Manual High Commentary: Two Differing Reactions
Questioning a Speaker’s Knowledge of Poverty
What Parental ‘Magic’ Is E.D. Hirsch Proposing?
Alternative Strategies To Build Comprehension
Judging Performance Pay From Actual Experience
New in Print
Former D.C. Union Official Sentenced
G. Michael Pressley
Principal-Interns’ Training Faulted
Film Shows Brains of Cyclists at Work
Education Windfall?
Education Budget to See Increase
Omaha Breakup Plan Marks Session’s End
Growing Coffers Lift K-12 Spending
Black Students Affected Most by Ark. Closures, Report Says
Report Ranks States on Bus Emissions
Michigan Businesses Surveyed
N.C. Gets Gates Grant
Former Bush Official Wins in Idaho
Head Start Bureau Elevated Within HHS Department
If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Moscow
Bill Would Extend Hurricane-Aid Period
Bush Taps Journal Editor as Domestic-Policy Adviser
Senate OKs General Counsel for Education Department
Publishing News
Graduation Rates Lag for U.S. Black Males
District Reform
Bible Literacy
Screen Time
Detroit Chief Takes Aim at Staff Spending
Schools Let Seniors Stand and Deliver
Calif. District Rescinds Offer to Schools Chief; Race Raised as Issue
Kathleen McCartney
Sharon L. Greenberger
Jim Nelson
Sarah Kelly Johns
Use of Antipsychotic Drugs to Treat Children Increases Fivefold
Obesity Problems Greater for Older Adolescents Living in Poverty
Black, Hispanic Students Cite Problems in Their Schools
Pearson Buys Top 2 Rivals in Student-Information Market
Latest Mich. Background Check Seen as More Accurate
NAEP Scores Show Few Budding Scientists
Dual Orleans Systems Grow in Storm’s Wake
Unions’ Deals With Brokers Raise Issues
For Some Students, GED Test in Spanish Is Best Alternative
Bid to Make English the ‘National Language’ Raises Many Questions
Project Yields Gains for New Zealand’s Maori Pupils
Study Questions Push for Smaller High Schools
Teacher Ed. Faulted on Reading Preparation
Guidelines Offered for Meaningful Studies of Achievement in Charters
States to Let Special Boards Award Charters
Latest Decision Keeps Calif. Exit-Exam Law as Graduations Near
Public Employees’ Speech Rights Curtailed
Conservative House GOP Group Flexes Policy Muscle
U.S. Plans Controlled Evaluation of Student Drug Testing
Making Good on a Promise
Communicating for Change
What About the Boys?
Chat Wrap-Up: Science Education
‘Condition of Education’: U.S. Has Stiff Competition Abroad
San Diego School Board Retreats From 9th Grade Physics Course
Education Dept. Warns of Inaccurate NCLB E-Mails
Indian Students Outperform Blacks on NAEP
Administration Hopes to Begin Grant Cycle at Math Panel’s Midpoint
‘Choking Game’ Yields Varying Responses From Educators
Links in Education Week: June 7, 2006
Defeat of Calif. Preschool Initiative Is Major Disappointment for Advocates
Makeup of Math Panel Shows ‘Glaring Oversight’
College-Prep Curriculum: Problem, Not Solution
Public Schools’ Obligation Is to Religious Pluralism
Federal Clearinghouse’s Methodology Questioned
Innovation Is Needed, Not International Comparison
Strategies Can Promote Critical-Reading Skills
Honors & Awards
Teacher Quality Seen as Unequal for Poor
Anti-psychotic Drugs
Overweight Teenagers
A Rebellion Is Quelled
Hefty Budget Hike Raises Teacher Pay
Aid, Social Issues Top Education Agenda
Teachers Will See Pension Changes
Gov. Bush OKs Bill on Voucher Shift
Alaska Moves Ahead on Incentive Program
Calif. Support Staff Given Full Union Membership
Then and Now
Audit: N.J. Misspent School Medicaid
Rules Issued on IDEA Scholarship Grants
Fishing Outing Ends in Firing
NCAA Bars Students at ’Diploma Mills’ From Scholarships
Teachers College Donation to Fund Scholarships for Urban Teaching
Being Green Getting Easier
Manuel Tomás Barrera
Anna Holmquist Davis
Sarah Kelly Johns
D.C. Teachers Approve Contract With Flexibility for 10 Schools
Risky Behaviors Among Teens Seen as Leveling Off
Theodore J. Coburn
James E. Whaley
NBPTS Upgrades Profession, Most Agree, Despite Test-Score Letdown
Students Double-Dosing on Reading and Math
High Court to Consider Use of Race
Most States Earn Poor Grades for World-History Standards
Older Students Play Catch-Up on Uncovered, Vital Lessons
Links in Education Week: June 14, 2006
White House’s Education Policy Role Ebbs and Flows
Calif. Voters Reject Universal Pre-K Initiative
Kansas’ Record K-12 Spending Plan Heads to Court
House Committee Backs Math-Science Bills
Schools Respond to Federal ‘Wellness’ Requirement
House Panel Rejects Some Bush Budget Items
Pressing On
Moderation: A Radical Approach to Education Policy
Ranking America’s High Schools
Math, Science Graduates Sign On to Teach
Phila. Unions to Create Apprenticeships for Students
A Union Chief’s Defeat Stirs Debate on Leadership
School Reopened as Charter Under NCLB Winds Up Year 1
Denver Kindergarten Teacher Wins $100,000 Achievement Award
Reading Comprehension: Focus on Content Areas
On Workforce Data and Jobs’ Education Needs
Disagreeing on Chicago’s School Funding Inequities
No Child Left Behind Subgroups
Ed. Dept. to Weigh NCLB Subgroup Issues
Center Funding Research on Math, Science Cognition
Southern Baptists Urge School Board Activism, Off-Campus Bible Study
China Takes Different Tack From U.S. in Teaching Mathematics and Science
N.Y.C. Schools to Gain Freedom Under Empowerment Plan
State Urgency Over Exit Tests Fades With Time
States Push to Align Policies From Pre-K to Postsecondary
Suspensions Kept Fla. Low Scorers Out of Tests, Study Says
Exit Exams Found to Depress H.S. Graduation Rates
Race Report’s Influence Felt 40 Years Later
Fresh Look at Coleman Data Yields Different Conclusions
In Security Push, More Schools Using Detection Dogs
Study Questions NCLB Law’s Links to Achievement Gains
Settlement Reached Over N.Y. Union’s Deals With Brokers
States Striving to Build Data Systems Across Education Levels
As ‘Accelerated Learning’ Booms, High School-College Divide Blurs
Ohio Moves to Stem Abuse of New Vouchers
Florida Ponders Low Enrollment for Summer Pre-K
States Report Fiscal Health Still Strong
Student-Athletes in New Jersey to Face Testing for Steroids
Washington Test Data Rekindle Concerns Over Graduation Test
Challenging the Status Quo
Congress Approves Additional Hurricane Aid for Schools
Answered Prayer
Maverick Streak
Historic First
Into the Fray
Denver Teacher Wins $100,000 Kinder Prize
As NEA Prepares to Meet, Rising Star Seeks Re-Election
Helping Children Move From Bad Schools to Good Ones
Teacher Education’s ‘Black Hole’
The Small World of Classroom Boredom
Links in Education Week: June 21, 2006
Baltimore Schools Chief Discusses Decision to Resign
Black-White Gap in IQ Scores Closing, Study Finds
Commission to Rethink Skills Required to Compete in the Global Economy
Activists Slam Mayoral Control
Mental-Health Program to Address Needs of Immigrant Children
Joseph A Militello
Theodore J. Coburn
James E. Whaley
Risky Behaviors Seen as Leveling Off
School Design
Teacher Education
Undocumented Immigrants
Political Alliance
NCLB Critic Leaves Conn. Chief’s Post
Ky. Board Changes Mind on Historical Designations
Teachers, Preschool Win in K-12 Budget
New Aid Targets Pre-K, High School
Mixed Signals
Education Budget Advances in Appropriations Committee
Advisory Panel Is Convened on Safe and Drug-Free Schools
Maurice O. Green
College Professors Say Bible Literacy Gives Students an Edge
Sarah L. Friedman
Fewer Than Half of Black Males Graduate From High School on Time, Study Finds
Supreme Court to Consider Use of Race in K-12 School Assignments
Teacher Quality Seen as Lower For Disadvantaged Students
Undocumented Immigrants Seen as Helping Cover Costs of K-12 Education
Kevin M. Johnson
Anna Holmquist Davis
NYC Seen to Misrepresent English-Language Learner Services of Some Tutoring Providers
China’s Education System Characterized by Strong National Standards, Vast Inequalities
N.Y. Attorney General Announces Settlement With State Teachers’ Union
Christina Erland Culver
Parents May Not Recover Expert Fees Under IDEA, Supreme Court Rules
Test Story Page for Photo Gallery
American Public Says School Improvement Goes Beyond Academic Standards
Almost Half the States Fail Evaluation of School Food Policies
‘Boy Crisis’ in Academics Overstated, Study Suggests
Diverse Panel of K-12 Leaders Backs Weighted-Student Method of Funding
Report Urges Business Groups to Advocate for High-Quality Preschool Programs
Women’s Association Demands Removal of Researcher From National Math Panel
Math Panel Urged to Identify Ways to Improve Instruction for Minorities
Federal Panel’s Cancer-Vaccine Recommendation Has Implications for Schools
Improvements for Graduation-Rate Calculations Suggested
The Down Staircase
Costs of Not Graduating Tallied by Researchers
GED Battery No Substitute for Diploma
Student Profile: Paul J. Jones
Mapping Out High School Graduation
Student Profile: David A. Carter
Adding It All Up
Student Profile: Jasmine Titus
Signs of Early Exit for Dropouts Abound
Student Profile: Sa’Brina Reeves
Opening Doors
A Road Map to State Graduation Policies
State and District Patterns
Student Profile: Sabrina Ratcliff
Sources and Notes
Student Profile: Abenet Tekeste
Charts: The High School Pipeline
Student Profiles
State Graduation Reports
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