Palm Computers Moving From the Workplace to the Classroom
Professional Membership Group Affiliates With AFT
Budget Negotiations Continue
Charter School Opening Must Wait Till Next Year
News in Brief
Election Notebook
Proposal To Alter Michigan Child-Care Rules Draws Fire
Reporter's Notebook
Study: Program Started in Infancy Has Positive Effect in Adult Years
Fellow Republicans Urge Jeffords To Revise ESEA Plan
Few Eligible Families Using Child-Care Aid, HHS Says
Washington Educators Fight Referendum on Taxes
Opposition to Management Shakeup In L.A. Grows
Reporter's Notebook
Library Spending Regains Some Lost Ground
ETS Analysis Tracks Parent Dissatisfaction
Mixed Results Seen For Public School Choice in Mich.
Tests To Reflect New Teachers’ Subject Savvy
N.H. Supreme Court Rejects Funding System
An Ounce of Prevention
House Passes Title I Bill With Bipartisan Vote
Teaching and Learning
Quietly, the School Calendar Evolves
School Satisfaction: A Metropolitan Breakdown
Where Are the Children Of Dissatisfied Parents Attending School Now?
School Dissatisfaction By Race and Ethnic Group
School Satisfaction: A Metropolitan Breakdown
New Findings on Abecedarian Project
Teens Meet With Clinton, Hill Leaders on Violence
Has Media Literacy Found A Curricular Foothold?
Neither Freak Nor Geek: The Gifted Among Us
Beyond Autumn's Stereotypes
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State Journal
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Urban Education
Events (2 of 2)
Lawmakers Debate Accountability's Meaning
Debate Grows As Alabama Lottery Vote Nears
Senate Appropriators Advance Spending Bill
Coalition Launches Anti-Hatred Campaign for Adolescents
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Election Notebook
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
College Board Plans First Foray Into For-Profit World
Ky.'s 1998 NAEP Gains Declared Statistically Significant
2000 Council Asks Students To Imagine Village on Mars
FBI ‘Profiling’ Help Worries Educators
Ed. Dept. To Release List Of Recommended Math Programs
The Teacher Shortage: Wrong Diagnosis, Phony Cures
U.S. Students Lack Writing Proficiency
Record Number of States Commit to NAEP
High Schools Pressed for Space In Student Parking Lots
Study Questions Perceived Benefits of Private Schools
U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Race-Based Admissions in Va. District
Church-State Issues Could Dominate High Court Term
Schools Offering More Service Opportunities, Study Finds
Trained or Educated?
Substitutes Unite!
School Choice Emerges, Albeit Briefly, At National Summit
U.S. Ed. Dept. Launches Grant Program For Technology Centers
Stanford Report Questions Accuracy of Tests
Science Group Finds Middle School Textbooks Inadequate
Confessions of a 'Standardisto'
House Panel To Take Up Title I, 'Straight A's' Bills
Teaching and Learning
Some Washington Districts Go Their Own Way on Salaries
Grant Recipients
Teaching Tops Agenda At Summit
Testing the Texts
Testing the Texts
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Honors & Awards
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State Journal
Events (3 of 3)
Report Roundup
For First Time, Educators Play Prominent Role at National Summit
A Goals 2000 in 2001?
'Continuity of Purpose And a Common Vocabulary'
Time and Reform
As Levin Steps Back, Accelerated Schools Takes Stock
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Election Notebook
Race for Lt. Governor in Miss. Divides Unions
House Panel Sticks To Bipartisan Title I Plan
N.M. Board Scrambles To Avoid Kansas Comparisons
Pa. High Court Throws Out Two School Funding Lawsuits
High Court Leaves Tuition-Tax-Credit Ruling in Place
Court Asks Justice Dept. For Views on School Board Voting Cases
Court Allows Lawsuit Over Waldorf Teaching Practices To Progress
Senate Passes Spending Bill Boosting Ed. Dept. Programs
In Chicago, Every Day Brings A New Lesson Plan
College-Tuition-Rate Increase Is Lowest In Four Years
Odyssey of the Mind Separates Into Two Organizations
U.S. Investigates Child-Care Food Program
Health Update
Pool of Aspiring Teachers Is Growing Older
Planning Committee Unveils Proposals For NAEP Spanish Exam
Partnership on Teaching To Regroup
Pay-Performance Link in Salaries Gains Momentum
Starting From Scratch
Girls' Sports: 'The Best of Times, The Worst of Times'
Fla. Trying To Court Girls for Sports
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Children & Families
People in the News
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Ed. Dept Awards Grants Aimed At Improving Middle, High Schools
A Student's Best Lesson
The Excesses of Self-Esteem
Can Computers Change the System?
Alabamians Vote Down Lottery Plan
Celebrities Swing the Spotlight Toward Arts Education
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Davis Signs Law on Parent Involvement; Vetoes Pesticide Bill
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Justice Dept. Accused Of Obstructing Charter Schools
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Texas School-Management Program Wins National Governance Award
National Science Foundation Awards Grants to Historically Black Colleges
Kansas To Revise Standards Without Citing Evolution
L.A. Board Names CEO With Broad Powers
Education a Central Issue In Philadelphia Mayor's Race
Sharp Rise Seen In Identification Of Autistic Pupils
Advocates Press Congress For More Autism Research Funds
CTB Knew of Problems Earlier, Indiana Districts Say
More Home Schooling Parents Turn To Online Courses for Help
High Court Declines To Review Choice, Kiryas Joel Cases
Technology Update
House Panel Passes Title I, 'Straight A's' Bills
Wisconsin Legislators Approve Revised Plan for Graduation Exam
Gap Persists In Minority Achievement
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A League of Its Own
J.K. Rowling Visit Spins Magic With Devoted Readers
A Private Choice
Uncommon Values
Public vs. Private