At Behest of Chicago Schools, Cosby Lectures Parents
Weighted-Funding Essay Mixes Slogans, Substance
Try to Explain Proficiency and Equity to the Media
‘Reading First’ Criteria: Which Quote Is Right?
Ignoring Poverty’s Effect on Urban Science Scores?
State Courts Side With Charters
Pot of Cash May Be Out of Reach
La. Chief Picard Says He Will Retire Sooner Than Planned
No Replacement Picked Yet for California Ed. Secretary
Conn. Lawmakers Seek School Security Funding
Overseer Says R.I. School Still in Need of Improvement
Revolving Door
Spending Bills Await the Next Congress
Justices Decline to Hear Parental-Rights Appeal
Data on English-Learners Could Be Improved, GAO Says
St. Louis Schools Get Low Grades
Heads of Fake Fund Found to Be Guilty of Cheating Schools
Gates Foundation to Close Up 50 Years After Trustees’ Deaths
School Turnaround Teams Receive Aid in Calif., N.C.
Case Studies Advise Funders on Making Grants Effective
Miami Board Approves Pact
Native Hawaiian School Wins Federal Court Battle Over Admissions Criteria
Watchdog Sues Ed. Agency Over ‘Reading First’ Files
Pediatricians’ Group Faults Ads as Teaching Unhealthy Behavior
School Violent Crimes Decline, Report Says
Charter Schools
Education and the Economy
English-Language Learners
Internet’s Educational Value
Video Games
Fred Frelow, Steven M. Gluckstern, N. Gerry House, Pedro Noguera
Jacquelyn Thompson and Mabrey Whetstone
Reading Law Fails to Bring Innovations
America’s Million-Dollar Superintendents
An Urban Legend—Literally
The New, Improved Educational Machine
Panel to Supervise 3 Schools for Homeless
Tom Mooney, President of Ohio Teachers’ Union, Dies
2003 Teacher’s Guide Prompts New Criticism of NSTA
Rise of Youth Mentoring Outpaces Knowledge Base
‘Seven C’s’ of Success
Study Questions Role Math, Science Scores Play In Nations’ GDPs
Race Plans Get Rough Reception
Links in Education Week: December 13, 2006
High Court to Hear Impact-Aid Case
Justices to Hear Student Free-Speech Case
Lawmakers See Schools as Top Priority, Despite Fiscal Jitters
Framing the Debate
NGA Kicks Off Push for ‘Innovation’ Agenda
Chiefs: Ed. Dept. Getting Stingier on NCLB Flexibility
California Urged to Address Teacher-Quality Shortcomings
States Seek to Recover Taxes Lost to Federal Lands
GOP Era Wrought Unexpected Changes
NEA Members, Budget Up; Workers Down
A Think Tank Takes the Plunge
U.S. Rebuffs N.Y., Va. on English-Language Learners
Seeing Empowerment in Weighted-Funding Plan
Success for All Criticism Seen as ‘Unprofessional’
Higher State Standards—No Chance to Meet Them
Federal Report Tracks Incidents of Bullying
Teacher Quality
Charter Schools
Teacher Spending
Math and Science
Beverage Contracts
Bonuses Prompt Backlash in Idaho
Ohio Grantmakers Team Up to Seek Education Upgrades
Fla. High School Students to Select From 440 ‘Majors’
Gas Company Endows Chair at Okla. Math-Science School
Lawmakers Increase Funding for K-12, School Construction
Debate Continues on Funding Formula
Higher Bar Sought for College Entry
Property-Tax Issue Tops Education Year
Illinois Scores Delayed Again
Portland Teachers Petition District
Former Ohio Official Seeks to Help Qatar
Measure Eases Limits on Family Income for D.C. Vouchers
Sue McAdamis and Cathy Owens
Marco Petruzzi
Noma Anderson
Speech Impediment
Audit: KIPP Sought to Charge Alcohol
Senate Confirms Tucker as Ed. Dept. Undersecretary
Teacher Deduction Renewed; Other Education Bills Passed
Congress Approves Measure to Authorize Autism Research
School’s Troubles Take Fordham by Surprise
Fordham’s Connections to School That It Sponsors Spark Concerns
Wales Eliminates National Exams for Many Students
Schools Urged to Push Beyond Math, Reading To Broader Curriculum
Breakaway Education Research Group Pulls From Diverse Disciplines
States to Weigh Education, Fiscal Priorities
Colo. Online Charters Need More Oversight, Auditor Says
ECS Urged to Bolster Support Mission, Avoid Advocacy Role on Policy Issues
Speaking Truth to Power on School Desegregation
‘Reading First-gate’
Schools That ‘Flow’
Chat Wrap-Up: Self-Directed Learning
Event Provides Entree Into Bargaining Talks
Market for NCLB Tutoring Falls Short of Expectations
N.J. Businesses Take Message Into Classrooms
‘Unschooling’ Stresses Curiosity More Than Traditional Academics
Programs Impart Social Skills Along With Literacy
Finn Basks in Role as Standards-Bearer, Gadfly
U.S. Urged to Reinvent Its Schools
No Boon for Schools in Level Fiscal Plan
Miller Brings Ambition to Helm of Ed. Panel
Democratic Congress to Step Up Department Oversight
Spellings Won’t Seek Minimum Subgroup Size For NCLB
Title I Money Not Reaching Students Who Need It Most, Report Says
Links in Education Week: December 20, 2006
Let Accountability Begin With the NCLB Law Itself
School Crime Data Are Inadequately Tabulated
No Child Left Behind Law ‘Must Be Stopped’
Clarifying the Two Types of Childhood Diabetes
School Facilities
Public School Choice Seen on the Rise
State Math Standards
High-Stakes Testing
Preschool ADHD Treatment
Teacher Certification
Wyoming Mandates Prototype Schools
Gov.-Elect Wants Chief to Go
Before They Were in Congress ...
Groups Seek Common Ground on Intervention
Court Says California Not Obligated to Pay Gifted Child’s College
Federal Court Upholds Chicago in Dropping Minority Contractor
Coach in Title IX Case Wins Reinstatement
Free Curriculum Under Development to Tackle Bioethics
Science Venture to Enlist Girls in After-School Programs
Immersion School Helping Others Teach Chinese
Web Site Uses Multimedia to Show Teaching Practices
C-SPAN Offers Current Events Aligned to States’ Standards
National Geographic Maps Available Via the Web
Classroom Gets Makeover
Institute’s Grads Run Ky. District
Links in Education Week: December 6, 2006
Foundation Donates $10.5 Million to ‘Green Dot’ Charters in L.A.
J.D. Hoye
Robert Rayborn
Lawrence "Bud" Bergie
Audit Faults Oversight of Department Inventory
Ed. Dept. Is Urged to Revisit Tutoring
Comments Sought on Plans for Part D of the IDEA
Federal Way District Sues Wash. State Over Funding
As Board Awaits Its New Majority, Kan. Chief Resigns
Easing of Math Mandate Proposed
Alabama Teacher-Quality Panel Releases Improvement Plan
Governor, Legislature Lift Enrollment Cap on Voucher Program
Districts Must Offer Full-Day Kindergarten
Romney OKs Hikes in School Spending
Economy Shadows Mich. Aid Increase
Violent Crimes at Public Schools Decline, Federal Report Finds
Surge in Company-Sponsored Studies Sparks Concern
Putting Single-Sex Schooling Back on Course
School Safety: A Learning Matter
Outsider in the Locker Room
Chat Wrap-Up: Technology and Learning
Houghton Mifflin’s Sale to Software Maker Reflects Trend
U.S. Urged to Rethink NCLB ‘Tools’
Critics Accuse NSTA of Having Conflict Over Film
Math, Science Academies Favored to Challenge Top-Tier Students
Glitches, Data Errors Delay Illinois Test-Score Release
State Ed. Leaders Debate National Standards
U.S. Eyes Accreditation in Higher Ed. Push
High Court Declines to Hear Maine ‘Tuitioning’ Case
Video Games Trickle From Rec Rooms to Classrooms
Amish Teaching Is Diverse, Author Discovers
‘Not Our Way’
‘Focal Points’ Being Eyed in Math-Standards Revisions
Dallas School Roiled by Segregation Ruling
Accreditation Makes Virtual Teachers College ‘Real Thing’
Scholars Debate Outlook for Closing Black-White Gap in IQ
Team-Teaching Helps Close Language Gap
Prepared for College?
J. D. Hoye
Robert Rayborn
Lawrence "Bud" Bergie
Carmyn Neely
AFT Report Decries Condition of School Buildings
Federal Study Finds Public School Choice on the Rise
Effect of Ritalin on Preschoolers Examined
State Math Standards Don't Match Up, Report Says
Quality Preschools Seen to Reduce Learning Gaps
Unintended Negative Consequences of High-Stakes Testing Outlined
Larger Role for States in Improving Higher Education Urged
Ed. Tech. Executives Gather to Brainstorm How They Can Serve Schools Better
Supreme Court Accepts Case on Student Free Speech
Scholarly Power on Display in High Court Race Cases
Charter School Researchers Counter Some Stereotypes
Higher Graduation Rates Linked to Lower Health-Care Costs
Hurricanes' Potentially Long-Term Impact on Students Noted
N.Y.C. Accused of Excluding Many English-Learners from Small-Schools Initiative
Survey Highlights Views of Internet's Educational Value
Impact of Violent Video Games on Brain Activity Examined
Fred Frelow, Steven M. Gluckstern, N. Gerry House, and Pedro Noguera
Jacquelyn Thompson and Mabrey Whetstone
At Invitation of Chicago Public Schools, Bill Cosby Gives Parenting Advice
Study Questions Role Math, Science Play in Nation’s GDP
Federal Report Tracks Incidents of Student Bullying
Federal Report Highlights Charter Efforts to Close Achievement Gap
Teacher Quality Seen as Hard to Predict
Teachers Spend Hundreds of Own Money on School Supplies, Study Finds
Survey Tracks Public’s Views About Math and Science Education
Beverage Deals Not Very Lucrative for Schools, Report Says
Major Overhaul of U.S. Education System Proposed by High-Powered Panel
Sue McAdamis and Cathy Owens
Marco Petruzzi
Noma Anderson
Strong Opinions Expressed at Rally Outside Supreme Court
High Court Weighs Racial-Diversity Plans for Schools
Federal Study Finds Modest Drop in Drug Abuse By Teenagers
Producer of Gore’s Film to Distribute Free Copies Via Web Site
New Calif. Law Addresses Facilities Repairs For Low-Performing Schools
Teachers' Union Dispute Casts Doubt on Detroit Alternative Schools
Media Conglomerate to Drop Channel One
State Plan to Transfer L.A. School Management Powers to Mayor Rejected by Judge