A Short History of the Presidents' Lessons
Senate Finance Chair Unveils Latest Proposal for Tuition Tax Relief
U.S. Considers Adding Statistics On 'Multiracial'
State Specs for a Model School
The Professoriate's Resistance To Teaching and Service
Local Control Could Stymie Clinton Tests
Diversity 101
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Gore Claims Expulsions Prove Weapons Policies Working
Diversity 101
The Challenge Cities
End of Court Supervision Delayed in Dallas
Alarm on Escalating College Costs Sounded
Orange Co. Schools Claim Right to Federal Dollars
Schools Take Fresh Look at Bolstering Teachers
Clinton's Call for Racial Harmony Sparks Debate on Education Policy
For First Time, IBM To Require Transcripts From Applicants
Public Waldorf School in Calif. Under Attack
High Court Reverses Ban on Public Aid to Private Schools
'A Test of Our Progress ...'
High Court Allows Title I Services Inside Religious Schools
Do Sports Still Build Character?
He's Back! Cortines Tackles New Job at ED
State Specs for a Model School
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
The High Cost Of Incivility
Legislators Talk, But Don't Dig Deep For School Construction Aid in 1997
Standards Seek To Address Needs of ESL Students
In Push for Accountability, Tenure Becomes a Target
Diversity 101
The Rest of the Picture
Mass. Board Moves To Take Over Lawrence Schools
'Annenberg Challenge' Proves To Be Just That
The Letter of the Law
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Curriculum Initiatives Often Seen Occupying Murky Federal Waters
L.A. To Use Loans To Begin School Construction
'Satisfaction' Study Takes Stock of Opinions on Charter Schools
Wilson Proposal for Basic-Skills Test in Calif. Draws Fire
In S.F. Reconstitutions, Rojas Softens the Blow
State Charter Laws Get New Round of Attention
Riley Outlines Higher Ed. Proposal for House Panel
Vt. Lawmakers Include New State Property Tax in Finance Plan
Ramon C. Cortines
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
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State Journal
Children & Families
Honors & Awards
Federal File
On Lame Horses and Tortoises
Legislative Update
Higher Ed. Outreach Plan Targets At-Risk Calif. Youths
Dual-Race Policy at Miss. School Target of Student, Parent Protests
Cleveland To Vote on Limiting Tax Abatements
School Hot Line Found To Boost Parent Involvement
Labor Problems Roil the Waters at Edison School in Dade
Power of the Purse
From Walls to Roofs, Schools Sell Ad Space
Panel Faces Challenges In Drafting Blueprint For 1st National Tests
Power of the Purse
Reading for Fun
Graduation Speakers Come From All Walks of Life
New College in Va. Seeks To Cater to Home Schoolers
New Safety Measures ApprovedFor Public-Transit Buses in Texas
IDEA To Give States More Leeway in Spec. Ed. Staff
News In Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Budgets and Beyond
How Can Urban Schools Retain Young Teachers?
Race and Charter Schools
Panel Faces Challenges In Drafting Blueprint For First National Tests
Legislative Update
Increase in Test Scores Leaves Chicago Officials Jubilant
7 Dallas Employees Suspended in Suspected Fraud
Minneapolis Ends Unique Management Contract
NSF Says 'Deficiencies' Threaten Math-Science Grant in N.Y.C.
Violence-Prevention Program Reduces Aggressive Behavior, Study Concludes
Report Roundup
Is Accreditation Worth the Trouble?
Power of the Purse
Raising the Caution Flag on the Standards Movement
Joe Camel Illegally Targets Minors, FTC Charges
Power of the Purse
Introduction: Power of the Purse
Catholic School Students Wealthier Than Ever
Cutoff Date for Kindergarten Again Debated
ED Study Paints Portrait of Charter Schools
Budgets and Beyond
Bilingual & Immigrant Education
Take Note
Urban Education
Federal File
News In Brief: A National Roundup
State Journal
Tenn. Bill To Revamp Accountability System Debated
School Lays Groundwork, Ground Rules for Spring Trip
Education-Related Panels in the 105th Congress Education and the Workforce
Why Chapter 1 Failed: The 4 Percent 'Structural Flaw'
Building PlanIn Detroit StillOnly a Dream
In Twist, Consensus Growing on Academic Standards in Va.
Funding To Urge Sexual Abstinence Ignites Debate
Eight Years of Sheff v. O'Neill
Mass. Proposal Seeks To Reduce Hours Teenagers Can Work
Statistics on STDs in St. Louis Spark Debate on Sex Ed.
Keeping the Customer Satisfied
N.H. Legislators Reach Accord on Increasing Funding for Kindergarten
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Ex-W.Va. Governor To Head Up New Institute at Teachers College
N.Y.C. To Seek To Cut Minorities in Spec. Ed.
Return of the Native
Effort To Recruit Mentor Teachers In Technology Fails To Connect
Detracking Helps At-Risk Students
Conferees Examine Changing Role of Catholic Schools
Return of the Native
With Vote Set, Mass. Board Still at Odds Over History Standards
Administration Agrees to Concessions in College-Aid Plan
Calif. District Takeover Faces Political Threat
A Home-Grown College
Putting Qualified Teachers In Every Classroom
Six Suburban Schools in Md. To Be 'Reconstituted'
Picture of Blacks' Pre-K-12 Education Detailed
Law Update
Experts Say Ruling Not Likely To Alter Liability for Districts
Emotional Damage From Divorce Found To Linger
It's Nearly High Noon for Wyo. Officials Facing Finance Deadline
New Chapters Written in Saga of Conn. Desegregation Case
Audit of ECS Tops Gov. Branstad's Activist Agenda
Promote or Retain? Pendulum for Students Swings Back Again
Don't Accept Teacher-Layoff Case, Court Urged
Neb. Lawmakers Back New Funding Formula, Increased Aid
Finance Battles Show Solutions Remain Elusive
Tougher Tests Spur Debate on N.Y. Diploma
Title I Dollars To LEP Pupils On the Increase
GED Diploma Candidates Reach Record Level
Elementary and Middle Schools in New York City
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Return of the Native
Anti-Tobacco Campaign May Have Missed MarkOn Cigar Smoking
Why Chapter 1 Failed: Using Specialists as Teachers' Aides
Return of the Native
Ill. Lawmakers Duck Vow To Revamp Funding
Early Years
Legislative Update
Federal File
Take Note
State Journal
Cultural Guideposts, From Families to Penmanship
Staffs at 7 Chicago Schools To Be Overhauled
Despite Rocky Road, Ed. School Accreditation Effort on a Roll
States Step Up To Push for Equity in Absence of Federal Enforcement
Court Rules Mich. Underpaid Spec. Ed. Funding to Districts
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Pregnant Pause
Getting Better by Design
Pregnant Pause
An Open Letter to the President
Testing Title IX
Proposed Bible-Studies Class Stirs Debate in Fla.
5 States Recognize Private School Accrediting Group
Districts Go the Extra Mile To Find Teacher Candidates
Blind Student Says Class-Rank Flap Is Only Latest Indignity
Fourth Grade Performance and Expectations
Court Urged Not To Accept Spec. Ed. Funding Cases
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Showdown on Texas Curriculum Standards Slated
Us Versus Them? Chattanooga Prepares for Merger
Clinton, GOP at Odds Over Tax Cuts for Higher Education
Minn. Governor Vetoes School Aid Measure
Early-Years Initiatives Get Lawmakers' Attention
N.H. Kindergarten Accord Includes Construction Funds
ED Deadline To Approve State K-12 Plans Looms
Hearing Not Required Before Suspending Worker, Court Rules
Beyond 'Boredom'
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
W.Va. Teacher Sues Over Classroom Air Quality
Pregnant Pause
Mass. Districts Feeling Pinch of Foster Youths Moved to New Schools
Asian-American Teachers on the Decline, Study Finds
Bill Seeks To Protect Volunteers From Personal-Injury Lawsuits
Study Links Air Pollution, Increased Infant-Mortality Rate
25 Years After Title IX, Sexual Bias in K-12 Sports Still Sidelines Girls
Private Firm Brokers Deal for Building School
News in Brief: A National Roundup
4th Graders Do Well in Math, Science Study
Job Outlook for Trained Grads Bright as Ever
Joining Together
The 'Good' Teacher: Tapping the Mysterious
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State Journal
Private Schools
Schools Plug In to Technology Trend: Student Laptops