5 high school students arrested after threats close Pa. schools
Brawls at Patterson high school prompt security increase
Soccer, from humble beginnings, still a draw for youth, Adv22-23
State reaches settlement with western Pa. charter school
Suspect in N.J. killings has informal extradition hearing
Hawkins Co. schools locked down after rumored threat from student
Seneca Valley School District bans tailgating on property
New University of North Dakota president will start work in July
Governors say state-level immigration reforms could cause friction
AP Tennessee Daybook, 3rd Ld-Writethru
Joining Forces
A National View
Role of Privacy Laws Scrutinized in Report on Va. Tech Tragedy
Adolescent Suicide
Draft Retains Quality Rules for Teachers
Governors Issue Proposals On Head Start Renewal
Writing as Process
It’s Time to Confront the Class Divide in American Schools
Valuing Summer Vacation, However Students Spend It
Columbus District Performs Bus Driver Background Checks
Preschoolers With ADHD
ADHD Prevalence and Treatment
U.S. Proposes to Trim School Medicaid Funding
Getting Serious About Preparation
Are Students, Not NCLB, Behind New-Teacher Flight?
Shortcomings Noted for State Exit Exams
Houston Board to Vote on Changes to Teacher Performance-Bonus
Agreement to Give L.A. Mayor Hand in Two Clusters of Schools
Teacher Performance Pay
Military Recruitment Ignites an Arizona Rhetorical Firefight
Maine Districts Take Key Step to Consolidation
Teach For America—Second Things First
Experts Eye Solutions to ‘4th Grade Slump’
Colleges Build Web Sites to Enable Campus Comparisons, Sans Ranks
With Immigrants, Districts Balance Safety, Legalities
Teen Drug Use Down, But Drinking Holds Steady, U.S. Survey Finds
House Plan Embraces Subjects Viewed as Neglected
A Reversal of Fortunes
Ed. Dept. to Finance Study of ‘Responsive Classroom’
Supreme Court Decision Shows Misplaced Priorities
Bipolar Disorder in Children, Youths
New Contract Would Give Chicago Teachers Raises
NCLB Reauthorization Database Debuts
Real-World Lessons
Spellings Takes Issue With NCLB Draft
Policies Allow Districts to Cut Corners With Substitutes
NCATE’s Wise Announces He’ll Retire in ’08
Some Schools Take No Restructuring Action, GAO Finds
States Move Toward Closer Scrutiny of Preschools
About This Report
Grants Awarded
Romney: Dems should have rejected teaching gay issues to kids
Study says American Indian students falling behind
New guidelines could help New York schools go "green"
Gas leak prompts Lawrence County school evacuation
Senators hope strong vote for children's insurance program will change Bush's opposition
Developer donates $50 million to help LA schools
School bus antitrust pact reached in FirstGroup-Laidlaw deal
TV network goes dark in effort to get kids to play
Texting, Facebook are new security tools after Virginia Tech
Congress set to add 4 million people to insurance program despite Bush veto threat
Using high technology in campus crisis
Voucher backers: Where is Gov. Huntsman?
Out-of-state donors give Brookwood school copies of disputed book
Teen in Jena 6 case released on bail
Hundreds of city students without shots still barred from class
No Wiz at Grammar
Schools in the Eastern Panhandle dump sugary soft drinks
19 schools offer new activities
Roosevelt, N.Y., Chief Named
Authorities increase patrols in Jena, Louisiana, amid safety concerns in Jena Six case
Bulgarian teachers strike, demanding higher wages
State officials considering changes in special-education
School officials urge N.H. lawmakers to get experts' advice
Superintendents Content in Their Jobs, But Feel Pressure of NCLB
Test results show dip in math scores of younger Oregon students
HBO documentary: Civil rights lessons of Central High come slowly
Fed chief Bernanke: Education is the best investment for workers and for the economy
Communities work to preserve one-room schools
Math standards criticized by lawmakers
Hispanic students now a majority at Crossville School
School police dog chases, bites kindergartner
Edwards rolls out education policy
Report: China orders preschool inspections after 3 toddlers die on school buses
State reaches settlement with western Pa. charter school, 1st Ld-Writethru
Selma High School dance team sidelined for provocative moves
Smithville student charged for having explosive device
USC grants to help state's neediest students attend college
City releases settlement terms with fired superintendent
Kosovo students defy school ban on wearing Islamic headscarf
Reports: Explosive device found at Liverpool school
Pittsburg elementary students learning Chinese
ED in '08: Candidates Put ED on the Agenda
Students look back at sharing Central High with blacks, crisis
Regis parent, booster club president irked over incident, 1st Ld-Writethru
Edwards unveils plan to reform primary education, including universal preschool
Device explodes outside Liverpool school
Feds investigating Donna schools for use of E-rate funds
China orders preschool inspections after 3 toddlers die on school buses
U.S. schools chief touts No Child Left Behind
AG's ruling on kindergarten inspires worry, possible legislation
Lawsuit questions bond funding for predominantly black school
Rural schools doing a better job with fewer resources, Adv24
NCLB Plan Risks ‘Slippery Slope’
Children’s Playtime Seen as Significant Mental-Health Issue
Study finds childhood vaccines are safe, HFR
N.Y.C. Wins Award for Strides in Student Achievement
International Study Ranks U.S. Education
Lawmakers scold Harrisburg school officials over tax increase
NASA Beckons Teachers Interested in Space Travel
What Would L.B.J. Make of the NCLB Act?
Grants Modeled on Reading First Aim to Bolster K-8 Math Teaching
Grants Awarded
State, Local Officials Press Special Education Concerns
Parents Less Worried Than Experts Over Math, Science
Chicago Launches Anti-Violence Effort
Pekin students express displeasure over bandana ban
Task Force Offers Guidance on Assessment of Preschool Programs
College Readiness
No Child Gets Ahead
Former teacher denies allegations of sex with a student
High Court Case Could Rein In Private Placements Under IDEA
Enterprise Seeks Educational Ideas
School Boards’ Effect on Student Learning Gets New Attention
Charter Schools
A Second Voice for Greater School Choice Oversight
Too Many Remedies?
Debate over more money for children's health insurance a campaign issue for next year
‘Adequacy’ Movement Is Alive and Thriving
U.S. History Knowledge
Senate SCHIP Proposal Appears to Gain Steam
New in Print
First Amendment Literacy
National-Service Programs
Scientology-Linked Ad Draws Reader’s Questions
Rebuilding America’s Schools
Varied Strategies Sought for Native American Students
Engineering a Blueprint for Success
NAEP Testing Standards
On Senate Panel, a Different Dynamic for NCLB Renewal
NCLB Law’s Quality Rules Worsen Teacher Shortage
R&D Project on Algebra Software Seen to Show Promise
Iraq vs. NCLB Benchmarks: Am I Missing Something?
Lessons Drawn From Sputnik 50 Years Later
Better Solutions Than TFA for Hard-to-Staff Schools
Federal Audit Raps Texas on School Hurricane Aid
D.C. schools still have 500 fire code violations
A Classroom Memory, Stirred by Kozol Essay
Law’s Timeline on Proficiency Under Debate
Absent From Class
Mideast-Themed Schools Raise Curricular, Church-State Issues
Md. Schools Chief Proposes Alternate Graduation Route
Expanded School Day
Host of Lawmakers Offer Bills to Revise NCLB
California Budget Battle Presages Education Debate
SREB Convenes Panels on Literacy, High Schools
Racial and Ethnic Isolation
Will Spellings Labor for the Duration?
Inside the ‘Long Beach Way’
Education Department Announces Emergency-Preparedness Grants
Children’s Health Coverage Seen at Risk
Online Databases of Misdeeds by Teachers Raising Concerns
L.A. High School Principal Reassigned During Probe
Competition Yields Funds to Assist 3 Urban Districts In Developing Principals
Language Provision in NCLB Draft Plan Criticized
Teachers Underestimate Short Boys' Intelligence
D.C. Schools Get Blitz of Repairs for New Year
Holes Found in U.S. Rules on Teachers
Plan Would Codify Several Rules Adopted To Ease Testing of Students With Disabilities
Draft Bill Heats Up NCLB-Renewal Debate
School Supplies
College Persistence
Back-to-School Facts
Growing an Achievement Gap
No Child Left Behind: What Would Al Say?
Setting the Record Straight on Teach For America
Gender Expression
National-Board Growth: A Boon, Not a Challenge
Tighter Link Sought Between Spending, Achievement in N.Y.
Are Our Graduates College-Writing Ready?
Waiting for the ‘Tipping Point’
Draft Bill: Changes to AYP
Detained Children Assured Schooling
Spellings Hits Alaska
Drawing Distinctions in ‘Teaching to the Test’
Seeking Back Fees, Schools Now Hiring Collection Agencies
2nd SAT Dip in Row Stirs Debate on 2005 Revision
Humble Origins, Influential Posts Shape Views of New Gates Chief
Shots fired at Chester High School; 1 wounded
Ruling gives equal access to gay rights group at Maple Grove high
Baltimore County to test online school
President Clinton headlines gala for 9 students who integrated Little Rock school 50 years ago
Head of College-Access Program Gets ‘Genius Grant’
School lets students stay home, if parents take their place
NAEP Reading and Math Scores Rise
Ruling gives equal access to gay rights group at Maple Grove high
Teacher Certification
Emergency ‘Maps’ Earn State Plaudits for Safety Planning
State Attorneys General Call for Safety Measures
Unions Assail Teacher Ideas in NCLB Draft
Assess School Choice With a ‘Dose of Skepticism’
Asa Hilliard’s Obituary Leaves Much Unsaid
Most Private Schools Forgo Federal Services
Ga. Educator Named H.S. Principal of Year
Schools-Within-Schools Model Seen Yielding Trade-Offs
Grants Awarded
Housing Project Razed
Idaho’s State Board Gets Stern Lesson in Financing Issues
Supporters trying to save Palatka's historic black school, Adv22-23
Audit Finds Flaws in Hurricane Aid
Master’s Degrees Create Master Teachers, Specialists
Is Speaking English Too Much to Ask of Teachers?
High-Achieving Students in Low-Income Families Said Likely to Fall Behind
Minority Achievement
Thought Textbooks Would All Be Gone by Now? Well, Think Again
Charter School Laws
School Fire Damage
Ending Accountability Loopholes
No Easy Project
Little Rock Split as Historic Date Nears
Student Health
Houston Board OKs Revamped Performance-Pay Plan
Mass. Tells Districts to Hold Off on Student-Assignment Changes
Against ‘Competitiveness’
Paterson, N.J., Schools Reopen After Failing Safety Inspections
Virtual Schools
Youths With Disabilities Report High Expectations, Study Finds
Draft Proposal Seeks to Equalize School Resources
D.C. Parochial Schools May Become Charters
L.A. Cedes High School to Green Dot
Parents, Students Feel Less Urgency for Math, Science Upgrades
States’ Fiscal Woes Raise Anxiety Level on School Budgets
Bill to Boost College Aid Wins Approval in Congress
Early-Education Advocates Face Tougher Sell
School Board Weakness: The Reform Issue That Can’t Be Faced
Ed. Dept. Nominee Awaits a Message on His Confirmation
Building Skills, Rebuilding a Home
Civic Education for the Entire Brain
SAT Scores Linked to Adult Success
Experts Warn of PBL Pitfalls
College Readiness
N.Y.C. Wins Prestigious Urban Education Award
High-Achieving Students From Lower-Income Families Fall Behind, Study Finds
New Orleans School Bands Strutting Once More
‘Summit’ Links Preschool to Economic Success
Smooth Opening Is Job One in New Orleans
Grants Awarded