How Washington Can Help Reinvent the School District
Solution or Fad?
Classroom Contradictions
Needed: Caring Schools
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News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Court Hears Arguments In Good News Case

In Ala. Budget Crisis, It's Schools vs. Colleges
South Dakota Aims To Put Online Assessment to the Test
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Legislative Update
Union Breaks With Wash. Governor Over Pay Raises
Report Roundup
Fonda Gives Harvard Ed. School $12 Million
Fiscal Ills Persist in Philadelphia Despite Political Shifts
Report Details Features of Effective State Pre-K Programs
Most Md. Kindergartners Not School-Ready
Health Update
News in Brief: A National Roundup
OCR Seen as Unbiased On Bilingual Ed. Issue
Time Spent in English- Proficiency Programs
Abortion Debate: Do the Schools Have A Role in Counseling Girls?
Bush Unveils Outline For Ed. Spending
Central Office Is Critical Bridge To Help Schools
For Sale: Affordable Housing for Teachers
L.A. Offices Try To Banish The Bureaucracy
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The Politics and Practice of Student Assessment
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Improving Education With Technology
Inquisitive Minds
Not So Fast, Pundit
The 'Receptivity Factor'
Growth of Middle-College Schools
Middle-College High Schools Vary In Size, Location, and Style
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Law Update
Philadelphia Schools Warn City Of Spiraling 'Fiscal Crisis'
Youth Sports Injuries Cost $448 Million a Year
England's Former School Inspector Takes Aim Against Labor Leaders
Studies Examine Racial Disparities In Special Education
Identifying Mental Retardation
Respected Journal Rates Student History Papers
News in Brief: A National Roundup
N.Y.C. Parents To Vote on Edison Charter Plan
Web Site That Fed On Student Rumors Shuts Down
Spec. Ed. Costs Can Be Taxing For Districts
Companies Cash In on Testing Trend
Experts Preach Caution On Use of 'Precious' NAEP
Student Tips Called Key To Avert Violence
Governors on Board—With Caveats
Grassroots Group is Taking Names In Effort To Increase Spending
Justices Signal Interest in Appeal Over Grading Practices
Bush Chooses Hansen For Deputy Secretary
Senate Ed. Committee Unanimously Approves K-12 Bill
Companies Target Large States Where the Stakes are High
States Spend Nearly Half-a-Billion On Testing
Hawaii Teachers Plan Strike Vote Over Pay Demands
State Spending on Testing, 2001
Gov. Bush Aims To Keep Teachers
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
California's 'Practice' Test is for Real
College's Chartering of Schools Upsets Cap in Michigan
Student Tips Help Authorities Nip School Violence
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High School, With a College Twist
Venezuela's Plan To Aid Schools Gives Role to Military
Immigrant Children and The American Project
Maybe We're Fighting Over The Wrong Vouchers
Mom's Still the Word
28-Nation Study: Students' Grasp Of Civics Is Mixed
At School, a Cruel Culture
Colleges Seeking Teacher-Educators
Foundation To Study Preparation Of Teachers
Testing for Civic Knowledge
Census 2000: A Diverse Population
The 'Lost Boys' of Sudan Find a Home
Democrats' 'Three R's' Bill Regains Currency
Politicians Stand Up For Character Education Measures
'The Debate Is Really Moving To the Center'
Bush Picks Hickok for No. 3 Post
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Social-Promotion Ban Advances In Georgia
Louisiana Wants Casinos To Ante Up For Teacher Raises
Teacher-Quality Bill Comes Down To Wire in New Mexico
Florida and North Carolina Modify Use Of Tests in School Ratings
Legislative Update
Coca-Cola Cans Exclusive Contracts
Reporter's Notebook
Nearly a Quarter of Foundation Giving Goes to Education
Schools Fall Short On First Amendment Rights
National Geographic Launches Children's Magazine
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Schools Urged To Be Wary Of Polluted Sites
Teaching & Learning
Where Grant Dollars Go
Under Age 18
Out of Africa
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U.S. Census Underscores Diversity
Schools Get the Sales Pitch: Better Safe Than Sorry
Implementing High Standards
Toughness and Caring
Thefts of Drugs Prompt Schools To Tighten Up
Governors Seeking Levers To Improve Education
Ed. Schools Strain To File Report Cards
Massachusetts Students and Substance Abuse
Civil Rights Campaign Evolves Into Algebra Crusade
On a Mission
Paige Warns Districts Of Increased Competition
ACLU, Library Association File Suits Against Internet-Filtering Law
School Construction Funds Remain a Question
Panel's Budget Singles Out Spec. Ed. for Boost
House GOP Tosses ESEA-Reauthorization Bill Into Ring
Bush Selects Reading Researcher For Ed. Department Post
Supreme Court Lets Stand Ruling That Gives Schools Right To Restrict T-Shirts
Ga. OKs Social-Promotion Ban As Texas Revisits Its Own
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
La. Taps Gambling Revenue To Raise Teachers' Salaries
Poll: Words, Actions Fail To Match On Public Engagement
Arizona Charters Found To Yield Greater Gains in Reading
Dyslexia Found To Transcend Language
Firm Moves Closer To Brain-Imaging Test for ADHD
In Short
Hillsborough, Fla., District Declared 'Unitary'
Appellate Court Rejects Extracurricular Drug Testing
State Chooses 3 Companies To Run Pa. District's Schools
Rift Between Board, Chief Has K.C. in Turmoil
Parents Implicated in Probe Of Financial-Aid Fraud
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Boomers' Record Enrollment Matched in 1999
Second High School Shooting Rocks Calif. District
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Urban Education
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Tinkering With Head Start
Introduction to Algebra: It's Elementary
Fla. Debates Expanding Its Voucher Program
Second Study Questions Research Linking Voucher Threat to Gains