At the Crossroads
Ridge Wants 'Supervouchers' in Pa.
Vouchers Front and Center in Fla. Legislature
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Infant Mortality Drops; Injuries Cause Most Child Deaths
Child-Care Advocates, Policymakers Debate States' Use of Block Grants
Learning To Snowboard
Congressman Wants Treasury To Administer Impact-Aid Program
Legislative Update
Chiefs' Group Wants Congress To Know Value of State Role in Federal Programs
Settlement Ends St. Louis Desegregation Case
As ADD Research Continues, Parents Seek Alternatives
Education Dept. Examining Rise in Students Excluded From NAEP
Takeover PlanFor Detroit Shifts Gears
Panel Urges Tighter Review of Research-Grant Proposals
Parents Express Scant Interest in Helping Govern Schools
Taking Action on K-12, University Cooperation
GOP Budget Plans Promise Big Hikes in K-12 Spending
Early Intervention Key to Helping Children, Study Finds
Their Day in Court
Taft Wants To Spend Surplus on Education
Backers of Home-Visitation Program Remain Confident
Educational Free Agency
Report Roundup
Federal File
Take Note
People in the New
State Jounral
Challenging the U.S. Conscience
Burgeoning Nevada District Concentrates on 'Growing' Its Own
Beyond the Common Battleground
Prospective Teachers in Rural Areas Tune In to Satellite Classes
School Desegregation and the 'American Dilemma'
Echoes of the Coleman Report
The Continuing Evolution of 'Equal Justice Under Law'
All Classes of Spec. Ed. Teachers in Demand Throughout Nation
In Black and White
IDEA Rules May Not Head Off Amendments
Years of Entrenched Inequality
The Struggle for Integration: Introduction
'Doll Man' Secured the Role of Social Scientists
Author Says Fear Of Youth Crime Outstrips the Facts
Warranty Pledges Help for Struggling Teacher Graduates
Hall To Leave Newark for Top Job in Atlanta
Power Shift for Detroit Moves Ahead
Contending With Distraction
Values, Views, or Virtues?
Gates Downloads a Proposal for Schools
Could an Apple a Day Be Too Much?
Business Group Calls for More Technology Training
Governors Set Sights on Finding What Works in Education Policy
ECS Convenes Group To Explore School Governance
Suit Says Ore. Test Unfair to Learning-Disabled
Week's Events Herald Debate on Federal K-12 Policies
NCAA Not Necessarily Liable Under Title IX, Supreme Court Rules
Tattered Promise
D.C. Schools Confront the Expanding Presence of Charters
Texas Moves Ahead on Social-Promotion Curb
Crew Announces Summer School Plan for N.Y.C.
Competing 'Ed-Flex' Priorities Emerge on Hill
Gates Downloads a Proposal for Schools
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Tattered Promise
Senior Citizens Tutoring at Schools To Offset Tax Increases
Oakland's Jerry Brown Could Join Mayors With Power Over Schools
If Science Were Tennis, We Wouldn't Know Love
Demand for Principals Growing, but Candidates Aren't Applying
Bill Gates on Education, Philanthropy, and Track Balls
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
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State Journal
Federal File
Children & Families
Legislative Update
The Next Steps
Teens and Homeless Share Dinner, Discussion, Insight
Vouchers Take Center Stage During NCSL Finance Seminar
Final Tally Released on 1st Round of 'E-Rate' Discounts
Science Board Calls on Educators To Reach Consensus on Content
Bush Pushes Voucher Plan Linked to Failing Fla. Schools
Legislative Update
Mothers' Jobs Have Modest Effect on Children
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Court Rejects Ohio Finance Plan; Revives Debate on School Funding
Principals' Salaries Rising, But Slowly, Survey Finds
Board Contends Gore's Role Politicized NAEP Release
Davis Reform Bills Make Headway in Calif. Legislature
Court Sides With Conn. in Latest Sheff Ruling
Title I Study Finds 'Promising' Student Gains
Delay of Rules Leaves Schools in Doubt on IDEA
A Glimpse at the States With Big NAEP Gains
Educators Say Ruling Could Drain Budgets
Silber Resigns as Mass. Board Head; Ends Standoff Over New State Chief
States Committed to Standards Reforms Reap NAEP Gains
NEA's Chase Charts Evidence of Union's 'Reinvention'
Defending Mrs. Halas
The 'Excuse' Schools
Businessman Adds to Ed. School Donations
$30 Million in Grants Will Support Research Across Diverse Fields
Children & Families
People in the News
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Federal File
Prospective Teachers' SAT Scores Higher Than Believed, Study Finds
States' Uneven Teacher Supply Complicates Staffing of Schools
Technology Eases Teacher Recruitment for School Districts
Under Tirozzi, NASSP Looks to Brighter Future
On Painting With a Young Child
Whole-Language Model Survives Despite Swing Back to Basics
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
In Texas, It's Football Without a Prayer
Cutbacks Hover Over Teacher Programs in Cincinnati
High Court Turns Down Mo. Teacher's Appeal Over Firing
Texas Presses Districts in Alleged Test-Tampering Cases
Court Rejects Test Scores as NCAA Eligibility Criteria
Legislative Update
R.I. Halts Exams in Wake of Wide-Scale Security Breaches
News in Brief: A National Roundup
NAEP Reading Results
Department Unveils Guidance on Class-Size Initiative
Survey Finds Gap Between Public, Board Members on Urban Schools
A Direct Challenge
Establish an 'Academic Bill of Rights'
Both Chambers Pass 'Ed-Flex' Bills
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Research Notes
Department Unveils Guidance on Class-Size Initiative
Putting the 'Byte' in Educational Decisionmaking
Test-Governing Panel Contemplates Halting Trend-Data Collection
Ground Zero for Vouchers
In N.Y.C., Crew and Giuliani Agree To Disagree Over Voucher Proposal
Storm Brews in Mass. as a District Questions Integration Program
Conference on Black Youths Focuses on Urban Schools
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People in the News
New Teachers Abandon Field at High Rate
Federal File
State Journal
Boston Swaps Flunking for 'Transition' Grades
N.H. Funding Debate Comes Down to the Wire
Report Charts Rise in Spec. Ed. Enrollment
Department Issues IDEA Regulations
State Journal
Liberating Lesson
Longtime NAESP Director Issues 21st-Century Challenge
Take Note
N.M. Governor Digs In His Heels on Vouchers
Mathematics for the Moment, Or the Millennium?
Tech-Savvy Youngsters Getting a New Type of Lesson
Experts' Panel Seeks New Research Priorities
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Tougher Graduation Requirements Rebuffed in Oklahoma
Support for AmeriCorps Program Growing in Congress
Out-of-Field Teaching Is Hard To Curb
People in the News
Mich. Lawmakers Approve Takeover Bill for Detroit
School Board Prayers Are Illegal, Court Rules
Teachers' Literacy Skills Akin to Other Professionals', ETS Says
Calif. To Guarantee Top Graduates Entry to UC System
The Blank Space on My R‚sum‚
Supreme Court Rejects District's Appeal Over Drug Testing
Living in Servitude
Federal File
Publishers Cashing In On Keyboarding Products
Study Finds Home Schoolers Are Top Achievers on Tests
Speaker's Odyssey: From L.A. Streets to Calif. Statehouse
Economic School Desegregation
School Officials Looking To Ban Laser Pointers
Texas, N.Y. Consider New Restrictions on Staff-Student Sex
Reform Bills Pass in Calif. Legislature
Out-of-Field Teaching Is Hard To Curb