Skills and Dispositions
N.C. Governor Seeking Expanded College Plan
States Face Federal Review On NCLB Choice, Tutoring
Virginia Backs Down on ELL Student Tests
California Schools to Vie for Grant Funding
President of Miami Teachers’ Union Defeats 4 Rivals to Win Re-Election
Mathematics and the Pure in Heart
Lessons Learned on ‘Scaling Up’ of Projects
Battle Against Tenure Is Ill-Informed, Perpetual
Rural Districts Fear Loss of Timber Revenue
Links in Education Week: February 28, 2007
A Tale of Two Mechanisms
Justices Decline Appeal on School Holiday Displays
Flap Over UEA’s ‘Monopolistic’ Ways Fuels Utah Bill
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Grades States On Education
For-Profits Get Subcontractor Role in Federal Grants
McGraw Prize to Be Awarded to Promoters Of International Education
‘Unions and School Reform’
GAO Warning on Cuts
Reading Rituals
Lawmakers Grapple With Nuts and Bolts of School Financing
‘Snake in the Woodpile’ or Elephants in Classroom?
Truthiness in Education
Union Fees’ Use Again at Issue
Charlotte District to Subdivide
Position of Influence?
PBS, Boston Station Team Up on Science
La. Officials Selective in Granting 9 More Charters for New Orleans
Online Support Seen for Youths With Learning Disabilities
Issue Warnings on ADHD Drugs, FDA Tells Their Manufacturers
Stephen Mico and Marianne Hiland
UNICEF Education Ranking
Jamie Fasteau
Foster Children
Long-Term Impact of Pre-K Examined
Bill in House Would Target Student Lenders’ Incentives
Chat Wrap-Up: Time and Learning
Under Pressure, State Opens Two Schools In New Orleans
Federal Study Documents Rates of Autism Disorders in 14 States
Maine School Consolidation Plan Under Fire
More Students Score 3 or Higher on AP Tests, College Board Reports
‘Pilot’ Schools Validate Skills Commission Report
To See or Not to See
Economists Tout Value of Reducing Dropouts
Oklahoma Governor Promotes Expanded Preschool Education
Bush Budget Proposes Level Funding for Head Start
School Funding Made Connecticut Priority
On Writing Tests, Computers Slowly Making Mark
A ‘Surge’ Strategy for No Child Left Behind?
Growing Up With War
Unrest Besets Scandal-Scarred Dade Union
Seattle Voters OK Bonds
Good Schools Need Both Family Resolve, Reform
Corporate Philanthropy’s Role Needs More Scrutiny
Mich. Charter Awaits Vote on Union
Maine Students to Get Help From SAT-Preparation Course
Florida Governor Outlines Plan for Education Funding Hike
New in Print
Michigan Governor Pushing Scholarship Expansion
Arkansas Faces a Weighty Issue
Texas Governor’s Education Plan Boosts Pre-K to College Funding
Hike in Tennessee Cigarette Tax Would Fund Education Program
Addressing Income Inequality
The ‘Other’ Gap
Making Higher Ed. History, Headlines
Members of Two Minds Over Union Leader In D.C.
California Chief Warns of Achievement Gap
Education Groups Noncommittal on Mandatory HPV Vaccinations
Mathematics Tops the Agenda for Kentucky’s Chief Executive
Honors & Awards
Also of Note
Colorado’s Commissioner Plans to Step Down in June
Keystone State to Weigh Hikes for Preschool and High School
Data-Wise School Systems Seen as Sharing Key Traits
Ex-Iraq Aide Tapped for Education Post
Measure Would Repeal Government-Pension Offset
High School Students Taking Tougher Courses
School Finance
Experimenting With School Choice: A Tale Of Two California Districts
Head of Boston School Board Won’t Lead Search for New Leader
Bush Budget Would Boost NCLB Efforts
College Readiness
What Helped in Philadelphia?
William F. Maestri
Immigrant Blacks’ Numbers Studied
Governors Uniting for NCLB Changes
High Court to Weigh Case on Private School Placements Under IDEA
Justices Weigh Whether Parents May Represent Their Children in IDEA Cases
Education’s ‘Grand Departure’
Two Va. Districts Show ‘Reading First’ Benefit
Was Higher Ed. Partner Slighted in Feature Story?
Projects Under Way in 2 States to Judge Teacher Prep
Debate Over Earnings of Teachers Renewed
Chat Wrap-Up: Improving No Child Left Behind: A Local Perspective
E-Mails Reveal Federal Reach Over Reading
Can Political Participation Be Taught?
Final 2007 Budget Has Small Increase for Education
Rep. Norwood Dies
Dow Jones Drops Race Consideration in Summer Program
Home Schooling for Military to End
Nebraska Tangles With U.S. Over Testing
From ‘Math Wars’ to the Political Trenches?
Mich. Affirmative Action: Tackling K-12 Inequities?
Panel Report Is Latest Rx for NCLB
Sleep-Loss Impact Tied to Race, Income
Links in Education Week: February 21, 2007
Cecil J. Picard
No ‘Inconsistency’ Seen in National Standards
Court to Hear IDEA Case on Parents’ Rights
Utah’s Broad Voucher Program Could Face Challenge
Performance-Based Pay as ‘Manifest Destiny’
County Executive in Michigan Calls for Mandarin for All
Criticism From Badillo Riles Some Hispanics
Federal Organizations Use Web to Attract Girls to Science
Scholars Push Ideas to Bolster U.S. Workforce
High School Redesign Moves Ahead in States
Renewal Blueprints for the No Child Left Behind Act
Turning Schools Around
Canadian Photographer Offering U.S. History Archive to Classrooms
National Council of Churches to Hold Conference on NCLB
In Science, We Need Both Technical Literacy, Ph.D.s
Desperately Seeking Educators
Districts Tracking Goals With ‘Balanced Scorecards’
Driver’s Education Hits Speed Bump
When Students Disappear . . .
Head Start Renewal Advances Amid Debate Over Testing
Nebraska Swims Hard Against Testing’s Tides
Education Dept.’s Stricter Background Checks Questioned
Federal Official Tells Virginia to Enforce Testing Requirement
RAND Evaluates Phila. Restructuring
Teacher Preparation
Program Expanding Teachers’ Role Linked To Gains
Infections Prompt Interruption of Minnesota H.S. Wrestling
Admissions Case Ends
Can Schools and Teachers Overcome Social Deficits?
La. Agency Should Give Priority to Public Schools
The View From Rockland
If All Were College-Ready, Would They Need to Go?
The Snake in the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Woodpile
School Board Members Hit D.C. to Weigh In On NCLB
Pilot Foreign-Language Program Could Go Statewide in Georgia
Colorado Voices
Higher Education at Forefront of Wisconsin Education Plan
Agencies Issue Guide on Disease Outbreak
Teacher Retention
‘Reform Agenda’ in New York
Chat Wrap-up: Teacher-Directed Professional Development
Pilot Program Could Help English-Learners
High School Dropouts
Research Advancing on ‘Academic English’
Quality Counts: Picturing Children, Connecting Dots
New Math Requirements Will Have Repercussions
Maryland Governor Seeks $1 Billion More for Schools
Bush to Propose Grants to Aid Schools on Health
House OKs 2007 Budget Hike for Education
Teachers’ School Finance Suit Thrown Out By Indiana Judge
Famed Early-Childhood Philosophy Expands Horizons
Audit: Hurricane Aid Is Getting to Schools
Small Schools
Teachers Helped to Mine Vocational Classes For Math
Parent Involvement
Consumer Group Faults Conditions in School Cafeterias
Pitching College to a Wider Crowd
Whole Language
Links in Education Week: February 7, 2007
‘Obsolete’ System Stifles Students’ Self-Discovery
Pre-K, Teachers’ Pay Top Agenda in Iowa
Ocean State Executive Offers Sweeping School Policy Vision
India's Private Schools
Henry Bangser
Cindy Johanson
Technology Standards
Ed. Dept. Allowed Singling Out of ‘Reading First’ Products
Frank E. Davis
Students Taking More Demanding Courses
After-School Efforts in N.H. Show Results
Denise M. DeZolt
Autism Research
Chip Kimball
Critics of NCLB Ask Congress to Overhaul It
NSTA to Provide ‘Anchors’ to Winnow Topics
Writing: An Unexamined Gatekeeper
National Standards Urged for Math, Science Teachers
‘Math Anxiety’ Confuses the Equation for Students
Study Urges Top-to-Bottom Overhaul in Ohio
Houston in Uproar Over Teachers' Bonuses
Black Youths' Education
Teach For America Setting Sights on Pre-K
More Youths See Unwanted Sexual Material Online, Report Finds
Amy Rosen
Teacher Turnover
Utah’s Broad Voucher Plan Would Break New Ground
David A. Sanchez
David W. Gordon
Senate Panel Begins Examination of NCLB
Utah Gov. Signs Broad Voucher Law
NCLB Panel Calls for Federal Role in Setting National Standards
President’s Budget Seeks Help for High Schools, But Again Targets Cuts in Many Areas
The Democratization of Scientific Knowledge
ETS Study Warns of Growing Inequality in Income, Skills
Researchers See College Benefits for Students Who Took AP Courses
Gender Gap in GPAs Seen as Linked to Self-Discipline
Teacher Compensation
Mayoral Control Seen as Effective
Teen Suicide
State Chiefs Offer Their Prescription for Renewing NCLB
Economic Cost of High School Dropouts Estimated
RAND Researchers Evaluate Philadelphia Restructuring
Public School Choice Linked to Higher Parent Participation
Morton Sherman
Susan Bodilly
Mentoring Seen as Necessary for Rookie Teachers
N.Y.C.'s Small High Schools Show Positive Effects
Report Calls for University Accountability in Teacher Preparation
Whole-Language-Reading Advocates Criticized
Public Schools' Role
Ellen Haley
Seattle Schools’ Governance Under Fire
Bush Plan Would Heighten NCLB Focus on High School