif. to Boost Revenues for Education
Houston, Denver Move Into Next Stage of Pay Plans
Reauthorized Head Start Gets a Boost in Bush Proposal
Governors Urged to Push Pay Strategies
Full-Day-Kindergarten Fees Draw Critics, Legal Concerns
Catholic Closures Linked to Growth of City Charters
Partnership Helps Indianapolis Charters Get Places of Their Own
Sleepless After Seattle?
Exercise Seen as Priming Pump for Students’ Academic Strides
Help for Charters in Race for Space
District-Employee Retirement Plans
A Defining Moment for Charter Schools?
Teacher-Quality Gap Examined in Texas
Extra Funding Provided to Sustain NAEP
Vallas Intends to Refashion High Schools in New Orleans
California Prodded on Climate Topic
What’s in a Name? GOP Says Anything Except ‘Vouchers’
On the What Works Clearinghouse
District Leaders to Clean House at 8 Chicago Schools
Artists as Education Consultants
Gates Foundation CEO to Step Down
School Spending Boost, Revised Funding Formula Pressed in Pennsylvania
School Finance
U.S. ‘Dashboards’ Offer Data on State Achievement
Staff Development Tied to Literacy Gains for Students
House OKs Its Renewal of Higher Ed. Act
Delayed Illinois Budget Boosts School Funding
Managers Help Principals Balance Time
State Officials Find S.C. School Bus Ads Elusive Pot of Gold
Democrats Aim to Resist Bush Budget
Challenging Quality Counts on What’s Worth Counting
Give Gifted Students Assessment Options
Poll Results on Vouchers Differ From Referendums’
Native American Education
Grants Awarded
Promises of Money Meant to Heighten Student Motivation
Spellings Asks 6th Circuit to Reconsider NCLB Ruling
Jordan Opens Schools to Iraqis, But Not All Come
Beef Recall Hits School Lunch Program
Affirmative Action for Whom?
Iraqi Family Found Education Deteriorating
School Officials Expecting Cuts Due to Downturn in Economy
Improved Access to edweek.org
Bush Budget Proposes Level Funding of Education Dept.
Schools Work to Recruit More Male Teachers
Where’s the ‘Child’ in the No Child Left Behind Debate?
Focus on Reading Produces a Philadelphia School That Really Works
Reading-Program Cuts Worry Principals