Take Note
Budget Cuts in Cincinnati Begin With Teacher Layoffs
La. School Board Redistricting Case Reaches High Court for Second Time
Andover Launches Drive To Generate $200 Million
High-Poverty Schools Score Big on Ky. Assessment
Research Notes
Florida OKs 1st Statewide Voucher Plan
OSEP Chief Announces Decision To Leave Spec. Ed. Office in Fall
After Four Years, Chicago Ponders Vallas' Future
State Journal
Rojas To Leave S.F. District for Top Dallas Job
Reeling Under the Collective Media Lights
Supreme Court in S.C. Sets Stage for Debate On School 'Adequacy'
Battle Over Principals in Chicago: Administration vs. Local Councils
Shootings Propel States Into Action on Safety
Breaking Out of the 'Prison of Time'
Class Size, Teacher Quality Take Center Stage at Hearing
Clinton, Congress Zero In on Youth Violence
Public Rift Between Crew, Giuliani Grows in N.Y.C.
Ingredients for Successful Transitions
Federal File
'Copycat' Incidents Disrupt Schools, Districts
Court Excludes Religious Schools From 'Tuitioning'
Supreme Court To Decide if FDA Can Regulate Tobacco
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Shootings Raise Host of Legal Questions
Putting 'Value Added' Data to Good Use
Will the Best and the Brightest Teach?
At Long Last, N.H. Passes School Finance Plan
Colorado District Copes Amid Grief, Fear
Littleton: A Case of Mistaken Geographic Identification
Sanders 101
Events Stir Memories of Dark Day at Mich. School
Reading Champs
Online Discussions Provide Comfort for Some Students, Teachers
How To Get More Of the Teachers We Need
Panel Suggests Federal Research Priorities
People in the News
Make or Break
Tenn. Class-Size Study Finds Long-Term Benefits
Governors Vie With Chiefs on Policy, Politics
Early Years
Take Note
L.A. Board Advances Broad Accountability Measures
Father Figures
Texas Study Links Teacher Certification, Student Success
Columbine Students Return to Class; District Finds Itself in Debt
Charters Likely To Be Newly Created, U.S. Report Finds
Assessment Apathy
News in Brief: A National Roundup
True Diversity
Researchers See Some Progress in Chicago High Schools
States Gave More Aid for Higher Education Last Year, Report Says
Minnesota Weighs Profile of Learning's Fate
Group Helps Troubled Schools Find Answers
Contracts Heighten Chiefs' Accountability
Pa. Adopts Budget With Funding for Vouchers
Reflections on Columbine: Standards for The Heart?
Huge E-Rate Project Runs Into Problems
Panel Explores Entertainment-Violence Link
Welfare Reform Inspires a Variety of State Efforts
Schools Ratchet Up the Rules on Student Clothing, Threats
Choosing Chiefs and Boards
AmeriCorps Officials Berated for Management Problems
Treasury Department Gives Aid to Career Program
Reflections on Columbine: A Metaphor For Parents
Counting Lesson: Schools Join Census Outreach
N.Y. Town in Turmoil Over Teacher's Pregnancy
Reflections on Columbine: Pressing the Mute Button
State Journal
Reading Experts Question if 'Balance' Is the Answer
Coalition of Governors, Business Leaders Plans for New Math Test
Kellogg Seeks To Help Hispanics Earn College Degrees
People in the News
States Try New Leadership Strategies; N.C. Governor Chairs Special Cabinet
Falling Teenage Birthrate Fuels Drop in Overall U.S. Rate
Pa. Adopts Budget With Funding for Vouchers
Federal File
FCC Chairman To Seek Full Funding for E-Rate Program
Md. Panel Urges Tougher Middle School Academics
People in the News
Federal File
Ill. Lawmakers OK Tax Credit for Tuition, Private School Costs
Title I Portability Idea Draws Scrutiny on Hill
Peer-Coaching Plan Approved in San Diego
Omaha Voters Approve $254 Million Bond Measure
School-Business Partnerships Highlighted at Conference
Take Note
Bill Would Order Collective Bargaining in Calif. Charters
Board Won't Revise State NAEP Scores
Technology Experts Stress Need for Teacher Training
Governors Lend Voices to GOP's Flexibility Debate
Teacher-Recruitment Group Branches Out, Asserts Itself
Va. Centers Help Teachers Gear Up for Exams
On Teacher Quality
State Journal
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
More Schools Giving Classroom Phones a Ringing Endorsement
Urban Education
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Teaching Prospects Show Mixed SAT Scores
Detroit BoardNames Interim Schools Chief
Two Reports Offer Bright Outlook for Education Industry
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Competing for Our Clients
The State of Curriculum
Debating the Direction of Vocational Education
The Chronic Failure of Curriculum Reform
The Legacy of an Influential Yet Often Forgotten Study
Violence Is Preventable
On Teacher Quality: A Hard-Won System Begins To Pay Off
The Race to Space Rocketed NSF Into Classrooms
Technology and Its Continual Rise and Fall
Clinton Lays Out Anti-Violence Proposals at Conference
Book Smarts
The Evolving Curriculum: Introduction
Scopes and the Clash Over Science
Advanced Placement Program To Offer Special Diplomas
Arrests Top350 in Threats, Bomb Scares
Plan Would Boost Competitive-Grant Funding
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Shootings Spur Move To Police Students' Work
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Everyone Gets To Play at Ind. Middle School
The Fiddler's Playing, But Nobody's Dancing
Highlights of the Clinton ESEA Plan
Report Roundup
New Calif. Budget Would Hike K-12 Spending
Renomination Blocked, Forgione To Depart
Clinton Speaks in Colo.; House Hears From Victims of Violence
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Kellogg Begins Program To Boost Service Learning
Gore Stumps in Iowa With Focus on Education Themes
Under Levine, Teachers College Gets New Paint, New Programs
Clinton ESEA Plan Targets Accountability
How Class-Size Reduction Harms Kids in Poor Neighborhoods
Beware of Misusing Test Scores, ED Draft Advises
Court Rejects Policy on Graduation Messages
N.J. Plans To End Takeover in Jersey City
Higher Education Alliance Rallies for Student-Aid Cause
Texas Legislature Passes Teacher Pay Raises, Tax Cuts
Partisan Politics Lend New Twist To State Debates
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Supreme Court Addresses Two More Harassment Cases
Health Update
Court Limits 'Tuitioning' Aid in Maine
Obstacle Course
Group To Launch New International Assessment
Texas Legislative Highlights
Partisan Control of State Legislatures, 1938-98
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Illinois Strikes Compromise on Chicago Principals
Secondary Schools Search for Role in ESEA
Home Schooling Queries Spike After Shootings
LEAP Gives States' Need-Based-Aid Programs Key Boost
Boston Effort Adds Some Green to Playground Blacktop
Obstacle Course
More Students Turning Up at the Conference Table
CEOs Reflect on 10 Years of Helping Schools Improve
Voucher Ruling Has Ohio Legislature on Spot
Legislative Update
Study Highlights Benefits, Shortcomings of Magnet Programs
Republicans Vow To Free NCES From Political Meddling
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Children & Families
Federal File
State Journal
People in the News
Special Education
Early Years
State Journal
People in the News
Take Note
Delta Blues
Early Math
New Texas Report Pinpoints Where Students Are Going
Bilingual and Immigrant Education
Local Funds Playing Larger Roles in Reform
Federal File
Nader, Schlafly Lambaste Channel One at Senate Hearing