Daylight-Saving Change Poses Tech. Challenges for Schools
Legislature Votes to Replace Merit-Pay System in Florida
Superintending Without a License
The Never-Ending Quest
Savings From School Consolidation Plans Uncertain
NCATE Support Poses No Conflict for Teacher Group
Warning: Don’t Panic
GAO Report Positive on Reading First, But Confirms Problems
Vouchers Eyed for Students With Disabilities
Teachers Gain Raises From N.M. Legislature
California Launches New ELL Assessment
Growth Models for NCLB Accountability Are Weighed
True School Reform Is Not Against Teacher Interests
Opposing U.S. Chamber’s Prescriptions for Schools
Worthy Goal Is ‘Helping Tests Help Teachers’
A Balancing Act: NCLB’s Renewal, English-Learners
Senate Budget Blueprint Would Boost Education
Online Tool Offered for Financial Aid
Out-of-Favor Reading Plan Rated Highly
Justices Differ Sharply on Student Speech
States Turn Down Abstinence-Only Grants
Chat Wrap-Up: Preparing Students for Global Competition
Prepaid-College-Tuition Plans Feeling Fiscal Pressure
Missouri Acts to Deprive St. Louis Board of Authority
N.J. Steroid Testing Gets Attention in Other States
KIPP to Expand Houston Schools With $65 Million in Private Aid
Top-to-Bottom Support
Hickok to Pay $50,000 in Bank-Stock Inquiry
Scholars Split on Pre-K Teachers With B.A.s
A New Generation of Margaret Haleys
National Standards Push Is Built on a ‘Tragic Irony’
Links in Education Week: March 28, 2007
D.C. Program Aims to Help Students Graduate From College
N.J. Educators Facing Charges
Tutoring Program Found Effective, Despite Cold Shoulder Under Reading First
The New Anti-Intellectualism in America
Exit Exams’ Effects on Teaching Studied
Vouchers, School Funding Highlights of Utah Session
Senators Seek ‘Highly Qualified’ Refinements
About Face
Civics: Where Have All the Class Presidents Gone?
Texan Nominated for Key K-12 Post
Casey Mahon
Child-Care Quality
No One Has a Patent on Defining ‘Accountability’
Links in Education Week: March 14, 2007
Illinois Governor Recommends Overhaul of State’s Tax System
Early-Childhood Programs Urged for Hispanic Population
Conservative Plan Would Shift Accountability to the States
Australia Grapples With National Content Standards
Project Launches 10-Year Initiative to Link Early Education, Economy
Summer Camps for Arabic and Chinese
Bill to Name Building for L.B.J. Advances
Taming Montessori
Honors & Awards
Senators Form Caucus on Charter Schools
Technology Standards Undergoing an Update
Arts Education
‘Turnaround’ Essay Shows Need for a Reform Focus
Ann B. Clark
Education Professor Starts Free Blogs for Principals
Boston to Allow 10 Schools to Switch to Later Start Times
Bills Seek to Improve School Science Labs
Finding Value in a Different Way to Learn
L.A. Board Race Hinges on Runoff
Union and Anti-Union Group Wage Billboard Campaigns in Newark
NAEP Writing Exams Going Digital in 2011
Student Engagement
States Are Divided on Vaccinations for HPV
Gates Cites Need to Improve High Schools, Boost Visas
Reading Program Evokes an Iraq War Analogy
Shift in Regional Education Labs’ Role Stirs Concern
Curriculum Offers Lessons on Recycling Technology
Wisconsin Rejects U.S. Funds for Education On Abstinence
Florida Governor Seeking to Boost Performance Pay
‘Kalamazoo Promise’ Shows What Works
Agreement on the Sad Results of ‘Parrot Math’
Deadly Tornado Spurs Calls for Emergency Planning
Counselors’ Groups Urge More Funding
States to Get Guides on ELL Test Methods
‘Reading First’ Contractor Neglected Bias Rules
National Network Aims to Recraft Ed.D. for Practitioners
Governor in Alabama Highlights Education
Weight Control
Nutrition Group Lobbies for More Free School Meals
Rob Lippincott
Tiny Iowa District Trolling for Pupils
Even the ‘Model Minority’ Has Students With Needs
Lawmakers Debate Wis. Admissions
'Understanding by Accident'
Rookie Teachers, Stressed Students Confront Realities of New Orleans’ Schools After Storm
High-Stakes Testing Is Putting the Nation At Risk
Consensus Is Sought on Religion in Schools
Grade Inflation: High Schools’ Skeleton in The Closet
House Education Panel OKs Reauthorization of Head Start
In Reading, a Scandal Without Consequences
Texas Principals Get Training in ‘Quality’
Ruling on Workplace Speech Affects Superintendent’s Case
Choice Words
Student Council Project Aims to Encourage Civic Activism
Contract Fight Halts Oregon’s Online Testing
Math’s ‘Anti-Reformers’ Misread Asian Competitors
Contractor Leaves Iraq With Some School Projects Undone
As Budgets Swell, Spending Choices Get New Scrutiny
And an Essayist Misreads Alfred North Whitehead
National Standards Need Greater School Uniformity
Phila. Cracks Down on Assaults by Students
Union Letter Produces a ‘Hanging Curveball’
Ohio Governor Proposes Ending ‘EdChoice’ Vouchers
Links in Education Week: March 21, 2007
Teachers in One-Quarter of W.Va. Districts Walk Out
World History and Geography Gain Traction In Class
House Panel OKs New Hurricane Aid
Court Says ‘Gifties’ Misapplied Talents
Eight States Advance for Growth-Model Pilot
A Culture Put to the Test
‘Truthiness in Education’
Educator Lauded for 'Courage'
When a Road Trip Turns Into a Hike
Views of AFT, NEA on Reauthorization Getting Closer
New in Print
Report Finds Improvement in Pre-K Area
Superintendent Hired in Detroit
N.M. Soon to Require Vaccination for HPV
GOP Bill Offers Vouchers
Test Scores Released in Illinois After Lengthy Series of Delays
Administration Wants Districts Free to Transfer Teachers
Utah Poised for Parental Sign-Off on Club Activities
Teacher-College Group Presses for Single Accrediting Body
Chat Wrap-Up: Class Size and Student Learning
Teachers at Mich. Charter Vote to Quit Their Union
Schools in California Face NCLB Makeovers
Early Starters in Math Reach Higher Levels
FCC to Children’s Rescue?
House Backs Bill on Pell Grant Rule
House Committee Preparing Its Own Head Start Bill
Surviving as a Progressive Charter School—Is It Possible?
Which Status Quo Should We Change?
Some Researchers Call for Classroom Sound Systems
An Advisory Advantage
Measure Seeks to Add Phys. Ed. as Core Subject
Obama’s Annenberg Stint Informs White House Bid
In New Orleans, Bush Praises Charters’ Role in ‘Renewal’ Efforts
Accountability Director to Retire
AACTE Warned of Efforts to Harm Public Education
Education Dept. Security Procedures Questioned
Cleveland Takes Testing Message Door to Door
Links in Education Week: March 7, 2007
Studies Mixed on National Certification for Teachers
Court Wrestles With Taxpayer Suit on ‘Faith’ Initiative
Complaints Against Educators on Rise, N.Y. State Reports
E-Rate Program, at 10, Is Lauded for Helping Wire Schools
Governors Edge Toward Position on NCLB
Embarrassment—or Full Disclosure?
‘No Child Left Behind’ and Nation’s Common Ground
‘Unilateral’ Placements Face Review
Report Adds Fuel to Belief in ‘Demographic’ Destiny
Program Linking Literacy, Social Skills Draws Praise
U.S. Chamber Adds Business Viewpoint on Schools’ Quality
Reading Field Needs to ‘Get Off Its High Horse’
Court Weighs Parents’ Rights Under IDEA
Ed. Dept. Allowed Singling Out of ‘Reading First’ Products
Africa's Private Schools
Michael T. Nettles
Nancy DeFord
Science, Math Schools Needed, Report Says
Education and Health
Teaching Conditions
Dana Koch
GAO Outlines Strengths, Weaknesses of Reading First
Ted Y. Mashima
States Again Weighing Proper Enrollment Age for Kindergartners
Curriculum-Development Group Urges Focus Shift to Whole Child
Easing Rules Over Schools Gains Favor
Spellings Is Grilled on NCLB, Reading First
Language and Reading
Marilyn E. Stewart
David E. Sawyer
Dan Fitzpatrick
Latinos' Web Use
School Safety
Sonia Diaz
NCLB Services Seen Difficult to Monitor
Panel: Phila. District Should Question Private Management
Rights at Stake in Free-Speech Case
Bush Claims About NCLB Questioned
High Court Voids Ruling on Anti-Gay Shirt
Outside Interests
Puerto Rico's Students Fare Poorly on NAEP Math Tests
About the EPE Research Center’s Annual State Technology Survey
Teaching Assistants
Information Exchange
Sources and Notes
How Education Week Graded the States
Tracking U.S. Trends
Technology Counts, Times 10
Digital Portfolios: An Alternative Approach To Assessing Progress
Getting Up to Speed
E-Learning Curve
E-Rate’s Imprint Seen in Schools
Detailed State Reports
Collecting Evidence
A Digital Decade
Understanding by Accident
William H. Bentley
Andrew C. Porter
Survey Finds Interest in Blend of Traditional and Online Courses
The Case for National Standards in American Education
Dale A. Janssen
After-School Programs
Weight Control
Danielle S. Abe
'Reading First' Contractor Neglected Bias Rules
Child-Care Quality
Arts Education
Rob Lippincott
Student Engagement
Ann B. Clark
Exit Exams' Effects On Teaching Studied
In Tornado’s Aftermath, Experts Call for Emergency Planning
Casey Mahon
California’s Schooling Is ‘Broken’
Supreme Court Weighs ‘Bong Hits’ Speech Case
Beyond Pre-K
New Center Asks: Does Merit Pay Work?
Spending on Children
Impact of NCLB in Mich. Examined
Dark Themes in Books Get Students Reading
Iris Chen
Thomas M. Brady
Mark Sanford
Presidents’ School Days on Exhibit
Students Opting for AP Courses Online
School Bus Travel
Lorraine M. McDonnell
Education and Wealth
Concerned About Juvenile Sex Offenders, States Move to Tighten Their Regulations
U.S. Students Shown to Be on Par With Others on Amount of Homework
Researchers Examine Child Social Cliques