For Progress in Reading, PR Spin Is Not Helpful
Language, Mathematics, and Other Universals
Clarifying Report on Reform-Model Study
Center Is Credited for Dual-Enrollment Data
Evidence From the East on Testing’s Damage
NEA Policy Runs Counter to Common Sense
To Accelerate Learning, Or to Equalize It?
Living Together
Federal Judges Nix Kamehameha Policy
Georgia School District Drops Laptop Program
Bible Curriculum Criticized as Having Sectarian Slant
Wilmer-Hutchins Students to Attend Dallas Schools
Dallas Administrators Investigate Official’s Trips on Vendor’s Boat
Former Mass. Lawmaker to Lead Pittsburgh Schools
Court OKs School District Plan to Demolish Los Angeles Hotel
N.Y. State Unions Launch Drive to Organize Child-Care Providers
Multibillion-Dollar Bond
Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Technology Adviser Leaves Department
AFL-CIO Divisions Unlikely to Affect Teachers’ Union
‘Disney’ Teachers Cite Factors to Stimulate Student Achievement
Peace-Themed School to Join Military Model in Philadelphia
Foundation Gives More Money to Promote Denver Pay Plan
Web Is Awash With Resources for Teaching About the Constitution
Stores Open to Provide Supplies for Teachers in Low-Income Schools
Golf Pro Mickelson Takes Swing for Math and Science Academies
New Skills Pushed for Md. Principals
Tokyo School Board Adopts Textbooks Denounced by China
New Zealand Preschool Teachers to Get Equality in Pay
Canadian Schools Rely on Funds From Outside, Survey Finds
Aussie State Kisses Goodies Goodbye in Schools
Education Ministry to Provide Guns for Thai Teachers
Report Urges Input From the Trenches
A New Approach
Conn. Governor Backs NCLB Suit
Company Investigates Possible Cheating in Texas
Wyoming Schools Chief Heads North to Alaska
Illinois Indictments Allege Pension-Fund Kickbacks
Va. Lawmakers Seek Answers to NCLB Waivers
Fla. Charters Forced to Close
N.C. Schools Get Fiscal Boost
N.J. Chief Steps Down
Teacher Plan Gets Financial Boost
School Aid Increases as Tax Battle Unfolds
Veto of Consolidation Thwarted by Override
Lawmakers Debate Preschool Programs
Intelligent Design
New Team in Place For Ed. Department
Federal Court Rebuffs Illinois NCLB Challenge
Congress Adds 4 Weeks to Daylight-Saving Time
House and Senate Approve Transportation Bill
Former Official Sentenced
States Fall Short on Vision Care
Bulking Up
Internet Use
School Prayer
Table: Cyber Critiques
Recipients of Grants Express Enthusiasm for Reading First
Richmond, Va., Watchdog
Arlene Ackerman
Bethany M. Little
AFT Fighting Puerto Rico Affiliate’s Potential Desertion
Cohn Selected to Lead Schools in San Diego
N.Y. ‘Portfolio Schools’ Get Regents Reprieve
N.J. Facility Fund Dries Up, Scores of Plans on Hold
Title I Allocations Reveal Gains and Losses
Chart: Winners and Losers
Bush Nominates Commissioner for Statistics Agency
Education Groups Wait to Opine on Roberts Nomination
Tough Message, Diplomatic Messenger
A Leg Up
Is Formative Assessment Losing Its Meaning?
The Fork Debate
Trying Decentralization for Real This Time
Staff Investment Pays Dividends in Md. District
Crucial Levy Goes Down in Cleveland
Links in Education Week: August 10, 2005
Chart: Test-Taking Rates
Calif. Schools Chief, Teachers’ Union Sue Governor Over Funding
Evaluating Online Teachers Is Largely a Virtual Task
Some Florida Districts Opting Not to Pay Out Performance Bonuses
Black Home Schoolers Share Ideas at Group’s 4th Annual Symposium
Disability Less Likely to Hold Back Youths Following High School
Chart: College Bound
Survey Finds Spiraling District Health-Care Costs
Chart: Competing Expenses
Most Students With Disabilities Take State Exams
Business Coalition Focuses on Math, Science Careers
Carrying the Torch for Rural Schools
Calif. Group Sues Over ‘Highly Qualified’ Label
Missing the Revolution
Who Is Reading First Actually Helping?
New, Efficient Models for Solving Old Problems
How Do We Know When to Believe Testing Data?
Accurate Safety Data: First Step in Prevention
Ed.D. Problem Seen in Paid Advertising
New Testing Burdens Ohio Charter Schools
Critic of Channel One Defends His Motives
A Rebuttal to Statements in Anti-Voucher Letter
Indiana to Scrutinize New School Projects
New College List Stresses Service
Governance Troubles
Philadelphia Will ‘Enrich’ More Students
National Group Dons New Name
Gallup Finds Concerns About NCLB Rules
High Schools
Teacher Workforce
Student Drug Use
School Choice
Native Americans
Homework Online
Michigan Groups Launch Petition Drive
New Questions Raised for N.J. Building Program
Wyoming, Illinois Name State Schools Chiefs
Pa. Governor Urges Probe of Chester-Upland District
S.C. Chief Won’t Run Again
Schwarzenegger Is Sued
State Officials Relish Improved Finances, Discuss Teacher Pay
Gov. Rell Vetoes Ban on Junk Food
Teachers to Receive Raises; Governor’s School Plan OK’d
Two Special Sessions Fail to Produce Aid Overhaul
Not for Publication
Bidders Are Sought for Regional Labs
Researcher Claims Retaliation Over ‘Intelligent Design’ Article
School Districts Rejoice as Two Bases Spared Closing
Chicago Schools Scrap Iowa Exams in Favor of Diagnostic Tests
Denver Schools Lose Money for ‘Reading First’ Program
Ariz. Schools Chief Seeks Takeover of Troubled District
Calif. District Settles Lawsuit Over Spec. Ed. for $6.7 Million
Miami-Dade School Board Dismisses Inspector General
N.Y.C. Testing for Promotion Is Extended to 7th Graders
Md. District Pledges to Close Black-White Achievement Gap
AFT Loses Court Fight
ACT Scores Flat
Staying On in Baltimore
Sonia G. Chessen
Stephen Helgeson
Kathleen Blake Yancey
Wayne W. Marks
Death: Pioneer in Gifted Education Dies
Poll: Most Americans Support Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution
Ahead of Their Class
Improving Teacher Quality: Better Luck Next Time
What Would Ernie Boyer Say?
Taking Arms Against Doubt
Supporters of Evolution Theory Show Their Religious Stripes
Civil Rights Groups Split Over NCLB
Leaders Go to School on Business Practices
Marches Aim to Link Black Fathers, Schools
Miami’s Board-Certified Teachers Advance Agenda
Middle School Athletes Vie to Gain National Rankings
Task Force Urges Billions More in Federal Aid
Network Gives Voice to Parents in Rural Australia
State Dept. Proposes Safety Measures for Exchange Students
Cleveland Budget Cuts Hurt Gains, Departing Schools Chief Laments
Study Finds Charters Receive Far Less Aid Than Regular Schools
Beverage Industry Sets Voluntary Rules for Soda Vending in Schools
Researchers Say Girls Thrive in Single-Sex Gym Classes
Impact of Paper-and-Pencil, Online Testing Is Compared
Book: How to Eradicate Failed Schools by 2030
N.C. Teachers Offer Ways to Draw NBPTS Teachers Into Poor Schools
Commission Urges Comprehensive Induction Programs for Teachers
Connecticut Files Court Challenge to NCLB
Strong Start by Florida Pre-K Effort Surprises Skeptics
Florida Forces Charter School Closures, Sparks New Debate
Neb. Governor, Districts Oppose Omaha School Annexation Plan
New Hampshire School Finance Plan Heads Back to Court
Wealthy Democrats Seek Policy Influence
Seasoned PR Executive to Hone Ed. Dept.’s Message
Study: District Budget Practices Can Siphon Title I Aid From Poor
Sclafani Steps Down From Top Vocational Education Post
Blueprint Drafted for Research to Aid American Indian Education
Citing Religion, HHS Suspends Grant to Sex-Abstinence Group
Links in Education Week: August 31, 2005
Education Plans Unfold in Wake of Katrina Devastation
Teenagers Using Hormones, Steroids to Bulk Up
Black Home Schooling Parents Meet in the Deep South
U.S. Teenagers Post Academic Improvements Over Past Three Decades
Group Advocates Teaching Students Religion From a Believer’s Perspective
U.S. Schools Doing Better on a Number of Indicators
Report Examines How Asian Nations Use Native Languages in Instruction
No Risk of Other Infections Found With Common Vaccines
Latinos Trail Other Groups in Federal College-Aid Amounts
First-Generation College-Goers Lag in Earning Degrees
More College Graduates Going Directly Into Teaching
CDC Urges Schools to Help Control Students' Asthma
Proposed U.S. Rule Seeks to Curb Sexual Abuse of Exchange Students
Teacher Turnover Seen as Costly to Nation
KIPP Students Excel, Study Finds
Teens Express Willingness to Meet Academic Challenges
English-Language Learners Lag Behind on Exit Exams
ACT Scores Suggest Students Not Ready for College
Student Preparation Seen to Fall Short of College Expectations
Beverage Industry Adopts Voluntary Limits on School Sales
Governors' Group Issues School Choice Advice
More Students Report Access to Illegal Drugs At School
Survey Finds Teacher Workforce Is Aging
EPA Recommends Neighborhood-Centered Schools
Federal Study Examines Computer-Based Testing
Federal Title I Program Seen as Neglecting Disadvantaged Schools
Conn. Files Long-Awaited Lawsuit Challenging No Child Left Behind Act
Gallup Finds Growing Concerns About NCLB
Panel: U.S. Should Create National Standards, Spend Billions More on Pre-K-12 Schooling
Charters Receive Less Money Per Pupil, Study Finds
Survey Tracks Parent-School Counselor Interaction
Some See Quality of Public High Schools Declining
Native Americans
Sclafani to Step Down as Education Dept.’s Vocational Education Chief
Rural High School Program Says It Raises College-Going Rates
Virginia Gets First-Ever Waiver to Reverse Order of NCLB Sanctions
Evolution Is Only Theory of Life’s Origins Included in Draft of Science NAEP
Dallas Schools Require Some Principals to Learn Spanish
Table: Funding Gaps
SAT Math Scores Improve, Verbal Scores Stay the Same
Group Seeks Federal Probe of Reading First