NAEP Board Improves ‘Irregular’ Civics Testing
Math Initiatives Show What Can Be Done
Comments on TFA Missed the Mark
‘Person-First Language’ for Special Education
E-Learning in Katrina’s Wake
Report Finds Progress in Chicago Schools
English-Language Learners
Rural Schools
Student Enrollment
K.C. District Facing Big Bill
USDA Food Pyramid Aims to Teach Children About Healthy Eating
Health Coverage Still in Effect, New Orleans Employees Told
ACT College-Testing Firm Offers Fee Waivers to Displaced Students
New Detroit H.S. Football Field Closed Over Safety Concerns
Calif. Officials Turn Down Proposed Islamic School
Romer Gets a Thumbs-Up
Gates Aids Alma Mater
Former Head of N.Y. District Pleads Guilty to Taking Money
Online Radio Show Features Charters
Kan. Fires President of Reading Recovery After Complaint Filed
Home-Visit Program Sees New Life Through Private Funders
‘Master Teachers’ in Training for Math and Science
Detroit Teachers Accept Freeze for Second Straight Year
Texas Couple Establishes $100,000 Teacher Reward
Table: ‘High Quality’ Disparities
Leadership Opportunities
Calif. Laws Heighten Fiscal Responsibility
Michigan Chooses ACT as High School Exam
Oregon Education Agency Fixes Test-Result Errors
New Jersey Voters Cool to School Building Plans
Tenn. Governor Honored
Class Reunion
General Counsel Nominee Tapped
Congress Again Behind on Appropriations Bills
Obituary: Head Start Father Bronfenbrenner Dies
Obituary: Judge Pursued Civil Rights
Gaynor McCown
Harriet Sanford
Marsha A. Daves
House Endorses the Pledge
UNICEF Tracks Child-Immunization Rates
Effects of Florida Pre-K Program Examined
‘Intelligent Design’ Goes on Trial in Pa.
School Buses Answer Calls for Help in Crises
Rita Closes Many Texas, Louisiana Schools
Table: Hurricane Rita and Schools
Chicago Latest District to Call for Core H.S. Curricula
Classroom Assessments Stir Growing Global Interest
Gulf Coast Schools Prepare to Reopen Amid Uncertainties
Teachers, Bus Driver Slain in Iraq
Pre-K Profile in School Finance Cases Grows
Utah Lacking Takers for New Special-Needs Voucher
Most Ga. Schools Heed Conservation-Minded Call to Close
Storms Force Louisiana, Mississippi to Review K-12 Policies
Court to Weigh IDEA, Worker-Speech Cases
Kennedy Backs Hurricane Aid for Private Schools
Dropping In
Weathering the Storm
Cut Senior Year in Half
Speaking From the Inside
Schools Told to Help Mobile Military Children Feel at Home
Links in Education Week: October 5, 2005
Table: Hurricane Update
Many Seats Still Empty as Schools Outside New Orleans Reopen
Marriage Still Chief Expectation for Indian Women, But Educational Options Expand
Hill’s New Orleans Essay Rests on Flawed Premise
Reading Experts Question Efficacy of DIBELS Test
Ambiguity Leaves Its Mark on Special Education Law
Free-Enterprise Answers in the Hurricane’s Wake?
Annual Progress and Special Education
New in Print
U.N. Tracks Education of Youths Worldwide
Capital Charters
Charter Effects
Child Immunizations
Pre-K Choice
English Proficiency
Data Fog
Lawmakers Expand Full-Day Kindergarten
New Law Targets Teacher Training
Lawmakers Rewrite State Aid Formula
New Finance System Doesn’t Satisfy Governor
Kansas Board Picks State Schools Chief
Florida Leaders Release Old Test Questions
New Jersey Takes Steps to Hasten School Fixes
Vermont School Aid Case Returned to Lower Court
Study for Ark. High Court Faults State on School Aid
Michigan Schools to Start Later
Miss. Schools Get Policy Breaks
Bottom of the Curve
Contracts Awarded for NCLB Centers
Senate Bill Would Restore Colo. District’s Impact Aid
Conn. District in Food Fight
AFT Salary Survey Finds Teacher Pay Below Inflation Rate
Mass. Attorney General Appeals Ruling on Roxbury Charter School
Miami Teachers’ Union to Receive Ex-President’s Life-Insurance Money
New Orleans Seeking to Open Some Schools in November
Civil Rights Groups Ask to Join Calif. Lawsuit Over Integration Plan
Pa. Governor Seeks Removal of Chester-Upland Control Board
KIPP to Open New School
‘Diploma Mill’ Indictments Filed
Study Finds Child Pedestrians Safest in Heavily Populated Areas
Task Force to Study Pre-K Accountability
Study: Relationships Key to Monitoring Children
Theresa E. Saunders
Barbara B. Blackburn
Kirsten Rasmussen
UNICEF Sees Rise in Children With Disabilities in Parts of Europe
Group’s ‘65 Percent Solution’ Gains Traction, GOP Friends
Catholic Schools Reopening After Katrina
GAO to Probe Federal Plan for Reading
Legislation Tightens Fiscal Oversight of California Charters
Tentative N.Y.C. Accord Would Support Raises, Curb Seniority Rights
Schools Welcome FEMA Aid, But Not Without Frustration
Majority of New Orleans Independent Schools Still Closed
Calif. Law to Shed Light on Teachers’ Salaries
Table: Full Disclosure
Choice Proponents Gearing Up for 2006 Legislatures
Court Weighs Burden of Proof in IDEA Cases
GAO: Armstrong Williams PR Contract Violated Law
High Court Pick’s Record Has Little on Education
GOP Plan Would Relax Rules for Storm-Affected Schools
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeals on Religious Murals, Special Education
Heeding the Call
Fla. District Pressed on Black Achievement
Minority Overrepresentation in Special Ed. Targeted
Success Graduating Black Males Earns Ohio Schools Praise
Education, Not Litigation
Lion Taming Without a Chair
‘Brain Research’— A Call for Skepticism
Bennett Quits K12 Inc. Under Fire
Network Aims to Bolster Business Support for Schools
Scholars Eye ‘Signature’ Method of Teacher Training
Study Finds Kindergarten Retention Harmful
New in Print: Places Where the Past Is Lost and the Future Unclaimed
Links in Education Week: October 12, 2005
All Reports on Research Should Identify Funders
Base Science Curricula on Science, Not Theology
Sending Wrong Message to Special-Needs Pupils
Seeing a Cynical Use of Katrina Victims’ Plight
A Reading Coincidence, Or Conflicts of Interest?
Pay for Performance
Pittsburgh Search Under Scrutiny
Legal Group Fights Race-Based Policies in Los Angeles District
Evangelical Christians Recruit Home-Schooling Mentors
Buffalo H.S. Addresses Concerns About Sign-Ups for Junior ROTC
Cobb County, Ga., Laptop Plan to Be Probed by Grand Jury
Mich. Governor Tells Detroit Panel Not to Rule Out Charter Schools
N.C. District’s Assignment Plan Seen Threatened by Board Election
Former N.C. School Official Pleads Guilty in Billing Scheme
SEC Offers Teachers Advice
Maine Students Aid Storm-Hit Schools
Most Teen Students Bullied, Survey Finds
Children With Disabilities
Family Composition
High School Improvement
English-Language Learners
Fallout From ’Snow Days’
N.C. Lawmakers Reach Licensure Deal
Group Counsels Governors Against ‘Intelligent Design’
New York Regents Seek An Increase in K-12 Aid
Enrollment Exceeds 200,000 In California Charter Schools
Missouri Board Raises Graduation Standards
Ala. Launches Panel on Teaching
Budget Windfall Used to Raise Pay
Boehner and the Hammer
Department Issues Hurricane Booklet
Spellings: U.S. Offers Model for Educational Improvement
Robert C. Dickeson
Jonathan S. Rosenberg
Kathleen Sebelius
New Orleans Adopts Plan for Charters
Full-Day Kindergarten Produces More Learning Gains, Study Says
Small States Find Benefits in Jointly Developed Tests
Upheaval Hits Teacher-Credentialing Board
Private Schools Feel Slighted by Disaster-Relief Rules
Panel Urges U.S. Push to Raise Math, Science Achievement
Analysis Finds Gains in Edison Schools, But Model Is No Quick Fix
Purpose of Testing Needs to Shift, Experts Say
Displaced TFA Corps to Work in Louisiana Relief Centers
Virginia Gubernatorial Hopefuls Differ on School Policy
Growing Niche for Tutoring Chains: Prekindergartners’ Academic Prep
Colorado Referendum Targets Revenue Cap
Romney Pushes Plans for Merit Pay, Laptop Computers
Gov. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Changes to State Exam Policy
Cuts Weighed to Pay for Hurricane Relief
Table: Relief Proposals on Capitol Hill
Justices Seek U.S. Views on Expert Fees Under IDEA
For Education Dept., Hurricane Issues Are a Top Priority
Winds of Change
District Faces Host of Logistical Woes
Doctoring Schools
Teacher Quality and the Question of Preparation
Trading Coffee, Computer Chips, and Degrees in Education
Court Mulls Protection for Public-Employee Speech
Table: The First Amendment and Government Workers
Links in Education Week: October 19, 2005
Public Schools Need Help, Not Destruction
Another Reason to Resist Melding Public, Private
When Racial Politics Trumps Special Needs
Teaching Is as Much an Art as a Science
Paul Roitman Bardack
Deborah W. Meier
Mark E. Ankeny
Pamela Saylor Lannon
Foreign Exchange: British Test the SAT
Report Defines Types of Charter Schools
Supplemental Services
Texas Charters
Sexual Behavior
Child Tax Credit
Time and Schools
Special Ed. Teacher Shortage Targeted
Court Upholds Wisconsin District on Refusal to Bus Charter Students
Reservist’s Case Sent Back to Lower Court
School Mold Ruling May Have New Relevance
Help Wanted
L.A. Schools Seek Bonds
Funding Increases Faulted by Some
Indiana Program Speeds Transcripts
Some Fla. Tutoring Providers Disallowed
New Pa. Chief Nominated
U.S. Said to Probe Williams’ PR Contract
Miers on Meyer
Final Rules on Revised IDEA Will Miss December Target
Hickok Nominated
U.S. Appeals Court Backs Use of Race By Seattle Schools
Charter School Enrollment Climbs 14 Percent, Center Says
Cleveland Schools Admit Errors in Attendance Reports to State
Catholic School Cancels Prom; ‘Financial Decadence’ Cited
NEA Makes Its Case
Makers of Online Systems Merge
Leaders Try to Foster Charter-District Ties
Report Rates School Choice Programs Around The Country
Survey Tracks Public Opinion About Teaching Creationism, Intelligent Design
In N.Y., Auditors Comb School Districts’ Books
NAEP Gains Are Elusive in Key Areas
Storms Spur Flood of Giving for Schools
Education Dept. Policy on NAEP Release Makes Reporters Pledge Confidentiality
Report: College Tuition Pinches Poor Families
‘Value Added’ Models for Gauging Gains Called Promising
D.C. Voucher Program Gets Mixed Reviews From Families
Mum’s Mostly the Word on Firm’s Work in Iraq
Educators Discover That Tracking Displaced Students is a Challenge
Calif. Teachers Rally Against Ballot Measures
Ballot Box
Movement Afoot to Reframe Finance-Adequacy Suits
Charters With Native Hawaiian Focus Get Aid Infusion
New Teachers in Arizona Must Prove Skills Via Videotape
Five-State Partnership Seeks Better Ways to Help Districts
Judge Calls Halt to New Orleans’ Charter School Plan
Fate of Denver’s Pay Plan Rests With Voters
Shift in Research on Educating Blacks Urged
States Urged to Focus on Adolescent Literacy
Hurricane-Relief Bills Pile Up in Congress
Justice Grant Aids Advanced School Communications
Grading the Mayor
High-Performance Schools
Thomas Edison’s Crystal Ball
A Quantum Leap in Urban Education
Defense Gets Its Days in Court in Support of ‘Intelligent Design’
‘Pen Top’ Computer Promoted as Tool for Learning
Fewer Chicago Pupils Receive NCLB Tutoring
Links in Education Week: October 26, 2005
U.N. Report Examines ‘Best Educated’ Generation
Report: Nation’s Best and Worst Charter Schools in Washington
Charter Growth Seen to Have Positive Effect on Traditional Schools
Government Aid, Alumni Donations Help Overcrowded School in India Improve
Texas Singled Out for Lacking Consistent English-Language Learner Policy
Study: Children From Two-Parent Households Do Better in School
Teachers’ Key Role in High School Improvement Outlined
Most Teenagers Report Being Bullied in School
Texas Charter Students Show Greater Improvement Than Peers
Report: Federal Child-Tax Credit Weighted in Favor of White Families
Trends in Young People’s Sexual Behavior Examined
W.Va. Study Asks Students About Achievement Issues
Defense Makes Its Case in Intelligent-Design Trial
Updated Edition of “Prisoners of Time” Released
Case Studies Examine Supplemental Services Under NCLB
Report Defines Types of Charter Schools
Students Get Lessons in Government, Science During Trial on 'Intelligent Design'
Despite NCLB Law's Emphasis on Reading and Math, National Test Scores Show Little Change
Judge Temporarily Halts New Orleans Charter School Plan
Literacy-Improvement Guide Targets Secondary Schools
Digital Divide Persists Among Racial Groups
U.S. Education Department Gives States Reprieve in Meeting ‘Highly Qualified’ Teacher Requirement
NCLB’s Effect on Native American Education Noted
Survey Shows High School Seniors’ Expectations
Improvement Factors for Schools Identified
Report: Gender Bias in Vocational Education Hurts Girls
Children Cite School as Top Stressor
GAO: Education Dept.’s PR Deal With Armstrong Williams Violated Law
New Orleans Archdiocese Celebrates Reopening Of Some Catholic Schools
U.S. Senate Education Leaders Seek Investigation Into Reading First Program
Pakistani Schools Hit Hard by Earthquake