Advocacy Group Issues Guides for Diagnosing ADHD
Slaying Casts Spotlight on Job Screening
The Classroom as Real World
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions About Teachers' Union Dues
Albany Program Puts New Spin on Private Vouchers
Clinton Hopes Test Proposal Would Be Only the Beginning
Getting Inside the Public's Head
Apart of the World
Minister at NEA Fights for Separation of Church and State
A Glance at Electricity Rates Across the Nation
Research Notes
Apart of the World
House Hearing Latest Stage for Sparring Over Affirmative Action
'E-Rate' for Telecom Costs Spurs Districts To Weigh Options
Property-Tax Exemptions to Nonprofits Upheld
Proposed Increases in Education Programs
S.F. Mulls Retreat From 'Reconstituting' Schools
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Dispute Over Ky. Test Section Sparks Broader Debate
The Bus Ride
Teachers Allege Improper Use Of Union Dues
Bullies Beware!, Part II
Hearing Seeks To Put Focus on Integrating Academics, Voc. Ed.
Strategies Urged To Connect Youths With Careers
Apart of the World
Private Voucher Programs
In Ascent of Everest, Wash. Teacher Puts Education on Pedestal
Apart of the World
Bio of John Leland "Lee" Berg
Utility Breakups May Mean Savings for Schools
Students Get in Step With Prom-Date Rules
U.S. Falls Short in 4-Nation Study of Math Tests
Gains Found in Preschool Learning by Playing
News In Brief: A Washington Roundup
The Facts About Bullying
Despite Flap, Seattle To Keep Grant for Books About Homosexuality
Fulbright Seeks Payoff From Teacher Exchanges
Lawmakers Move on 1998 Funding Increases for Education
Self-Display Or Social Engagement?
Immigration's Benefits Outweigh Costs, NRC Study Says
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Second Thoughts About LEARN Surface in L.A.
Bullies Beware!, Part I
Report Urges Increased Funding for Tribal Colleges
Federal File
Honors & Awards
State Journal
Take Note
Connecting K-12 and College
A Fact of School Life: Updated Restroom Policies
Legislative Update
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Court Strengthens Protections for Districts From Civil Rights Suits
Science Queries
Publisher Challenges Dallas Textbook-Adoption Process
State Journal
Panel Votes To Boost Title I Aid to 32 States
Bio of Linda Quinn
Panels To Consider Compromise Spec. Ed. Bill This Week
Voucher Plan in Cleveland Is Overturned
Ill. Pension-Fund Audit Reveals Losses, Spurs Lawmakers' Criticism
District Misuse of Calif. Reading Funds Alleged
The Splintered Curriculum
Inadequate Diagnosis of Reading Problems Detailed
Seeking To Turn Summit Promises Into Service
Senate Panel Backs $22 Million for School Repairs in D.C.
Curriculum Project To Integrate Academic, Job Standards
Ala. Chief Seeks To Keep Agenda on Track
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
FDA Plan To Ban Tobacco Sales to Minors Upheld
Survey Finds Reforms Not Aiding At-Risk Pupils
Adventure Programs Found To Have Lasting, Positive Impact
Take Note
Milwaukee Mulls 'Radical' Revamping of Central Office
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Federal File
Educators Link Declining Confidence In Schools to Negative Press Coverage
Bomb Threats, Real and Imagined, Increasingly Disrupting School Time
Bio of Adward R. Richardson k
NAEP Assigns No Grades on Science Exam
Logged On and Literate
Ariz. Educators at Odds Over Student-Discipline Law
Riley Faces Panel's Questions on New National Student Tests
Resident Principal Brings Real-World Perspective to Washington
Lawyers Say ED Guidance on Sex Harassment Stirs Confusion
ETS Disputes Charges of Gender Bias
Federal File
AFT Elects N.Y.C. Leader as New President
When Performance Assessment Hits Home
Appeals Court Allows Moment of Silence in Ga. Schools
A School Away From Home, Part II
State Journal
Veteran L.A. Educator To Succeed Thompson
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
GOP Targets Government Waste, Bureaucracy in Schools Spending
'Mr. Education' Dies
Bio of Sandra Feldman
In N.D. and Elsewhere, When Crisis Strikes Schools, FEMA Responds
Common Understandings
A School Away From Home, Part III
How Contracting Can Transform America's Schools
Take Note
Bio of Ruben Zacarias
Study Finds Public School Edge in Internet Access
Miller: A Passion for Improving Schools in Ga.
FCC Approves Discount Plan for Schools
Fla. Legislators Add School Funds, Defer on Crowded Classes
Students Need Help Meeting Service Mandates, Study Says
IDEA Reauthorization Speeds Through Committees
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Texas Lawmakers Wrestle With Tax-Reform Efforts
Bio of Zell Miller
Dallas School Officials Must Testify in Lawsuit, Court Says
Hispanics Want School Courses To Reflect Their History, Culture
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
R.I. May Move To Link School Funding, Accountability
Floods Leave Schools Awash in Challenges
Rate of Teenagers Engaging in Sex Declines
Standards Advocate Named To Lead Achieve Group
N.Y. Court Strikes Down Kiryas Joel Schools Law
Texas School Funding Bills
A School Away From Home
Clinton-Hill Accord Would Hike Ed. Funding
Calif. Rejects Requests To Buy Unapproved Texts
News in Brief: A National Roundup
IDEA Reauthorization: Key Provisions
State Journal
Legislative Update
Children & Families
Inequities in Access to Technology Documented
Clinton May Seek NAEP Board Role in New Tests
Campaign To Alert Youths to Workplace Rights
Court Limits Justice Action in Voting-Rights Cases
Fighting for a Future
Justices Decline To Hear Peer-Sex-Harassment Case
State Progress on School-to-Work Reforms Slow, Study Finds
Democrats, School Groups Seek To Revive Construction Plan
Licensure Pact Pays Dividends for Teaching
Rep. Goodling Fails To Block Funding for New Tests
For 4th Time, Court Rejects N.J. Formula
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Assessing Shortcomings, Meeting Seeks To Jump-Start R.I. Reforms
Fighting for a Future
What's in a Name? Curricular Shift In Home Ec. Puts Focus on Family
How Title I Can (Still) Save America's Children
Wilson Seeks Extra Funds for Class-Size Cuts, Tests, Technology in California
Advice of Counsel, Part II
Take Note
Judge Blocks Bid To Ax Quotas in S.F. Schools
High-Tech Schools and Low-Tech Teaching
Urban Education
Fight Over Funding
Federal File
Fighting for a Future
House, Senate Easily Approve Spec. Ed. Bill
Equity and Choice in a Manhattan District
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Advice of Counsel, Part I
This Year, Stand for Children Plans 50 State Rallies
Judge Rejects Race-Based Admissions to Va. Magnets
Worried About Turf, Chiefs' Group Faults 2 Teaching Report Proposals
Bill To Give Cleveland Mayor School Control Advances
Educational Needs of Asian-Americans Highlighted
Gains and Losses in Enrollment in the Great City Schools
Little Impact Found Tying Welfare, Attendance
Rural Education
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup