New in Print
Court Frees Affiliates From Fiscal Disclosure
NCTM to Revise Position on Calculator Use
Nonprofit Helping to Spread Biotechnology
Teacher Education Journal Launched
NSTA Produces Web Site for Science Curriculum
Teach For America Moves Institute to Philadelphia
Companies Provide Forums for Teachers’ Wish Lists
Phila. Makes Headway on Recruitment, Retention
Chart: Ready to Teach
Greater Role Sought For Civic Education
Early-Childhood Investment
School Finance
Teenage Pregnancy
Inner-City Youths Tackle Business
Test Security
Reading Program Added to Ky. Budget
Calif. Bill Seeking to Show Inequities
Kansas Court to Hear State’s Budget Defense
Education Department Denies Va. Waiver Request
Fla. Audit Recommends More Charter Oversight
Charter Authorizers Targeted
Oregon Partnerships Boosted
Pre-K Group Issues Report on Governors
Bill Seeks Increase in History Testing
A Farewell to Independents
Senate Bill Would Target Autism for More Research
Artistic Differences
Governors Seeking H.S. Students’ Views
Bus, Trash Truck Collide, Killing 2 Virginia Students
FBI Says Red Lake Gunman Acted Alone in 9-Minute Attack
Raid of Maryland School District Linked to Probe of Schools Chief
Leaving Las Vegas
Food Pyramid Stresses Nutrition, Physical Activity
D.C. Teacher Picked as Nation’s Best
Links in Education Week: April 27, 2005
Lack of Academic Benefits in After-School Effort Affirmed
Researchers Ask Tough Questions of K-12 Charities
Study Sees Positive Effects of Teacher Certification
Chart: Who’s Taught by Certified Teachers?
Union, States Wage Frontal Attack on NCLB
Education Dept. Casts Wide ‘Outreach’ Net
With Click of the Mouse, 1,100 Chicago Teachers Discharged
Report: Williams Contract a Waste, But Didn’t Break Law
Chiefs’ Group, Federal Department on Better Terms
Utah Passes Bill to Trump ‘No Child’ Law
Ohio Poised to Expand Vouchers Beyond Cleveland Choice Program
State Budget Report Finds Improved Revenue Outlook, Growing Costs
Simon Nominated to Be Deputy Secretary
Cities Riled by Bush Plan to Weigh School Progress
Safety Check
Ed. Dept. Sued Over D.C. Voucher Documents
Table: D.C. Scholarship Applicants
Some Groups to Boycott Kan. Hearings on Evolution
Does Vocational Education Have a Role to Play In High School Reform?
The Real Scandal in American School Mathematics
Public Schools Still Wary of Lessons on Bible
Schools Earn Easy Cash Collecting Used Printer Cartridges
Harvard, Boston Educators Team Up on Test-Data Book
Research Gathering Brings Perspectives on Education From 53 Different Nations
Table: How Much Bang for the Buck?
House Committee Scrutinizes Tutoring Services Under NCLB
A Scientific Theory Is More Than a ‘Hunch’
Segregation, Civil Rights, And Passage of the ESEA
List of Federal Failures on Rural Education Grows
Book on Charter Schools Draws Mixed Reactions
State Legislation Is Needed To Protect Urban Districts
Universal Preschool Seen as Money Saver
Child Well-Being
Exit Exam
School Debt
Zero Tolerance
College Payoff
Dirty Cheering?
Tennessee Governor Targets ‘Meth’ Use
West Virginia Chief Steps Down, Again
California Court OKs Finance Settlement
Ohio Coalition Fighting To Keep Charter Cap
Arizona State Agency To Take Over 11 Schools
High Court Amplifies Law on Age Bias
Dissent Noted
GAO: Most Anti-Drug Funds Spent to Buy Advertising
Education Department to Hold Summer Teacher Workshops
Danger Zones
PSAT to Keep Role in Merit Awards
Divided Dallas Board Names Superintendent
Firms Make Bids to Help Fix New Orleans Schools’ Finances
Federal Judge Rules District Can Set Limits on Take-Home Fliers
State Review Panel Weighs in on Progress of Phila. Schools
Former Boy Scouts Official Admits To Child-Pornography Charge
Gathering at Schiavo’s Hospice Forces Elementary Classes to Move
Education Leaders Council Calls Federal Audit ‘Routine’
Calif. Schools Penalized
Obituary: 'Dollar-A-Year' Principal Dies
Ronald A. Skinner
Selective Discipline Raising Scores?
Sharon F. Rallis
Anthony J. Colón and Will Marshall
Links in Education Week: April 6, 2005
Schools Wrestle With Issue of Armed Guards
Training Focuses on Teachers’ Expectations
Title IX Covers Whistleblowers, High Court Says
The Supreme Court on Title IX
States Resist Meeting K-12 Spending Levels Ordered by the Courts
Red Lake District Officials Make Plans to Resume Class
Md. Charters Poised to Debut Amid Concerns
Audit Faults Calif. Districts on Unsafe-Schools Data
Ariz. Battle Over Choice Heats Up as Republicans Revise Voucher Strategy
Constituencies Mobilize Over Bush Budget
Education a Focus of One-Day Foray to Afghanistan
Trophy Case
Book Faults Achievement in Charter Schools
Scientists Offer Ground-Level Support for Evolution
Preparing School Leaders—Shared Responsibilites
Nine Friction Points in Moving to Smaller School Units
Maintaining the Vitality of Our Irrelevance
Urban Districts Report Steady Academic Gains
Chart: Trends in Achievement
New Rural Education Center Launches Research Projects
Student Ambition Exceeds Academic Preparation
E-Mail Opens Lines of Communication for Teachers
NCLB Study: State Support for Schools’ Improvement Varies
School-Smoking Rules Get Hazy in Jordan
Conn. to Sue Over 'No Child' Law
Are Community Colleges Like Towns? Not Really.
Reform’s ‘One Consensus’: Change Special Education
‘Cultural Odyssey’ Gives Children What They Lack
Jewish School Offers Vouchers
A Magazine of Their Own
Women Exceed Men in College Attendance
Bullying Behaviors
Call for Vouchers
Charter Schools
Edison Update
Collective Bargaining
Political Slant?
N.H. Board Kills Kindergarten Plan
Conn. Union Launches School Finance Web Site
Okla. Lawmakers Miss K-12 Budget Deadline
N.C. Gets Closer To State Lottery
‘Slow Ride’
A Short Leash?
HHS Sex-Information Web Site Draws Fire
Public Hearings Scheduled On IDEA Regulations
Texas Father Is Charged With Shooting H.S. Coach
Teachers Settle Two-Month Strike in Crosby-Ironton, Minn.
Edison Poised to Leave Chester, Pa., Schools Early
Jewish Mock-Trial Winners in N.J. To Miss Finals Because of Sabbath
Defeated L.A. Union Officials Seek to Disqualify Winners
Superintendent of Detroit Schools Announces June Resignation
U.S. Judge Schedules Trials in Challenge to Waldorf Schools
Camille Cosby Donates $2 Million to Baltimore Catholic Girls’ School
Day of Remembrance
Mary Ellen Freeley
Brown Schools Inc. Shuts Its Doors
Charles Barone
Timothy S. Davis
Rural Activists Note the Highs and Lows of School Advocacy
Links in Education Week: April 13, 2005
R.I. Downplays Tests as Route to Diplomas
40 Years After ESEA, Federal Role in Schools Is Broader Than Ever
The ESEA at 40
Connecticut Pledges First State Legal Challenge to NCLB Law
La. District to Bus Teacher Recruits in Comfort
Minn. District Gets Ready to Welcome Students Back After High School Shootings
Researchers Compare Florida Testing, NCLB, But Critics Pan Study
ERS Releases Nationally Representative K-12 Salary Data
ECS Removes Data on School Improvement
West Virginia Governor Cool to School Consolidation
Pennsylvania Governor, School Boards in Taxing Tussle
Court: Class Strip-Searches Unconstitutional
Denver Union Unrest May Cloud Future of Pay Plan
First Accredited Japanese High School in U.S. to Shut Down
ECS Wants to Put Arts Back on States’ High-Priority List
Burmaster Retains Wisconsin State Chief Post
Hill Hearings Focus on Head Start Finances
Hope Springs Eternal for New Higher Education Act
A Civic Education
Poll Finds Support for Changes in Teacher Pay
Chart: Teacher Compensation
Maryland Teachers’ Union Slapped With Labor Violation
British Celebrity Chef Petitions His Country For Better School Food
Cafeteria-Worker Survey Confirms Students’ Poor Eating Habits
A Commitment to Equity
Arts Education: Not All Is Created Equal
The Unkindest Cut
States to Get New Options on NCLB Law
Top-Ranking Woman Reflects on Role in Jordan’s Education Ministry
Director Defends Federal Institute’s ‘Portfolio’ of Investments in Research
A Tale of ‘Urbanization of Suburban Schools’
NCLB, Accountability, and Bilingual Education
Red Lake Shootings: We Need ‘Mental Detectors’
Achievement-Gain Story Has Wrong Emphasis
Vouchers by ‘Political Fiat’? Nonsense.
Unsatisfied With Text, She Wrote Her Own
Achievement Up, Growth Rate Down
Mathematics Group Focuses on Diversity At Annual Meeting
NASSP Addresses Graduation Rates
Principal Preparation
Suicide Prevention
Religious Identity
Private Or Public?
NGA Grants to Aid High School Efforts
Evolution Proponents Favor Shunning Kansas Hearings
Calif. Bills Would Provide Children’s Health Coverage
Louisiana Governor Unveils Tax Package
Ohio House Budget Expands Vouchers
Former New Hampshire Chief Leads R.I. School Overhaul
Choice Panel Touts Vouchers
E-Rate Indictments Target Six Companies
Distance-Learning Report Sparks Reaction on Hill
Student Drug Testing On White House Agenda
Barrels of Ink
Students Get Scores For the Retooled SAT
New Orleans Superintendent Resigns, Citing Board Conflict
Christian Group Tries to Counter Gay-Supportive ‘Day of Silence’
N.Y.C. Advocates Win Change To Allow for Leafleting Near Schools
Mock-Trial Schedule Change Will Let Jewish Team Compete
Ohio H.S. Principal Faces Firing Over Alleged Assault by Students
Five Vie for Urban Prize
Red Lake Students Go Back to School
Charlie Parsons
Special Educators Discuss NCLB Effect at National Meeting
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Barbara A. Marcus
Links in Education Week: April 20, 2005
NCLB Transfer Policy Seen as Flawed
International Studies a Hard Sell in U.S.
Angry Parents Place Coaches in Tough Spots
Several States Making College-Prep Courses The Default Curriculum
Critics Question Use of Offshore Firms for Online Tutoring
Oregon Legislators Return to Feuding Ways
California Leaders Set Up Own School Committees
Calif. Charter Network Misused Millions in Aid, Audit Finds
Questions Linger Over NCLB Policy Shifts
PR Probe Sparks Dispute Over Officials’ Cooperation
Leading the Way
Alliance Issues Strategies for High Schools
Downsizing Districts Seen to Have Positive Effect
Making Schools Productive
College Is Not for Everyone
My Three Career Guardian Angels
Most High Schools Offer College-Credit Work
Girls’ School Attendance Up Worldwide, UNICEF Reports
Chart: Double Dipping
Flurry of Activity Taking Place on Prekindergarten Front
Preschool Group Latches On to Wristbands
England’s Teacher Unions Fight Blair’s ‘Academies’
‘Fast Track’ Teacher-Certification Efforts Are Examined
Certified Urban Educators Seen Less Likely to Be Put In 9th Grade Classrooms
NEA Files 'No Child Left Behind' Lawsuit
Utah Lawmakers Pass Bill Flouting NCLB
Keep the Ed.D. Degree for Professional Programs
Leaders Should Lead, Not Do Public Relations
Schwarzenegger: Playing A Game of ‘I’ll Show You’
U.S. Education Has No ‘Open Marketplace’
The Red Lake Shootings And Racial Stereotyping
Teaching Creationism Won’t ‘Brainwash’ Us
Small-Schools ‘Friction Points’
Legacy of Pope John Paul II Remembered in Schools
U.S. Education Reporter Visits Jordanian Schools
Friendly Jordanian Hotel Is Home Away From Home
Education Department Announces More Flexible Approach to NCLB Law
Pope Is Remembered for Connecting With U.S. Youths
In Jordan, Days Off Are Time for Religion, Relaxation
Interpreter Is Valued Colleague on Reporter’s Journey
PR Probe Sparks Dispute Over Officials’ Cooperation
Officials’ Judgment, Oversight Faulted in PR Deal With Pundit
Bush Nominates Simon for Deputy Secretary Position
Education Department Fines Texas for Missing NCLB Transfer Deadline
Outgoing San Diego Schools Chief Tapped as California’s Next Education Secretary