Texas Passes Bill to Require End-of-Course Exams
Department to Expand Pilot That Reverses Choice, Tutoring
Science Testing: Little Harm, No Alternative
Model U.N. Breathes Life Into Often Dry Subject Areas
Claiming Education for All
State Tests Show Gains Since NCLB
Leadership Programs Produce ‘Change Agents’
The Media and NCLB
Mark D. Millron
States Press Ahead on Preschool Programs
NCLB Law Misses Target on ‘Quality’ Provisions
Extra Hurricane Aid for Schools OK’d
Also of Note
‘Improve Teaching, and Children Will Learn’
Florida P.E. Requirement: Another Rule, Unfunded
Preschool May Help Ward Off Depression
Missouri’s High Court Rules for Union Rights
Chicago Teachers Union President Handily Wins Re-Election
Review Denied for School Resource Officer
Links in Education Week: June 6, 2007
College Selection
Computer Training Found to Help Those With ADHD
Amid Immigration Debate, Settled Ground
Creative Curriculum Publisher Buys ‘LearningGames’ Maker
Military Children
Oregon Puts End to Plush Payouts
Minnesota Lawmakers Approve Budget Increase for Education
Annual U.S. Data Report Probes AP Trends
Cures From Abroad for ‘Monolingual Americans’
Nominee for Postsecondary Job
Exit Exams and the Meaning of a Diploma
Professional Development
Omaha-Area Districts to Share Revenue, Programs
Does ‘Reading First’ Deserve Any Credit?
Early-Childhood Education
Tom Morgan
No Concessions to Union, Others in N.Y.C. Aid Plan
L.A. Charter Group Awarded Grants to Open Schools
Child-Labor Proposal Eyes Private Model
Asian Equation
Middle Schoolers Say They Lack Guidance
2 More States Approved to Use Growth Models
Opening Up the Textbook
Case Touched Many Parts of Community
Arkansas School Finance Suit Put to Rest After Court Ruling
John H. Jackson
Reading NAEP Trend Line Could Be Severed
Jewish Education
Community Schools Are Bridging Social Divides
Alaska Panel to Weigh School Funding Issue
Shallow Pockets, Shorter Day
A Diminished Vision of Civil Rights
Workforce Preparation
New in Print
Ed. Dept. Announces New Grants Under Teacher Incentive Fund
Experts Ponder Whether Parents Will Rush To Court
Charter School Teachers
NCLB Tutoring, But Not Transfers, Found to Help Student Scores
Decision Sparks Divided Reactions
Districts Face Uncertainty in Maintaining Racially Diverse Schools
Phila. to Keep Outside School Managers One More Year
Senate Panel OKs Higher Education Bills Aimed at Boosting Teacher Preparation, College Access
Accountability Forum Backs Local Tests
Linda J. Carstens
Study Finds Wyoming Focused Funding Increase on Teacher Pay
After-School Efforts Studied for Quality
Online Testing Demands Careful Planning
High Court Upholds Wash. State Law on Union Fees
Free Market Spurs Diverse Offerings of Private Schools
Charter Schools
Some Seeing Red Over ‘Green’ Bill
What About Religious Charter Schools?
Long Road Ahead for New Orleans
Black Boys’ Educational Plight Spurs Single-Gender Schools
Cigarette-Tax Increase to Raise School Funds
Mayor Takes Control, Picks Novice to Lead Troubled D.C. District
Schools Chiefs Named to Head S.F., Baltimore, D.C. Districts
Charting Your Course in Ed. Tech.
Panel: 'Persistently Dangerous' Tag for Schools Needs to Be Reworked
Links in Education Week: June 20, 2007
What You Need and Want
Technology ‘Rush’ Leaves Needed Research Undone
No ‘Split in Civil Rights Community’ Over NCLB
Top Picks
Forcing Out Teachers Lowers a School’s Morale
Federalism in the Land of Oz
How to Ensure Online Courses Are High-Caliber
A Hunger for Data
Schools Have No Handle on $7 Billion Cost of Teacher Turnover, Study Finds
House Panel OKs Boost in Math, Science Funding
Education Research Could Improve Schools, But Probably Won’t
Include Internet Skills in Reading NAEP Revisions
Charter Management
Proof of Positive Effect Found for Only a Few Character Programs
Spellings Pans U.S. Standards
Wireless Technologies Present New Set of Challenges
Making Ed. Tech. Work
Alliance Provides ‘Core Principles’ for Media Literacy
Vermont Lawmakers Approve Cost-Containment Measure
Protecting Data is Paramount
iPods and Cellphones
Helping Young Readers
Chinese Migrants Rely on Private Institutions to Educate Children
Spellings Criticizes ‘Reading First’ Cuts
Literacy Instruction
Teachers Say NCLB Has Changed Classroom Practice
Project to Probe Preschool Programs for Autistic Children
California Could Tap Industry for Teachers
Financing College
Report Finds Lack of Economics Instruction
Howard B. Schaffer
School-Business Partnerships Target STEM Subjects
UNESCO Report Outlines Corrupt Educational Practices
Maine Moving Ahead on School Consolidation Plan
The Next Education President
To Know NCLB Is to Like It, ETS Poll Finds
How to Choose the Best Online Training for Teachers
Federal Audit Finds Illinois Title I Faults
Glitches in Los Angeles Payroll System Spark Furor
Job Skills of the Future in Researchers' Crystal Ball
Richard Sterling
Newly Named Head of ECS Pledges Transformation of Group’s Mission
Turnarounds Central Issue Under NCLB
Reading Is Fundamental Tackles Achievement Gap
Targeted for Violence, Schools Still Making Strides in Afghanistan
Team Teaching Key to Turnaround
Digital Tools Push Math, Science to New Levels
Teacher Incentive Fund Awards Its Last Grants for Fiscal Year
Texas District Makes Gains With Spec. Ed.
What Does ‘Ready’ Mean?
Few States Define ‘Ready’
What Kind of Math Matters?
Prepared for What?
Graduation Briefs
Learning and Earning
‘Soft Skills’ in Big Demand
Sources & Notes
Graduation Profiles
Life After High School
Careers Come Into Focus
Executive Summary
Access to Opportunity
About This Report
Vallas Charts New Path for New Orleans
Group Offers Broad, Critical Review of State Policy on Teacher Quality
Disgraced Union Leader Pat Tornillo Dies
Ed. Dept. Evaluates States’ Records on Students With Disabilities
Senate Appropriations Panel’s Cuts to Reading First Are Less Sharp Than in House Plan
Supreme Court Rules for Athletic Association in Speech Case
What It Takes to Graduate for the Class of 2007
High School Assessments 2006-07
Implementing Graduation Accountability Under NCLB
Harvard Project Boils Down Ingredients for District Success
Technology Educators Decry New Digital Divide
Speech Ruling Backs Schools But Protects Student Political Expression
Mark D. Milliron
Tom Morgan
John H. Jackson
Newer Presidents See Role of Unions Changing, Study Finds
Researchers Cite Evidence for Race-Conscious Policies
Harvard Course Yields Education Entrepreneurs
NCLB Accountability: Educators Give Views
Democrats Move to Slash ‘Reading First’
Business-Higher Ed. Group Offers Plan for Teacher Shortfall
GOP Bill Would Give More Title I Flexibility
Vouchers Approved for Special Needs
Evaluation Indicates Limited Effects Under Early Reading First Program
The GOP Field and Evolution
Florida Scoring Glitch Sparks Broad Debate
Texas Plans New Test-Security Measures as Cheating Allegations Swirl
Ronn Robinson
U.S. Math Achievement
States Revamping Policies on Virtual Schools
Massachusetts Governor Unveils Education Overhaul Plan
When States Seize Schools: A Cautionary Tale
KIPP Student-Attrition Patterns Eyed
Gone After Five Years? Think Again
Up Against the Wall
Arts Education Building Steam in L.A. Area Schools
Key Groups Differ on Changes Sought for Impact Aid
State Tests, NAEP Often a Mismatch
Cheryll Gaffney
‘Perfect Storm’ Report: Alarm, But Not Blame
Oft-Cited Statistic Likely Inaccurate
Accords Designed to Turn Around Troubled Schools
Links in Education Week: June 13, 2007
U.S. to Create Framework for English-Proficiency Tests
Honors & Awards
Do Courses on the Bible Facilitate Proselytizing?
Early-Childhood Summits
Teacher Pay, Charters Top Oklahoma Action
Student Leaders Connecting Online
Funding Level Divides Legislators, Districts
Martin Orland
Teaching Viewed as Stable and Respectable Profession
School Dropouts
Unions Eyeing Family Child-Care Providers
Graduation-Rate Tool and ‘Oversimplified Estimates’
What’s Needed to Make Education Like Medicine
Evidence Thin on Student Gains From NCLB Tutoring
Nebraska Moves to Statewide Reading, Math Exams
Thoughts on Cheating
New Nebraska Law to Require Statewide Math, Reading Tests
Civil Rights Groups Press for NCLB to Focus on High Schools