New in Print
Teacher Training Leads to Higher Test Scores
Reading Teachers See Few Changes Under NCLB Law
Radio Host, NEA Set Up Fund to Train Minority Teachers
AFT Archive Opens Collection of Shanker Papers
Architects Learn From School Tours
Sex Education Study Compares Curricula
Preschoolers’ Health
Chicago Dropouts
District Competition
English-Language Learners
West Virginia
Voicing Complaints
N.C. High Court Upends Chief’s Race
Wis. Senate Advances Bill to Lift Cap on Vouchers
Ga. Governor Urges Free SAT Preparation
Kansas Senate Panel Offers School Aid Plan
Ariz. Special Education Pupils Can Graduate Without Exam
Court Backs Arizona Rules On Teachers of English
Targeted Aid
N.C. Dropout Data
Biting Back
All in the Family
‘Grinch’ Promoter Found Guilty of Defrauding Miami Students
Families Accuse Illinois District of Discrimination in Redistricting
Houston Suspends Classroom Meals After State Audit Finds Problems
Two Boroughs in New York City Will Lose 22 Catholic Schools
Back to School
School Board Member in Virginia Rapped for Letter on Homosexuality
Obituary: Co-Founder of Education Support Council Dies
Philadelphia Lands Grant for Principal-Training Effort
Barbara E. Kerr
Turning the Tables: Teens Design Test
Kevin P. Chavous
Robert M. Fanger
Links in Education Week: February 16, 2005
Cuts Proposed in Bush Budget Hit Education
Suit Says NCLB’s Demands Conflict With Those of IDEA
Other Agencies’ Budgets Would Also Affect Education
Table: The Bush Education Budget
Expirations Keep Documentaries Out of Schools
More Boards Mulling 'Policy Governance'
Subject Qualification Vexing for Teachers in Special Education
Report Takes Aim at First Year of D.C. Voucher Program
N.Y.C. Teachers’ Union Moves to Open 2 Charter Schools
Texas Urged to Beef Up Oversight of Poor Charter Schools
New Ind. Governor Takes Hard Fiscal Line
Long-Awaited Report on Ohio School Aid Calls for Tax Reform
Salary Totals Found Lower in Poor Schools
Teacher-Pay Plan in Denver Gets Foundation Boost
Table: Exploring the Salary Gap
Bush’s High School Plan Off to Rocky Start
Education Sciences Board Convenes for First Time
Groups Tackle Teacher Quality in Needy Schools
Study: Teacher-Designed Math Curriculum Is Effective
Tool Helps Wash. Teachers Write Learning Plans
Ariz. Students Welcome Tutoring for Graduation Exam
Two-Way Language Immersion Grows in Popularity
R.I. State Commissioner Imposes Plan of Action on Providence School
Halt of Migrant Survey Viewed as Loss of Data About Working Youths
Educating Each Generation for Democracy
Jefferson’s ‘General Religion’
Common Sense for Sex Education?
Dynamic Duo
Court OKs Ky. District's Dress Code
Full-Day Kindergarten
Underscoring the Value of Arts in the Curriculum
Another ‘Urban Legend’: Scripted-Program Flaws
Researchers Map Teen Sex Pattern
Standards Reform Seen as Unfinished
Learning Disabilities
Achievement Gap
Childhood Asthma
Archdiocese Says Accreditation for All
Suicide Prevention
Judge Gives Arizona Funding Deadline
Mass. Continues Crackdown on Idling School Buses
Calif. Officials File Suit Over Abortion Provision
Illinois Law Secures Services For Students With Disabilities
California Chief’s Speech Outlines Education Needs
Wash. State 9th Graders to Take Graduation Test
Gates to Speak
N.H. Chief Departs
Minn. Chief Confirmed
South Carolina
Michael & Us
Return to Sender
Panel Seeks Simpler Federal Aid Form
Appeals Court Rejects Suit Over NCLB Advisory Panel
Measure to Reauthorize Vocational Ed. Law Introduced
San Diego Board Shortens Superintendent’s Contract
City Report Raps S.F. Schools on Construction Accounting
Md. District Administrator Charged With Laundering Money for Drug Ring
California Coach Wins Lawsuit Over Assault Accusation
Ohio Student Won’t Be Charged for Cooking Animals in Class
Superintendent Warns Board Member Not to Visit School Without Permission
Auditors Sued
Homework Challenged
Minn. School Adds Security Following Trespass Incident
Galen W. Johnson
Preschool Quality Inconsistent for Poor
Software Struggle
Charles E. Cascio
Jack W. Hill
Bilingual Educators Ratchet Up Criticism of Federal NCLB Law
NCLB Accountability Seen as Opportunity for Calif. Charters
Links in Education Week: February 2, 2005
Researchers Connect Lower Achievement, High School Exit Tests
Software Framework Opens Up Data-Sharing
Test-Takers Also to Face More Rigorous SAT Math Section
Teachers Torn Over Religion, Evolution
SAT’s Next Chapter About to Be Written
States Revive Efforts to Coax NCLB Changes
Charter Authorizers Eye Rules on Closings
Table: Sharpen Those No. 2 Pencils
A Formula for Data Exchange
ACT Admissions Test, Like Rival, Adds Essay, But Makes It Optional
Educators Hope SAT’s New Essay Will Bolster Writing in Schools
The Write Stuff
Governors Seek New Teacher-Pay Methods
Pressure Mounts on Michigan Chief to Step Down
Bill to Expand Milwaukee Vouchers May Be Headed for Veto
Advanced Placement Participation Grows
Table: Getting a Jump on College
Federal Efforts Lacking, Rural Advocates Say
Senate Republicans Put Education on Their Agenda
Personnel Moves Pick Up at Ed. Dept.
One Subject at a Time
A Look at the Norfolk Schools
Chicago Board Moves to Scale Down Schools
New Schools in Chicago
NGA Task Force Endorses More Inclusion for Preschool
Education and the Economy: If We’re So Dumb, Why Are We So Rich?
Education’s ‘Groundhog Day’
First Amendment Attitudes Found Troubling
Teacher Colleges’ Group Picks Former Clinton Official
Tight School Supplies Market Hits Old Company Hard
L.A. Facilities Chief Brings Military Ethic to Massive Operation
Chart: The New Math
Education and the Economy: Our School Performance Matters
Push for Science-Based Research Is Expanded
It's Not Just About the Numbers
Bush Critical of Education Department on PR Contract
There Are Sound Reasons to Keep AP Coursework
High Schools’ Redesign: More Tests and Tracking?
Disputing Letter-Writers’ Assertions on New Jersey
Pledge Lawsuit Seen as ‘Quixotic’ Diversion
Cheating Denies Students the ‘Power of Integrity’
Theater Class Stirs Debate Over Accent
Spellings: PR Efforts Were Misguided
Head Start Group Releases Test Data
Healthier-Food Sales Seen as Competitive
Public Libraries
College Opportunity
Children of Immigrants
Summertime Blues
Tenn. Board OKs New Grading Policy
Ga. Senate Advances Virtual-School Bill
Kansas Senate Committee Wants Aid-Formula Rewrite
Ky. Study Finds Similarities Between Good Schools
Ohio Panel Issues School Finance Report
Report Urges Reform in Colo. High Schools
Pomp and Circumstance
Starting Fresh
More Small Schools Slated to Open in New York City
Insurance Broker Will Pay to Settle Fraud Charges
Head of Mich. Intermediate District Convicted on Misconduct Charges
Georgia District Backs Off Plan to Name School for Secessionist
Spelling Bee Back On in District Worried About Competition
Bowl Bet
Charter Reprieve
Terrorism Recovery
Bob Wise
Finding Strength in Numbers
David G. O'Neil
Andrew R. Campanella
Chart: Americans' Priorities for Public Education
Links in Education Week: February 9, 2005
Federal Grant Boosts Educational Television, Faces Fresh Scrutiny
Table: ‘Ready to Learn’ TV
District Making ‘Transition’ to Bigger Supply of Schools of Choice
Miami District to Study H.S. Courses With Eye to Addressing Inequities
Researchers Cite Uniform Standards in Singapore’s Success
District Initiative Key to Improving High Schools, Study Says
Albeit Late, State Data to Go Online in March
States Taking Note of Federal Faith-Based Efforts
Mich. Chief Steps Down, Looks Ahead
Georgia Lawsuit Seeks Vouchers as Remedy to School Aid Disparities
More Governors Want to Rate Early-Childhood Programs
Governors’ Association Offers Steps to Help States Improve High Schools
Table: President’s High School Agenda
Bush’s High School Agenda Faces Obstacles
Hearing Offers Range of Views on IDEA Regulations
First Lady to Lead Youth Initiative
Chicago, Ed. Dept. Settle Tutoring Dispute
Early Bersin Exit Further Clouds San Diego Plans
New Web Site Aims to Help Prevent Use of ‘Diploma Mills’
The Bigger Picture
The Back Office
Spellings to Listen, But Not Retreat, on NCLB
Runoff Election Thrusts D.C. Union Critic Into Top Job
Charter Studies Offer Caution on Achievement
Chicago School Official to Head Up Authorizers’ Group
When It Comes to Bullying, There Are No Boundaries
Florida Study Shows Achievement Lags for Racially Isolated Schools in the State
Utah Is Unlikely Fly in Bush’s School Ointment
For-Profit Writes Mandatory Courses for Phila. High Schools
Studies Show High Schools’ Shortcomings
Table: Why Not College?
Native Ambition
The Education Week Interview: Margaret Spellings
Blame ‘Integrated Math’ for Our Poor Test Scores
Calif. Board Member’s Departure: Another View
Urban Schools Must Add, Not Subtract, AP Courses
100 Reform Models Described in Guide
Early-Childhood Education
Higher Education
Dental Health
Athletic Budgets
Utah House OKs Bill to Trump NCLB Law
Kansas Attorney General Would Back Evolution Sticker
Connecticut Governor Seeks Laptops for English Classes
Gov. Bush Offers Alternative to Fla. Class-Size Amendment
Ala. House Awaits Advisory on Segregation Measure
Fewer Illinois Districts Seeing Red Ink in Budgets
Ohio Charter Case Accepted
Hope and Faith
House Ed. Committee OKs Job-Training Bill
PTA Members Are Split on NCLB’s Effectiveness
Districts ‘Bill’ Government on Special Education Costs
University of Ga. Delays Race Policy
Rules of the Road
Schools Chief’s Blog Offers Tips
New Orleans Schools Face State Oversight
Private Consultants Tapped to Advise Phila. High Schools
Pa. Court Dismisses Reading District’s Suit Over ‘No Child’ Assistance
Archdiocese of New York Plans to Close 6 Elementary Schools
Va. School District Votes to Keep Religion Program
Fla. Teacher Alleged to Have Offered Lesson on Destructive Device
PBS Chief to Step Down
Schrenko Faces New Charge
Richard W. Riley and Ted Sanders
John L. Myers
Kent S. Johnson
Summer Learning Paying Off in N.M.
Links in Education Week: February 23, 2005
S.F. Eyes Cutting Prep Time for AP
New Report Concludes School-Readiness Data Need More Attention
GAO: Big Jump in Children With Autism Seen
Table: Getting Ready for School
Concept of ‘Work Readiness’ Credential Gains Supporters
Virginia Gov. Warner Takes School Lessons to the National Stage
Judge Orders Billions for Schools in N.Y.C.
New York Middle Schools to Receive New Flexibility
Spellings Backs Accountability in Higher Education
Ten Commandments Case Watched Closely by School Community
A Spiritual Investment
Unlearning Bad Science
Rethinking a Bad Law
To Improve High Schools, Listen to the Insights of Students
Report: Minority College Enrollment Growing
Chart: College Participation by Race/Ethnicity
Vatican Office Rebuffs St. Louis Catholic Teachers
Legislatures Hit With Surge in School Choice Plans
Foundations Boost Giving to Small-Schools Effort in N.Y.C.
High Schools in Limelight for Summit
Massachusetts Meets Education Guarantee, State High Court Says
Table: Taking Action
Teacher Turnover Tracked in City District
Table: Teacher Transitions by Teacher Experience
Alternative Routes Attracting Unlikely Candidates
Charts: Alternative Certification: Who Trains and Who Pays
State Faults 3 Charter Proposals From Buffalo
Vocational Education’s New Job: Defend Thyself
Nearly a Decade Into Small-Class Law, Calif. Educators Love Imperfect Effort
Let Sports Psychology Augment Athletics Rules
How About Merit Pay for Parents and Students?
A ‘Political Vendetta’ Against Reed Hastings?
Privatizing the Philadelphia Curriculum: A ‘Watering Down’
SAT Writing Exercise: ‘Dig It Out, Say It Fast’
Schools and the Economy
Spellings to Listen, But Not Retreat, on NCLB
First Lady Embraces Cause of Youths at Risk
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Burden of Proof in IDEA Disputes
NCLB Law Needs Work, Legislators Assert
State Leaders Pledge to Reform Nation's High Schools