Edison Schools Debate Masks Real Solutions
Seven Steps Toward a ‘Signature Pedagogy’
‘Brain Research’
Improvement Factors for Schools Identified
Vocational Education
School Choice
Digital Divide
District Health Costs Dominate Concerns of Business Officials
Rural Teacher of Year Tends Crops, Pupils
UFT Head Tells Charter Leaders: Teachers’ Unions Are Not Your Foe
With Technology Conference Blog, Mavens Practice What They Teach
Status Symbols
Meaning of Aid Increase in Golden State Debated
Utah Union Launches School Aid Campaign
Meeting of Minds
Senate Confirms Head of NCES
Federal Grant Awarded to Study Preschool Math
School Nutrition Funding Nears Final Passage
Miers Withdraws
Seattle Races Draw Dollars
State Bars Company From NCLB Tutoring in 5 Chicago Schools
Scientists Deny Kansas Officials Copyright in Flap Over Evolution
Hurricane Wilma Forces South Fla. Schools to Close
Technology Grants to Gulf Coast
Civil Rights Legend Rosa Parks Dies
Mel J. Riddile
Sharon I. Birdsong
Gay K. Campbell
Wilfredo T. Laboy
Honors & Awards
Parents View Student Accountability Differently Than Policymakers
States Still Grappling With Multicultural Curricula
Despite Allure, Using Digital Games for Learning Seen as No Easy Task
States Given Extra Year on Teachers
Course in African, African-American History Debuts in Philadelphia
Experts Disagree Over What to Include in Revised NAEP
Studies Find Payoff, Drawbacks Persist for Pupils in Preschool and Child Care
‘Nation’s Report Card’ Remains Fodder for Charter Debate
Judge Rules New Orleans Board Must Revote on Charters
TEACHERS: Point System Available to Earn ‘Qualified’ Status
TEACHERS: New and Old, Judged Chiefly on Same Standards
La. Legislature Readies for Special Session
Idaho Studies Minimum GPA for High School Admission
Senate OKs Modest K-12 Spending Boost
Table: Education Appropriations
FCC Offers E-Rate Aid to Hurricane-Affected Schools
House Panel Rejects Education Accounts for Hurricane Aid
White House Convenes Discussion on Youths
Worry Mounting Over New Orleans Schools
States Vary on Students Excluded From NAEP Tests
Table: Sitting Out
Focus on ‘Basic’ Achievement Level on NAEP Stirs Concern
Increase Class Size— And Pay Teachers More
It’s Time to Focus on the Forgotten Middle
Researchers Tally Costs of Education Failings
IDEA Rules Await White House Review, State Special Ed. Officials Told
In Iowa, Some Superintendents Serve Two Masters
Leveling the Playing Field
Leveling the Playing Field: Youth Policy Institute Los Angeles
Leveling the Playing Field: Huntington Learning Center
Leveling the Playing Field: ABC-Learn West Hills, Calif.
Links in Education Week: November 2, 2005
Colorado Voters Suspend Controversial Spending Cap
Denver Voters Approve Tax Hike to Underwrite Incentive-Based Teacher Pay
For Adolescent-Literacy Advice, Ask Librarians
Does Class Size Affect How Teachers Teach?
Stereotypical Photo Sent Wrong Message to Girls
New in Print
A Teacher’s Epiphany
Founder of National Writing Project Dies
Chicago Eyes 16 New Schools
Alliance Gives Bad Grades to Community Sports Programs
Interim S.F. Chief Selected to Take Over Next Spring
Jury Convicts Florida Man in K-12 Scholarship Scam
Teacher Missing
TV in the Bedroom a Childhood Norm
Teachers Get a Crack at Responding to Ratings
SEC Wants Teachers to Learn Their Retirement Needs
McCartney Forms Foundation to Breathe Music Into Schools
40-District Event in Pa. Draws 8,000 for Staff Training
Rosa Parks Inspires Curriculum
Hispanics’ Ed. Gains Seen as Not Enough
Arts Education
U.S. Education Levels
Achievement Gaps
Court Dismisses Suit Over a Sex Survey of Elementary Pupils
Teacher Allegedly Dismissed for Book Choices to Get Trial
Impasse in Arizona
N.C. Board Shortens ‘Diversity’ Definition
Minnesota to Investigate Autism Center’s Spending
Wis. Governor Seeks to Raise Milwaukee Voucher Cap
Arkansas Group Launches Ed. Awareness Campaign
Note Worthy
House OKs Spending on Justice, Science
Department Releases NCLB Guide for States
Milton Goldberg
William E. Terry
Nancy I. Mehlem
Deborah A. Gist
Center Changes Name
Rural Educators Say Variety of Research Tops Their Agenda
Tenn. Killing Underscores Job Dangers for Leaders
Evolution Loses and Wins, All in One Day
Gates High Schools Get Mixed Review in Study
Hurricanes Blow Holes in School Revenues
Teachers’ Jobs in Hurricane-Ravaged Areas in Limbo
Backers of Economic Integration Win in Wake County, N.C.
N.Y.C. Mayor’s Makeover of City Schools to Continue
Teacher Logs Reveal How Class Time Is Really Spent
Latinos Urged to Opt Out of Military Recruitment in Schools
San Francisco Voters Go on Record Against Recruitment
Ed. Dept. Grants N.Y.C., Boston Waivers on NCLB Tutoring
Minority Students’ Popularity Found to Fall as Grades Rise
Foes Seek Cooperation After Calif. Showdown
N.J. and Va. Governors-Elect Turn to Preschool Promises
States Get Private Funds to Pursue Initiatives to Improve High Schools
Coalition of Conn. School Leaders and Mayors Plans Finance Lawsuit
Tenn. Project to Monitor Behavioral-Disorder Medications
Loss of Aid Stints Math-Science Resources
Hurricane-Aid Bill Backed by Boehner Dies in House
Sharing the Load
Directing Funding Away From Student Needs
Disaster Equity
The Achievement Trap
Links in Education Week: November 16, 2005
Union Contract Rules Prevent Hiring Best Teachers, Study Says
Are States Manipulating Their Testing Programs?
Debating the Definition of ‘Brain Research’
Schwarzenegger Needs Schooling in Precedents
Minn. Charter Funding: Correcting the Record
Class-Size Commentary Misses the Obvious
Boards Have the Power to Ensure High Quality
Texas High Court Rules Property Tax Unconstitutional
Car Allowances for Employees Probed in Dallas
Sleep and Academic Performance
Test-Score Reporting
Teacher Recruitment and Retention
School Performance
Federal Agencies Cite Drop in School Crime Since 1992
New Orleans District Opening First School Since Hurricane
National Panel Says Diversity Is Overlooked Issue in Schools
Smoking in the Movies Spurs Youths to Try It, Dartmouth Study Says
Four Amish Children Contract Polio Virus
Virtual Cafeteria Worker Guides Student Food Choices
Most States Raise Pre-K Spending
Winning Demeanor
Neb. Judge Halts School Merger Law
School Activities Open to Pa. Home Schoolers
Va. State Board Contract Comes Under Scrutiny
Alabama Board Retains Evolution Disclaimer
The LBJ Building?
NAEP Test to Stress Content of Science
GAO: Districts Show Progress on Teacher Qualifications
House Approves Bill on Student Medication
House Criticizes Court’s School Sex-Survey Ruling
Director of Teaching Commission Dies
John Falco
Ann T. Denlinger
Charles M. Tampio
Harvard Study Offers Advice on Alternative Certification
Study Indicates Changes in Global Standing for U.S.
RTI Method Gets Boost in Spec. Ed.
Indian Middle Class Makes Mission Out of Sending Children to College
U.S. to Pilot New Gauge of ‘Growth’
Indians Top Foreigners Bound for U.S. Colleges
Puerto Rico Still Has No Reading First Funds
Key Data on Charter Achievement Missing as Policy Questions Mount
Education Entrepreneurs Seen as Facing Uphill Climb in U.S. Schools
Idaho Board Softens Career Focus Following Criticism
Report Blasts Teacher Hiring in City Districts
Wash. State to Require District Tests in Social Studies
State Test Programs Mushroom as NCLB Mandate Kicks In
Federal Review Puts State Tests Under Scrutiny
Benchmark Assessments Offer Regular Checkups On Student Achievement
Shifts in State Systems for Gauging AYP Seen As Impeding Analysis
States to Get More Help With Education Data Collection
South Carolina Launches Career-Preparation Initiative
Hawaii Moves Forward With New School Finance Formula
High Court Boosts Districts in IDEA Cases
The Supreme Court and the IDEA
Landrieu Spices Up Debate on Federal Hurricane Aid
Education Spending Bill in Limbo as House Rejects Plan
The Great Obsession
Special Education at 30
Working Through Trauma
My Purpose
Not All Teachers Keen on Periodic Tests
Katrina Bill Would Ease School Rules
Links in Education Week: November 30, 2005
Md. Pulls Out Of NAEP Pool For Grade 12
Hispanic Youths More Likely to Attend Schools With Large Enrollments, Report Says
High Dropout Rate Seen for Foreign-Born Teenagers in the United States
New Orleans Board Backs Charters as Governor Calls for Stepped-Up State Role
Teenage-Pregnancy Rates Continue to Decline
Developing Nations Seen Catching Up
Philanthropic Leader Dies
Student Accountability
Hispanics’ High Schools
School Stress
Capitol Connections
Milwaukee Nears Limit on Vouchers
Idaho Task Force Revises Plan on Secondary Schools
Texas Governor Announces Cash Awards for Teachers
Ohio Bill Seeks Penalties for Faulty Attendance Data
Kentucky State Board Considers Language Policy
Budget Presents Mixed Outcomes
Caveat Emptor
Agencies Offer School Furniture
Department Sets Guidelines on Misconduct in Research
Ex-Congressman Dies
Goodbye to All That
Gates Foundation Gives to H.S. Projects in L.A., Portland, Ore.
N.Y.C. Teachers Approve Contract Giving Total of 15 Percent Raises
Florida Districts Reopening After Storm Damage, Outages
Analyzing Reasons for Achievement Gaps
For D.C. Charter School, Royal Visit Caps Big Year
U.S. Cites Problems in California Testing
Carl D. Glickman
Juan Aníbal Aponte Morales
Irving S. Hamer Jr.
Dave J. Koetje
Developing Nations Seen Catching Up
Schools Urged to Prepare for Flu
Treatment of Evolution Inconsistent
Table: Evolution Concepts
Inspector General to Conduct Broad Audits of Reading First
Cross-Curricular Standards Issued for Reading Coaches
More Focus on Reading Fluency Needed, Study Suggests
Calif. Court Invalidates ‘Individualized Intern’ Certification
CEOs, Schools Chiefs Trade Notes on K-12 Business Trends
GAO Revises Estimates of Students Excluded From NAEP
Colorado Voters Suspend Revenue Limits
N.Y. Schools Chief Unveils Achievement-Gap Agenda
Alito Has Lengthy Record of Opinions in School Law
States Face a December Deadline to Submit Special Education Data
Data Management
Justices Hear Case That Could Affect School Bus Market
GAO: States Coping With Federal Demands for K-12 Data
NCATE Approves Single Cutoff Score on Teacher Tests
Denver Voters Pave Way for Incentive Pay
Against All Odds
No Wizard Left Behind
Will Katrina Topple the No Child Left Behind Law?
Analyze This
On the Record: Intelligent Design is Not Science
Detroit’s First Elected Board in 6 Years to Face Challenges
Troops-to-Teachers Recruits Pass Muster With Principals, Study Finds
India Becoming Online Hub for Tutoring U.S. Students
Teacher Strikes Limited to a Few Small Districts
Links in Education Week: November 9, 2005
Samuel Anthony Alito Jr.
Local Election Results
State Election Results
Update: Kansas Approves Standards Critical of Evolution
Hispanics’ High School Gains Not Matched by College Attendance
Report Suggests Arts Education Benefits Economically Disadvantaged Students
Study Predicts Personal Income Decline If Education Doesn’t Improve
Teachers See Solutions to the Academic-Achievement Gap
Advice Offered on Designing Alternative-Certification Plans
Teacher Recruitment and Retention Report Distills 91 Studies
Sleep-Deprived Children Face Academic Difficulties, Report Suggests
Kentucky Seen as Not Reporting Test Scores of Student Subgroups
Keys to Success for Needy Schools Outlined
Spellings Announces Alternative for Measuring State Progress
U.S. Agencies Report Low Rates of School Crime
Districts Show Progress on Teacher Qualifications
La. Lawmakers OK Plan to Give State Control of Most New Orleans Schools
Anti-Commercialism Efforts Seen Aimed at Improving Children's Health
Kindergarten-Teacher Survey Highlights Value of Preschool
Judge Dismisses NEA Lawsuit Challenging Costs of No Child Left Behind Act
Lessons for Urban-District Improvement Outlined
Louisiana Eyes Plan to Let State Control New Orleans Schools
Senate OKs Hurricane-Aid Plan for Schools
Supreme Court Rules for School District in IDEA Case