New in Print
Book Excerpt: Dreams and Labels
Ambassador Plan Faces New Hurdle
Appeals Court Rejects District’s Magnet Policy
State Immunity Denied in Suits Under IDEA, Rehabilitation Act
Court Rebuffs Cheerleaders’ Case Challenging Discipline for Drinking
ACT Buys Venture To Teach English
Proponents of Community Schools Argue for Wider View of Education
Bureaucracy Bloat Questioned by Study
Milk and Bones
School Libraries
Teenage Sex
CDC Recommends Meningitis Vaccine For Many Youths
Obesity May Lead to Decrease In Children’s Life Expectancy
Nike, Head Start Group Team Up To Promote Preschoolers’ Health
Student Activism
N.Y. State Alters High School Math
More New York Students Are Earning Diplomas
N.J. Watchdog to Review Construction Contracts
College Aid Restored
Arkansas Panel Suggests All Juniors Take the ACT
N.J. Forms Teacher Panel
Document Retrieval
Ed. Funding Boost Defeated in Senate
Education Dept. to Divide ’Ready to Learn’ TV Grant
Civil Rights Panel Member Resigns, Citing ‘Partisanship’
Oh Say, Can You See?
Five More Charter Schools Set to Open in N.Y.C.
Former Union Leader in Kansas Pleads Not Guilty to Theft Charges
Catholic-School Teachers’ Union, N.Y. Archdiocese Reach Deal
Superintendent of Mo. District Admits to Stealing $844,000
Parent Training Aided
Charter Plans Dropped
Obituary: Fred G. Burke, Jeanne M. Simons
Steven Y. Winnick
David Vodila
Seth D. Radwell
Links in Education Week: March 23, 2005
Math Emerges as Big Hurdle for Teenagers
Chart: The Math Achievement Gap
Georgia Is All Business as It Moves to Improve State’s Showing on SAT
Iraq Deployments Being Felt in the Schools
Federal Data Show Gains on Language
Table: Federal Findings
City to Take Over Upkeep of Baltimore Schools
Disputed N.C. Education Post Still Unfilled
Ariz. Senate Sends Sweeping Voucher Bill to House
Spellings Hints at More Flexibility on NCLB
ESEA’s 40th Anniversary Begins to Draw Reflection
Auditors Are Critical of the FCC’s Stewardship of the E-Rate Program
Oversight of Local Head Start Programs Flawed, GAO Says
A Cultural Odyssey
Conferees Mull Best Uses of NBPTS Teachers
Boston Academy to Offer ‘Prep’ for Top High Schools
‘Scientifically Based Practice’
Do Away With State Textbook Adoptions
States Wrestle With How to Evaluate Tutoring
Chart: Grading Tutoring Programs
Superintendents Gain Advice, New Insights From Network
Report: Boys’ and Girls’ ‘Well-Being’ Tracks Closely
Index of Child Well-Being
Progress Report on ‘No Child’ Law Shows Hits and Misses
Subgroup Reporting and School Segregation
A Chronology of Multiple School Shootings
Even the Finest Schools Sometimes Fail to Survive
‘Kicking Down Barns’: In Special Education, Complexities Matter
Ed. Trust Defends Stance On Utah’s NCLB Plan
GAO Chief: PR Efforts Must Be Labeled So
High Court Declines Case Involving Columbine Parents
Financial Solutions
State Budgets Feel Pressure on Many Fronts
Utah Teachers OK’d as ‘Highly Qualified’
Illinois Governor Signs School Breakfast Bill
Companies in Minnesota Win State Test Contracts
Former Clinton Adviser Joins Virginia State School Board
Weight Bill Unveiled
Ban on Finance Cases Sought
North Carolina
Open Letter
Short Takes
Boys’ and Girls’ Status Seen as Almost Equal
College Preparation
U.S. Dropout Rate
CDC Campaign Focuses on Autism Awareness
Houston District to Fire Teachers As Cheating Probe Continues
California Chief Warns Schools About Anti-Drug Program
Missouri ‘Boot Camp’ Is Sued Over Death of Calif. Teenager
Minnesota School District Votes to Extend IB Program to All Grades
Chicago Archdiocese Announces Closure of 24 Schools for Next Year
Strike Still On
Poll on N.Y.C. Schools
Obituary: Judge Who Ordered Va. Schools Desegregated Dies
AASA Recognizes Top Schools Chief
Grover Promotes Harvard Course
Links in Education Week: March 2, 2005
High Court to Decide Who Must Prove Case in Special Ed. Disputes
States Take Steps to Put More Rigor Into High Schools
Dips in Enrollment Posing Challenges for Urban Districts
Long Commutes Seen Influencing Teacher Job Choices
Book Spells Out ‘Core Curriculum’ for Teacher Training
ETS to Enter Formative-Assessment Market at K-12 Level
North Dakota House Passes Aid Overhaul
Gov. Bush Wants 170,000 More Vouchers for Florida
Plan Offered on U.S. Aid for High Schools
Head Start Agencies Adjust to Federal Salary Cap
Audit: Talent Search Participation Overstated
A Class Education
State-Run Pa. District Battles Host of Woes
New Leaders Group to Train Principals in Baltimore
The Promise and Peril of Single-Sex Public Education
‘Tri-Level Development’
Tough Love
Group Promotes Global Studies in Curriculum
Supplementary Text on Arab World Elicits Criticism
Officers’ Stun Guns Raising Serious Concerns
Schools Experimenting With Tracking Technologies
Pilot Project Will Enable Districts to Compare Effectiveness
Key Facts Overlooked in Voucher-Program Report
School Uniforms Reduce Distractions, Aid Safety
Seeing Children as ‘Engines of Economic Nationalism’
Oscar Nomination Spotlights Autism
Parent Survey Tracks Attitudes on Drugs
Out of School Programs
Academic Tracking
Sleepy Students
Teenage Jobs
Strategy Session
Minn. Charters See Enrollment Spike
Ohio Newspaper Reviews Charter Teachers’ Licensure
Calif. Legislative Analyst Faults Governor’s Program
A Thaw in Relations
Justices to Weigh Employee Speech
Lawmakers Form Caucuses on After-School Issues
Bush Names Whitehurst to Be Acting NCES Chief
Job Training Gets Nod
Making an Impression
Boy Charged With Murder of Tenn. School Bus Driver
School Board in Louisiana to Appeal Ruling Barring Prayer at Meetings
Audit Says N.Y. District Lost $11.2 Million to Theft ‘Spree’
San Diego Board Approves Charters for Schools Required to Restructure
Los Angeles Teachers Oust Incumbent Union President
New NCAA Academic Standards Threaten Division I Scholarships
Minn. District Holds Some Classes as Teachers’ Strike Continues
Fla. Girl Wearing Boys’ Clothes Won’t Be Pictured in Yearbook
Scholarship Gift
Tommy G. Thompson
Kenneth J. Starkman
Janet C. Corcoran
Links in Education Week: March 9, 2005
Summit Fuels Push to Improve High Schools
Texas Stands Behind Own Testing Rule
Catholic Schools’ Mission to Serve Needy Children Jeopardized by Closings
Summit Underscores Gates Foundation’s Emergence as Player
‘First Things First’ Shows Promising Results
Spellings to Catholic Schools: Expand Tutoring
Latino Research Group Sets Ambitious Agenda
Utah Legislators Delay Action on NCLB Bill
Special-Needs Vouchers Pass Utah House, Senate
Governors Seek Help From Federal Officials on NCLB Law, Funds
Maryland Parents Make Case for More Involvement, State Board Seat
Federal Officials Say N.D., Utah Teachers ‘Qualified’ After All
Nevada Leaders Strike Agreement Over Popular Scholarship Program
High Court Weighs Commandments Cases
Budget Panel Receives Spellings With Skepticism
Court Strikes Down Death Penalty for Juveniles
Ind. Faulted on Ensuring Districts Convey Choice Options
The Virtual Stage
State Vows to Fix Finances in New Orleans
Minn. Students’ Anti-War Effort Fuels Web Rumors
School Boards Besieged
The Illusion and Broken Promises of Special Education
Ending the Evolutionary War
Calif. School Workers Compete to Lose Weight
Chart: High School Trend
Education Department Tracks Growth in Distance Learning
Smoking-Prevention Programs in Schools Found Ineffective for Teens
Builder of Modular Schools Closes; Projects Stalled
Economic, Financial Education Gains Ground in States, Report Shows
Censoring ‘Buster’ Denies Diversity of U.S. Families
With Sex, It’s No Longer ‘Safe to Be Ignorant’
Alternative Pay Plans: Not Cheap or Quick
Irish Principals Cite Same Angst as U.S. Peers
Greek Elementary Pupils to Learn Second Foreign Language
Technology Is Glue and Goal for School Pairings in Europe
Row Erupts in Britain Over Teaching of Tolerance
Scottish Study Finds Phonics Helped Pupils’ Achievement
School Patriotism Law Postponed in Japan
Factors Influencing Retention Analyzed
Students Oppose Education Bill
Youth Programs
Exposure to Violence
NCLB Guidance
State Intervention
California Schools Chief Launches Charter Audit
Utah GOP Caucus Writes Bush on Law
Michigan Scholarship on Chopping Block
Vouchers in Utah
Healthy Meals in Kentucky
Conference Call
Religious School Role for AmeriCorps OK’d
Senate Panel Approves Boost in Child-Care Aid
Cultural Exchange
Video on Tolerance Headed for Schools
California School District Will Sue State Over Testing
Wis. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Summer Homework
Teacher Dismissal Upheld
Obituary: Burdette W. Andrews
Media-Use Study Finds Youths Increasingly Multi-Tasking
Ted Sanders
Karen A. Johnson
Barry Topol
Links in Education Week: March 16, 2005
AIDS Infects Education Systems in Africa
Social Studies Losing Out to Reading, Math
Study Blasts Leadership Preparation
NCLB Choice Option Going Untapped, But Tutoring Picking Up
Community Colleges Are Serving More Younger Adults, Report Says
Commission Backs Call for More Accountability in Higher Education
Chart: Education Pipeline
Schwarzenegger Takes School Plans to Voters
Board Studies Release of Individual NAEP Results
Spellings Defends President’s Spending Plan for Education
Full Senate, House Panel OK Perkins Reauthorization
Circling ‘The Scourge’
Elections Give No Easy Fix on Union Course
Hefty Fees for Student Parking Help Balance Budgets
Urban Reviews Take Close Look at Instruction
Private Tutoring Firm Ousted From 7 Chicago Schools
Seven Surprises for School Leaders
Why Teach Biography?
Chart: Gauging Views on Teachers
In Hearings, Poll, PEN Finds Support for Goals of NCLB
California, U.S. Department of Education Strike Deal on NCLB Rules
Finnish Students Are at the Top of the World Class
AFT Extends Its Reach Into Early-Childhood Teaching Corps
New Recruiting Efforts by Teach for America Yield Record Applicants
Learning From South Africa
It’s Not Just a Bad Law, It’s Unconstitutional
Voucher Plan Disregards Wishes of D.C. Voters
Catholic Schools’ Success Is Built on Commitment
First Lady’s New Program Has Telling Adjectives
Teenagers Are Bored? So What Else Is New?
Is More Rigor the Answer For U.S. High Schools?
Substituting Stun Guns for Opportunity to Learn
Documented Dilapidation
Minn. Eyes Opt-Out Of Federal NCLB Law
Miss. Offered $50 Million For Student Incentives
Iowa Debates New Rules For Small Districts, Schools
Mont. Court Details Ruling
Utah Still Balking
Another Round in N.C.
Reality Check
Head Start Group Alleges Crackdown
Department Issues Rules On Charter-Facility Grant
Stamp Campaign
California Panel Raps Merit-Scholars Program
Probe of Roslyn, N.Y., District Said to Include Construction Funds
Texas May Dissolve School Board Of Wilmer-Hutchins District
Report on Teacher-Test Probe Faults New York State Officials
Teachers’ Union Approved to Offer Supplemental Services in N.Y.C.
N.J. Secretary of State Is Sorry For Remarks at Catholic School
Catholic Schools Closing
Los Angeles Deal Reached
Pupils Seek D.C. Vouchers
Rev. Joseph M. O’Keefe
State Designation Can Improve Pre-K
Dropouts Identifiable By 6th Grade Factors
Autism Probe
Professional Development
Sound Memory
High-Stakes Testing
Georgette R. DeVeres
Helen A. Soulé
States Scrutinize Teacher Working Conditions
As Test Date Looms, Educators Renewing Emphasis on Science
Online Tools for Sizing Up Schools Debut
Del. Charter Schools Get Solid Report Card
Liability-Insurance Bill Irks Georgia Teachers’ Union
Title IX Guidance ‘Problematic,’ Critics Say
Hager Is Strictly Business in Special Education Role
Budget Plan in Senate Would Restore Bush’s College, Voc. Ed. Cuts
Supreme Court Declines to Review Bias Case of 5 Rochester Teachers
Economic Imperative
Minn. Teachers Take Strike Into 7th Week
Rubella Virus Declared Eliminated in United States
Credit Where It’s Due
A Tale of One City
No, Virginia, Diagramming Will Not Improve Students’ Writing
Report Faults Calif. on Graduation Calculation
Chart: California Graduation Rates
Study: Pledgers of Sex Abstinence Still at Risk of STDs
Business Outlook for Publishers Turns a Page
Publishers’ Pie
School Groups in ‘Dogfight’ With California Governor
Teachers' Tool Kit
Links in Education Week: March 30, 2005
Mixing ‘Private Truths’ With the Public’s Business
View of U.S. Constitution Is ‘Uninformed at Best’
The ‘Despicable Reality’ Of Special Education
Church-State Comments On Three Recent Stories
Talent Search Problems May Be Overstated
High School Reform’s ‘Missing Link’: Discipline
Responding to an NCLB Critic
Spellings Sets New Structure for Ed. Dept.
Spellings Puts Her Stamp on Department
Details of Minn. School Shooting Emerge
School Shootings Stun Reservation
Internet Postings Linked to Student Highlight Interest in 'Hate Groups'
Supreme Court Backs Suits for Retaliation Under Title IX
Youth Arrested in Connection With Red Lake Shootings