Mass-Produced Pencil Leaves Its Mark
Proposal To Boost Funding for Gifted Programs Wins GOP Praise
Carnegie Corp. Repeats History With New Library Grants
As NPEAT's Focus Shifts, Its Director Resigns
Wis. Plan To End Milwaukee Busing Advances
Federal Panel Seeks Tighter Limits on Vans, Small Buses for School Use
Calif. Deal on Charter Unionization Moves Forward
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Study: Effects of Child Care Linger in Early Grades
Ohio Senate Bill Would Limit Cleveland's Vouchers to K-5
Universities, Private K-12 Schools Report Sharp Rise in Donations
Columbine Serves as Catalyst for Lawmakers
Gang-Loitering Law Struck Down by Court
Failing Children--Twice
History Journal Gives High School Students a Showcase
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Budget Caps Put Lobbies on Red Alert
Legislative Update
Injuries, Liability Spur Demand for Athletic Trainers
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
A Science Way of Thinking
Court Lets Stand Ruling on Lawyer-Parent's Legal Fees
Colleges Urged To Meet Women's Changing Needs
Milestone or Millstone?
Congress Takes Up Debate on Accountability
Outspoken State Chief in Georgia Still an 'Outsider' in Second Term
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Urban Education
Federal File
Testing Across Time
Quiz Biz
Made to Measure
Making America Smarter
Pioneers of Modern Testing
The Assessment Culture: Introduction
Retention Is No Way To Boost Reading
Columbine and the Cult of High School Sports
FCC Approves Full Funding for E-Rate Program
Poor Districts Fare Worst on N.Y. Assessment
More Teachers and Students Say Violence in Schools Is Declining
Charity Begins in the Classroom for Computer Teacher
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Report: After-School Programs Not All They Could Be
States Setting Strategies To Reduce Mistakes in Textbooks
Judgment Days
Impact-Aid Districts Pay the Price When Federal Checks Come Late
Program To Let Teachers Log On for Licensing
Construction Poses Extra Burden for Impact-Aid Schools
Harassment Ruling Poses Challenges
Is It Working Yet?
Dissent: Ruling Teaches Johnny the Wrong Lesson
Substituting the Privilege of Choice for the Right to Equality
GOP Lays Out Plan for Revamp of Class-Size Initiative
'When I Grow Up, I Don't Think I Want To Be a Teacher ... '
People in the News
Interpretations of Prop. 227 Vary Widely, Experts Say
K-12 Settings Get Chance To Train Future Teachers in Minn.
States Setting Strategies To Reduce Mistakes in Textbooks
Judge Says District Violated Students' Religious Freedom
Republicans Vow To Free NCES From Political Meddling
Ohio Court Issues Mixed Verdict on Voucher Program
Different Factions Come Together on New Literacy Standards
Legislative Update
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Student Protesters in Massachusetts Sit Out State Exams
Researchers Find Teacher Tests Short on Covering College Content
Arizona Looks to Its Neighbor in Crafting Plan To Take to Voters
Gifted Students in Rural Schools Often Overlooked, According to New Report
'Damages Are Not Available For Simple Acts of Teasing'
Calif.'s Year on the Bilingual Battleground
State Jounal
Federal File
Study Links High School Courses With College Success
Books: New in Print
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The Truths We Must Face To Curb Youth Violence
Why Reforms Won't Work in California
Bring Honor and Meaning to Learning
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Researchers Call for OERI Reforms at Hearing
Report Roundup
Where's the AERA? Critics Say They See A Leadership Void
Students Spend Year Documenting Goals 2000 Projects
Calif. Approves Math, English Textbooks Tied to Standards
In Schools, a Sigh of Relief asTense Spring Draws to a Close
Wisconsin Committee Votes To Kill State Graduation Test
S.F. Board Reconsiders New Policy on Police
Lengthy Trial in Charlotte Desegregation Lawsuit Winds Down
Spate of Legal Rulings On Vouchers, Choice Yields Little Consensus
The Jump To High School
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Legislative Update
Teachers' Contract Hinders N.Y.C. Principals, Report Says
Reality and Style
Florida's Four-Pronged Attack on Teen Smoking Pays Off
NRC Study Will Track States' Teacher-Licensing Efforts
New Unionboss
Study Finds Mismatch Between Calif. Standards and Assessments
State Agencies Take Hands-On Role in Reform
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Governor's Voucher Proposal Fails To Find Support in Pa. Legislature
Programs That Promote Summer Learning Gain Popularity
What Are You Doing Labor Day?
Calcium Can Cut Risk of Lead Poisoning
Group Seeks To Align Staff Development With Student Standards
What Is (and Isn't) Research?
Florida Governor Poised To Sign Statewide Voucher Bill
Torch Passes at Elementary Principals' Group
Okla., Ore. Bump Up Charter Law States to 36
High Court To Hear Case On Title VI
Milwaukee Public, Catholic Leaders Vow Cooperation
Needed: More Educational Conservationists
Research Notes
Teacher Quality: The Role of New Forms of Compensation
Harvard Study Finds Increase in Segregation

First N.Y. Charters Are Approved
Slight Gains Found From Calif. Class-Size Program
Indiana Agency Hopes To Change the Way It Conducts Business
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