The Great Debate: Introduction
Books: New in Print
N.J. Schools Put Reform To the Test
In New Jersey Schools, Reform Keeps to Its Own Schedule
Rural Education
People in the News
For-Profit Company To Offer High School Diploma Over Internet
Districts Should Improve Background Checks, Lawyers Advise
Study: Smokers Who Start Young Risk Genetic Damage
Kindergarten Teacher Takes Home a Pulitzer
Conferees Agree on Revised 'Ed-Flex' Bill
Candidates Backed by Riordan Win in L.A. Board Races
Engler Sees Funding Supplement as Stage for Policies
House, Senate Pass Budget Blueprint for 2000 and Beyond
State Journal
City in Suburban L.A. Loses Its Bid To Secede
Privatization Center To Seek Balanced View of Vouchers
Federal File
Oakland's Beleaguered Superintendent To Resign
Capitol Hill Begins Debate on Possible Title I Reforms
Deciding on 'Essential Knowledge'
News in Brief: A National Roundup
S.C. Lottery Proposal Advances in Legislature
New Criteria for College Admissions
Gifted Education
Effects Mixed for Ore.'s Contract-Renewal Law
School Administrators Face Aftermath of Colo. Horror
Progressives: The 1950s and the 1960s
Tugging at Tradition
A Blueprint for Change
Curriculum and Society
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Open to Innovation
Chicago Centers Target 8th Graders in Transition
The Power and Peril of Idea-Driven Reform
Dewey: The Progressive Era's Misunderstood Giant
Levin To Launch Privatization Center at Columbia
Exam-Testing Breaches Put Focus on Security
Fla. House Approves Bush's Voucher Plan; Senate Action Likely
Sticker Shock: $200 Million For an L.A. High School
Fla. District Criticized for Moving Students Out of Special Centers
What If We Ended Social Promotion?
Critics Say Budget Plans May Be Unrealistic
Take Note
Are Public Schools Hazardous To Public Education?
A Sampler of the Ocracoke Brogue
Vt. District Backing Off From Choice Proposal
N.C. Dropout-Prevention Law Raises Privacy Issues
Drug Testing Latest Tactic in Prevention
Early Years
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Supreme Court To Hear Case on Mandatory Student-Activity Fees
Federal File
Rojas Feuds With Calif. Officials Over Funding for San Francisco
'Alternative' School Sits Out Computer Craze
News in Brief: A National Roundup
State Journal
New 'Food Pyramid' Is Aimed at 2- to 6-Year-Olds
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Model for 'New Unionism' Shifts Gears
L.A. Mayor Has Key Role in Board Race
A Way With Words
Urban Schools Cite Higher Test Scores in Defense of Title I
An Essay by Any Other Name ...
Beyond Ebonics
Mo. University Switches Teacher Ed. Accreditation Allegiance
Court Rulings Reach Beyond Athletics
Office Brings Private Education View to Federal Policy
Crackdowns on Emergency Licenses Begin as Teacher Shortages Loom
Lacking Licenses
Conservatives Join Effort To Pull the Plug on Channel One
News in Brief: A National Roundup
NRC Seeks New Agenda for Research
Most Edison Schools Report Rise in Test Scores
Milwaukee Voters Reject Union-Backed Candidates
States Increasingly Flexing Their Policy Muscle
Education-Related Panels in the 106th Congress
Despite Takeover Laws, States Moving Cautiously on Interventions
States Spending Time Line
Looking Closely at Governance
Information Sources for Teachers: Conflict in Yugoslavia
Austin District Charged With Test Tampering
Key Ingredients in the Reform Recipe
State Journal
Candles in the Wind
Report on Abstinence Funds Raises Questions
Black, Hispanic Admissions Rebound at University of California
Partisan Tensions Flare Up in 'Ed-Flex' Debate
Research Notes
Children & Families
Teacher Walkouts Spread Across Washington
GOP Weighs In With Proposals On Construction
Education Groups Unite in Opposition to Divided ESEA
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Colorado School Seizes on Opportunity for Local Control
States Spending Time Line
'Standards Are Not Magic'
Teachers Turn to Internet To Bring Foreign Crisis Home
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Following the Plan
After Anti-Smoking Effort, Fla. Youths Light Up Less
Pride & Prejudice
The Ambitious Generation
As Tax Day Nears, Arizona Prepares To Tally Credits
Federal File
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Two Reports React to 'Virtual Universities' With Caution
More Teens Blending High School, College
Schools Advised To Catch, Treat Disabilities as Early as Possible
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Leadership Matters
N.H. Lawmakers Come Close to Accord on Aid
Huge Demand for Private Vouchers Raises Questions
State Journal
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Head Start Works, But It Could Be Better, Research Shows
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The Kids Are All Right
States, Districts Unsure How To Test Students With Disabilities
Education Researchers Could Use More Training, Experts Say
AERA Meeting Showcases New Ways To Present Research
Study: High-Quality Child Care Pays Off
'Ed-Flex' Sponsor Gave Bill a Push Before Media Storm
Court Won't Hear Appeal Over Colo. Lands
Giuliani Floats N.Y. Voucher Plan Run by City Hall
GOP Plan Would Increase Size of Pell Grants
Deregulation Urged To Enrich Teacher Corps
Former W.Va. Governor To Lead College Board
Eminent Science Group Reiterates Importance of Teaching Evolution
Fla. Lawmakers Poised To Decide Fate of Voucher Plan
Federal Study Will Put Price Tag on Class-Size Reduction
Congress Passes 'Ed-Flex' by Wide Margin
Rhyme and Reason
What's Up, Doc?
Governor Seeks Mediation To Resolve Prop. 187 Appeal
Take Note
School Shootings: A Timeline
Rejection and Rage Increasingly Turn Into Violence
A Colo. Community Looks for Answers After Deadly Attack
National Policymakers Trying Range of Measures to Stem School Violence
'We Thought It Was a Senior Prank'
Resources on the Web
Safety Is Hard to Ensure, Administrators Say
Where the Great Plains Meet the Rockies, Schools Are the Centers of Community