Essay’s Credit Line Needs an Addendum
On the Relative Merits of Mentoring and Induction
Telling Half the Story on Parent Opportunities
Math, Science Top Gov. Taft’s School Agenda
Governor Targets Teacher Shortage
Governor Proposes School Aid Increases
College Scholarships Remain on Agenda
Focus Will Turn to Math, Science
Pension Payment Debated in Chicago
Missouri Board Eases Test Targets
Vatican Article Supports U.S. Judge on ‘Intelligent Design’
NCTM Relaxes Stance on High-Stakes Testing
U.S. Educators Urged to Heed China’s System
Experts, Policymakers at Odds Over Reading
Self-Discipline Seen as Crucial for Success
Science and Technology
Online Teacher Training
Reading Assessments
Advocates Note Need to Polish ‘Bilingual’ Pitch
Web Site Examines Technology’s Impact on Schools and Life
Web-Based Tool Aims to Demystify NCLB
Online Forum for Debate on Education Debuts
Charter Caps Criticized
Gov. Bush Proposes Incentives for Teachers
Bush Questioned on College Aid
Ed. Dept. Is Sued Over Data on Student-Loan Applicants
Jane E. West
Melody E. Douglas
David Allender
Larry Leverett
College Freshmen Seen as Valuing Civic Responsibility More Than Ever
New Group of Researchers Focuses on Scientific Study
U.S. Should Do More to Aid States in Developing Tests, Report Says
Hurricanes’ Aftermath Is Ongoing
Bill Pushes ‘Rigorous’ Curricula
First Lady, Spellings Tour Gulf Coast Schools
Federal Audit Criticizes Management of State Scholars Initiative
Mass. District Envisions Money in Foreign Exchange
Teacher-Hopeful Runs Afoul of ‘Dispositions’
NAEP Analysis Questions Private Schools’ Edge
Chancellor Pledges Autonomy for Some N.Y.C. Schools
Boards Must Lead With Unified Theory, Book Says
Complaints Filed Against BIA Handling of Reading First
Pataki Tax-Credit Idea Gets Bipartisan Support
Arizona Starts Accruing Big Fines in Lawsuit Over English-Learners
English-Only Advocate Uses Ariz. State Office To Carry Out Mission
States Vie to Be Part of NCLB ‘Growth’ Pilot
Review Process for U.S. Education Research Approved
Union Agitators
Mayhem in the Middle
Progressive vs. Traditional: Reframing an Old Debate
Is It Time to Be Impolite?
Chat Wrap-Up: National Standards?
Table: What's Hot, What's Not
Links in Education Week: February 1, 2006
Bush Proposes Steps to Boost Math and Science Teaching
Help With College Begins in Preschool
Insult to Experts Seen in Report on Spec. Ed. Case
Calif. Ballot Initiative Offers Pre-K Compromise
California Grants Some Test Waivers
Settlement Nets $55 Million for Minn. School Technology
Parental Permission
Rex, the ‘Ready’ Mountain Lion
Congress Urged to Act on Title IX Guidance
Alito Joins High Court; O’Connor Tenure Ends
Oregon District Tackles Attitudes
Book Weighs Studies on English-Learners
Judge Orders Firing of Workers Delayed in New Orleans
Children in Poverty Seen Increasing
Latino Students
College Freshmen
Teenage Drivers
North Carolina Banishes Reptiles From Child Care
California District Questions Risks of Natural Asbestos
U.S. Might Take Pride in These Rankings
Hugh B. Price
Larry Leverett
Richard Barth Jr.
California Treasurer Endorsed
Sex Education
Meeting Puts Focus on Early Education of English-Learners
Cullen W. Schippe
Mich. Pupils Could Face Online Rule
Dance Video Games Hit the Floor in Schools
Report Finds Connecticut High School Test a Strong Predictor of College Success
States Target High Schools for Changes
Network Sponsors Worldwide Sharing of Curricula
Civil Rights Groups Back NCLB Law in Suit
Protest Grows Over North Carolina Eye-Exam Policy
Bush Proposes Math and Science Initiatives
Congress OKs Aid Based on ‘Rigorous’ H.S. Curricula
Boehner Goes From Education Panel to Majority Leader
Suit Against Ed. Dept. FOIA Delays Expected
Border Crossings
Hope and Possibility
Students as Coaches
To Build a Nation of Readers
Chat Wrap-Up: Research on Quality
OCR to Review Policies Against Harassment
In Minneapolis, School Chief’s Tenure Debated
Scholars Outline Ways to Maximize Value of School Choice
Calif. Texts Tied Up in Debate Over Portrayal of Hinduism
U.N. Agency Signs On to Help Spread Low-Cost Laptops
Links in Education Week: February 8, 2006
To Boost Math and Science, First Revamp the Curricula
Pre-K Momentum Will Aid Early-Intervention Efforts
Privacy Concerns and AYP ‘Growth Models’
In Testing, Social Factors Outweigh Type of School
The Impact of Small Schools
New in Print
Publishing News
Wish List for Schools
Tenn. Governor Wants Expanded Pre-K Opportunities
Governor’s K-12 Agenda Is Mostly Status Quo
Teachers Targeted for Pay Raises
Rendell: Stronger Schools for Stronger Workforce
California Seniors Sue Over High School Exam
Court Order Revisited
Big Bang Brouhaha
Complaint Targets Slow FOIA Response
Deficit Reduction Act Expected to Drop Student-Loan Funding
McKeon Gets Key Support
D.C. Vouchers
Thermostats Drop; Questions Raised
Opposing Viewpoints
New Role Envisioned for School Boards
Home Schoolers
Suicide Prevention
School Lunches
Lori A. Roman
Paula A. Cordeiro
Cullen W. Schippe
G. Alfred Hess Jr.
Jill Chaifetz
Attention to Teaching Foreign Languages, Cultural Understanding Urged
Ted Stilwill
President’s Budget Would Cut Education Spending
Mich. Sex-Offender Law Has Educators in Uproar
New Web Site Rates Performance of Federal Programs
White House Suggests Model Used in Reading To Elevate Math Skills
President Seeking to Hold Line on Head Start, Child-Care Grants
Parent Satisfaction With School Math, Science At Odds With Officials’ Concerns, Poll Finds
Fast-Track Certification
Math Warriors, Lay Down Your Weapons
Chat Wrap-Up: Standards-Based Reform
Sports Illustrated Joins Programs to Address Steroid Use, Nutrition
Scholar Finds Gold in Special Brand of Urban Humor
N.J. School Construction Corp. to Get Review
Audit Faults Spending by Leaders Council
Writing of IDEA Regulations Moves Into Second Year
The ‘New Normal’
Higher Proportion of Seniors Mastering AP
Lawsuits Say Too Few Schools Open in New Orleans
Scholars Warn of Overstating Gains From AP Classes Alone
Social-Networking Web Sites Pose Growing Challenge for Educators
Table: Education Budget Highlights
In Mississippi, Tough Times Persist
Links in Education Week: February 15, 2006
Ohio State Board Removes Language In Standards Questioning Evolution
Learning Disability, or Limited English?
Another Accreditor’s View On Teacher ‘Dispositions’
Reiner Preschool Proposal Perpetuates Old Mistakes
Could Zoe’s Grandmother Help Other Students, Too?
To Help Toddlers, First School the Parents
What 'Middle School Concept'?
Browsing for Schools
Judges Back Michigan Unions, Rule Background Checks Flawed
N.Y. Judge Denies Request by Mother for Tuition Aid
Hartford Superintendent Resigns After Changes in Governance
Honors & Awards
Education Officials Revamp Database of Sex Offenders
Academic Segregation to Be Eliminated
‘Integrated’ Schooling Fosters Common Ground
Extracurriculars Eyed to Combat Sectarianism
Teachers Uncomfortable in Giving Asian Lessons
Researchers Urge Beefed Up E-Safety
Emerging Sports Outpace Traditional Team Sports
Moderate Islamic College Planned for Afghanistan
Negotiations Seen to Weaken NCLB
Race and Michigan Schools
Kindergarten Comparison
Foreign Languages
Sports Safety
Reading First Critique
Bilingual Education Debated in Texas
Wyo. Weighs Its Priorities Amid Boom
S.C. Tests Are First With NCLB Approval
Most States Lack Specific Higher Education Goals
Native Speakers
Domestic-Policy Chief Departs White House
Policy Analyst Named to Senate Education Staff
Studies Connect Behavior, Reading
Bernard Taylor Jr.
John A. Phillips Jr.
Craig J. Hintz
Recommendations for Improving Teacher Quality Outlined
Cardiac Cases Raise Concerns Over Drugs for ADHD
No Test-Score Edge Found for Cleveland Voucher Students
States Acting to Raise Bar on H.S. Skills
H.S. Courses Seen as Disconnected From College Demands
Creativity Is a Habit
Science by Stealth
Chat Wrap-Up: Science and Math
Forging a New Labor-Management Partnership in Education
The Tax-Free Teacher
Texas Educators Take Up Call to Run for Legislature
Boston District and Union Agree on Adding ‘Pilot Schools’
Panel’s Evaluation Faults Baltimore Rollout of Literacy Curricula
Ohio Removes Anti-Evolution Language
South Carolina Eyes State Charter District
Fla. Ready to Demand Bonuses Based on Test Scores
West Virginians Could Get More Say Over School Mergers
Latest Bush Voucher Plan Faces Skepticism
McKeon to Seek Opinions on NCLB Reauthorization
Senate Panel Explores Ways to Spur Progress on Math and Science
Bipartisan Panel to Study Changes for NCLB
Bush’s Forest Proposal Worries Rural Schools
A School of Their Own
Fight Over Charter Cap Erupts in Empire State
Shanker on Charters
Links in Education Week: February 22, 2006
Children in Poverty Seen Increasing
Hugh B. Price
Most Young Adults See Abstinence-Only Programs as Effective, Survey Says
Dangers of Teenage Drivers Highlighted in AAA Report
Audit Alleges Education Leaders Council Misused Federal Grant, Urges Repayment
Lori A. Roman
President Proposes Education Spending Cuts, New Initiatives
School Lunch Study Identifies Deterrents to Healthy Eating
D.C. Voucher Program Should Be Open to All Students, Report Suggests
Federal Report Tracks Increase in Number of Home Schoolers
John A. Phillips Jr.
Paula A. Cordeiro
School Boards’ New Role Envisioned in Report
Some Suicide Screenings Overestimate At-Risk Youths, Report Says
Suzanne Tacheny
Jane R. Eisner
New High School Football Helmets Said to Reduce Concussions
NCLB Negotiations Weaken Education Law, Report Says
Bernard Taylor Jr.
Federal Report Outlines Problems With Reading First Program
Craig J. Hintz
School ‘Segregation’ Examined in Michigan
Full-Day Kindergarten Seen as Better Than Half-Day Programs
Poll Explores Views Of Women Superintendents
Tutoring Providers Claim Districts a Barrier
Race, Gender, and the Superintendency
Proposed Grants for Improvement Highlight Key New Role for States
Randy J. Asher
High School Sports Participation Linked to Greater Civic Engagement
Educational Endowments Show Positive Trend, Report Says
Richard W. Clark
Kate N. Rodler
Tracy van Straaten
Dennis M. Bartels
Survey Tracks Teenage Smoking Worldwide
Effective Early-Childhood-Education Practices Identified
20 States Seek to Join Pilot on NCLB ‘Growth Models’
Table: Under the Ax
Timothy J. Magner
College Educators Identify Major Problems Freshmen Face
NEA Gives Affiliates Option of Joining Labor Federation
‘Best’ High School Ratings Challenged
Television Viewing Seen to Have Positive Effects
Margaret C. Andrews
Kurt M. Landgraf