New in Print
Teacher Attrition
Sex Education
New Player
Alabama Reports Revenue Rebound
Massachusetts State Auditor Faults Construction Oversight
Property-Tax Reliance on Decline, Report Says
Georgia Governor Seeks School Finance Overhaul
Laptops Give 8th Graders No Boost on Maine Test
Kansas School Finance Case Goes Before State High Court
Evaluation Bill Terminated
A Lesson on Old Glory
Missouri High Court to Hear Charter Dispute
New Data Fuel Current Charter School Debate
Projects to Study and Improve School Choice to Be Launched
Data Show Schools Making Progress on Federal Goals
Collective Bargaining Bumping Up Against No Child Left Behind Law
Wary Districts Shift or Forgo Federal Funds
Declaration Calls for More Caring Environments in Schools
Q&A: Sizer's Red Pencil Chides Establishment for 'Silences'
N.Y. School Roof Collapse Prompts Warning
Ed. Dept. Seeks Return of Bilingual Funds
Bush to Seek Accountability in High School
Tale of Two Roles
SAT Scores Remain Steady; Minority Improvement Noted
N.H. Board Seeks Broader High School Credit Options
Alaska School Aid System Challenged in Court
‘Teachers of Ambition’
Efficiency: The Missing Metric
Select Group Ushers In Reading Policy
Court Orders District to Tutor Boy Expelled for Gun at School
Nevada Scholarship Program in Trouble, Treasurer Warns
The President's Reading Lesson
States Making Some Gains in Teacher Quality, Study Says
Chart: Making Progress
Sluggish Economy Hurts Used-PC Donations
Bush Administration Backs Broad Reach for Title IX
Raymond L. "Ray" Daniels
Denver Substitute Teachers Slam Proposal to Cut Pay by Two-Thirds
Student Screening for Mental Health Is Hot Policy Topic
School Lunches
Physical Education
Thomas W. Rudin
Moonlighting Scrutinized in Texas
Justice Dept. Asks Schools to Fight Post-9/11 Bias
SREB Vice President Watts Dies
Teachers and Republicans Seek Common Ground in N.Y.C.
Moving On in N.Y.C.
Academic Abilities Similar, Yet AYP Outcomes Different
Phila. Child's Cancer Battle Inspires Giving
High School Play Hits New High
Walletful of Ethics
Reporter's Notebook
Federal Voucher Plan Falls Short on Takers
Texas Backs Off Its Ban on Classroom Cupcakes
Teacher Wins Lawsuit on Use of Iraq Prison Photos in Class
State Steps Up Role in Ailing Texas District
Major Study to Identify What Good Leaders Do Right
Principals' Training Goes Under a Microscope
N.C. Gets Interim Chief
Calif. District Delays Policy on College-Prep Classes
Bio: G. Reid Lyon
Chart: Long-Term Picture
Republican Platform on Education
Bio: Theodore R. Sizer
Ed. Dept. Says States Set Rules on Tutoring
Rural Education
Maine Parents Lose Their Bid for Autistic Son to Use Playground
Charter Education Schools
Do State Exit Exams Hurt Scores on SAT?
Adequacy Lawsuits: Rebutting a Rebuttal
‘Compelling’ Arguments for Digital Simulations
Composing Music in a High-Tech Key
U.S. Advisory Panel Recommends Changes to Nutrition Guidelines
Longitudinal Study Follows Preschoolers’ Eating Habits
In Crowd Gets Large Share of Contracting Work
Anthony P. Cavanna
Tenn. School Stars in Film
Friday-Night Games Restored in Boston
Elite Virginia Magnet School Revises Admissions Policy
Chicago Policy Changes Fuel Lower Retention Rates
L.A. Leaders Back Plan to Build Three Schools on Site of Hotel
Voters in Calif. District to Decide on Whether to Open High School
California Court Backs District in Dismissing Untenured Teacher
No Grow
William J. Bushaw
Sally B. Kilgore
Ana Tilton
Teacher Appreciation
Washington Primary Sets Up Rematch
Mass. Sees Steady Rise in Exam Pass Rate
Three Virginia Colleges Want to Convert to Charters
Minnesota Expands Pay-for-Performance Pilot
Illinois Governor Shakes Up State Board Membership
Miss. Banker Picked
Balanced Meal?
Think Tank Proposes National Pre-K Plan
Preschool Access
Demon and Tests Terrorize Teens
Suicide-Prevention Funding Authorized
U.S., District Reach Settlement on English-Language Learners
Pledge of Allegiance
Calling the Young
Campaign Funds Pay for Security
Texas Judge Rules Funds Not Enough
More Prepared for College, Students Face Fiscal Barriers, Study Finds
Districts Tackling Truancy With New Zeal
Schools Open Doors to 'Grid Computing'
Displaced Students Enrolled in New Charter Schools
How Should We Think About Intelligence?
Working Immigrants Get New School Options
ECS Paper: Charters Can Help Meet 'No Child' Demands
Virginia Latest to Let Students Opt Out of Dissections
Even Education Legislation Grinds to a Halt
Imitation Firearms a Real Safety Issue
Is the Comprehensive High School Doomed?
'One Student at a Time'
N.Y.C. to Retain Low-Scoring 5th Graders
Museum of the American Indian Opens Doors
Reporter's Notebook
Direct-Instruction Tale Draws Mixed Reviews
An Unconventional Culture
'What Works' Dialogue
No Child Left Behind Act Changes Weighed
Conn. Polishes Image of 'Technical' Schools
Researchers Tackle Assessments Used to Advance Learning
Storm-Weary Fla. Schools to Seek Policy Waivers
NSF Nomination
Teacher May Lead Bible Lessons at Her Own School, Court Rules
Pa. Weighs Appeal of Ruling Invalidating Pledge Mandate
District Found to Retaliate Against Teacher for Past Suit
Religious Fliers
In-Service Prayers
Ex-Ed. Dept. Official: Bonuses Were Merited
Are We Entering an Era Without Metaphors?
Administrative Training Helps Charters Succeed
On Reading Research
Foundation Gets First Nod to Approve Charters in Ohio
International Study Ranks Key Statistics
Charter Schools
Writing Skills
‘No Child’ Views
California Textbook Bills Reach Governor
Walking for Children
California Rejects Credential
Finding Room for Improvement
Kennedy Bill Would Give States, Districts Leeway
New Generation of Education Research Centers Is Chosen
Antidepressant Safety Concerns Are Increasing
Dating Habits Correlated With Substance Abuse
Table: Education Dollars
Senate Plan Provides Bigger Spending Boost for Federal School Aid
Baltimore Center Offers Truants Menu of Services
Chicago Wants TFA to Commit Longer
Teacher Prep Becomes Fodder for U.S. News College Guide
Software to Mimic Evolution Being Developed for Classroom
Vigil for Iraq War Dead Raises Political Issues for School
NEA Gets Political Under Color of Campaign Law
Consortium of Georgia Schools Files Funding Lawsuit
Charts: Instructional Leadership
Model Districts Embed Professional-Development Schools in Systems
Tuition at Independent Schools Continues to Rise
Scholars Prepare for ‘No Child Left Behind’ Discussions
People in the News
Party Control of Legislatures at Stake in Fall Elections
Calif. Nonprofit Group Building National Bank of E-Learning Courses
Report Roundup
High School Policy Gets Spotlight in Report to Southern Governors
Capitol Recap
House Boosts 2005 Spending on Education
Federal File
ERIC Education Library’s New Look Debuts Online
News in Brief: A State Capitols Roundup
Federal Officials Threaten Texas Funding
Mich. Lawmakers Reach Deal on K-12 School Budget
State Journal
Scholars Square Off Over Bias in Teacher-Training Content
Ariz. Study Sees Benefits in National-Board Certification
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Urban Education
La. Eyes Linking Pupil Results, Teacher Training
Study Finds Out-of-School Factors Less of a Hindrance
Districts Rated on Terrorism Preparations
Take Note
L.A. Students Get Reading By the Book
Leading Commercial Series Don’t Satisfy 'Gold Standard'
NCLB Law’s Focus Turns to Districts
Arkansas Pupils’ Body Weights Add Up
Bush Test Proposal for High Schoolers Joins Wider Trend
Tackling an Impossible Job
Putting Out Fires
Feel-Bad Education
Parents Take Choice Driver’s Seat, But Few Have a Map
Romantic Fiction
Chart: Arkansas Weigh-In
Paige Champions Education Law in Prime Time Convention Spot
Reporter's Notebook
AFT Charter School Study Sparks Heated National Debate
D.C. Students Find Few Options For Transfers
Calif. Charter Failure Affects 10,000 Students
TABLE: Charter vs. Noncharter Performance
Preparing Students for Work in a Computer-Filled Economy
The Tales We Tell Ourselves
Let’s Clarify the Way We Use The Word ‘Curriculum’
With $1 Billion Pledge, Calif. Settles Lawsuit
Ohio Schools Brace for Fallout From Levy Defeats
Texas Trial
Florida Weighs Impact of Ruling Against Voucher Program
Wis. Officials Flex New Power Over Milwaukee Vouchers
Fla. Says Goodbye to Outgoing Commissioner, Readies for Replacement
Board Adopts New Guidelines for Participation in NAEP
Report Roundup
Classrooms’ Contraband Searches Violate Rights, Appeals Court Says
Patriotism Edicts Anger Teachers
Study Finds Teachers Are Losing Ground On Salary Front
Poll: Public Still on Learning Curve For Federal School Law
Under New Leaders, Changes Anticipated for Chicago’s Union
Public Schools Expect 48.2 Million Students
Philadelphia Cheers Better Test Scores
NCES to Examine Content Of Algebra 1 Courses
Ga. Probing Textbook-Sales Practices in Four Districts
People in the News
Paige Steps Into GOP Convention Spotlight
Salesmanship 101
Campaign Notebook
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Capitol Recap
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
ACT Scores Show A Slight Increase
Online Test-Preparation Habits Examined
Teachers’ Unions in Latin America Take Militant Tack
Students Facing Higher Lunch Prices
Price Hikes
Lying Down on the Job
Bomb Threats Taking Financial Toll
Costs Climb on Materials For Schools
Most in Ed. Dept. Are Paid Bonuses for Performance
Table: Fatter Paychecks
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Urban Odyssey
Reports Explore Charter School Experiences in Indianapolis, N.Y.C.
Partnering to Improve Education
District-Run Tutoring Classes in Jeopardy
Chart: Prekindergarten Budgets for Fiscal 2005
Bill Allows Construction Bonds for Indian Schools
Major Changes Afoot for Leaders Council
Pre-K Rises as State Priority, Studies Show
Chart: State Prekindergarten Trends
Teaching Teams
Software Solution Saves Dollars
Chart: Student-Data Disclosure
The Bush Administration and Education
Education ‘House Party’ Opens Mother’s Eyes
Actress Heeds Call to Support Public Schools
Union Leader's Tune Ridicules Federal Law
Party of Two Forced Into Consolidation
Cash Machines Find Revenue Niche in High Schools
New Orleans Voters Defeat Superintendent's Critics on Board
The Discipline of Wonder
Atkins Diet Company, School Groups Team Up
Bad Blood
GAO Tracks New Measures to Combat Commercialism
Gail H. Awakuni
‘No Child’ Law Remains at Top of Bush Record
Thousands ‘Party’ Down to Promote Public Schools
Apollo Group Fined
Financial-Aid Tour Targets Hispanics
‘NetDay’ Survey Tracks Teachers’ Digital Attitudes
High-Tech Divide
Two-Handed Challenge
Physical Activity Linked to Learning
Teacher Shortage
Writing Skills
Dropout Factor
Teenagers’ Ethics
School Technology
Point, Counterpoint
Boston Task Force Backs Busing Change
Md. Jewish Day School to Receive Homeland-Security Funding
Chicago Board Approves Rules for Opening 100 New Schools
Former N.Y.C. Official Pleads Guilty to Using Forged Credentials
Edison Schools Inc. Reports Growth in Number of Students Served
Beating Death
Hazing Charges
Educate Inc. Goes Public
Out-of-Pocket Expenses
30 N.Y.C. Schools Gain Autonomy From Rules by Promising Results
Report Urges Acceleration for Gifted Students
Randy C. Jensen
Urban Education Prize Goes to Garden Grove, Calif.
Ohio District Holds Walkout Record
Wash. Strike Pushes Classes Into July
‘No Child’ Law’s Effect on Bargaining Is Complicated
Few Teachers Have Time to ‘Imagine Possibilities’
Why Is There No Answer to This Reading Question?
Creative Writing Opens Avenues to Better Coping
Three Stories Highlight Bad Professional Omens
Selecting the Subject of Sizer’s Next Book
The Limits of Efficiency
‘The President’s Reading Lesson’
Senate Panel OKs Voc. Ed. Reauthorization
IDEA Reauthorization Gets Boost As House, Senate Plan Discussions
Spec. Ed. Nominee Wins Committee OK
Senate Panel Approves Research Board Members
Bush Touts Spending He Never Proposed
Chart: Budget Blueprints
Fla. Voucher Ruling to Undergo Review
Strike Approved
Illinois Chief Appears Set to Leave Amid Shake-up
California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Use of ‘Redskins’
Pennsylvania Attorney General Will Not Appeal Pledge Ruling
Money Not the Answer, Annual Report Contends
N.Y. Should Expand Preschool, Advocacy Group Argues
Test Is On
Bush Touts Ed. Law's Successes, Promises High School Reforms