Excerpts From the Ruling in Jackson v. Benson
$80 Million Gift To Boost Technology in Idaho Schools
Clinton Plans For Education Hit GOP Snag
Protesters Derail Minneapolis Board Meeting
Baltimore Offering Teachers Housing Bonuses
Beyond the Salary Carrot
NCAA Agrees to Concessions for Disabled
College Costs Less Than People Think, Study Finds
'An Opportunity To Learn'
The Space Ambassadors
'A Life-Changing Event'
The ABCs of Administrative Shortages
S.F. Freed From Testing LEP Pupils in English
Officials Take No Chances After Killings
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Sowing the Seeds of Nonviolence
Dueling Federal Education Agendas
Appeals Court Allows Student-Led Graduation Prayers
Despite Talk, Lawmakers Slow To Copy Tax Credits
U.S. Judge Upholds Race-Based Plan for Prestigious Boston High School
Indianapolis Uses Metal Detectors on Elementary Pupils
Supreme Court Ruling Is a Defeat for Unions
Administrators Wait as Feds Postpone IDEA Regulations
Another Danger for 21st-Century Children?
Ga. Schools Tap New Source for Construction
Prop. 227 To End Bilingual Education Wins
'Paycheck Protection,' District Spending Cap Measures Defeated
Dueling Federal Education Agendas
Prop. 227 To End Bilingual Education Wins
State Journal
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Federal File
Take Note
Peer-Review Programs Catch Hold As Unions, Districts Work Together
Education Department Taking 'Reinvention' Seriously
Phila. Budget Passes, Easing Takeover Threat
Federal Class-Size Reports Do an About-Face
Research Notes
Effort is largest single private investment.
Some Unanswered Questions Concerning National Board Certification of Teachers
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Appeals Court Rejects Employee-Drug-Test Policies
A Half Dozen Principles
Buffalo Seeks a Smooth Transition After Release From Court Oversight
Work vs. Homework
Houston Reaches for Diversity Without Quotas
Drilling in Texas
Uncertainty Follows Vote on Prop. 227
Work vs. Homework
Abandoning Virtue ... For Decorum
High Court Declines To Hear Appeal Over Newspaper Ads
Proms, Graduations Spur Schools To Redouble Anti-Drinking Efforts
Two Views on Class-Size Reduction
Cost Comparison
Merger Camps Making Push in Home Stretch
Phila. Panel on Teachers Finds No Widespread Discrimination
Unions Hail Save of Payroll Deductions for Politics
The Money Flowed, But Only Some Campaigns Cashed In
Schools Chief Race Not Over
Religious Freedom Amendment Fails in House Vote
Californians Reject District-Spending Measure
Off-the-Shelf Options
As Busing Fades Away, What Lies Ahead?
News in Brief: A National Roundup
In Alabama, Gubernatorial Primary Sets Stage for a GOP Rematch
Drilling in Texas
Child-Care Advocates Pin Hopes on Tobacco-Settlement Proposal
New Magnet School Policies Sidestep an Old Issue: Race
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
On the Elimination of Recess
State Journal
Take Note
Private Schools
Legislative Update
Special Education
Federal File
Charter Schools Struggle With Accountability
Feds Plot Anti-Violence Strategies; Student Coping Skills Emphasized
International Competitiveness In Science
A Denver High School Reaches OutTo the Neighborhood It Lost to Busing
Military-Style Training Brings 5th Graders to Attention
Youth Curfews No Cure for Crime, Study Says
If It Wasn't Around in the Middle Ages, It's a Fad!
Hill Negotiators Unveil Revised Education-Tax-Breaks Bill
Report Roundup
Fatally Flawed
Court Allows Vouchers in Milwaukee
South Carolina Approves School Reform Package With Class-Size Provision
Report Cards on the Web
Pressure for Community Schools Grows as Court Oversight Wanes
FCC Expected To Scale Back 'E-Rate' Program
N.C. Lawmakers Revoke Teacher-Testing Plan
House Bill Would Alter Federal Bilingual Ed. Policy
NCAA Ponders Revising Academic-Eligibility Rules
Weighted Grades Pose Dilemmas in Some Schools
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
ETS Study Takes 'Value Added' View of NAEP
FCC Cuts $1 Billion From 'E-Rate' Program
Principals' Group Announces Debut of TV Network
State of Independence
Wilson Pressures Panel To Cede Standards-Setting Control
Doctors Warn of Improper Screening of Athletes
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
State of Independence
News in Brief: A National Roundup
New Research Chief Has Unique Education Outlook
Will Calif.'s Bellwether Reputation Ring True?
Panel Finds No Tests Comparable to Ones Clinton Espouses
State of Independence
Student 'Warranty' Programs Have Fallen Flat
Ala. School Boards Challenge Nonschool Appropriations
Voucher Plans Surface in Hearing on Head Start Reauthorization
Legislative Update
State Journal
Children & Families
Take Note
Federal File
Bilingual & Immigrant Education
A New Accountability Player: The Local Newspaper
High-Tech Teachers Find Their Goals Are Hard To Reach
N.Y. Regents' Panel Proposes Stringent Teaching Standards
Religious Schools Welcome Back On-Site Title I Services
Ariz. High Court Again Rules Finance Plan Unconstitutional
New York City Board Moves To Revamp Special Education
Comprehensive School Reform Can Debunk Myths About Change
Who Is the AFL-CIO?
Tobacco Bill's Defeat Leaves K-12 Plans Uncertain
For Better or Worse, Girls Catching Up to Boys
NEA's Chase Travels Nation To Lobby for a Single Union
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Legislative Update
Technology Group Releases National Standards
Linking Proposed National Tests To NAEP Bedevils Researchers
Mich. Districts Chart Course After Spec. Ed. Rulings
'E-Rate' Cuts Force Schools To Alter Plans
Storage, Dispensing of Medication Varies, Study Says
Teachers College President Endorses Vouchers for Pupils Needing 'Rescue'
Legal Issues Complicate Efforts To Integrate School Staffs
Mo., Ore. 8th Graders Have Strong Showing on International Exam
Comprehensive School Reform Will Need Comprehensive Support
Safe Schools Office Finds Itself at Storm's Eye
Black Parents at Heart of Tug of War
AFL-CIO Label Is Most Ticklish of Issues For NEA Members Deciding Union's Future
Special Education in Urban Districts
NEA Delegates Down to Final Days To Weigh Merits of Merger With AFT
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Failed N.Y. Power Plant Fuels Budget Battles
House Passes Education-Savings Bill, But Veto Promised
State Graduation Tests Raise Questions, Stakes
The Evolution of 'Nerd Discipline'
Famed New Trier Opts for Freshman-Only Campus
'Highlights of FCC's June 12 Decision
'Selected Standards for Grades Pre-K-2
NSF Official Settles Suit, Retains Post
New Superintendent Brings Hopes Home to East St. Louis
Take Note
Federal File
State Journal
Vocational Education
Table: Safe and Drug-Free Schools Dollars
Report Finds No Easy Solutions for Disparities in School Funding
Spec. Ed. Designation Varies Widely Across Country
High Court Limits District Liability on Harassment
Taking Root