Diversity on the Docket
Educators Must Persist in Reaching Out to Parents
Seeing ‘Unfettered Social Darwinism’ in Our Future
Pressure on Children: Not Better, Worse by Degrees
English-Language Learners
Behavioral Drugs
Charter Schools
Mental Health
Student Technology Use
Survey Identifies Needs of Teachers
Thomas H. Reece
NASSP Lands Grant for Civic Engagement of H.S. Students
Beefing Up Personnel Skills
PR Executive Confirmed for Communications Post
Bill Would Expand Eligibility for American Indian Programs
New Rules Issued for Upward Bound
Choosing Reauthorization
Illinois to Get Interim Chief
Illinois Picks ACT Inc. to Administer State Test
Six Virginia Schools Denied Accreditation
Perfect Attendance?
David J. Moriarty
Eugene W. Hickok
Elizabeth Neale
McGraw Prizes Awarded
District Leaders Said Not to Share Urgency for Education Reform
Colorado Schools Chief, Local Superintendents Spar Over Role of State
Scathing Report Casts Cloud Over ‘Reading First’
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Union Fees
Court Is Urged to Hear Case on Parent Representation Under IDEA
Rochester, N.Y., Schools Chief Picked for Top Job in Boston
Study Blasts Proposed Changes in Race, Ethnicity Data
Online Clearinghouse Sizes Up What Works in Array of Programs
Project Eyes Diverse Data Sets for Insight On Children
Schools Across U.S. to Receive Emergency Radios
Hostage-Taking Seen as Difficult to Prevent
Chat Wrap-Up: State Leadership for Low-Performing Schools
Data-Driven to Distraction
The Forgotten History of Immigration
Target Demographics
No Shades of Gray
NCLB Panel Favors Retaining Law’s Core Measures
Spellings Unveils Plan for Higher Education
U.S. Circuit Court Bars Ariz. For-Profit Charters From Federal Payments
Florida Union Challenges Teacher-Bonus Program
3 of 4 Claims in Conn.’s NCLB Suit Dismissed
School Workers Raise Money for Suspended Hartford, Conn., Teacher
N.C. University Faculty Bail Out High School in Math, Science Class
College Students Use Private Loans to Meet Growing Tuition Bills
Adult-Literacy Test Introduced to Developing Nations
Links in Education Week: October 4, 2006
NCATE Already Is Doing What Levine Suggests
AYP: The Question Isn’t If Schools Fail, But When
Chicago Councils Validate NCLB Parent Provisions
It’s Time to Add a Third Semester of U.S. History
Clearinghouse’s Aim Is to Look Beyond Quick Fixes
In Prof. Development, Evaluation Is Not Easy
Seat-Belt Waivers OK in Head Start
Grants Awarded to Develop Qualified Spec. Ed. Teachers
Montessori Effects Outlined in Study
NCLB Evaluation
Girls-Only Education
Civic Involvement
After-School Programs
Choice and Competition
Schools Say No to Bonuses
California Exit Test Upheld a 2nd Time
State Auditor Seeks Probe on Minn. Retirement Fund
Ga. Governor Proposes Middle School ‘Coaches’
Calif. Governor Vetoes Bill on Special Textbooks for ELLs
Dubya Elementary
Scholars Compare 2 Kinds of Schools
Calif. District Is Sued Over Assignment Plan
Boston Makes Offer Official
Joseph J. Cirasuolo
Catherine Polanski
Michael J. Caslin III
Amish Not Seen Likely to Embrace Security Measures
School Shootings in Policy Spotlight
Links in Education Week: October 11, 2006
‘Reading First’ Details Sought by Lawmakers
Teacher-Prep Field of Two Minds Over Replacing NCATE
Science Interest Could Foster ‘Learning Progressions’
Alternate Assessments Proving to Be a Challenge for States
Voters to Decide How States Fund Education
Shakeup of Technical High Schools in Conn. Pays Off
Arkansas Media Campaign: Students Need Tougher Classes
Democrats Hope to Seize Higher Ed. Issue
Bush Says He’s Ready to Fight for Renewal of NCLB
Justices Decline Case About Public School’s Islamic-Themed Unit
Gates Learns to Think Big
Taking the Measure of Teacher Education
Grand Visions and Possible Lives
Educating the Globe
Limited Number of Schools Absorb Latinos
NEA: Earn a Diploma or Stay in School Until Age 21
Social-Networking Sites for Schools Promote Safety, Education Benefits
Synthesis Finds District Leadership-Learning Link
No School Improvement Models Get Top Rating From AIR
Teachers Need a Voice in Debate on Pay Incentives
School Safety Should Top Federal Agencies’ Agenda
Schools Play Key Role in Moderating Behaviors
A Staff Veteran Returns to ECS
Nicholas C. Donohue
Dottie J. Enrico
Roxanne White
Honors and Awards
Stanford Education School to Offer Loan Forgiveness
‘Rocket Festival’ to Lift Off in New Mexico This Week
Web Site Offers Lessons Drawn From the Movies
Michigan Revises Evolution Language
Virginia Denies Request to Recalculate Test Results
N.C. Lawmakers to Launch High School Dropout Study
Defibrillators Proposed for All Texas Schools
Court Asked to Block N.J. Voucher Suit
Potent Notables
Briefs Flood Court in School Race Cases
Justices Decline to Review Employee-Retaliation Case
Defense Dept. Awards Grant for Mich. K-16 Arabic Program
On the Road for Better Ideas
Value of Free Play Stressed in Report
School Improvement
Charter Schools
Digital Disparities
High School Sports
Los Angeles Board Picks Superintendent; Mayor ‘Disappointed’
Online News Aims at Young Readers
Teacher Satisfaction at 20-Year High, MetLife Survey Finds
Pact Aims for Healthier Snacks in Vending Machines
Worries Surface in Racial-Identity Comments
Big Business Going to Bat for NCLB
As States Feel Pressed to Revisit Standards, Calls Are Being Renewed to Tighten Them
Raising Bar in N.J. Includes Closing Test Loophole
States Get Tough on Programs to Prepare Principals
Effects of Schools’ Push for Healthy Eating Unclear
Schools Chief Races Highlight Policy Divides
Finance Issues Stir Emotions in N.Y. Case
Veterans Come to Aid of Novice Teachers in Alaska’s ‘Bush’
Scandals Aside, Pages Get an Education Like No Other
The Long Arm of the Law
Research and Effectiveness
The Laptop Revolution Has No Clothes
We Are All Shamu
Chat Wrap-Up: Stress and Student Achievement
‘Be Alert’ to Keep Schools Safe, Panelists Say
Study: Nations With ‘Happy’ Students Post Poorer Scores
AFT Shells Out Millions to Lure Members Back Into Fold
With Declining Membership Rolls, New Orleans Union Clings to Life
Links in Education Week: October 18, 2006
Teacher-Pay Approaches From Other Countries Outlined
Bibliophobia Revisited
Teaching's Art Cannot Be Taught or Learned
Other 'Forgotten History' of U.S. Immigration
Report on Reading First Outrages This Teacher
John R. Miller
Robert B. Noyed
Jonathan P. Raymond
Math and Science
High School Students Admit Ethics Lapses
Minority Graduation Rates
Migrant Education
ADHD Research
Hot Topics in School Law: High Court and Sunscreen
Calif. Restricts Teacher Transfers
26 States Now Part Of Diploma Project
Fla. OKs First District Plan Under Teacher-Pay Program
State Board Members Urged to Concentrate On Dropout Problem
Back in the Fray
Bush Resumes Push to Reauthorize NCLB
NAGB Gets 4 New Members; 4 Others Are Reappointed
Research Office Sets Panel to Advise on Urban Education
Audit: Dept. Office Should Tighten Grant Oversight
Phila. Vows to Fix Dropout Problem
Plain Talk on Rights Under the IDEA
Lehigh to Open Center to Bolster Urban Leadership
N.J. State Chief Confirmed
Need Cited for Secondary-Level Writing Instruction
L.A. Board Shuts Mayor Out on New Chief
To Tailor Schedules, Students Log In to Online Classes
Foundation Shifts Tack on Studies
No Child Left Behind on the Campaign Trail
Technology Upgrades Prompt Schools to Go Wireless
Work Skills of Graduates Seen Lacking
Video Games Can Improve Learning, Scientists’ Report Says
Voyager Sails Into Market for Reading
Education Eyed in 36 Battles for Governor
Coalition Calls for Overhaul of Del. Education System
State Chiefs Offer Views on NCLB Renewal
Diverse Views Offered on Supreme Court Race Cases
Court Declines Appeal From Scouts on Denial of Benefit
To Make Schools Safe, Make All Children Visible
Toss Out the PR Playbook
Music, the Media, and Teenage Sex
Chat Wrap-Up: Teaching and the New Internet
At Age 10, Booming D.C. Charters Feel ‘Growing Pains’
Rags to Riches in U.S. Largely a Myth, Scholars Write
Teacher-Pay Alternatives May Be Found in Other Nations
Links in Education Week: October 25, 2006
Survey Notes Teachers’ Professional Needs
Most High School Students Use Internet To Monitor News, Survey Finds
More Education Seen Linked to Greater Civic Involvement
Women Underrepresented in Academic Leadership Positions, Report Says
Eugene W. Hickok
David J. Moriarty
Robert S. Peterkin
Montessori Effects Outlined in Study
Adequate Yearly Progress Measure “Fundamentally Flawed,” Report Suggests
Joseph J. Cirasuolo
Catherine Polanski
Michael J. Caslin III
U.S. Education System Falling Behind Other Countries, Report Suggests
Heritage Report Notes Progress of School Voucher Efforts
Importance of Free Play Highlighted
At School Safety Summit, Bush Urges Adults to Share Information to 'Save Lives'
Michigan Charters Seen to Draw Private School Students
Essential Supports for School Improvement Outlined
Latino Immigrant Youths Least Likely to Have Home Computers
Study Tracks Injury Rates for High School Sports
Nicholas C. Donohue
Dottie J. Enrico
Roxanne White
Vouchers Help Private Schools Become Less Segregated, Report Says
Binational Migrant Education Program Issues Annual Report
Today’s Children Taller and Heavier, Report Finds
Prenatal Tobacco, Lead Exposure Linked to ADHD, Study Suggests
John R. Miller
Robert B. Noyed
Jonathan P. Raymond
Many High School Students Have Questionable Ethics, Survey Says
Influenza Vaccination Rates Remain Low for Babies, Toddlers, Report Finds
Frank C. Owens and Kenneth W. French
Task Force Urges Changes In Policy to Boost Charters
NSF-Backed Math, Science Reforms Found to Work in 8 School Districts
Carmen Fariña
Luyen Chou
David Hunt
State Spending on Pre-K Programs on the Upswing, Analysis Finds
Sophomores' Goals Found Linked to Parents' Educational Levels
D.C. Students Said Lagging In H.S., College Completion
Study Says Mich. Charter Schools Falling Short on Quality, Performance
Science Federation Calls for More and Better Educational Video Games
Single-Sex Classes, Programs Authorized Under Final Education Dept. Regulation
Schools Spend $600 Billion on Facilities, But Inequities Persist, Report Finds
Supreme Court to Decide Whether Nonlawyer Parents May Sue Under IDEA