Aren’t Charter Advocates Using a Double Standard?
Defending Reading Book Over Implied ‘Collusion’
Ad for TV Movie Upset This Reader
Principals Get New Presence in Blogosphere
Schools Welcome Chinese Teachers
Children of Older Fathers Have a Higher Rate of Autism, Study Finds
Anti-Steroid Lessons Should Start Early, Sports Panel Says
More U.S. Children Lacking Insurance
Charter Strongholds Pop Up Around U.S.
Accountability Seen Yielding Calif. Gains
Urban Education
NCLB Tutoring
Children’s Activities
Cutting Costs
Salaries Raised for New Teachers
Oklahoma Increases Teachers’ Salaries
Lawmakers Study State’s ‘Brain Drain’
Duke’s Wife and Her Job
Black Men’s Group to Promote NCLB
Former GOP Aide Tapped for Communications Post
U.S. Civil Rights Commission Examines Omaha Breakup
N.Y.C. Leader Battles Union
George F. García
Cheryl Hoffman-Bray
Ginny Blankenship
Former Superintendent Pleads Not Guilty
Judge Sets Date for Records
ABCTE Picks Up State, Adds Former Member of National Board
9/11 Victims’ Families Preparing Teaching Materials
New Novel Takes Pokes at Standardized Testing
Phila. Marks Constitution Day With Constitution High School
Site Launched for Teachers to Sell Their Lesson Plans
Samuel J. Hausfather
Minorities Still Face Digital Divide
Higher Education Report Jibes With U.S. Panel's Work
In More States, It’s Now ACT or SAT for All
Stakes High for States in Fall Votes
Student Pressure Subject of Debate
Mentoring for New Principals Gains Policy Attention
Judge Backs Portrayal of Hinduism, but Voids Texts’ Process
Panel Urges ECS to Expand Presence, Focus
Education at Issue in Fla. Race to Replace Gov. Bush
Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation Expanding Pre-K
Regulations on ‘2 Percent’ Testing Awaited
Professional Development: How Do We Know If It Works?
Preparing for the Real Enemy
Race and Class: Separate and Not Equal
Chat Wrap-Up: Student Motivation—What Works, What Doesn’t
Detroit Students Go to School for One Day
Walkout Seen as Further Blow to Dwindling District
Teachers’ Unions Coming to Terms With Their Districts
Building Capacity
New Mexico
Long-Delayed U.S. Panel on Reading Yet to Be Named
Links in Education Week: September 13, 2006
State Case Studies
About This Report
Teacher-Quality Report: Discredit, Then Discard
A Few Suggestions on Charting NAEP Progress
Children Are Affected Most by Teacher Strikes
Social Stigma Gives Kids Disincentive to Achieve
UCLA Weighs Shift in Admissions Policy
Wars Take Toll on Education
School Reform
Language Identity
Private Sector Backs Projects Around Globe
Performance Indicators
Tenn. Governor Targets Graduation Rates
Former Texas Governor Dies; New School Part of Legacy
Mich. Could Require Vaccine for Sexually Transmitted Virus
ECS Gets Interim Director
New Year, New Grants
Bill Would Protect Searches by Teachers
GAO: International Agency Short on American Employees
Dallas Opens Integrity Office
Efforts to Combat Childhood Obesity Seen as Inadequate
Gates Foundation Gives Grants for Instruction In 3 City Districts
Former Cincinnati Superintendent to Run Hartford, Conn., Schools
Principals Win National Honors
Diana Wyllie Rigden
Jo Lynne DeMary
Jacqueline E. Turner
Jo Lynne DeMary
As AYP Bar Rises, More Schools Fail
Spellings Issues Final Regulations for Testing of English-Learners
Prominent Teacher-Educator Assails Field, Suggests New Accrediting Body in Report
Math Organization Attempts to Bring Focus to Subject
High-Tech Carts Deployed in Schools Hurt by Storms
Views Differ Over NCLB Rules on Involving Parents
N.C. District Lures New Math Teachers With $10,000 Bonus
Students Displaced by Storms Score Lower on State Tests
N.H. Court Strikes Down School Aid System
S.C. to Allow Credit for Off-Campus Religious Study
Big Challenges Await Ky. Education Chief As New CCSSO Leader
Ed. Dept. Won’t Force HOUSSE Closure Now
Groups Press for Enforcement on NCLB Choice Option
Where Big-City Schools Meet ‘Microsoft Smarts’
Beyond No Child Left Behind
What’s a Principal to Do?
Power Shift on L.A. Schools Called Complex
Detroit Teachers, District Strike Deal to Open Schools
Harvard’s Drop of Early Admissions Fuels National Debate
States Given Guidance on Online Teaching, E-School Costs
Much-Used Elementary Math Program Gets Qualified Nod From U.S. Ed. Dept.
Role of Classroom Materials Debated After 9/11 TV Flap
Turbulent Charter Conversion in Colo. Spurs Call for Change
Straddling a Cultural Chasm
Links in Education Week: September 20, 2006
Federal Initiative Boosts Reading, CEP Says
School Bus Radio Venture Raises Safety, Commercialism Concerns
Homework Truths
SAT for Accountability? Not a Good Idea
Voucher Backers’ Critique of Poll Rings Hollow
Citing the Success of Two Urban Integration Efforts
District Spending Flaws and Enrollment Losses
Finding the Silver Lining in a Teacher’s Removal
Weekly Reader Gets New Look, Features
Texas Bible Classes Seen to Lack Rigor
Education Statistics
Canadian Education
Junk-Food Advertising
Preschool Strategies
Union Withholds Endorsement
New Spending on Schools Targets Variety of Needs
Oregon Judge Upholds School Finance System
Report Suggests Tweaks to Florida School Policy
California Governor Vetoes Redefinition of ‘Proficient’
Reform Efforts Compiled Online
Travel Checkpoint
House OKs Bill to Aid Searches by Teachers
Education Dept. Auditing Columbus NCLB Funds
Making a Deal on Dade Schools
Calif. Governor Signs Bill Giving L.A. Mayor Role in School Policy
Grants to Help Baltimore Schools Curb High Rate of Suspensions
Mark D. Levine
George H. Wood
Lloyd G. "Buzz" Waterhouse
Spellings to Lead Delegation
Many Parents Seen as Looking to Enhance Children’s Academic Performance With Drugs
Charter School Program Approaches in California Highlighted
Panel Points Way to Improving K-8 Science Learning
Teacher-Pay Incentives Popular But Unproven
IES Gets Mixed Grades as It Comes of Age
Political Shift Could Temper NCLB Resolve
‘One Stop’ Research Shop Seen as Slow to Yield Views That Educators Can Use
School Choice Group Grows as Force in State Elections
Businessman, Voucher Backer Vies to Be Next Mich. Governor
‘Reading First’ Appears to Prompt Improvement
Study Links Flexible Pre-K Classes to Skill Development
New Orleans Teachers Say Modular Housing Is Too Little, Too Late
Nebraska Court Halts Omaha Breakup Plan
NCLB Waivers Urged as Spur for Research
There Is Such a Thing as a Free (and Reduced) Lunch
House Panel Studies Ways to Boost Tutoring Under NCLB
President, First Lady Back Global Literacy to Fight ‘Hopelessness’
How to Minimize Challenges to Materials
Is ‘Evidence’ Enough?
Why Are We Drugging Our Children?
School Finance vs. School Choice
School Bus Radio Venture Raising Concerns
Boston District Wins Broad Foundation’s Award
College-Counseling Effort Blends Public, Private Resources
Links in Education Week: September 27, 2006
New in Print
Mayor of L.A. Wins Fight for Say Over Schools
Kimberly A. Statham
Ellen C. Frede
Frank G. Chester
Let It Snow?
Schools Reap Benefits From Finance Case
Calif. Bill Proposes $2.9 Billion in Aid for 600 Schools
Some Calif. Principals Could Get More Control Over Hiring
Retirees Work Excess Hours
The Big Easy Revisited
Aid Executive Tapped To Be Undersecretary
Study Critical of Anti-Drug Ads Was Credible, Review Finds
Transportation Regulations Burden Head Start, GAO Says
Chinese-Language Classes
Cleveland Seeks Move From Zero
Harlem School Wins Honor for ELL Gains
U.S. Adults: Children Need to Work Harder
Career Preparation
College Readiness
Gender and Teaching
College Success Rate
Honors & Awards
Appeals Court Backs Student’s Right to Shirt Critical of President
Two Foundations Support KIPP Charters in New Orleans
Poor Preparation for College Seen as Drain on Economy
Students Perform Worse for Teachers Of the Opposite Gender, Study Finds
Fordham Pushes National Standards
Labor Unrest Shuts Schools in Midwest
Schools Adjusting to Pluto’s Fall From Planetary Grace
‘Physics First’ Is Moving Slowly Into Nation’s High Schools
Foreign Flags in Classroom Lead to Teacher’s Removal
‘Social Norms’ Seen to Keep Students on Right Track
Writing About Values Found to Shrink Achievement Gap
College Board Launches Model for Improving High Schools
Score Drop Prompts Debate Over Effects of Revised SAT; Girls Outdo Boys in Writing
Teachers Tiptoe Into Delicate Topics of 9/11 And Iraq
States Late With Data About AYP
Since Attacks, Schools Said Safer, More Prepared
Mass. Schools Experiment With Extra Time
States Giving Performance Pay by Doling Out Bonuses
Ed. Dept. Gives Primer on IDEA Regulations
House Panel Hits the Road to Gather Views on NCLB
Spellings: Education Law Needs Only a Soft Scrub
Katrina’s Impact on Pre-K Programs Lingers
Leader in NCLB Tutoring Finds New Corporate Home
The Truth About Homework
Course-Credit Inflation?
The Cool Ones
Choice Programs Found to Help Integration, But Not Scores
Foundation Support Plays Key Role for Newspaper
The Story Behind the Stories
A Media Organization With Many Faces
Links in Education Week: September 6, 2006
The Dalai Lama
Kimberly A. Statham
Ellen C. Frede
Frank G. Chester
Career Road Map Suggested for Public School Students
Most Full-Time Undergraduates Receive Financial Aid, Report Finds
Survey Notes Parental Ignorance About NCLB Tutoring Services
Steps to Help Traditional Public Schools Compete Outlined in Report
California Schools Making Gradual Gains, Analysis Suggests
Diana Wyllie Rigden
Wars Take Toll on Education
Jeryl L. Martin
Ellen Minette
Boston District Wins Broad Prize for Urban Education
Position Paper Suggests What Public Wants for Its Schools
Survey Tracks Junk Food Advertising in Schools
Jacqueline E. Turner
Gerrit Westervelt
NCES Projects Education Statistics for 2015
Education in Canada Seen in Need of Improvement
Texas Bible Classes Seen to Lack Rigor
After-School Programs Struggling to Maintain Funding, Survey Finds
School Choice and Educational Competition Not Synonomous, Report Concludes
Effective Preschool Strategies Outlined
Federal Review of Reading First Identifies Serious Problems
Adjust High Schools to Better Serve English-Learners, Brief Argues
Mark D. Levine
George H. Wood
Lloyd G. "Buzz" Waterhouse
Survey: Mental Illnesses Less Understood by Young People Than Physical Illnesses
Benefits of Girls-Only Schools Noted
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Teachers’ Union Agency Fees
Elizabeth Neale
Kentucky Commissioner Wilhoit to Lead Council of Chief State School Officers
Striking Detroit Teachers Ignore Judge’s Order To Go Back to Work
NCTM Issues New Guidelines to Help Schools Home In on the Essentials of Math
Detroit Union Agrees to Deal Ending Strike
Publisher Who Filed Initial Complaints Gets Some Satisfaction From I.G. Report E-Mail Exchanges