Getting the Teachers We Need
Unreviewed Research
Kansas’ Evolution Fight ‘Waters Down’ Science
Credit-Card Fund Raising: Threat to Finance Equity?
When Success Stories Are Public Relations Fodder
Do We Need Preschool, or Just Better Parents?
School Safety Expert Draws Note of Thanks
Big Differences Remain for Accreditation Groups
Defense Department Takes the Offense on Languages
Student Journalists to Produce Global News Service
Association Approves New Standards for Preschools
Public Supports Higher Wages, Better Training for Teachers
Alternative-Credentialing Group Adds General Science and Biology
Jason Project Set to Merge With Geographic Society
Children Reaping Technology Benefits
Charter Results
International Adoptions
Math and Science
Doctors on Evolution
Career Choices
Building Interest In Construction
Rave Reviews
La. Superintendent Stays on Despite Medical Condition
Tenn. Bribery Charges Include Ed. Panelists
Michigan Board Backs Granholm’s Pick for Chief
Conn. Coalition Urges More Aid for Schools
Conn. Board Delays Action on Suit
Hawaii Tuition to Rise
Georgia to Open Online High School
High Gasoline Prices Fuel K-12 Windfall
North Dakota Teachers To Receive Raises
Montana Approves Hike in Education Spending
Outreach to Palestinians
Guidance Issued on Constitution Day
Bill Proposed to Boost Highly Qualified Teachers
Justices Decline Case About Violent Sketch
First IDEA Meeting Is Pushed Back
The Color of the Play
Construction Aid Varies by State
National Campaign Urges Children to Eat ‘Go’ Foods
Chester, Pa., Principal is Cleared of Charges of Sexual Misconduct
New Orleans Board Seeks Order to Force Hiring of Consulting Firm
Districts Sue Calif. Over Testing of Students Learning English
Chief of Md. School District Resigns Amid FBI Probe
Union’s Charter School Plan Hits Snag With N.Y. Panel
Yonkers, N.Y., Schools Sue State Over Amount of Per-Pupil Aid
‘New Leaders’ Gets Support
Vaccinations Urged
Julie K. Underwood
Education Writers Convene in France
Names Can Hurt You
Diane Ravitch
MaryEllen Elia
N.C. Judge Cites 'Academic Genocide' in Report on High Schools
U.S.-Funded Parent Information Centers Questioned on Their Agendas, Efficacy
Teacher Education Homing In on Content
States Report Reading First Yielding Gains
Schools Feel Pressure of Efforts to Increase Fiscal Accountability
New NSF-Funded Research Center to Advance Study of Math Content
NCTM Elaborates on Position on the Use of Calculators in Classrooms
New USAID Strategy Addresses Quality Along With Access
National Reading Czar to Leave Public Sector for Teacher Ed. Venture
School Choice Loses Legislative Momentum
Table: 2005 School Choice Legislation
Texas Ends ’05 Session Without School Aid Rewrite
New Mississippi Budget Draws Mixed Reviews
Mississippi Chief Tapped for U.S. K-12 Post
Amid Criticism, Director of Head Start Steps Down
NAEP Board Delays Decision on Mandatory 12th Grade Test
Keeping in Touch
School Yearbooks Plagued by Errors, Pranks
Teachers Resign After Peer Is Fired in Mo. District
‘Seek Simplicity . . . and Distrust It’
Why the Public Is Losing Faith in the ‘No Child’ Law
Colleges Hesitate to Embrace SAT Writing Test
Independent Study
‘Much Ado About Teaching’: Actress Looks Behind the Data
Researchers Design New Ways to Gauge Arts Spillover
Effects of Mayoral School Control in N.Y.C. Under Scrutiny
Record Numbers of Students Enrolled in the Public Schools
New in Print
Links in Education Week: June 8, 2005
Principals Learning
Faulting Experts’ Advice Calls for Greater Exposure to Real Schools
In Education Technology, Less May Still Be More
Noting the Impact of the Spoken Word
NAEP’s 12th Grade Test: Another Validity Problem
Re-Engaging Dropouts With College Coursework
Districts’ Two Options for ‘Assessment Literacy’
N.J. Parents: No Trust In ‘Education Machine’
‘Scandalous Cronyism’ in Federal Reading Effort
We’re Slow Learners of Schooling’s Complexities
Obituary: Founder of Early-Language-Skills Program Dies
SAT Prep Set to Music
Census Finds Growth in Hispanic Population
Kansas Committee OKs Draft of Science Standards
Indianapolis Board Selects First Superintendent Since 1997
Chicago District Offers Schools More Freedom From Rules
Study Links Weight Gain to Children’s Intake of Milk
Virginia Student’s Discovery Prompts Recall of Calculators
Durham, N.C., Board Woes Prompt Referendum Efforts
Florida Principal Apologizes For Plagiarizing in Speeches
Henry G. Cram
L.A. Principal Tackles Discipline Problems
More Teachers Trained in Alternative Routes
High-Tech Preschoolers
Student Discipline
Improvement Planning
Teenage Smoking
District, Company Put Reading Tool on the Market
Back to Class
Tenure, Dues Plans Qualify for Calif. Ballot
Researcher’s Report Faults Ohio Abstinence Lessons
Calif. to Recruit and Train Math, Science Teachers
Nevada Approves Aid For All-Day Kindergarten
Gov. Gregoire Stays
Tenn. Legislator Leaves Local Post
Lawmakers Adopt New Dropout Policy
Aid Up, Choice Out In Legislative Session
Campaign Contribution
U.S. Faults Georgia on Safety Reporting
Federal Audit Questions Scholars Program in Texas
Spellings Stresses Working With UNESCO
Richard L. Allington
Barbara Danbom
School Facility Planners Hear Researchers' Case For Auditory Systems
Head Start Has ‘Modest’ Impact, Study Says
Keeping Overage Students in H.S. Proves Tough
Table: CMOs Supported by NewSchools Venture Fund
Justices Query Lawyers in Fla. Court Showdown Over Voucher Program
Districts Add Web Courses for Summer
Chicago’s Charter Efforts Seen as Thoughtful
State Testing of English-Learners Scrutinized
$2 Million Settlement Reached in Death of Student
N.C. Program Holds Promise for Gifted Classes
Chart: Class Gift
Teenagers Likely to Face Tough Summer-Job Search
Campaign for Equity to Push Beyond Dollars
Report Raps N.Y.C. Special Education Graduation Rate
Dover, Pa., Board Race Takes Intelligent Design to Voters
N.Y.C. Schools to Measure Gains, Not Just Raw Test Scores
Consultants Question Business Practices, Contracts in Md. District
Kansas Court Orders More Aid to Schools
Majority of Pa. Districts Snub Rendell Tax-Relief Plan
Colo. Launches Push to Boost College Readiness, Completion
House Panel Turns Down Bush’s High School Agenda
Table: Holding Steady
Ed. Dept. Seeks Bids for New NCLB Help Centers
High Court Rejects Case on Title IX
Deliberate Course
Education or Marriage?
‘Intelligent Redesign’
Schooling’s Crumbling Infrastructure
Why We Must Fix the No Child Left Behind Law
Managers Team Up to Run Charters
Links in Education Week: June 15, 2005
Why Are We Eliminating Parental-Support Funds?
Teach Teachers How to Individualize Instruction
Seeing Journalistic Bias in Reading Coverage
Repetition of Charges Mars Article on Research
Cost-Cutting Proposal Puts State Tests at Risk
Teachers and Charters
Video Whizzes
Middle School Message: Reforms at That Level Can Help High Schools
Ed. Dept. Extends Date for Aides to be ‘Qualified’
Full Federal Appeals Court Backs Integration Plan in Lynn, Mass.
Pa. Court Rules State Must Hear Reading District’s NCLB Complaint
Cleveland Summer School Stalls Over Pay Dispute
Head of N.Y.C. Teachers’ Union Agrees to Serve on Charter Board
Student Wearing Bolo Tie Seeks Apology From District
Not Fading Away
New Orleans Pact Signed
High School Days
Back in Good Graces
L.A. Raises Standards
Gay Students Win Damages
Theodore R. Mitchell
Web Sends Message
Phila. to Require Black-History Class
School Secretary’s Comments to Press Protected, Court Says
Appeals Court Chastises Judge in Desegregation Case
Parents Must Have Lawyers in IDEA Suits, Court Rules
L.A. Fund Offers Facilities Money
Mental-Health Disorders Gain Foothold During Teenage Years
Is Body Image a Suicide Risk?
Tutoring Effort Moves Forward Down Under
Math to Become Less Abstract for Some Ontario 9th Graders
Law on Teaching About Colonialism Sparks Protests in France
Quebec Extends Deadline for Halting Religious Instruction
National Student-Tracking System to Be Launched in New Zealand
Internet Games Seen as Addictive in China
Poll Tracks Memories of High School Years
NCLB and Testing
College Plans
Adult Learning
Teenage Drinking
Dating Abuse
Salary Windfall
Salaries, K-12 Aid Garner Increases
Pa. Secretary to Step Down
Kansas Board Member Blasts Evolution Backers
Illinois Board Lowers Bar on English-Learners’ Test
Junk-Food Bill Vetoed
Parental Permission Not Required
La. Voucher Bill Stalls
Arkansas Returns to Court
Missouri Suit to Proceed
Friends And Rivals?
Education Spending Flat Under Panel Plan
Graduate Grants Aimed at Boosting Teachers
Department Launches Online Research Registry
Thad R. Nodine
Rafael Heller & Michelle L. Klink
Voters to Take Up Spending Limits
NEA Grows More Strategic About Membership
States Raise Bar for High School Diploma
Guide Seeks New Clarity on Tutoring
Review Panel Turns Up Little Evidence to Back Teacher Ed. Practices
State Tests Can Influence High School Learning, Report Finds
Complaint Filed Against Reading Initiative
ETS Poll Finds Support for Changes to High Schools
Table: Awareness of Federal Law
Studies Cite Effects of Abstinence Programs
Survey Finds Teachers’ Biggest Challenge Is Parents
Chart: Degrees of Satisfaction
Recruiting in Schools, a Priority for Military, Is Targeted by Critics
Online Auctions Prove Boon for School Fund-Raisers
Friedman Foundation Marks 50 Years Since Voucher Idea
Schwarzenegger Calls ’05 Special Election
Conn. Attorney General Says NCLB Lawsuit Still A Go
Illinois Tightens Policy on Supplemental-Service Providers
Ed. Dept. Seeks Comment on IDEA Rules
The Revised Law: Proposed Regulations
School Measures Hitch Ride on Transportation Bill
House Plan Slashes Aid for Education Shows on Public TV
Democrats in House Offer Their Own Agenda on Education
Religious Groups Jump at Chance to Offer NCLB Tutoring
Voice of Ouray
If College Is the Answer, What Are the Questions?
Why I Didn’t Graduate
Creating 'Portfolios of Schools'
Chart: Slow Going
N.J. Panel Recommends Expanding Number of 'Special Needs' Districts
Links in Education Week: June 22, 2005
Friedman: The Solution Is Choice
Achieving 'Success at Scale'
Freshman Performance Linked to Graduation
Harvard Study Calls for NCLB Changes
21st-Century Skills
NEA Salary Analysis Says Teacher Pay Flat
Senate Aide Nominated to Lead Civil Rights Office
Ohio Legislature Approves Statewide Voucher Expansion
ACT: More Courses Needed to Prepare for College Work
Supreme Court Sends Mixed Message on Ten Commandments Displays
Education Gap for Black Adults Highlighted by Defense Fund
Switching Sides, U.S. Backs District in IDEA Case Before Supreme Court
60 Minutes of Daily Exercise Recommended For Children
Experts: Graduation Rates Low, Falling in the South
NCLB Money Benefits Firms With Bush Ties, Brief Says
Challenges Noted for Public Pre-K
Student Debt Growing at Moderate Rate
Federal Government Exploring Individual Student Growth Under NCLB
U.S. Asks Court to Throw Out NEA Lawsuit Over NCLB
Bush Chooses Mississippi Chief for K-12 Assistant Secretary
Kansas Supreme Court Orders Higher Spending for Schools
Florida Voucher System Argued Before State Supreme Court
Education Department Issues Proposed IDEA Regulations
Education Dept. Issues Guidance on Tutoring
Illinois Board Tightens Policy Over Supplemental Service Providers
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Use of Race by Lynn, Mass., Schools
Rural Educators Find Common Issues With Others From Around the Globe
States’ Graduation Data Seen as Undercounting Dropouts