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Teacher Tax Credit
Department Exit
Back to School
Marguerite W. Sallee
Gordon L. Berlin
Policy Expert Hired for Charter Council
Greene Machine
Children of Immigrants May Lack Help at Home
Gathering Place
E-Rate Program Told to Direct Money to Schools Now
Schools Open in Iraq, After Two-Week Delay
Five States to Vote for Top School Officers
At State's Urging, Mississippi Schools Use Reform Model
Cheney, Edwards Clash on Education in Cleveland Debate
Raul H. Yzaguirre
Fine Line on Schools for Bush, Kerry
Calif. Law Gives Schools New Spending Flexibility
Aid Disparities in Needy Schools Seen as Rising
Education Issues Are Dominant Theme in Washington State
D.C. Research Group Buys Consulting Firm
Boston Partnership to Focus on Improving Science Teaching
Kennedy Family Urges Against Preserving L.A.’s Ambassador Hotel
Mass. School Copes With Fallout From Car Wreck at Dismissal Time
Conn. School Receives Donation of Marijuana-Growing Equipment
Teacher Steps Down
Obituary: Former Indiana Schools Superintendent Dies
School Libraries
College Access
Emergency Preparedness
The Federalist Papers
Lesson Plans on Elections Are Online
Banker Donates $22 Million to Va. Teacher-Prep School
Science Groups Write Guide to Help Minority Recruiting
Conflicting Results
Conference on English Acquisition Promotes Parent-Outreach Efforts
Caroline Kennedy Criticizes Bush Record on Education
Mass. Funding Case Goes to High Court
West Virginia Sends Advisory On Infectious Skin Bacteria
Wyoming Schools Chief Wants End to New Transcripts
Michigan Governor Signs Slightly Higher K-12 Budget
Nevada Poll Finds Support for Education Aid Measures
Florida Answers Concerns Over Use of Federal Aid
Panel Urges Balance in Peer-Review Process
Teacher-Workshop Information Available on Ed. Dept. Site
Educating the Gifted
‘Hypocritical’ Ad Decried by AFT Report’s Authors
Teach For America: Not Alone in Retention Woes
Textbook Industry Thrives on ‘Pendulum Swings’
Retention, Overcrowding, and ‘Working the System’
Different Approaches Taken on Education Policy Advice
Federal Subsidies to Student Lenders Come Under Fire
The Persistence of Gender Myths in Math
High Court Declines Appeal From Teacher Who Published Tests
N.J. School Administrators Take Aim at Budget-Cap Law
Wyoming Signs Innovative Test Contract With Harcourt Assessment
Experts Debate High School Leadership Needs
Momentum Builds to Confront Child Obesity
Multiple Measures
School Polling Sites Raise Safety Concerns
Are Test Scores Really Rising?
With Election as Backdrop, Afghan Children Go Back to School
Teaching Mathematics Requires Special Set of Skills
States’ Roles Prove Tough on Big Scale
L.A. to Break All Secondary Schools Into Smaller Units
GAO: States Struggling to Meet School Law
CHART: Sweet Subsidy
Study Rekindles Debate on Value of After-School Programs
U.S. Warns Schools on Racially Separate Activities
Links in Education Week: Oct. 13, 2004
‘Big Sister’
Reading Study Rates 4th Grade Instruction
Early Childhood
Technology Spending
Textbook Adoption
Financial Aid
Spending Increases Restore Earlier Cuts
N.C. Governor Sends Aid to Needy Schools
Kentucky Moves Closer to Expanding GED Option
Anti-Charter Group Seeks Ohio Supreme Court Ruling
Florida Moves Science Test From 10th to 11th Grade
Washington State May Narrow Its Proficiency Targets
Teacher Aid
This Just In: ‘No Child’ Law Works Well, Says Ed. Dept. ‘News’ Video
Edwards Doesn’t Hesitate To Name His No. 1 Mistake
In the Running for a Record
Bill Adopted to Help Pupils Carry Medicine
Conference Committee Set to Reconcile IDEA Bills
Loan Subsidies
Phila. Principals Gain Say in Hiring Under New Pact
Baltimore Officials Take Steps to Combat Series of School Fires
N.H. School Board Bans Photo of Student With Gun
Miami Teachers’ Union Sues Former Executives Over Finances
Boston’s Jewish Day Schools Receive $45 Million Donation
Idaho Charter School Refuses Lottery Money on Ethical Grounds
Mich. District Ordered to Pay Fees For Girl in ‘Diversity Week’ Case
Driver Cited
Lack of Flu Vaccine Heightens Concerns for Schoolchildren
Children’s Food Allergies on Rise, Study Suggests
Minn. Public Radio Holds Ed. Forum
‘Online Oscars’ Ask Schools to Compete for Honors
Conflicting Accounts
Coca-Cola Lobbyist Leaves PTA Board
Douglas A. Levin
John Kelly
Pulling Plug
Rating Downgraded
John E. Dean
Districts Rethink Availability of Data on School Security
Links in Education Week: Oct. 20, 2004
Table: Ballot Measures
Voters Weigh K-12 Finance at Ballot Box
The U.S. Department of Education at 25: A History Remembered
Medicaid Threatens K-12 Share of State Budgets
Bush Has Own View of Promoting Civil Rights
Chart: Iowa Profile
Fuller's Work Touches Off Controversy
Number of Single-Sex Schools Growing
Iowa Governor Pushes Preschool Expansion
Open-Door Policy
Retail Field Trips, Seen From Three Perspectives
Diagnosing the Problem Without Offering a Cure
Once-Torn N.J. District Accentuates the Positive
More on How to Produce Lifelong Reading Habits
Becoming a Historian: One Teacher’s Journey
Team Teaching
Report: States See Test-Score Gains
L.A. Board Votes to Raze Historic Building
Students Ill-Prepared for College, ACT Warns
Education Seeps Into Presidential Debates
Justices Accept Two Cases on Ten Commandments
Two State Education Veterans Seek U.S. Senate Seats
Rules on Scouts’ Access Proposed
National Panel’s Research Blueprint Draws Good Reviews
Reading Researchers Outline Elements Needed to Achieve Adolescent Literacy
Teachers’ Aides Stump for Kerry Via Postal Route
Election Education Efforts Let Students Practice Voting
Measure Would Strike Segregation From Ala. Constitution
Texas Loosens Requirement on Class-Size Waivers
Home Schooling and Religious Freedom
What About Parental Involvement in Parenting?
Drug Warning
Court Orders Foreign Student to Attend German Public School
Girls Expelled in France for Defying Headscarf Ban
English Lawmakers Propose Environment-Friendly Transit
Computerized Tags Keep Track of Japanese Schoolchildren
Japan Gets Own Version of ‘Sesame Street’
Patricia F. Sullivan
‘Get Tough’ Programs Seen as Ineffective
Early Childhood
Career Survey
Small Schools
Sexual Orientation
College Concerns
Business Travel
Hurricane Relief
Early Balloting: Children Choose President Bush in Scholastic Poll
No Child Left Behind Act Yields Conflicting Opinions
Heinz Kerry Gets Educated on First Lady’s ‘Real’ Experience
Freshman Enrollment
Martha G. Abbott
Chicago Mayor’s Plan for New Schools Hits Snag Over Finances
Mass. District’s Race-Based Transfer Policy Struck Down
Good Intentions, Bad Results
The Challenge of Change Leadership
Everything I Felt Was an Adjective
Acquisition of Consulting Firm Signals New Day at Research Group
Education Committees Could See Changes
Table: Leading Lawmakers
Educators Lobby Congress to Keep Title V Funding
Language Programs in City Schools Garner Bigger Share of Federal Aid
Voters in 11 States Set to Pick Governors
Ind. Considers Mandatory College-Prep Curriculum
Moving in a Special Direction
School Lunchrooms Take Digital Twists and Turns
Groups Offer Changes for School Law
Questionable Business Deals Renew Interest in Ethics Codes
U.S. and U.K. Educators Tackle Issues Common to Urban High Schools
Report Lays Out Vision of English Secondary Schooling
City Mayors Turn to Charter Schools
School Law an Issue in U.S. House Race
H.S. Athletics Out of Bounds, Report Warns
Table: Gubernatorial Candidates and Their Education Platforms for 2004
Chart: Financial-Aid Sources
Rural Districts May Need an Interagency Approach
Advice on Federal Rules: Don’t Take the Money
Mass. Schools Chief Offers ‘Feel-Bad Education’ Cure
Are Test Scores Rising?
States Get Guidance on Title I Aid to Districts
Kentucky Teachers Cancel Strike Plans
Costs for Retirees to Rise, Michigan Report Cautions
Plaintiffs File Appeal in Maine Voucher Case
Michigan Governor Opposes Measure to Restrict Gaming
Georgia High Schools Will Teach About Civil War
Investigation Launched
Tuition, Financial Aid Both on the Increase, College Board Reports
NSF Awards Grants for Science Centers
Indian Education
Teacher-Induction Programs Sought for Federal Research
Businessman Aids Buffalo Search for Chief
Cincinnati Leaders Divided Over School Levy
GAO Asked to Investigate Education Dept. Grants
Governors Plan Summit on High School Reform
Students Scramble for Placement After Closure of L.A. Charter School
Lawsuit Charges N.Y.C. Schools With Denying Students Transfers
Portland Teachers, Board Settle on New Contract
Muslim Student Sues District, Alleging Harassment Over Scarf
Second Mass. Student Charged in Alleged Columbine-Style Plot
Links in Education Week: Oct. 27, 2004
Rolling Lessons
Unchartered Waters
Buffalo Board Rejects Charter Moratorium
Vouchers Linked to Graduation in Milwaukee
Educators for Kerry Launches Web Site
Measuring a School's Efficiency
Man Detained in Iraq With U.S. Guide on School Crisis Plans
Heinz Favors School Over Election Trail
Loan Subsidies
Alliance Seeks to Defend No Child Left Behind Act
House Panel Weighs Bill On School Background Checks
Tax Bill Restores Teacher Deduction
Immigrant Grads Get Charter’s Help
Two Studies Criticize Abstinence Education
Tutoring Services
Kindergarten Readiness
Music Education
Prime Specimens
Newspaper Reading
Technology Critique
Health Insurance
The Education Candidate
Report Demands Action to Tackle Youth Obesity
Prominent Pediatricians Fault President on Health Policies
Storm-Damaged Florida District Teams With Newspaper to Offer Lessons
Neo-Nazi Group Targeting Schools for Music Distribution
New Orleans Schools Chief Calls For Probe Into Work at His House
Judge Removes Three Members From School Board in Ohio
Election Complaint
Gay Students’ Safety
California Textbook Legislation
Winners: Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education
Schiller Steps Down as Illinois State Chief
Gov. Schwarzenegger Takes Action on Bills
Oregon Officials Investigate Spending on Youth Offenders
Md. Governor Establishes Panel to Study Education
Trophy Schools
School Architects Build on Ideas to Help Bolster Student Learning
N.Y.C. Promotion Policy
On Charter Studies’ Use of Family Background
Could Charters Be a Cure for Schools’ Joylessness?
Reading-Research Leader Needs a Broader Agenda
Qualitative vs. ‘Scientific’ in Reading Investigations
N.Y.C. Retention Plan Draws Mixed Response
Teaching Writing Involves Other Subjects as Well
At-Risk-Reading Naiveté
Cash Freeze for E-Rate Hits Schools
Nations at Top of the World Share Schooling Tactics
Atlanta Responds to E-Rate Scrutiny
California Educator Joins Elite List of MacArthur Fellows
Few Teachers’ Strikes Mark U.S. Landscape
Paige: It’s Not Too Early to Call School Law a Success
The Woman Behind the Scenes
Schools Abroad Brace Against Terrorism
Veteran Teachers: The Linchpin of School Reform
The Rise of the ‘Parentariat’
Translation Efforts a Growing Priority for Urban Schools
Rural Schools in Need of Guidance, GAO Says
Tenn. HOPE Scholarships Contribute to Enrollment Surge
Court to Weigh Title IX Case In New Term
New Breed of Retail Field Trips Emerging
Baltimore District’s Money Woes Dividing City, State
UC Board Raises Minimum GPA, Student Ire
Review Probes Successes, Challenges of San Diego Reforms
Panel Outlines Strategy for Raising Minority Achievement
Nevada Report Reveals Spike in Test Irregularities
Project Explores Community Groups' Roles in Reform
Links in Education Week: Oct. 6, 2004