New in Print
High Court Declines Ore. District’s Appeal
Brown Anniversary Panel Ends Commemoration of Case
E-Rate Program Will Resume Aiding Schools, Libraries
Bilateral Education
School Report Cards to Add Data in Calif.
Plan for Merit Pay in Conn. Faces Union Opposition
Ark. Teachers Get Reprieve on Handing Out Sweet Treats
Secretary Confirmed
Phila. Activists Cite Lost Opportunity on Teachers’ Pact
Business Schools and Industry Pilot Curriculum for Black High Schoolers
Preschool Uses Innovative Methods to Teach Math and Language
Lesson Plans Available Online on U.N. Peacekeeping Missions
Traveling the Distance
Business and the Arts Contribute to Lessons for Science Educators
Valuable Real Estate
Leadership Standards Missing Key Elements
An Unknown Candidate Wins Board Seat in Calif.
Probe of Local Md. Schools Chief Said to Include Federal Inquiry
Web Site Using Romer’s Name Barred From Displaying Porn
Pa. Rejects Plea for Busing in Dangerous Neighborhood
San Diego Schools Fight Order to Rehire 11 Ousted Principals
State Steps In
Former Ga. Schools Chief Charged With Theft
Educators in Middle Come Out on Top
Seeking Closure on Closings
‘Grow Up Great’ Targets Millions to Preschools
Cellphone Recycling Benefits Schools
Retailer’s ‘Wish Lists’ Help Teachers Stock Classes
Going to the Mat
License Backlog Cut
Ballot Counting in N.C.
Wash. Results Pending
Decision Appealed
International Students
Infants' Perception
Preschool Exercise
Links in Education Week: Nov. 17, 2004
Educational Forecasting
Evolution Stickers Go on Trial in Ga.
E-Mails Probe School Leaders’ Private Lives
A 2nd Term for Paige Remains Uncertain
Critics Question Research Center on Rural Schools
Gregg Leaving Chairmanship of Senate Education Panel
Taxes Cloud Vote in Ala. Over Race
Tests of Youngest English-Learners Spark Controversy
'America's Choice' Taps Profit Motive
'Value Added' Models Gain in Popularity
Researchers Debate Merits of ‘Value Added’ Measures
Kentucky Seeks to Improve College Readiness
NCLB Imperils Minority Hiring, Group Asserts
Post-Election Outlook for State Aid to Schools Uncertain
Embattled Unions Make Progress in Regaining Control
Demanding More of Our High Schools
An Education Reform Agenda for the Recently Elected
Court Overturns Montana Funding System
Texas Slips Same-Sex-Marriage Language Into Texts
Report: Higher Hispanic Dropout Rate Persists
Chart: Dropout Timeline
Homeless Children Retain Right to Sue, Judge Rules
Lame-Duck Session of Congress to Address IDEA, Budget
Table: School Reform Models
Researchers Target Impact of Television Violence
Pa. Outlines Teacher-Test Alternatives
Pupil Loss Hits District in Arizona
President Taps Spellings as New Secretary
‘Weighted Funding’ and Management Reforms
Special Ed. Teachers Face ‘No Child’ Complications
American Board Objects to ‘Misrepresented Facts’
For Parents, Asking Too Much, Offering Too Little
AP Caveat: Opportunity Does Not Equal Outcome
Can We Afford to Fail Our Math-Talented Students?
K-12 Ed. Market Appears Stable
Research Commissioner
Principals Pivotal in Stopping Bullies
College Tuition
Foster Care
A How-to Guide for School Leaders
Financial Plan
Bush Signs Bill Aimed at Use of Steroids
New Law to Offer Technology to People With Disabilities
Head Start Programs Face Cuts, Group’s Survey Finds
Youth Presidential Polls Have Impressive Record, But Not All Can Be Right
Short-Order Education
Buffalo School Board Votes for Charter Moratorium
Boston School Board Defers Overhaul of Student-Assignment Policy
Educators in Texas Indicted in Alleged Smuggling Ring
Ore. District to Revise Lesson on Slaughtering Farm Animals
Okla. Boys Molested by Teacher Settle With Private School
Residency Rules
Obituary: Reagan-Era Department Official Dies
Thomas W. Payzant
Expert Encourages Creative Thinking in Building Schools
Seattle Schools Target Inequities
Texas Groups Oppose Chief’s Class-Size Rule
Calif. Student-Advocacy Group in Serious Financial Trouble
Tenn. Needs School Aid, Adequacy Study Finds
More Virginia Schools Earn State Accreditation
Arkansas Suit Filed
School Decision to Bar Religion on Wall Upheld
Court Upholds Tenure Denial Over Student Relationship
Groups Release Legal Guide on Sexual Identity in Schools
Youth Ethics
Early Childhood
Technology Spending
Texas Opinion Delayed
Teacher Education
Safe Travels
Kim R. Burningham
Terrence L. Stecz
Links in Education Week: Nov. 3, 2004
Groups Link Preschool Education, Economic Growth
Chart: Preschool Payoff?
Political Groups Fund Education Messages
Draft Talk Worries Generation That Hasn’t Seen One
USDA Obesity-Prevention Conference Targets Research
Oversight Sought for Behavior-Altering Schools
Petition May Scuttle Teacher Testing in Ala.
Table: Highlights of Allen v. Alabama State Board of Education
Illinois Governor Flexes New Muscle Over Education
Climbing Out of the Bunker
Time, for a Change
The Four C’s of Academic Success
Districts Spar With Ed. Dept. Over Tutoring
New Mexico Joins California in Looking South for Teachers
NCLB Presents Middle School Complications
N.Y. Insurance Suit Catches Attention Of School Districts
Advanced Placement Courses Cast Wider Net
‘Weighted’ Funding of Schools Gains Favor
High Scores on Mass. Tests Will Lead to Help With Tuition
Expansion of Licensing Test Hits New Bumps
Court: Maine Aid Program Can Bar Religious Schools
The MOUSE Squad
Panelists Call for More Data to Evaluate Charter Schools
Educators in California Set Their Sights on Improving High Schools
Student-Designed Poll Shows Teenagers Feel Lack of Adult Interest
Chart: AP Participation
New Governors Elected in 7 of 11 States
Bush Leads Kerry in Tight Race; Key Education Contests Decided
Cincinnati Levy Passes; Detroiters Back Elected Board
The Bush Education Agenda
Incumbents Fare Well in State Chiefs’ Races
Wash. State Rejects Charter Law; Several States Defeat Aid Plans
Table: Ballot Initiatives
Bush Education Agenda Headed for Renewal
N.Y. Teacher-Plantiff Cites Evidence in Her Behalf
Charter-Study Criticism: No Apology Forthcoming
Determining ‘Progress’ and Feeling the Heat
New Orleans District Sued Over Budget Changes
Third Arrest Marks Theft Probe in Long Island School District
Administrator of Religious School Convicted of Bilking Grant Money
Baltimore Allots $1.5 Million to Improve School Security
Georgia School System Proposes Accommodations for Muslims
U.S. Education Department Asks Nonprofit Group to Return Grant
Suit Accuses Los Angeles School of Climate Hostile to Gay Students
Twin Achievement
John C. Stocks
Class-Size-Rules Shift Withdrawn in Texas
California Has Fewer Schools Meeting Goals for Test Scores
Half of School Tax Measures Approved by Ohio Voters
Colo. State Board Member Resigns After Theft Charge
Safety Risks Noted for ‘Nonpowder’ Guns
New Rankings Rely on Choice
Decision 2004
Charter Schools
Sitting One Out
Ed. Dept. Questions ‘21st Century’ Grants
Grant Given to Help Assess NCLB Assistance Needs
Contract Awarded to Design NAEP Science Framework
Student-Loan Subsidies
Television and Video Games
Student Drug Testing
Puzzle Maker
Educational Technology
Stepping Down
James W. Dunn
Claudia Mansfield Sutton
Links in Education Week: Nov. 10, 2004
Lawyers Debate End to N.Y.C. Finance Dispute
N.J. Alliance Launches Petition Drive for School Choice
Military-Academy Plan Draws Fire in Chicago
Local Voters Decide Tax, Governance Questions
Election Day Security Runs Smoothly Overall in Schools
Lessons for Life
Congress’ Shift to Right May Be Felt in Schools
Court to Weigh Municipal Liability for Private Harm
Legislative Shifts Alter Prospects for Funding and School Vouchers
Table: Ballot Measures
NCLB Could Alter Science Teaching
Research-Council Studies to Explore Teaching and Testing of Science
Turnover in Governors to Influence Schools
Four Incumbent State Chiefs Stave Off Challengers
Bush’s School Agenda Will Get a 2nd Term
Voters Largely Reject Funding, Policy Shifts
Countries Torn Over Baring Warts in History Texts
Ga. ‘Inclusion’ Model Casting Out Nondisabled Preschoolers
Phila. Schools Reach Out to Faith Groups
Superintendent of Troubled Texas District Indicted
No More Silver Bullets
Creating a Culture of Attachment
No Title Left Behind
Table: Bush on Education
Chart: Mapping Legislative Change
‘No Child’ Law Provisions on Parents Are a Victory
Turn to Charters Fosters Inequities and Divisions
For Isolated Teachers, Don’t Forget Listservs
‘No Child’ Law Dismisses Teaching’s Noble Calling
‘Newfangled’ Math Poses Problems for the Poorest
Mass. Test Scores Offer Only a Handheld ‘Mirror’
Creating the Education Department
Squad Car Bookmobiles
Reality TV Show to Choose ‘Scholar’
N.Y.C. Probing Disposal of Students’ Private Files
Chicago Agrees to Provide More Money for Small Schools
Rural Texas District Cancels Plan for Pupils to Dress as Opposite Sex
Elementary Schools in N.Y.C. Slated to Receive New Libraries
Former Georgia Schools Chief Pleads Not Guilty to Theft Charges
Gains for Students Equal Big Bonus for Fla. District’s Superintendent
U.S. Justice Department to Help Washington District on Race Issues
Takeover Upheld
Parental Choice
High Court Declines Religion Case Appeal
Bush Awards Medals in the Humanities
Bernadette Grey
‘Open Sector’
Minn. Governor Plans Canadian Field Trip
Wis. School Aid Increase Is 10-Year Low, Study Says
California Regents Reject Multiracial Option on Forms
Alabama, Washington State Ready for Recounts
NAEYC Approval Surges for Pre-K
Boston Kindergartners to Receive Report Cards
Private Schools' Number on Rise
Teenage Pregnancy
Houston Picks Schools Chief
Online Education
Texas Dropouts
Patricia A. Kinney
Gay B. Molnar
Links in Education Week: Nov. 24, 2004
Congress on Verge of Reauthorizing Special Ed. Law
N.Y.C. Renews Physical Education Efforts
Spellings Would Bring Acumen, Pragmatism to Secretary’s Position
High Court to Weigh Coach’s Title IX Case
Analysts Worry NCLB Won’t Solve Teacher Issues
States Weigh ‘Value Added’ Models
Governing Board Looks to Marketing to Sell NAEP to Seniors
Arranged Marriage
Florida Vouchers Dealt Another Legal Blow
Michigan Considers Scrapping Its High School Test
Study Finds NAEP Math Questions ‘Extraordinarily Easy’
Latest ‘Blue Ribbons’ Bestowed on Schools With Better Records
Table: Crowning Achievement
N.Y.C. Foundation to Underwrite Math Training
Research Updates Lives of Perry Preschoolers
Chart: Preschool Follow-Up
St. Louis Catholic School Teachers Seek Union
Calif. College Official Tapped for ECS President
Math Programs Seen to Lack a Research Base
Boston University-Chelsea Match Endures
President Picks a Trusted Aide for Secretary
Governors Urge High School Reform as a Top Priority
Middle Mismanagement
Blame, Credit, and Urban School Reform
Not Just a Necessary Evil
International Education Inching Forward in U.S. Classrooms
Developing Countries Lag Behind School Goals
Awards Bestowed for Global Education
After-School Programs Must Engage Interests, Parents, Students Say
Charts: Exploring Parents' Views
Two Learning Centers Support All AP Students
Teacher Education
S.D. Is Latest to Reject Aid for Private Schools
Teacher-Educators Belong in Schools
Ownership of Assessment Brings ‘Joyful Learning’
Is NCLB Contributing to Children’s Obesity?
Implementation Crucial to ‘Weighted’ Funding
Election Day Safety Measures Run Smoothly for Schools
Montana High Court Strikes Down State's School Funding System
Paige Is Expected to Leave Education Secretary’s Post
President Accepts Paige's Resignation
Congress Passes IDEA Reauthorization