Special Education at 30
Anti-Harassment Policies Have Been Effective
Race-Based Remedies And Social Disasters
A ‘Striking Absence’ On Teacher Panel
Studying Abroad: Gains Outweigh the Losses
On Charter Effectiveness, Analysis Already Exists
Study of School Models Omits Conflicts of Interest
Resource Available on ‘Response to Intervention’
Links in Education Week: January 4, 2006
Possible Road Map Seen in Dover Case
Charter Fights for Life, But Stops Short of Court
Legislatures Open Amid Fiscal Surge
Dover’s New School Board Prepares to Scrap District’s Disputed Policy
L.A. Mayor Steps Up Bid to Control Schools
Colo. Town Raises Taxes to Finance NCLB Withdrawal
St. Paul Schools Target Classroom Appliances
Study: U.S.-Asian Engineering Gap Overstated
Big Changes Found in Teachers’ Paths to N.Y.C. Schools
Major Change Eyed for Charlotte, N.C., Schools
U.S. Orders Alabama District to Offer NCLB Transfers
U.S. Home Schoolers Push Movement Around the World
Arkansas Mergers Yield Drop in Black Leaders
Arizona Gets Ultimatum on Aid for English-Learners
Congress Passes Hurricane Aid for Schools
Spending Bill Provides Level Budget for Education
Flexibility Detailed for Testing Students With Disabilities
Inspecting for Quality
Staffing Urban Schools
Leave No Parent Behind
The Effects of Segregation on Black Boys
Facilities Inspection List
Table: Education Appropriations
Book Tackles Teacher Ed. For Reading
Boston High Schoolers Have Wide Exposure To Violence, Poll Finds
U.S. Justice Department Allows Annexation of Texas District
Students With Disabilities Improve Test Performance
Prekindergarten Education
After-school Programs
School Breakfasts
Mississippi Takes Control Of North Bolivar District
College Board Urged To Split SAT Sessions
N.Y.C. School System to Evict Famed Boys Choir of Harlem
Former Kansas Student Wins Settlement in Bullying Case
Texas School District Adopts Bible-Based Elective Program
Online Courses Get Boost
Brief Filed in NCLB Suit
Eugene W. Hickok
Arthur E. Levine
Johnathan Williams
Carol F. Thomas
Hartford Mayor Heads Board
NAEYC Revises Accrediting Policy
Steroid Tests and Playoffs
Per-Pupil Aid Increase is First in Three Years
Boost in Spending Comes With Audits
Mont. Governor Signs School Funding Bill
Va. Review Finds Confusion, No Wrongdoing, in Contract
N.J. Must Estimate Cost to Complete Facilities Projects
Wis. Bill Offers School Choice For Children With Autism
Arizona Panel Urges Hike in Starting-Teacher Salary
New Wash. Agency Proposed
Ore. Certificates Mulled
Dateline: Baghdad
Senate Confirms New OCR Chief
Supreme Court Denies Appeal by Christian School
Labor Dept. Issues Rule On Reservists’ Rights
U.S. Coin to Commemorate Little Rock Desegregation
Arkansas High Court Says Lawmakers Must Do More
NRC Panel Studying Teacher Training Needs to Include Practicing Educators
Parroting the Party Line on Standards and Testing?
Education Is Top Priority for Georgia Governor
Teacher Pay Could Rise in Arizona
Efficiency in Spending is Governor's Goal
Increase in Funding Proposed for Schools
Final Term to Focus on Pre-K-12 Education
Governor Leaves Out Mention of Lawsuit
Fletcher Endorses ’Intelligent Design’
Funding Is Priority; Recovery Continues
K-12 Programs Eyed for Spending
Speech Highlights Tax-Relief Plan
Outgoing Governor Cites Progress
S.D. Leader Highlights Reading Efforts
Education Taxes Targeted in Vermont Address
Single State Agency Sought for Early Years
Big Plans Announced for Alaska Schools
Education Is Linked to Business Growth
Address Focuses on Higher Education
L.A. District in Audit Tiff
Study Cites Benefits Of ‘Green Schools’
Job Corps Review
Educational Technology
Parents Protest Boundaries for Long-Sought Chicago School
Sally Laird Mernissi
Edward L. Kelly
Web Site Seeks Aid for Katrina Victims
Role of H.S. Sports Subject of Study
Political Relativism
Va. Governor Picks Education Secretary
Conn. Task Force Meets on K-12 Aid
School Construction Program Highlighted in Address
Pennsylvania Polka
Boehner is Seeking Majority Leader’s Post
Mrs. Bush on Juvenile Justice
K. Ed McKinney
Donald R. Batiste
R.Scott May
James A. McConnell
Study Calculates Benefits of Early-Childhood Programs
Yvonne Torres
New Orleans Charter Network Gets Under Way
Cyber-Security Concerns Mount as Student Hacking Hits Schools
Scholars Cite Privacy Law as Obstacle
Test-Tied Bonuses to Take Effect in Houston
Phila. Students Advocate Changes in Test Procedures
Study Offers Ways to Better European Education
Baltimore Sticks With Unconventional Reading Program
Florida Voucher Ruling Roils School Choice Waters
Maryland Teachers to Push Pension Proposal
Calif. Schools Chief Sticks by Exit-Exam Requirement
Alabama Lawmakers Push Elective on Bible’s Role in History, Literature
Court to Weigh Expert Fees in IDEA Cases
At 4, NCLB Gets Praise and Fresh Call to Amend It
Justices Decline Appeal on AmeriCorps’ Role in Religious Schools
Bigger Ed. Dept. Role Seen in Bush Foreign-Language Plan
Alito Is Pressed on Student Speech, Stance on Affirmative Action Issues
Rees Leaves Innovation Office for Job in the Private Sector
Yearly Progress
Closing the Staffing Gap
Learning to Teach in Driver’s Ed.
The Challenge of Giving
Links in Education Week: January 18, 2006
In Her Own Words
A ‘Reprehensible’ Side of Federal Hurricane Aid
To Raise NAEP Scores, Improve Access to Books
New Mexico Governor Declares 2006 ‘Year of the Child’
Commissioner Is Asked to Seek Test Moratorium
Education Plan Targets High School Dropouts
Teacher Bonuses Get High Priority
Private-Sector Role Eyed in Pre-K Expansion
Primary School Setting Underscores Agenda
‘Covenant’ Would Offer College Scholarships
New Governor Pushes Prekindergarten Plan
Governor Proposes College Tax-Credit Plan
Next Phase Is Planned for All-Day Kindergarten
Tough Love in Texas District
Conn. School Boards Offer Endorsements of State’s NCLB Suit
Fla. Middle Schooler Dies After Standoff With Police
Handbook Offers Advice to Mayors
Harvard Study Tracks ‘Resegregation’ Trend
Youth Crime
Early-Childhood Education
Childhood Obesity
Teacher Training
Downsizing in Nevada?
N.H. Senate Passes School Choice Bill
Fla. Measure Would Allow Breakups of County Districts
Calif. Bill Would Delay Test for Certain Spec. Ed. Students
Bible-Literacy Courses Promoted in Georgia
N.C. Charter Schools Want Share of Lottery
Acting No. 3 Official Named at Ed. Dept.
Laura Bush Promotes African Textbook Program
Hurricane-Hit Colleges Get Federal-Aid Bonus
James A. McConnell
Yvonne Torres
Elizabeth B. Kozleski
Housing Experiment for Poor Found to Lack School Payoff
Politics Pulls Teacher Pay to Forefront
Advocates Urge Bush to Boost Federal Role in Math and Science
Alaska Governor Seeks Incentives for School Employees
St. Louis Breaks Up Troubled H.S. at Midyear
Calif. District to Scrap Course on ‘Intelligent Design’
N.Y. Parent Seeks Tuition From Judge in Aid Case
Teachers to Conduct Peer Reviews in Chicago
Minneapolis District Relaxes ‘Bumping’ Rule for Teachers
Boston’s Small ‘Pilot’ Schools Found to Outperform Others
Houston Marketing Its K-12 Curriculum Nationwide
California Gives High Tech High Special Statewide Charter
D.C. Schools That Take Vouchers Found to Be Less Racially Isolated
Californians to Vote on Reiner’s Pre-K Plan
Utah to Give Diplomas to Students Who Fail State Exit Exam
Whither the Ed. Dept.’s Innovation Office?
Legal Challenge to Faith-Based Initiative Is Revived
Enterprising Approach
Universal Pre-K: What About the Babies?
Come Clean on Small Schools
Competing for College
Links in Education Week: January 25, 2006
New in Print
Fla. Court: Vouchers Unconstitutional
Table: Choosing Vouchers
Hurricane Aid is on the Way to Districts, Private Schools
Big Cities Credit Conceptual Math for Higher Scores
NAEP Results Offer Scant Insight Into Best Reading Strategies
New Orleans Panel Rethinks School System
Analysis Laments State Licensing Rules for Principals
Bond Ratings Lowered for Some Gulf Coast School Districts
Union Filings Give In-Depth Look at Spending Patterns
New Approach to Graduation Data Finds Falling Rates in Most States
Scholars Seek Best Ways to Assess English-Learners
S.C. Judge Tells State to Do More for Young Children
Judging the System
N.J. State Board Backs Rewriting School Finance Formula
FCC Rule Boosts Education on Digital TV
Hearings on Alito Are Likely to Play Down Education
Katrina’s Castaways
A Special Bond
Venturing Back Home
Miles Apart
The Superintendent as Scapegoat
Rigor on Trial
Zoe’s Poster
Links in Education Week: January 11, 2006
Pataki Issues Call for Aid to Needy Schools
New in Print: Innocent Victims
Activists Back History Month
U.S. Chamber to Rank State School Systems in New Reform Push
Seats Likely to Be Rationed in Milwaukee Voucher Program
Parents Allege Kansas Districts Forbade Children to Speak Spanish
Luther S. Luedtke
Anne-Barbara Ischinger
William A. Sommers
Linda Bennett
Education Trust Study Estimates Funding Gaps
Developing Nations
Media Products
Financial Aid
Illegal-Drug Use
Fighting Words
Md. Governor Seeks Large K-12 Aid Boost
Indiana Governor Proposes More Spending Flexibility
Illinois Lt. Governor Wants Laptops for 7th Graders
Budget Includes More School Aid
Property-Tax-Reform Question Persists in N.J.
Ohio Raises K-12 Aid, Expands Vouchers
Vetoes Back Funding, Caps on Vouchers
Governor Reaches Out With Spending Plan
Relatively New
President Unveils Language Initiative
Mathematica to Study Young U.S. Aid Recipients
Leslie J. Larrabee
Survey Says Tech-Savvy Students Influence Teachers
Donald E. Lassere
Benefits of ‘Green Schools’ Cited in Study
Survey Tracks Students’ Knowledge of U.S. Economic History
Federal Report Surveys Teachers on Professional-Development Issues
Debra A. Janssen
R. Scott May
Juan S. López
Youth Curfews Seen as Effective Crime-Prevention Tool
Harvard Study Tracks ‘Resegregation’ Trend
Elizabeth B. Kozleski
Susan Erber
Terence D. Tolbert
Survey Addresses Talent Gap in Science and Technology
David Allender
Richard Barth Jr.
Self-Discipline Seen As More Important Than Raw Intelligence
Melody E. Douglas
Jane E. West
Study Critiques Reading Tests Administered by Teachers
Web-Based Teacher Training Compared With Face-to-Face Approach
Valerie M. Febres
Latino High Achievers Need More Help, Report Says
Florida Supreme Court Finds State Voucher Program Unconstitutional
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