Study Questions Value of Full-Day Kindergarten
More States Exercise NCLB Flexibility, Report Finds
Supreme Court Declines to Suspend Mich. Affirmative Action Ban
Ford’s Legacy Includes a Special Education Law He Signed Despite Worries
Christopher Cerf
Bruce E. Inglis
J. B. Buxton
Bryan Samuels
Governor Wages Battle for Control of Pa. District
Mayor Releases Plan to Raise Achievement in L.A. School District
Maryland SEED School Gets Boost From Donors
Teacher-Pay Clearinghouse Launched on Internet
Interest in Physics Growing Steadily at Secondary Level
Security, Teacher Pay Top W. Va. Agenda
Bonuses for NBPTS-Certified Teachers at Risk in S.C.
Links in Education Week: January 24, 2007
Joel Ritchie
Change at All Levels Proposed in Delaware
Mississippi Governor Wants Hike in School Funding
College Offers Lessons Tied to Katrina Documentary
Missing ‘Quality’ Factor: Impact of Libraries
Mass. Preschool Boosters Hope to Ride National Wave
Alaska Executive Seeks ‘Stability’
Standing for Students, Standing for Change
President Seeks to Expand NCLB School Choice to Private Schools
Let Systemic Changes Replace NCLB Sanctions
Community Colleges a Focus in Wyoming
Chat Wrap-Up: College and Career Readiness
Full-Day Kindergarten
Indiana Governor Seeks Big Pre-K Upgrade
Bills on Competitiveness Resurface in New Congress
Academic Performance
‘What Works’ Reviewers Find No Learning Edge for Leading Math Texts
Teachers Say Testing Deters Use of Current Events
States Exercise NCLB Flexibility
Stafford Interest Cut Gets Bipartisan Support
Mich. Affirmative Action Ban Under Review By Stevens
States Adopt New Tests for English-Learners
NEA Drives Home Policy Point With Dropout Issue
Historic Snubbing or Streamlining?
Cut State's Dropout Rate, Urges Colorado Leader
Teachers’ Children Can’t Get Leg Up
Drug and Alcohol Use
What Cities Can Do to Turn the Dropout Crisis Around
Choice Location
Court Urged to Back District in Speech Case
Gabrielle E. Miller
What Blocks Innovation in Reading Instruction
Subcommittee Chiefs Named for House Education Panel
Michele Cahill
Consolidate Districts, S.C. Executive Suggests
NCLB Reauthorization
Longtime Educator Is Named New Schools Chief in Conn.
NEA Wants Role in School Improvement Agenda
Gates, Hewlett Backing Project in Africa, S. Asia
Guidelines for ‘What Works’ Contract Signal Shifts
Panel Favors Extended View of Learning
Companies Want Changes in NCLB Tutoring Policies
New Mexico Governor Pushing a Wide Array of Ideas for Education
Vaccination Policies Fall on Schools’ Shoulders
Good Families Make Good Schools
Kentucky Debuts Online College and Career Tool for Students
Bonuses for Schools Sought in Minnesota
La. Agency OKs Storm Aid for Private Schools
Linda Lane
Texas Enlists Vanderbilt to Study Pay Initiative
Closed Sessions Draw Scrutiny
Worldwide Education Achievable, Study Says
Artificial-Intelligence Research Under Way for Teacher Prep
Teacher Raises Urged by Utah Governor
N.Y.C. to Scrap Regions, Give Principals More Authority
Students From U.S., Europe Collaborate on Internet Safety
Chat Wrap-Up: Educational Policy Influence
Detroit Moves to Shut Schools
Justices Weigh Case on Impact Aid Involving 2 New Mexico Districts
Calif. Governor Seeks $11.6 Billion More for Facilities
Acting California Education Secretary Named
Kansas Executive Calls on Lawmakers to Fulfill Commitment to Education
Kansas Once More Moving to Revise Science Standards
Education Is Called Top Budget Priority in Idaho Governor’s Maiden Address
Performance System Slow to Catch On in Minnesota
Meetings on 1-to-1 Computing to Target Top School Leaders
Researchers Examine School Choice Picks
Defense Dept. Settles Suit on Student-Recruiting Database
Citizen Schools: An After-Hours Adventure
Nonprofit Literacy Organization Joins Online Pen Pal Company
Analysis Questions Inflexibility of Contracts
Private, Church Preschool Options Proposed By Virginia Governor
High School Graduation Requirements Focus of Arizona Governor’s Address
Bryan Samuels
Math Panel Issues Its First Report, But Holds Off on Policy Proposals
Mrs. Bush Attends Paris Conference
Court Declines Appeal Brought Under IDEA
Ohio District Tests Performance Pay—for Students
Nebraska Governor Aims to Cut Taxes While Increasing K-12 Education Funds
Law May Squeeze Smallest Districts
J.B. Buxton
Ed. Committee for President
Children of Immigrants Prevail in Lawsuit Over Scholarships
Arizona High Court Declines Challenge to Voucher Program
Dallas Principal Moved to New Job
Early Education, Child Health Care Get Push In Washington State
Links in Education Week: January 17, 2007
Maine Governor Seeks Sweeping Consolidation of Districts
Va. School District Balking at Rules on Testing English-Learners
Property Taxes, School Funding Debate Form Backdrop for New Jersey Speech
Freshmen Added to House Ed. Panel
Hispanic Children
NCLB Renewal Debate Launched in Earnest
‘Tough Choices’: Radical Ideas, Misguided Assumptions
Learning Time
Report: Broader Skills Best for College Grads
‘Tough Choices’: Change the System, or Suffer the Consequences
Court Hears Case on Use of Fees by Teachers’ Union
Film on Holocaust Offered to Teachers
Standards Get Boost on the Hill
States Eyeing Novel Ways to Fund Higher Ed.
Court to Revisit Case Pitting School Against Tenn. Athletic Association
Georgia’s Perdue Proposing Raises To Keep State Teachers ‘Highest-Paid’
Venture Fund Fueling Push for New Schools
In South Dakota, Governor Girding for Budget Battle With Lawmakers
A Plan for ‘Going Beyond’ the No Child Left Behind Act
Districts Compare Notes on Best Business Practices
Christopher Cerf
The College Juggernaut
Ore. Leader Seeks ‘Rainy Day’ Fund, Double-Digit Hike in Aid for Schools
Prekindergarten Program Would Grow Under Arkansas Leader’s Proposal
Timothy Payne
Mark Baldassare
New Bills Would Prod States to Take National View on Standards
Rethinking Teachers’ Contracts, Report Argues, Would Free Up Funding Flexibility
As NCLB Turns 5, Washington Outlines Ways to Change It
Benchmarking: What It Is, How It Works, and Why Educators Desperately Need It
Teachers in Fla. Charter Schools Vote to Join Local Union Affiliate
Robotics, Technology Priorities in Hawaii
Bilingual Ed. Support: Aid to New Jersey’s Success?
Spend Now on Students, or Later on Prisoners?
Districts Make Strides With Common Vision
KIPP Schools to be Studied for Long Haul
Chat Wrap-Up: Early-Childhood Education
Ousted Chicago Teachers Union President to Take On Her Successor
Charter Schools
No National Standards for Public Schools
Spellings Hits Road, Stresses Charter Plan
Tussle Over English-Language Learners
New Chairman Named For Research Board
Ohio Forces Spar Over Constitution
Links in Education Week: January 31, 2007
Interactive Expedition Focuses on Longevity
Weight Problems Seen in High School Football
Bush Offers ‘Blueprint’ for NCLB
Justices Decline Case on Student’s Violent Writing
Statistical Errors?
Maurice L. Ambler
Program That Expands Teachers’ Roles Linked to Higher Student Achievement
Evaluating Montessori
PR Campaign for Better Schooling Keeps Low Profile Since Its Debut
More Minority Teachers Earn National Certification
Tennessee Scholarship Seen Tough to Keep
School Accountability Systems Seen as Unlikely to Face Major Overhaul
Vincent L. Ferrandino
‘Tough Choices’ Debate: Opposing Views of Essay
IDEA Imposes Hefty Data Burden on States
N.J. Veto Is Expected on Holidays Measure
A Teaching ‘Marshall Plan’
Education Dept. Sets Rule Requiring Electronic Data
Public Gets to Vet Superintendent
Rivera Bows Out; Boston to Open New Hunt
States Wrestle With Departure of Top School Officials
Project on First Amendment Targets Students, Teachers
Merit Pay Linked to Learning Gains
Select Group Wields Gavel on State Education Policy
New Governor Urges Patience on Full-Day-Kindergarten Push
Inspector General Faults Handling of ‘Reading First’ in Ga.
Heed Benjamin Franklin on Curriculum’s Scope
Rita A. Oleksak
Computer Animation Being Used to Bring Science Concepts to Life
School Facilities
AFT No Longer a Major Player in Reform Arena
Lessons from Chicago
Studies With ‘Qualifiers,’ Confusion on Goals
Court Case Tests Teacher Rights, Union Priorities
Missouri Governor Seeks $214 Million Hike In School Aid
Spellings Addresses Conference in Israel
Luz Maria Serrano
Antidepressant Use Linked to Higher Suicide Risk for Young Adults
Joan Herman and Carol Thomas
Martha Lamkin
Magnet Schools' Impact on Desegregation Examined
Home Schooling Choices Linked to Family Finances
Tom Vander Ark
Hispanic Preschoolers More Likely to Be Overweight, Study Says
Joanne Yatvin
Rivera Backs Out, Leaving Boston in Hunt For Superintendent
Study Cites Lessons Learned From Chicago
Teacher Merit Pay Linked To Student-Learning Gains
Higher Education
Learning Improvements Among Head Start Children Tracked
Getting Rich Is Top Priority for Young Adults, Survey Finds
Federal Report Polls Principals about School Facilities
Charter School Spec. Ed. Programs Seen to Need External Help
High Court to Return to Dispute Between Tenn. Athletic Authority, Private School
Survey Examines Youths' Drug, Alcohol Use in Cars
Education Pundits Predict Delayed Reauthorization for NCLB
Federal Audit Cites Problems With Georgia's 'Reading First' Program
Most Teens Meet Academic Expectations, Federal Report Finds
Physics Education on the Rise, Study Shows
School Proposals in ‘Tough Choices’ Report Could Face Frosty Reception From States
Special Education Official Leads Data-Collection Push
Study Links Merit Pay to Slightly Higher Student Scores
Overweight Preschoolers
Online Teacher-Contract Database Launched
3 Districts in R.I. Close Amid Health Probe Of Death, Illnesses
St. Louis District Seen as Target of State Action
Home Schooling Choices Examined
St. Paul Will Lose Top Hmong Official
Joan Herman and Carol Thomas
Stafford, Student-Loan Advocate, Dies at 93
Special Education Law Was Signed by Ford, Despite Reservations
Math Policies Made Him Better Science Teacher
Antidepressants and Suicide
Audit: Research Agency Was Lax on Monitoring of Some Contracts
Tom Vander Ark
High Court’s Hot Tickets
State Would Increase Its Share of Local School Funding
Why Wait to Be Told to Do What We Can Do Now?
Amendment Sought to Help Neediest Districts on Funding
A Marshall Plan for Teaching
Missouri Trial Opens
Living Off Past Investments
‘Reading First’ Program Is Not About ‘Cashing In’
‘The New, Improved Educational Machine’ Strikes a Chord
Mayor of L.A. Appeals Ruling Against Law On School Governance
Wage Dispute Threatens Detroit Alternative Schools
Technology High Schools, Property-Tax Cuts Envisioned
Closing Achievement Gaps by Creating a New One?
Georgia District Settles Lawsuit
Justices Weigh Cases on Teachers' Union Fees, Federal Impact Aid
New D.C. Leader Explains School-Control Plan
Magnet Schools and Diversity
Links in Education Week: January 10, 2007
Economic Impact of Math and Science Achievement Is Real
Higher Education Act May Finally See Action
New in Print
Educators’ Group Voices Opposition to NCLB Law
N.J. Bucks Tide on Reading for English-Learners
Court Allows Affirmative Action Ban in Michigan University Admissions
U.S. Agencies Issue CD-ROM to Help Fight School Violence
Ohio Students Face Tougher Standards
Addressing the Effects of Poverty Is as Important as ‘Standards’
Play Imperiled
'Reading First' History
Head Start Renewal Back on the Agenda in New Congress
Honors & Awards
Kan. School Board Goes Out Fightin’
Science Labs: Beyond Isolationism
Fla. Districts Seek Teacher Performance-Pay Funds
New Idaho Schools Chief Fires 19 as Part of Transition
Strong Schools, Economy Linked, With Program Details Still to Come
Calif. Law Eases Way for Emergency Work At Low-Ranked Schools
Bush to Start NCLB Push in Congress
New Jersey Contractors Sued Over Construction Problems
The Paradigm Trap
House Education Panel Restores Former Name
Urban Legend?
Wash. State Student Shot, Killed at High School
Media Campaign Involves Hispanics
N.Y.’s Spitzer Outlines Broad School Plans
Remediation for Exit-Exam Failure Proves Daunting
Chat Wrap-Up: Schools and Economic Mobility
Universities Ranked on Productivity of Faculty
Researchers Compare School Choice Decision Making
Mass. Initiative to Lengthen School Day, Year Examined
Report Paints Demographic Portrait of Young Hispanics
Spanning a Lifetime
A Road Map to College and Career Readiness
State of the States
A Continuum of Necessary Investments for Learning
Gauging Student Learning
The School-College Divide and Teacher Preparation
Paying Attention Earlier On
Linking Learning to Earning
Improving Children’s Chances
Losing Global Ground
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
The EPE Research Center Annual State Policy Survey
Coverage of Quality Counts 2007
Early Intervention on a Large Scale
Elevating Performance in a ‘Flat World’
Sources & Notes
Moving Beyond Grade 12
Grades Put on Hold as Indicators Evolve
Looking Through a Wider Lens
State Highlights Reports