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Southern Baptists Exhort Parents to Monitor Teaching on Homosexuality
Bishops’ Conference Advocates Broad Push for Catholic Schools
Federal Audit Faults N.Y.C. Schools on Medicaid Payments for Therapy
Aide to Denver Mayor Named as Schools Chief
Missouri Takes Control
S.C. Eases Reins
Sun Safety Promoted
Vallas Eyes Illinois
Illinois Legislature Brings Back State Writing Assessment
Bills Would Restrict Enrollment in Pa. Online Charter Schools
California Leaders Agree on $116 Billion State Budget
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Not Seeing Eye to Eye
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Head of L.A. Local Can’t Get Delegates Pumped for ‘Union’
N.J. Panel Recommends Adding Abbott Districts
Ohio OKs Vouchers for Pupils in Low-Rated Schools
After a 10-Year Run, Boston ‘Pilot’ Schools Sore Point for Union
House Acts to Preserve Aid for Ariz. Charters Held by For-Profit Firms
After 16-Year Crusade to Improve Southern Schools, Leader Retires
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Links in Education Week: July 13, 2005
Math: the Not-So-Universal Language
Studies Decry Faulty Graduation Data, Rising Dropout Rates
States’ Budgets Reflect Rising Tax Collections
G-8’s Loan Forgiveness in Selected Poor Nations Could Benefit Education
Court Offers Mixed Rulings on Commandments Displays
NRC Weighs In on States’ Science Assessments
Requests Win More Leeway Under NCLB
Texas Lawmakers Pass Dueling Finance Plans
Education Department Convenes Working Group on ‘Growth’ Models
U.S. Backs District in IDEA Case Before High Court
U.S. Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit Over NCLB
Weaver Calls on Delegates to Make Covenant With Nation
Advocates Hail Ruling Backing Desegregation Plan
AFT Follows Separate Path in Changing Law
Reform Model Found to Spur Gains in Kansas
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After-School Efforts Linked to Student Performance
Minding Their Manners
Bill Would Give Mayor Control of L.A. Schools
Judge Reviewing Reporters’ Notes in ‘Intelligent Design’ Lawsuit
Calif. Court Says Charters Deserve Parity in Facilities
Miami-Dade Board Approves Plan to Overhaul Failing Schools
Former Miami Teacher Is Charged in Alleged Course-Credit Scheme
Research Groups to Merge
UC Drops National Merit Awards
Guilty Plea in Baltimore
Spec. Ed. Control at Issue
Obituary: Harold W. Stevenson
Jay P. Greene
Educators Aim to Find ‘Place’
Union Guide Offers Tips on Outreach
St. Paul Schools Get Culture Kits
Dakotas Reach Enrollment Pact
Kansas Court Approves School Funding Plan
Ohio Charter Sponsor Under Investigation
Fla. K-12 Chancellor Plans to Step Down
Voucher Funds Adequate, Utah Officials Say
Calif. Audit Cites Deficits
Minn. Targets Teen Drivers
K-12 Spending Up; New Vouchers Lose
New State Law Targets Shortage of Teachers
Gov. Blanco Comes Up Short on Teacher-Pay Increases
State Policymakers Hear Strong Case for Arts Education
Creditable Source?
Hickok Joins Lobbying Firm
Radio Opinions Sought
Geography Bill Introduced
Tracking 'Rebellion'
Obituary: Elizabeth Blodgett Hall
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David C. Benoit
Businesses Call for Boosting Math and Science Education
Report Tracks Children's Quality of Life
Channel One Struggling in Shifting Market
Ohio Mandates New Tests for Charters
South Posts Big Gains on Long-Term NAEP in Reading and Math
Efforts Seek Better Data on Graduates
NCLB’s Mandates on Delinquent Youths Get Attention
Group Offers Executive Training for Principals
Zero Tolerance For Zero Knowledge
ACLU Says Ky. District Not Providing Anti-Bias Training
The Culture of Scarcity
Notes From the Revolution
Study Urges Work on Kindergarten Policy
Minn. Studies ‘Interdisciplinary’ Teachers’ License
Professional Development Charts
Court Nominee’s Paper Trail Includes School Issues
Senate Panel OKs Small Spending Increase
Links in Education Week: July 27, 2005
Next Up for Developing Nations: Secondary Schooling
Chart: Rising in the South
Teachers Flocking to Online Sources to Advance and Acquire Knowledge
On a Party-Line Vote, House Panel Approves HEA Reauthorization
States and Districts Send Literacy Coaches to the Rescue
Chart: Kindergarten Attendance
To Maintain Rigor, College Board to Audit All AP Courses
N.C. to Open Four International-Studies Schools
Education Department Takes in Views on Proposed IDEA Regulations
Educators See Classroom Visits as Powerful Learning Tool
Attention Seekers
Pressure Builds for Effective Staff Training
Many Biology Students Lack Completely Qualified Teachers
Justice O’Connor Played Pivotal Role in Education Cases
Study Tracks Why Teachers Leave Private School Jobs
Television Watching Linked to Lower School Performance
NEA President Says Achievement Gap to Go at Top of Union's Priority List
Title I Middle Schools Seen as Needing Improvement
Federal Study Sees Progress in Youth Health
Study Shows What Parents Want From Teachers
GAO Studies Testing of Special-Needs Students
Pesticide-Related Illnesses on the Rise, Report Suggests
Federal Education Official Tapped to Lead Statistics Branch
Internet Use Climbs Among Teens, Survey Shows
Accountability Laws Must Drive School Improvement, Report Says
States Fall Short on Child Vision Care, Report Says
Teenagers Seen to Support School Prayer
Notes From Honduras
Report Urges States to Clarify Policies, Adjust Aid for Full-Day Kindergarten
Kansas Supreme Court Upholds New Spending Plan
Department of Education to Publish State High School Completion Rates
Estimates Gauge Costs of NCLB
Chief Technology Adviser to Leave Education Department