On Dropout Rates, Methods Should Not Obscure Needs
Illinois Pre-K Plan Omits Administrators’ Training
Tenure Attacks: ‘Last Refuge of Educationist Scoundrels’?
Plea for Policy Input Shows Reform’s Impact
Balancing State Budgets With Teachers’ Pensions?
Time Devoted to Testing Surprises New Teacher
Deficiencies Go Beyond Math and Science Skills
History Lessons
Ariz. Tax-Credit Bill to Become Law
Groups Launch Venture to Study Calif. School Policy
Georgia Lawmakers Pass Bible-Course Legislation
Rob Reiner Resigns From Children’s Panel
Gov. Blanco Seeks Teacher-Pay Hike
Starting Point
High Court Declines Preschool IDEA Case
Ed. Dept. Backs Surveys for Title IX Compliance
Cheating Charges Roil N.J. District
To Aid High Schools, Mix of Efforts Is Key
21st-Century Skills
Brain Research
Site Aims to Help Rural Gay Youths
Three Mass. Teachers Win Fight for Jobs After Failing Tests
Archdiocese of New York Seeks Closings of 14 Parish Schools
‘Sesame’ Videos Sparking Debate
Jason S. Freeman
Ann Pennock Dixon
Elizabeth M. Meitner
Study Examines Successful Schools Serving Poor Latinos
Florida Lawmakers Float New Voucher Plans
‘Heritage Speakers’: Loss of a Treasure?
Dearborn: Modern Standard Arabic Instruction
Teacher Pay for Performance:
Links in Education Week: April 5, 2006
Chat Wrap-Up: Willing and Disabled
Reactions to School Climate Vary by Students’ Races
Labor Disputes Heating Up in Urban Districts, After Respite
Taking Stock
State Steps in Under NCLB in Baltimore
House OKs Higher Ed. Act Reauthorization
New Guidance Addresses Title I Schoolwide Plans
Legislators Debate Bills on the Teaching of Evolution
Study: NCLB Leads to Cuts for Some Subjects
Students Express Concerns in Public Square, Classrooms
Students Sound Off on Immigration
Report: NCLB Law Hasn’t Superseded Contracts
Educators Experiment With Student-Written ‘Wikis’
Minority Report
Education Said to Trail Most Other Gauges of Child Welfare
Rule Interprets Law on Boy Scouts’ Access to Schools
To Aid Science, Instruct More Than an Elite Few
Pay for Performance? Yes, But for Families
Change Follows a Curve, Not a Straight Line
Irony in Bilingual Trends Betrays Policy Confusion
Honors & Awards
Five Urban Districts Named as Finalists for 2006 Broad Prize
Regional Accrediting Agencies Serving 30 States Approve Merger
Jerry L. Caruthers
Alan Smagler
Osbourne F. Abbey Jr.
To Combat Obesity, Mayo Clinic Creates Unusual Classroom
Only 20 Percent of Youths Getting Recommended Sleep
Texas-Style Monopoly
Texas School Districts Get Rita Reprieve
Michigan Measure Revises Background-Check Law
N.C. Lottery Sales Off to Fast Start
Oregon K-12 Funding Falls Short, Report Says
Snack Attack
More Hurricane Aid for Schools Is Sent
Mass. Schools Chief Appointed to NAGB
Holding Firm in Test Standoff
Debt Seen to Deter Careers in Teaching
High School Dropouts
Teenage Sexual Behavior
Jonathan Newcomb
Linda J. Schilling
New Center Aims to Help Motivate Calif. High Schoolers
Study Supports ‘Success for All’ Reading Method
NASA’s New Educator Astronauts Face Long Wait for Their Shuttle Missions
Schools on Their Own With ‘Following the Leaders’ Work
English Now the Foreign Language of Schools Abroad
KIPP Schools Shift Strategy for Scaling Up
New KIPP Schools Seen as Faithful to Model, Despite Variations
Report: Schools Could Improve on NCLB Tutoring, Choice
Technology Becomes Substitute for English Teacher
Other Native-English Countries Ahead of United States
Chat Wrap-Up: Beyond Grade 12
Links in Education Week: April 12, 2006
Bush Gift for School Technology Raises Ethical Questions
Advocacy for Parents Key to IDEA Case
New Initiative By Brookings Is Under Way
U.S. Audit Raps Oklahoma on Migrant-Student Eligibility
S.F. School Councils Help Chart Improvement Course
Indiana Court Strikes Down Mandatory Fees
Putting the Public Back in Public Education
Immigration Proposals Could Aid School Hiring Efforts
Md. Lawmakers Fight School Takeover Plan
A Second Look at Compulsory Education
Two Schools, Worlds Apart
Michigan Poised to Implement Tough New Graduation Rules
Spellings Leads Review of Math, Science Ed. Programs
Wide Background Disparities Found in Those With ADHD
Court’s Power at Issue in New York School Aid Case
Kinder and Gentler
U.S. Pilot of AYP 'Growth' Models Advances
‘Coleman Fallacy’ Diverts Us From Needed Reforms
A Suggestion for Gates: Build Up Adult Education
‘Asian Success Formula’ Ignores Vast Diversity
Merit Pay: Based on a Cynical View of Teachers
Aligning the Arguments
AERA Sessions Run Gamut From NCLB to Instant Messaging
District’s Discipline Over Drug Banner Violated Student’s Rights, Court Says
Federal Appeals Court Says Arkansas District Flouted Order on Prayer
Suit Tying Demotion to Comments On Hazing Allegations Is Reinstated
Research Questions Use of Autism Data
Accountability Key, Groups Tell Colleges
Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Illinois Districts For Leaving League
New Online Security Officer Will Monitor MySpace.com
Lawsuit Over SAT Mistakes Planned Against College Board
Peter C. Gorman
LAUSD Providing Better Teachers to All Schools, Judge Concludes
Kevin A. Campana
Patricia L. Brennan-Gac
Exit Exams Still Required
Boost for L.A. High Schools
Hands Off
New Orleans Leadership
Math and Science Upgrades
Union, District Court Charters
Researchers Critique ‘65 Percent Solution’
College Preferences
Financial Literacy
Latino Success
Achievement Gap
Employment Opportunities
Arizona English-Learners Must Take Exit Exam
Most States See Surpluses for Fiscal 2006, Report Says
Virginia Governor Nominates Candidate for State Chief
School Days
Report: GAO Critical of Portables Contract
Governors Urge Increase in Hurricane Education Relief
Thomas M. Broitman
Poor Parents Can Be Good Choosers
Baltimore Takeovers Prevented
Teachers With High Licensing Scores Found More Effective
Film Credits
Links in Education Week: April 19, 2006
Educator Cheating on No Child Left Behind Tests
Afghan Education Shows Progress Amid the Rubble
Industrialized Nations Behind in Payouts to ‘Education for All’
Boston’s Pilot Schools
Chat Wrap-Up: Foreign-Languages Education
Study: EMO Schools Don't Outscore Other Phila. Schools
Nebraska to Break Up Omaha District
Campaign Seeks Buy-In for High School Reforms
Campaign Targets Perceived Liberal Bias in Schools
Electives Getting the Boot? It Depends on Where and What
N.Y.C. Chief Unveils New Accountability Plan
Washington Readies for High School Exit Exam
Web Systems Help Schools Screen Visitors
Texas Proposes Classroom Costs Per ‘65 Percent’ Plan
States Still Ironing Out ‘Highly Qualified’ Kinks
NCLB Commission Starts Gathering Testimony
Spellings Joins Passage to India on Education
Students Continue to Fuel Activism on Immigration Policy
A School’s Best Teachers Are Easily Identified
SEED School: Not the Only Public Boarding School
Which Will It Be: Reform, Or Hiring Foreign Talent?
Chinese Educators Show Industry, Determination
New in Print
N.Y.C. to Provide Housing Assistance to Some Teachers
Ky. Board Gives Tentative Nod to Secular Time Designations
Phila. Launches Campaign to Diversify Staffs
Teacher Job Market Shows Slight Gains, Survey Finds
Web Site Provides ‘Road Map’ for Teacher-Related Issues
Basic-Skills Advocate Hired as Math Adviser by Ed. Dept.
Retired Justice Stumps for Civics
Expert Sees Need for School Staff to Access Social-Networking Sites
Virginia Tells Schools to Teach Internet Safety
Field Trip Lets Millions Be Virtual Spelunkers
Teen Inhalant Abuse Seen Rising Slightly
English-Language Learners
International Comparison
K-5 Achievement
Child Abuse and Neglect
Qualifications Questioned
Arizona Is Sued Over Exit Exam
New York City Plaintiffs Seek Quick Resolution In Aid Case
Measure Authorizes Pooling of Resources
Legislature Focuses on Pre-K, Charters
My Visit to India
Bush Signs Order to Form Math Panel
Broward Invests in Weather Alerts
Federal Suit Contends School in Dallas Segregates Latinos
James H. “Torch” Lytle
Thomas M. Broitman
Linda J. Schilling
New HBCU Aide
Researchers Examine Well-Being of Children Displaced by Gulf Coast Hurricanes
Views Differ on Defining College Prep
Major College-Going Gaps Found in Chicago
An Alternative Approach to Gauging Readiness
Calif. High Schoolers Get Preview of College-Placement Test
Links in Education Week: April 26, 2006
High Court Weighs Expert Fees Under IDEA
Districts Fret Over July 31 Deadline for Spending U.S. Hurricane Aid
Dealing With FEMA Is Schools’ Latest Trial
Reading-Comprehension Skills?
What Are They Really?

U.S. Teacher-Licensing Debate Found to Echo In Asia
More Home Schoolers Taking Advanced Placement Tests
Chinese Ministry Signs Pact With College Board To Build Up Teachers
Major Gates Grant to Chicago Sign of Greater Interest in Curriculum
Omaha Eyes Alternatives to Breakup
L.A. Mayor Seeks Role in District
Debate Over Dropouts Renewed as Scholars Issue Dueling Reports
Analysis Finds Minority NCLB Scores Widely Excluded
Kentucky Budget Would Hike K-12 Spending
Wash. Latest to Consolidate Early-Childhood Programs
Calif. Considers Adding Gays’ Contributions to Textbooks
Bush Keeps Math-Science Plan on Bunsen Burner
Hard Work, Frustration Mark Baltimore’s Patterson High
Greater Expectations
Reading Allowed
Not Ready for Science Tests
Chat Wrap-Up: Using Technology
States’ Use of Federal Technology Dollars Examined
State Policies Seen to Have Little Effect on Black-White Achievement Gap
Student Debt Seen as Too High for Many to Consider Teaching
More Than Half of Dropouts Earn H.S. Credentials, Study Finds
Sexually Charged Media Correlated With Teenage Intercourse
Jerry L. Caruthers
Study Critiques ‘65 Percent Solution’ Proposals
High School Seniors’ College Preferences Noted
Peter C. Gorman
Use of Illegal Drugs Among Teens Declining, Federal Report Says
Kevin A. Campana
Patricia L. Brennan-Gac
Incidence of Child Maltreatment Down, Federal Study Estimates
High School Seniors’ Financial, Economic Literacy Tracked
Study Suggests Efforts to Combat Childhood Obesity Failing
Longitudinal Study Examines Achievement in K-5 Years
International Analysis Examines Nonschool Factors Link to Achievement
Longitudinal Study Examines Achievement in K-5 Years
James H. "Torch" Lytle
Calif.’s English-Language Learners Not Integrated Enough, Report Says
School Discipline Seen As Too Harsh in Florida
MAK Mitchell
Richard C. Ten Eyck and Richard L. Rosenberg
Inhalant Abuse Among Teens Seen Rising Slightly
Research Group Rates Effectiveness of Educational Management Organizations
Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey
ECS Highlights State Efforts to Recruit Math And Science Teachers
Phillip A. Bailey
California’s Economic Future Seen to Need More Educated Workforce
Robin G. Jarvis
Maryland Lawmakers Override Veto; Baltimore Schools Stay in Local Control