Hoping for Excellence, Funding Remediation
Oprah’s Focus on School Comes Too Late for Some
Merit Is Hard to Measure In Public-Sector Context
Cross-Cultural Reporting and Honorific Titles
Web Site to Make Research Accessible
High School Redesign Stalled for This Year
Bill on Consolidations Fails to Advance
Parents Provided With Key Details
Researchers Examine ‘Hurricane’ Children
Math and Science Teachers
Gay and Lesbian Students
Abstinence Focus Debated
Florida Bills Seek High School Majors
Judge Rules Arizona Law Doesn’t Satisfy Court Order
Indiana Teachers’ Union Files School Aid Lawsuit
Maine Voucher Policy Upheld
Fla. Lawmakers Seek Information
Utah Board Member Resigns
Point of Order
Guide Issued on Testing Students With Disabilities
Finance Official Nominated
Literacy Conference set
Honors & Awards
Complaint Says Phila. District Slighting Parents’ NCLB Role
Maryland Educator Is Teacher of the Year
Robin G. Jarvis
Phillip A. Bailey
Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey
Lessons From Successful High School Improvement Models Distilled
Sarah D. Jerome
Carmen Fariña
The Elephant in the Reform Room
Choice Issue Opens Rift in Missouri
Web Tools Give Small Advocacy Groups Big Presence
Why Educators Must Become Mediators
Learning That Resonates
Links in Education Week: May 3, 2006
Paperwork-Reduction Pilots Off to Slow Start
Public Dissatisfied Over Key NCLB Provisions, Report Says
Groups Accuse Fla. Districts of Harsh Discipline Approaches
Puerto Rico Still Awaits NAEP Math Results
Study Finds Research on Management Groups Lacking
Alternative Routes for Spec. Ed. Teachers Relieving Shortages Worsened by NCLB
Small Schools’ Ripple Effects Debated
Leader of State Chiefs’ Group to Step Down in August
Democrats Seek Education Dept. ‘Recovery Czar’
New England to Promote College Readiness
High Court Declines to Hear Case on Pupil’s Use Of Religious Images
U.S. Court Backs School’s Decision to Bar Student’s Anti-Gay T-Shirt
Payne’s Pursuit
Reading Program Benefits Some Calif. Schools
Spellings Addresses Testing, NCLB Issues
Teacher Pay and Student Learning
Hirsch Essay on Reading Breaks Little New Ground
Districts Don’t Set Out to Deceive Parents on Choice
Bilingual Parents and ‘Language Confusion’
Controversial Conversation
Iowa Is Poised to Enact Tax-Credit Voucher Program
Court Overturns Utah Law Limiting Union Fund Raising
Classes Canceled Over Fuel Costs
With NSF Grant, AP Science Tests Set for Redesign
N.Y.C. Small-Schools Group Wins $20 Million Grant
Thomas W. Payzant
William F. Tate
Sarah D. Jerome
Bee to Debut on Network TV
Andrew “Chick” Ahlgren
Whites Surpassed in UC Admissions
High School Models’ Lessons Summed Up
Advanced Placement
African-American Students
Educated Workers
College Readiness
K-12 Budget Includes Aid for Progress Goals
Utah Schools to See New State Funding
Schools Get Share of Revenue Surge
Idol Thoughts
Spellings Urges End to Charter Limits
Sen. Byrd Introduces Prayer Amendment
Postsecondary Official Tapped
Business, Field of Math Divided, Consultant Says
Kirk Lewis
Chicago Principals Fire About 1,000 Nontenured Teachers
Young Adults Don’t Think World Knowledge Is Vital
Absentee Rates Spike as Students Support Pro-Immigrant Action
Pre-K-3 and School Achievement
Why Doesn’t the U.S. Invest in Early Education?
A Pause Before Plunging Through the China Looking Glass
Teacher Income Taxes: A Break Overdue
Chat Wrap-Up: Teacher Supply and Demand
Links in Education Week: May 10, 2006
Progress Slow in Addressing Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries
Charters Harder to Get Than Before, Suggests Survey of Authorizers
Governor’s Voucher Effort Loses Steam in Florida
Depleted New Orleans Teachers’ Union Vows to Rebuild
Skills for Work, College Readiness Are Found Comparable
ECS Resignations Raise Questions of Fiscal Health
Stricter School Soda Limits Offered
Connecticut Moving to Curb Soda Sales in Schools
NCAA Boosts Scrutiny of ‘Nontraditional’ High Schools
New Mentoring Program Found Helpful for Novice Teachers in N.Y.C.
Kansas, Texas Face School Finance Deadlines
Rules for New College-Aid Program Outlined
Senate Backs Additional Hurricane Aid for Schools
Panel Worries That NSF Is Losing Clout on Education Issues
An Earlier Start
Math Teachers Encouraged to Assess Creatively
Schools Have Role in Federal Flu Plan
Researchers Weigh Benefits of One Computer Per Lap
Policymakers Urged to Heed Middle Grades
Alternative-Routes Story ‘Missed the Boat’
Federal Official’s Memory Is Selective on ‘Outrages’
SREB Calls for Better Principal Preparation
College Readiness
Community Schools
College and Careers
Physical Education
Title I Accountability
Ripple Effect
Report Projects Impact of Pre-K Proposals
Californians to Vote on Massive Bond
We Are the World
House Plan Boosts Education Spending
Bush Taps Dept. Official for Vocational Ed. Post
House Members Concerned About NCLB Test Exclusions
D.C. Eyes Plan for Shared Space
ABCTE Study Finds Links Between Tests and Student GPAs
Private Sector Aims to Put Teachers in Space
Top-Flight Teacher-Candidates Get Head Start in Job Search
Fuhrman Named President of Teachers College
George Lenchner
Textbooks Written for U.S. Muslims
Teach for America Goes to Preschool
Study: Mothers’ Health Affects Behavior of Young
Ad Dollars Seen in School TV Shows
Kevin M. Maxwell
Kathleen A. Kelley
U.S. Minority Growth Tracked
Kirk Lewis
Former Georgia Schools Chief Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Money Laundering
Study for NBPTS Raises Questions About Credential
Throughout Year, New York District Offers Clusters of Enrichment to All Its Students
States Enjoy Steady Rise in Revenue
Fla. Urges Comparable Teacher-Compensation Reporting
British Inspectors Bring Instructional Focus to N.Y.C.
Fla., Wisconsin Tying More Strings to Vouchers
Florida Legislature Hands Outgoing Governor Partial Win
Iowa Policy Changes Would Range From Pre-K Through High School
Wyo. Schools See the Upside of Fuel Prices
‘What Works’ Rates Programs' Effectiveness
Bill Would Alter Hurricane Aid for Private Schools
NCLB Panel Gathers Views on Testing and Data Collection
A Clear Stand
What Went Wrong at Manual High?
Redefining ‘Rigor’ for a New Century
What We Owe Immigrant Children
Chat Wrap-Up: Technology Counts 2006
End Near for Chicago Desegregation Decree
NEA, AFT State-Level Affiliates Merge in New York
Calif. District Gains From World-Religions Class
Schools, Health Officials Eye Mumps Outbreak
CDC Surveys Confirm That Autism Is a ‘Major Public-Health Concern’
Links in Education Week: May 17, 2006
Calif. Judge Throws Out Latest Case Against State's Graduation Exam
Skills or Knowledge? We Need a Balance of Both
Hirsch Offers ‘Persuasive Remedy’ for Reading Ills
How One State Avoided Missouri’s Tax-Credit Rift
Whys on Early Education Are on Display in Calif.
Achievement-Gaps Goal: Improving or Closing?
Delaware District in Budget Fuss
Judge Orders Tally of Costs to Improve Baltimore Schools
Longtime Union President Ousted in Minneapolis
Timothy Shanahan
Bruce Harter
Alan Richard
House Panel Begins Examining NCLB
Panel OKs Expansion of NAEP History Test
Higher Ed. Panel Nears Finish
Ed. Dept. Employee Sentenced
Spellings Convenes Girls' Math, Science 'Summit'
Ore. Schools Divided Over Classifications
States Seen to Inflate Educational Progress
Abuse of Medications
Running Debate
Ed. Spending Hike Includes Tuition Aid
School Aid Increases Are Largest in Years
Illinois State Board Alters Test Contract
California Senate Endorses Teaching Gays’ Contributions
Supreme Court Won’t Review Nebraska Consolidation Case
N.J. Court Allows Aid Freeze in State’s Poorest Districts
Grasmick Wins Award
Indiana Clarifies Fee Stand
Anti-Social Networking
Reading, Math Performance of American Indian, Alaska Native Students Examined
Study Outlines Lessons Learned About School District Reform
South Asians Have Concerns About Immigration Policy, Too
Some Worry About Potential Bias on the National Math Panel
Immigrants in Developed Nations Lag Behind Native Peers in School
NAACP Suit Challenges Breakup of Omaha Schools
Under Pressure, NBPTS Releases Full Study
Bridging Differences
‘Supplemental Services’: Theory vs. Practice
Chat Wrap-Up: Knowledge Management
Vocational Programs Earn Mixed Reviews, Face Academic Push
Ambiguity About Preparation for Workforce Clouds Efforts to Equip Students for Future
Choice, SES Would Flip Under Plan
No State Meeting Teacher Provision of ‘No Child’ Law
Staff-Development Group to Lose Veteran Leader
Unrest in France Has Warning for Precollegiate System
Author, Publisher at Odds Over Content of Talk
Survey Finds Majority of Elementary Schools Still Offer Recess Time
Californians Set to Vote on Universal Pre-K Plan
Seniors Wait for Final Word in Calif. Exit-Exam Case
Fla. Senators to Get Data on Qualifications of Test Scorers
Texas Poised to Close Long Chapter on School Aid
2 States Selected for ‘Growth Model’ Pilot
Displaced Students’ Test Scores Won’t Count for AYP
Challenge to Corporate Tax Incentives Rejected
The Heart of the Matter
Links in Education Week: May 24, 2006
NAEP Science Scores Essentially Flat Except at 4th Grade Level
Melissa E. Bartlett
William F. Tate
Monthly Checkups
Finding the Funding
Keeping Track
Aware of All Students
Voices of Experience
District Initiative
The Information Edge
Tip of Their Fingers
Delving Into Data
About the EPE Research Center’s Annual State Technology Survey
Risk & Reward
‘National Effort’
Rising to a Challenge
Tracking U.S. Trends
How Education Week Graded the States
Sources and Notes for State Data Table
Detailed State Reports
Equity Problems Seen in AP Offerings at California High Schools
Lack of Collaboration Seen to Threaten N.Y.C. College-Readiness Efforts
African-Americans in W. Va. Rate Their Schools Lower Than Whites Do
Thomas W. Payzant
Susan H. Fuhrman
Most States’ Physical Education Requirements Seen as Insufficient
State Efforts to Bridge High School, Careers Examined
National Board Teachers No Better Than Other Educators, Long-Awaited Study Finds
Kevin M. Maxwell
Kathleen A. Kelley
Federal Study Examines NCLB Accountability for Title I Schools
Preparation for College Success Outlined
Educational Attainment in North America Examined
SREB Report Calls for Better Principal-Training Programs
‘Community School’ Efforts Profiled
Timothy Shanahan
Alan Richard
States Seen to Inflate Educational Progress
Spellings to Expand Pilot Test Reversing Order of NCLB Sanctions
Report Cites Teenage Abuse of Over-the-Counter Medications
Census Bureau Finds Half of Children Under Age 5 Are Minorities
Countries Ranked on Quality of Life for Children
Bruce Harter
Sharon L. Greenberger
Education Schools Inadequately Prepare Elementary Teachers How to Teach Reading
Young Children Spend More Time With Screens Than Books, Survey Finds
Hospitals Treat Thousands Annually for Bad Reactions to ADHD Medications, Researchers Say
Kathleen McCartney
Lois A. Bridges
Calif. Judge Throws Out Exit-Exam Requirement
Bush Administration Names Members to Serve on National Mathematics Panel
Smaller Not Necessarily Better, School-Size Study Concludes
California High Court Reinstates Graduation-Exam Requirement, for Now
Education Dept. Warns of Erroneous E-Mails on No Child Left Behind
California Court Rejects Request for Quick Action; Exit Exam Remains in Place for 2006
Young Adults Ill-Informed About the People, Places, and Cultures of the World, Report Says