News in Brief: A National Roundup
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
More Teachers, Smaller Classes: Are These Our First Priority?
Graduates Growing More Diverse, Study Finds
Increased Suicide Rate for Blacks Puts Prevention Efforts in Doubt
Trends in Urban Achievement Tricky To Prove
Plan To Put NYPD in Charge of School Force Is Revived
Students Nationwide Learn To Lobby for Education
Bolick v. Chanin
Debate on Tax-Free Accounts Held Over Again
The New Unionism and the Very Old
D.C. Schools Chief Announces Resignation
Mich. Lawmakers Debate School Safety Bills
Pa. District Gives Go-Ahead to Local Voucher Plan
NYU Creates Research Program on Education Reform
Weak Scores, Strong Economy: How Can This Be?
Student Performance Again Tops List of Concerns
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Study: Schoolwide Reform Not Easy
Federal File
How Students Experience Their Schools
Report Underscores Difficulties of Whole-School Reform
Intel Corp. To Sponsor Annual Science Contest
Head Start Reauthorization May Emphasize Large-Scale Research
College Board Rescores 15,500 Tests
Experience Shaped Hehir's Inclusive Spec. Ed. Views
Business Leaders Urged To Step Up Support for Schools
Supreme Court Hears Challenge From 'Right To Work' Group.
Immigrant Children Succeed Despite Barriers, Report Says
Arkansas Community Still Reeling After Fatal School Shooting Spree
State Journal
Legislative Update
Take Note
Ky. Senate Gives OK To Measure That Would Replace KIRIS Test
'Distinguished Educators' Train Their Focus on Instruction
Research Notes
Judge Ends Desegregation Case in Cleveland
S.F. Files Federal Suit Over Testing of LEP Students
Senate Panel OKs $300 Million for Teacher Training
Our Tests, Ourselves
Schools Are Latest Front in Cola Wars
Senate Panel Report Calls for Shift in Federal Education Policies
Budget Plan Approved; Tax-Break Debate Set
Education Policymakers Embrace Brain Findings
Pa. Revisits Tough Special Education Funding Issues
Minority Admissions Drop Sharply at Calif. Universities
The Diogenes Factor
Thou Shalt Not Help Thy Kids
A Musical Inclination
Court Avoids Deciding on Interventions
For Some Schools, State Border Is Academic
Deadline Nears For Year 2000 Computer Bug
Links to Good Teaching
CDC Documents Increases in Teen Smoking
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Mass. Officials Looking Anew at Privately Run Charter Schools
The Play's the Thing
Private Coed Schools Find Benefits in Single-Sex Classes
Court Case Involving AIDS Virus Could Affect Schools
Public Schools Cashing In on Alumni Giving
NICHD Chief Names Closely Watched Panel On Reading Research
Detroiters Await Repairs From '94 Bond Vote
Study: More Student Interns Finding Work
Consensus Is Goal for New Education Audits
Matchmaking Master's Program, Teaching Standards Afoot
N.Y.C. Ordered To Correct Chronic Facilities Problems
In Devising After-School Programs, Commitment Is Key
Music on the Mind
News in Brief: A National Roundup
New Tests Send Bay State Schools Scrambling
Bug Could Have Far-Reaching Effects
Report Blasts 'Hidden' Public Costs of Channel One News Program
Legislative Update
Honors & Awards
Federal File
The Play's the Thing
Take Note
State Journal
Strike Halts Student Tests in State-Run N.J. District
Legislators Tackle Youth Crime Via New Juvenile-Justice Routes
Ariz. OKs Finance Plan; New Challenge Expected
The SAT: Public-Spirited or Preserving Privilege?
Latino Students' Math Scores Climb While Family Income Drops
Competition Heats Up for Federal Education Dollars
For Teachers, Reporting Abuse Is a Tough Call
Positive Perceptions and Uniforms
The New in a 'New Unionism' Contract
National Academy Guides Teachers on Evolution
Teachers Find Plenty of Uses For Software That Covers the Map
Amendment's Passage Stabilizes Funding for Kansas City Schools
State Journal
The Old Order Changeth?
Muddle in the Middle
Mo. Bill Would Crack Down on Fraudulent Test-Taking
Teaching-Test Plans Greeted With Shock in Bay State
Stanford's Illness Dampens Spirits in Seattle
Calif. Board Revises Policy for LEP Students
How Legislatures Are Changing the Juvenile-Justice Landscape
Boston Charter Stamps a Guarantee on Its Students
Companies' Requirements Vary
In Jackson, Expertise Pays Off for Some
In Research, Global Views Gain Ground
Audit Criticizes Cleveland Voucher Program
Testing Awaits Staffs in Low-Achieving Schools
Federal File
Victims of Abuse
Computer Giants Look to Students
District, Union in Md. Experiment With Innovative Accord
Sweeping K-12 Bill in Minn. Would Abolish State Board
Schools, Parents Grapple With 'Megan's Law'
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
South Dakota Effort Puts Social Workers in Schools
How Legislatures Are Changing the Juvenile-Justice Landscape
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Early Years
Take Note
Victims of Abuse
An 'A' or a 'D': State Rankings Differ Widely
Teaching Those Who Don't Want To Learn
Grading the Standards
Muddle in the Middle
Clinton Renews Pitch for School Construction
Quiz Show
Quiz shows, television, trivia, "It's Academic," education, students
In the Golden State, Schools' Space Needs Translate Into Big Business
From Compliance to Collaboration
Calif. District Has Had It With Rude Parents
Ky. Bids KIRIS Farewell, Ushers In New Test
News in Brief: A National Roundup
N.J. Ponders Drawing Line Between Diplomas, GED
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Reborn 'Hooked on Phonics' Switches Strategy
Study Finds Violence Is Prevalent in Children's TV Shows
Schools Scramble To Meet 'E-Rate' Deadline
Jewish Philanthropy To Test Vouchers In Jewish Schools in Atlanta, Cleveland
Preschoolers' Education Takes Center Stage
'White Conditioning'
Federal Report on Gang Increase Met With Caution
Many Children Struggling To Adjust to Kindergarten
Reform Effort Expects Wave of New Takers
'A Single Garment of Destiny'
Voucher Debate Plays Out in the Capitol's Shadow
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Perhaps Another Commission?
High Schoolers Move to the Head of the Class
First, Do No Harm
Experts Urge Bigger Role for Preschools in Literacy Development
'E-Rate' Vendors Still Wondering How and When They'll Be Paid
Teacher's 'Magic Rocks' Cause Problems for Mo. District
States Boost Construction Investment
Requirements for Reform
Federal File
Report Roundup
Take Note
Rural Education
State Journal
Gifted Education
Software Said To Grade Essays for Content
The Lot of a Counselor: A Survey of the Field
Fla. Puts Focus on Education in Flush Budget Year
Research Universities Neglecting Students, Study Says
Proposition 227 Highlights
Amending the Bill on Tax-Free Savings Accounts
RAND Notes Fiscal Benefits of Early-Childhood Programs
What Should K-12 Expect From Higher Education?
Group Offers$50 Million for Vouchers
With and Without Affirmative Action
Pa. Lawmakers Pass a Takeover Bill for Phila.
Federal File
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Federal Funds 'Well Spent' on Science Effort, Study Finds
Bilingual & Immigrant Education
Bill Previews Future Education Policy Battles
High Court Lets Stand Ruling on Religious Uses of Public Schools
While Ill. and Iowa Resist, Fla. and Wis. Seek Unity
Split Personality
In Battle Over Prop. 227, Both Sides Command Armies of Statistics
Research Targets Reading Patterns Among Learning-Disabled Pupils
Calif. Colleges Going All Out To Woo Minority Students
Rescuing Education Research
Child-Care Workers' Wages Found To Be Stagnant
The Lot of a Counselor: A Survey of the Field
N.J. Target of Another School Finance Lawsuit
GOP Reading Proposal Approved During Debate in Senate
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Plan for Little Rock Would Shift Away From Busing
Minn. Unions Eagerly Await Merger Voting
Split Personality
Discipline Resurfaces as IDEA Concern at Hearing
Black Students Found Less Likely To Access the Internet
Right To Teach in Calif. Denied Without Prints
Special Educators Fault Workload
Plans in Houston and N.Y.C. Would Tighten Promotion Rules
What Price English?
The Lot of a Counselor: A Survey of the Field
Milwaukee May Adopt Its Own Charter Plan
Annual Conference Spotlights Trends, Key Issues in Research
Split Personality
More States Moving To Make Phonics the Law
Music and Brainpower
Miami-Dade Adopts Hispanic History Lessons
Computer Use in Black and White
State Journal
Legislative Update
Take Note
Students' Views of Science Not Universal, International Research Team Finds
In Texas, the Arrival of Spring Means the Focus Is on Testing