School Violence Needs a Broader Definition
Not All Public Schools' Moments Are Noteworthy
Criticizing a 'Puffy' Look at the Gates Foundation
Compulsory Schooling: Was Edison Right?
Articles of Faith
Williams to Repay $34,000 in PR Probe
Head Start Group Questions HHS Suggestions On Costs
Superintendent-Principal Juggles 2 Jobs in Illinois
Policy Changes Seen Needed for Charters
Pre-K Spending
Math and Science
Ariz. Chief Angry Over Ranking
Massachusetts Raises Graduation Standards
Illinois Dropout Task Force Searching for Solutions
Scientists Campaign Against Anti-Evolution Ohio Panelist
Web-Based Remediation
Budget Targets Funds to Teacher Quality
Fla. City Eyes More Charters
Internship Program in Education Reform to Triple With Grant
Arbitrator Faults Buffalo District Over Switch to Single Insurer
Seattle Superintendent Resigns
430 Detroit Teachers Receive Notices of Possible Layoffs
New Orleans Board, Agencies to Build Early-Childhood Center
Carmen Fariña
Luyen Chou
David Hunt
Safety Training Clarified
Cincinnati Wins $20 Million Grant
Federal Officials Find Their Way to Tight Races
Law’s ‘Persistently Dangerous’ Tag Weighed
Unions Provide Money and Personnel for Key Races
Report: College Cost Hikes Slowing, But Are Still Outpacing Inflation
Welcoming the Entrepreneurial Era?
Fuzzy Policy, Not 'Fuzzy Math,' Is the Problem
An Argument to Engage Students In the Political Process
Chat Wrap-Up: The Changing Federal Role in Education
GAO Opinion Renews Debate on Abstinence-Only Programs
Randomized Trials Flourish in Developing Countries
Audit Faults Wisconsin’s ‘Reading First’ Grant Process
Minnesota Governor Struggles to Keep Seat
Independent Points to Stint as Minneapolis Schools Chief
Teacher Pipeline Part of Operation to Lift a School
In Wake of Riots, France Refashions Priority Zones
Facilities Spending Criticized as Uneven
L.A. Building Program Faces Possible $2.5 Billion Shortfall
‘Residencies’ Set Up to Train Urban Teachers at School Sites
Ohio Supreme Court Narrowly Upholds State Charter Law
A Question of Priorities
Teachers’ Network Works to Prevent Deportations
New U.S. Rules Boost Single-Sex Schooling
Many Teacher Incentive Fund Applications Rejected
Firms Merge in Busy Market for Superintendent Searches
Links in Education Week: November 1, 2006
States Get Low Grades on Student Achievement in Think Tank Report
To Make Schools Safe, First Know the Facts
What to Do in Light of the Reading First Report
Two Arguments Favoring ‘People Over Machines’
Animal-Training Lessons for School Policymakers?
N.Y. School Funding Case: Misframing the Debate?
Photos of Amish Tragedy Disappointed This Reader
Mass. Chief to Step Down
Lawmaker Resigns After Alleged Slur Against Miami Chief
Rank and File
Ed. Dept. Issues Rules on Extra College Aid
Oral Arguments Scheduled
A Better Measure of Student Growth?
Parent Measures in NCLB Examined
Unions and Charters
Summer Academic Programs
College Completion
A Little Less Competition?
Top Education Official at Gates Foundation to Relinquish Post
Cristo Rey Schools Receive $6 Million to Expand Network
G. Reid Lyon
Tim Loomer
Rosa A. Smith
A Decline in Males Brings Experiment
CDC to Conduct Large-Scale Study in Search for The Causes of Autism
NFL, Heart Association Seek to Get Children Moving and Learning
NIH Study of Children Aimed at Preventing Juvenile Diabetes
States Urged to Adapt Rules to Keep Pace With Growth in Online-Learning Options
NCATE Accredits Its First Online Teacher-Training Program
Dallas Drops Language Rule for Principals
Education Dept. Poised to Approve More States For Growth-Model Pilot
States Get Poor Grades on Closing Achievement Gaps
Indiana Moves to Shake Up Testing System
Guides Avoid Bilingual vs. English-Only Issue
Ed. Dept. Backs Research Plans for RTI Method
ELL Test Reviews Postponed
Charter School Activist Gains New Influence in L.A.
IDEA Issues Getting Ear of High Court
Scholars Test Out New Yardsticks of School Poverty
Elimination of School Fees Drives Student Enrollment
‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Land in School
Border Blind Side
The Wounds of Schooling
Graduation-Rate Calculations, the 9th Grade Bulge, and Race
Web Sites Gauge Proof of Whether Programs Work
More Teacher-Incentive Grants Trickle Out
Mass. District Steps Into Licensing Role for Administrators
Study: More Bus Injuries Than Widely Thought
Chat Wrap-Up: Do Teacher-Pay Incentives Work?
Links in Education Week: November 8, 2006
In State Races, Democrats’ Success Sets Stage For New Education Agendas
Idaho State Chief’s Race Goes to GOP, While South Carolina Heads for Recount
Voters Defeat Funding Measures, But Also Refuse to Restrict Spending
House Democrats to Pursue Education Agenda With New Majority
How Reading First’s Criteria Were Changed
Funding Gifted Programs Must Be National Priority
Making Students Visible Includes Better Discipline
Federal Education Law and ‘21st-Century Skills’
Teachers College Colleagues Air Differences With Levine
New in Print
Honors & Awards
‘Green Schools’ Yielding Benefits
Naming Rights
Texas Schools Weigh Incentive-Pay Grants
Students Clear Graduation Hurdle
Red Ink Revisits Phila. Schools
Improvement Models Rated by Researchers
Teenage Driving
Achievement Gap
Learning Time
Girls’ Stress
Senior N.Y.C. Teachers Would Earn $100,000 Under New Contract
Houston Board Votes to Buy Defibrillators for All Schools
Amy Stuart Wells
James P. Doosey
Joy Van-Hamilton
Graduation Coaches Pursue One Goal
Sidetracking the Debate on Teacher Quality
Common Sense in Teacher Hiring
You Can’t Learn to Write Without Reading
Chat Wrap-Up: Teachers’ Job Satisfaction
Lighting the Path
E-Rate to Support Wireless E-Mail, Internet Calling
State Officials Cry Foul Over Reading Audit
Democratic Majority to Put Education Policy On Agenda
Early-Childhood Issues Raised for NCLB Law
3 States Get OK to Use ‘Growth Model’ to Gauge AYP
GOP Sees Mixed Results in Connecticut
Spellings Takes College Leaders to the Far East
Voters Reject Proposed Limits on Spending
Gubernatorial Results May Signal Policy Shift
In Michigan, Ban on Affirmative Action Prompts Lawsuit
GOP Chiefs Fare Well in Elections
Local Votes on Bonds Said to Benefit From Turnout
Seattle, Broward Searching for New Leaders
Schools’ Role in Achievement Gaps Scrutinized
Technology Helps Teachers Home In on Student Needs
Relationship Between Education, Philanthropy Described as Strained
Funder Seeding Work in the Emerging Field of ‘Digital Learning’
U.S. Seen as Falling Short on Basic Supports for Children
Teacher-Incentive Plans Geared to Bonuses for Individuals
Reacting to Reviews, States Cut Portfolio Assessments for ELL Students
Detailed Dropout Studies Guide Policy in City Schools
Grants for R&D
Links in Education Week: November 15, 2006
Simple Science Difficult for Urban Students to Grasp, NAEP Study Finds
Impact of Healthy-Eating Programs May Be Delayed
A 10 Percent Solution?
Bilingual Guides
The Inherent Conflicts of an Entrepreneurial Era
Proceed With Caution on Growth-Model Pilot
No Sympathy Here for Arizona’s Low Ranking
Administrative Licensure: More Imagination Needed
Encyclopedias Still Have Place in Student Learning
Two Essays Underscore Importance of ‘Climate’
Highlight Native American Culture and Contributions
Report Examines Single-Sex Classes
High School Improvement
Education-Income Link
Fathers’ Language Skills
Financial Solution Eludes Galveston
Arizona Lawsuit Targets Special-Needs Vouchers
Audit of Kan. Efforts for At-Risk Reveals Data-Tracking Issues
States’ Data-Collection Efforts Improving, Report Finds
Student Speech on the Docket?
NCLB Parental Funds Misspent, Audit Says
Bush, Indonesian Leader Hail U.S. Education Aid
House Backs Measure on Underage Drinking
San Francisco Bans JROTC
Civil Rights Project to Leave Harvard for Los Angeles
Contract Agreement Gives Miami-Dade Teachers Raises
Milton Friedman
Boarding School Receives $25 Million
David Myers
Elaine Wrisley Reed
Curtis Carroll
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
‘Proficiency for All’ Is an Oxymoron
Chat Wrap-Up: In the Wake of the Midterm Elections
The Wrong Debate
‘Google for Educators’ Unveils Interactive Tools for Schools
Abstinence Programs Lack Factual Reviews, GAO Study Concludes
In Some Districts, Outside Groups Have Inside Track
Flagship Colleges’ Aid Priorities Knocked
Funding Advocates Accuse Idaho’s High Court Of ‘Cop-Out’
Getting Down to the Core
As Enrollment Drops, Ohio Districts Paring Plans for Construction
Special Education Directors Hope to Sway Federal Policy
Researchers Ask Whether NCLB’s Goals for Proficiency Are Realistic
Potential of Global Tests Seen as Unrealized
Aid Award Cut in Suit Over N.Y.C.
College Board Readies Plans for AP Audits
Study Unlocks Secrets of Lithuania’s Success
N.J. Panel Eyes Changes in School Funding
Rural Chiefs Have Leverage in Fights Over Choice
Democrat Winner After Recount in S.C. Schools Chief Race
Some Calif. Achievement Gaps Are Widening, Study Finds
Calif. Group Pushes Access to Charters
Michigan Vote Roils Ground Under K-12 Race Cases
Some Ideas May Not Wait for NCLB Renewal
Education Spending Bill Uncertain in Lame-Duck Session
Urban Students Fold Under Basic Science
Project to Seek High-Poverty Schools’ Best Practices
Statistics Agency Gauging State ‘Proficiency’ Thresholds
Links in Education Week: November 29, 2006
Productive Coexistence Recommended for Teachers’ Unions and Charter Schools
Schools Seen to Neglect Parent-Related Measures in NCLB
Research on Summer Programs’ Academic Benefits Outlined
G. Reid Lyon
Tim Loomer
Rosa A. Smith
School Improvement Models Rated
Fatal Car Crashes for Teens Seen Almost as High on Weekdays as Weekends
Black-White Achievement Gap Widened by Segregation, Report Says
Voters Approve Construction, Technology Bonds for their Districts
Longer High School Day, Year Recommended to Improve Learning
Girls Feel Pressure to Please Everyone, Survey Finds
Amy Stuart Wells
James P. Doosey
Joy Van-Hamilton
David Myers
Elaine Wrisley Reed
Curtis Carroll
Fathers’ Language Skills Seen as Important for Children
America’s Promise Report Finds Concerns About Academic Achievement
Census Report Examines Education-Income Link for Racial Groups
Ways to Improve High Schools Suggested
Commercialism Trends in Schools Examined
Effectiveness of Single-Sex Classes Questioned
Step-by-Step Approach for Workforce Preparation Outlined
Blueprint Offers Ideas for Improving Student Engagement in College
Certification Route Makes Little Difference
Controversy Surrounds Science Group’s Stance Against Distribution of Gore Film