Cynthia T. Rogan
Marsha Wells
Thomas James
Leaders in L.A. District at Odds Over School Reforms
At Elite School in China, Day Begins with Eye Exercises, Jumping Jacks
States Seen Renewing Focus on Education Of Gifted
Governors Enter Fray Over NCLB
Andrew Campanella
Literacy Instruction
Katherine Meads
Christopher King
Early-Childhood Education
Students' Writing Said Low Priority
Vin Riera
Chinese Hosts Turn Tables on Ed Week Reporter
Teachers of the Year Seek Voice in NCLB Rewrite
Hillary Clinton Critical of NCLB Before State Teachers’ Union
Childhood Obesity
Immigrant Youths
Abstinence-Only Education
School Vouchers
Education Demoted as California Issue
Merit Pay
Most Nations Fall Short of NAEP Proficiency, Analysis Finds
Mental Health
Principal Leadership
Children's Health
Supreme Court Backs Federal Interpretation of Impact Aid Act
Two Va. Tech. Victims Attended Same High School as Shooter
Music Educator Named Teacher of the Year
Gates Foundation Taps Superintendent as Education Head
Adult Education
Adolescent Behavior
Cultural Exchange Experience Informs Chinese Principal’s View of Education
Deb Henton
Wayne S. Alexander
Educational Technology
Scholars Suggest Policies to Bolster Teacher Quality
Service Learning
Long After Katrina, Children Show Symptoms of Psychological Distress
Adult Literacy Linked to Parent Involvement
Early-Childhood Education
Clinton Criticizes Testing Required by NCLB
'Reading First' Information Sent to Justice Dept.
States Working Together on Development Of Tests
House Panel Grills Witnesses on Reading First
Immigration-Status Queries Still a Problem
New in Print
Supreme Court Drops Review of Employment-Bias Case
In Pre-K: Want the Best Teachers? Then Pay for It.
For Technology to Work, ‘Sit ’n’ Git’ Model Must Go
‘Copycatting’ May Produce More Threats
Supreme Court Backs Ed. Dept.’s Interpretation of Impact Aid Act
State Data Show Gains in Reading
Teachers Should Find a Voice Beyond Unions’
ASCD, District, Company Team Up on Assessments
Research Offers Competing Data on Effectiveness
Atlanta to Redesign Schools With $10.5 Million Grant
Justices Weigh Tenn. School’s Speech Rights
House Panel Examines NCLB Supplemental Services
State Lawmakers Weigh Issue of National Standards
For Head Start, A Marathon Run
In-Service Essay Draws Further Reader Comment
Thinking Ahead
Virginia District Hit Hard by Graduate’s Killing Spree
Reading List for a Less Rosy View of NCLB Effects
Kentucky Board Picks Finalists for Job of State Schools Chief
Va. Districts Concede in Fight With Ed. Dept. Over Reading Tests
College Rampage Renews School Safety Concerns
Gates, Broad to Push Education in Presidential Campaign
Enrollment Increase: Creature of Statistics
Chat Wrap-Up: Making Curriculum Meaningful
Seattle Board Offers Top Post to Charleston, S.C., Schools Chief
Abolish High School? Drucker Pushed Idea, Too
10-Year Study Seen to Undercut Abstinence Emphasis
Rookie Teachers vs. Veterans, Post-Katrina
Technology Counts and Its ‘Fundamental Flaw’
Missouri Seeks to Aid ELLs Now Overlooked: Those With Disabilities
Studies Find That Use of Learning Toys Can Backfire
Baltimore District Tackles High Suspension Rates
Scorn for Federal Study on Impact of Software
Empowering Those at the Bottom Beats Punishing Them From the Top
Audit Faults Ed. Dept. Technology Contract
Dropout Program Suffers Rocky Start
Teachers’ Unions Taking Professional Development Online
Call Waiting on NCLB
Links in Education Week: April 25, 2007
Accountability, or Mastery?
Two Questions Provoked by Teacher-Pay Story
N.M. Expands Kindergarten-Plus Program To More Grades
Terrorism in Schools: Not So ‘Far-Fetched’
GAO Finds U.S. Agencies Can’t Keep Track Of Programs Abroad
Foreign Scholars Eye Issues That Resonate In U.S.
Va. Lawmakers Give Governor Half His Preschool Request
Abstinence Programs Don’t Work, Largest Study to Date Concludes
Push to Repeal Utah Voucher Law Advances
Global-Literacy Work at UNESCO Undergoes Shake-Up
B.A.s for Pre-K Teachers: Making Them Possible
Writer Not Amused by Gifted Students’ Prank
Rosa A. Smith
School Funding Reassessed
Big Districts Improve Reading, Math Scores
Creg E. Williams
Judge Backs Use of Race in Berkeley
In Wake of Va. Tech. Shootings, Threats Force K-12 Lock-Downs, Evacuations
Advocates Want Bigger Role for Charters Under NCLB
Education Trust Offers NCLB Renewal Plan
Less Education Aid Sent to War Zones
Teacher Panel Calls for Overhaul of Pay Across Profession
Florida Legislators Want Rewrite of Content Standards
Writing Instruction
Not All Agree on Meaning of NCLB Proficiency
Audit Raises Concerns on Special Education In BIA-Funded Schools
Cultures of Commitment
L.A. Board Reverses Earlier Vote, Approves Green Dot Charters
Piecing Together the Charter Puzzle
For Start-Up Teacher, Jam-Packed Routine
Study Finds Outside Managers Raised State Scores in Phila.
Chat Wrap-Up: The Evolution of Educational Technology
Links in Education Week: April 18, 2007
Virginia Mayor Holding on Tight to Purse Strings
AERA Stresses Value of Alternatives to 'Gold Standard'
Giving Grade-Inflation Prevention Its Due
Teachers’ Workday Is Difficult to Pin Down
Alternative-Certification Programs Multiply
Legislature Approves Record Ed. Funding
Miss. Aid Formula Gets Full Funding
Gaps in Proficiency Levels on State Tests And NAEP Found to Grow
Teachers’ Training Aids Early Skills
It’s Not Just the Schools
Quality of Principal Mentoring Uneven, Report Says
Standardized Testing
Mass. Schools, Farms Link Up
Doing the Waive
Seeing Omissions in Testimony on ELLs
Policy Push Redefining High School
How Measuring School Climate Can Improve Your School
House Sets Hearing on ‘Reading First’
Not Performance Pay Alone
Favorite Son Pioneered Chinese Study-Abroad Programs
High School, College Standards Out of Sync, Survey Finds
Skills Gap on State, Federal Tests Grows, Study Finds
Workforce Readiness
College Concerns
Finding Our Voice
New Breed of Digital Tutors Yielding Learning Gains
Hispanic Students
Arkansas Lawmakers Boost School Spending
Honors & Awards
Ill-Chosen Words—or Excess Candor?
Teacher Pay, Pensions Among Issues in W.Va.
High Court to Hear Case on School’s Letter To Athletes
In Kentucky, Lawmakers Complete Quiet Session
Writer Reaffirms Belief in Democratically Run Unions
Caution in Use of College-Entry Tests Urged
‘It’s Being Done’
Children’s ‘Summit’ Planned
Pathways to a Diploma
Questions for Congress on Reading Plan
Study Makes the Case for Media Literacy
Justices Turn Down Case on Mich. Sports Seasons
Grade Inflation: A ‘Fact of Life’ and Hard to Change
Ambitious Legislative Agendas Move Ahead
Intervention Advice From Nobel Economist Praised
Teacher Panel Calls for Overhaul of Pay
Bill on Incentive Fund Offered
R.I. Offers Web-Based Curriculum Linked to Statewide Standards
Scholarships, Teacher Raises Approved in Idaho Legislature
Forums to Be Held on Retaining Teachers
Links in Education Week: April 11, 2007
Monopoly and ‘No Child Left Behind’
Long Beach District Again Picked as Finalist For Urban School Prize
Most GOP Education Activists Still Sizing Up Field
High Court’s Drug Case Is About More Than Schools
Jay McTighe Responds to ‘Understanding By Accident’
Other Reasons to Oppose Abstinence-Only Program
Border Teachers Trained For High-Need Subjects
Consortium Forming to Keep The Concord Review in Business
Final Rules Offer Greater Testing Flexibility
Bias in Reading Program: ‘It Just Did Not Happen’
Major Study on Software Stirs Debate
Key HHS Official Set to Depart
Foundation to Spend $500 Million to Fight Childhood Obesity
Nine States to Be Partners on Algebra 2 Assessment
Chat Wrap-Up: Technology Counts 2007
Donors Underwriting National-Board Fees
Federal Study Finds No Edge for Students Using Technology-Based Reading and Math Products
Ed. Dept. Releases Final Rules on Tests for Special Education Students
New Education Secretary Named by Schwarzenegger
Colo. Rejects More Math, Science Requisites
Schools Credited With Helping Some Pupils Limit Weight
Testing Critics Ignore Law’s ‘Positive Record’
A Novel Twist for Florida’s Pay-for-Performance Plan
Reform’s Missing Ingredient
NRC Sees Deficit in Federal Approach to Foreign Languages
‘Street Schools’ Face Hard Road to Success
More Criticism Leveled at ‘Understanding’ Essay
House Panel Backs Measure to Aid Math, Science Teachers
D.C. Schools Increase Courses Required to Earn Diploma
Parents on Notice: Absence Is Costly
Let's Abolish High School
Reading Probe Will Continue on Capitol Hill
AFT Survey Finds Pay for Teachers Is Falling Behind
More Parental Power in Revised NCLB Urged
Studying Merit Pay
New Analysis Bolsters Child Care, Behavior Link
Va. Graduates Guide Students to College
Pioneer in Virtual AP Diversifies Course Offerings
Panel Weighs NCLB and Students With Disabilities
Campaign Focuses on Safe Handling of School Chemicals
Puerto Rico Falls ‘Below Basic’ on Math NAEP
Center to Support Instruction on ‘Computational Thinking’
States Seeking Greater Rural Flexibility Under NCLB
Links in Education Week: April 4, 2007
Wyoming Lawmakers Approve Scholarships
Four Mass. Schools to Become 'Pilots'
Poll Finds Gaps in Outlooks of Teachers, Principals
Adding Up Report From Math Panel
Voicing Concern for English-Learners in Debate Over NCLB
Abuse of Inhalants Rising Among Girls, Study Shows
Study Casts Doubt on Value of ‘Highly Qualified’ Status
N.C. Parents Sue Over Calendar
Getting Up to Speed on Finance Research
School Hurricane Aid Included in War Bills
On National Standards: ‘Cant and Pettifoggery’
Watchdog’s Oversight Is Having Wide Impact
Judge Once More Rejects Law on Funding For ELLs in Arizona
Spellings Seeks Input on Technology’s Role in Schools