Lewis C. Solmon, Leader of Teacher Advancement Program, Dies
A Testimonial to the Benefits of After-School Programs
How States Can Build Leadership Systems
NASA Urged to Improve K-12 Education Programs
Plans for Federal Reading Panel Hit a New Roadblock
Pittsburgh College Fund Lands Donation
N.J. Governor Seeks to Overhaul School Financing
Chicago Teacher’s Essay Should Be Read in N.Y.C.
Boston Foundation Backs Expansion of ‘Pilot’ Schools
Ranking Eyes Which Schools Send Most on to Top Colleges
Utah Voucher Vote Follows Usual Script for Initiatives
Primary Enrollment Rises in Poor Nations
Childhood Weight Problems
Fla. Fund’s Woes Spark Investment Jitters
NCLB School Restructuring
Mass. Initiative: Does More Time Equal More Learning?
Junk Food Survey Gives High Marks to Standout States
Court Seeks Justice Dept.’s Views in Case Over N.Y. Teacher Test
Advocates Putting Lens on High School In NCLB Renewal
Toward the ‘Highly Qualified’ Principal
NBPTS Cites Record Jump in Awards of Its Credential
Minorities in Special Education Studied by U.S. Panel
‘Growth’ Pilot Now Open to All States
Press Fixation on Sex Abuse Casts a Pall Over Teaching
Coaching Teachers to Help Students Learn
Federal Changes Could Boost School-Run Radio Stations
Ed. Schools Beef Up Classroom-Management Training
Poverty’s Effect on U.S. Scores Greater Than for Other Nations
Teenage Alcohol Use
Energy Department Program in Science and Math Praised
D.C. Schools Chief Faces Ire on Closings
States Warned of Slowdowns in Revenues, Spending
Youth Sports
Getting Serious About Leadership
Georgia Touts Push to Send More Black Males to College
To Tie a Tie
Data-Driven Decisionmaking
Charter Schools
Policy Focus Turning to Principal Quality
New Center to Explore Role of Digital Media in Learning
Should the Mayor Be in Charge?
Bush OKs Budget; Hikes Title I, Cuts Reading First
State-Run School System Could Start Handing Out Big Bonuses
Probes Raise Concerns About Direction of Memphis School District
The Coming Age of Post-Standardization
‘Gen Y’ Teachers Want to Innovate; Education Leaders Lag Behind
Casting Lots for College?
Congress OKs Education Budget With Modest Increases
It’s Guns, Not School Size
Teaching Low-Income Parents to ‘Work the System’
Grants Awarded
Foundations Donate Millions to Help New Orleans Schools’ Recovery
Hidden Gems for Helping Science Educators
Time, Connection, and Character Education
Usually Contentious Title I Formula Is No NCLB Barrier
Grants Awarded
Cleveland Schools Get Security Audit Following Shooting
Grantmaking and School Choice
ADHD Experts Fear Brain-Growth Study Being Misconstrued
Student Nutrition
Academy in N.Y.C. Prepares Principals for Toughest Jobs
Effort for Education as Campaign Issue Fights for Traction
America Idles on International Reading Test
Grounded in Content
Against Other Nations, U.S. Below Par in Science
Demand for New Student-Aid Programs Falls Short
YouTube Debate for GOP Avoids Most Ed. Queries
States Clear Initial Hurdle on ELL Tests
Instructional Model May Yield Gains for English-Learners
Cross-Currents Roil School Finance Debate
Teacher Quality
Mixed Reactions to Bus Safety Regulations
Surveys Track Online Harassment
College-Credit Options: Explain the Differences
Analysts See Continued State Fiscal Slowdown
‘New Century’ Critique Draws Evaluator’s Response
Learning Without Loopholes
Schools for Deaf Confront Other Disabilities
Study Abroad
Reform and the Dynamics of Governance
Florida Will Consider Methods of Protecting Local Investment Fund
Draft From National Math Panel Covers Broad Scope of Topics
Parent Preferences for Teachers
NCLB Accountability
New York City Taps Lawyers to Weed Out Bad Teachers
Projects Probe New Media’s Role in Changing the Face of Learning
Seeing a Glass Half Empty on International Rankings?
Political Aftershocks From Voucher Vote Continuing in Utah
Software Group Aims to Help Ed. Tech. Startups Grow
Texas’ Decision to Reject Math Textbook Reflects Debate Over Teaching Methods
Minneapolis Aims at New Start for District
Education Odds and Ends Before the Voting Starts
‘Growth Models’ Gaining in Accountability Debate
Amid Pessimism on NCLB, Talks Continue
New in Print
Six L.A. Schools Vote to Join Mayor’s Effort
N.Y.C. Reforms Rely on ‘Insecurity and Fearfulness’
Impact Is Slight for Early States Using ‘Growth’
Online Profiles a Factor in College Admissions
A Vote for Head Start’s Academic Component
Why We Need to Save (and Strengthen) Social Studies
School, Team Names Remain Thorny Issue for Many in Oregon
Social-Skills Programs Found to Yield Gains in Academic Subjects
Bush Signs Head Start, With Qualms
Online Learning
Accounting Is Not Accountability
Grants Awarded
Philanthropies Launch Teacher-Training Fellowships
Better Data Tracking, Expanded Pre-K at Core of Colorado School Proposal
Academic Achievement
NFL Effort Builds Middle School Football Programs
New Teachers Outdo Peers of Last Decade on Academic Scales
Whittle Aims to Open Private Schools With International Theme, Locations
Rhode Island Coalition Aims to Start Network of Regional Charters
Tracking Teacher Compensation
Reports Renew Debate Over Alternative Preparation
Tiered Licensing Systems Being Used by States to Help Teacher Quality
Student Motivation
Governors Cite Education Records
Space Agency Urged to Step Up K-12 Education Projects
Online-Course Provider K12 Inc. Goes Public to Expand Reach
Georgia to Set Higher Bar for School Administrators
U.S. Middle-Grades Teachers Found Ill-Prepared in Math
Providing State Pre-K in Child-Care Centers
Poll Raises Questions About Extent of Teen Cheating
Minneapolis Aims at New Start for District
School Breakfast
The What Works Clearinghouse: Time for a Fresh Start
2008 Budget for Education Awaits Outcome of Tussles
Senate Drops School Nutrition Measure
D.C. Schools Chancellor Wins Power to Fire Central-Office Workers
New Orleans’ King Charter Eyes Adding High School
States' Revenue Picture Mixed So Far This Year, NCSL Says
U.S. Students Fall Short in Math and Science