School Governance Milestones
Health Update
Bill Would Give Cleveland Mayor Control of Schools
Proposal To Scuttle Afrocentric Curricula Sparks Protest
Federal File
Charter Schools in Michigan
State Journal
Letters to the Editor
Big-Ticket Items Predicted To Vie for State Dollars
Voluntary Standards for Economics Released
In Boston, New Admissions Policy Stresses Scores
Youth Groups To Underscore Inauguration Theme
States Struggle To Ensure Data Make the Grade
Calif. Text Adoption Puts Emphasis on Phonics
Obfuscation, Rubber Yardsticks, and Double Standards
Ill. Districts Come Together in Quest of Math-Science Goal
Graduation Data: County vs. District
Ga. Governor Purges Board To End Bickering With Schrenko
'Ebonics' Vote Puts Oakland In Maelstrom
Take Note
Mich. University Revokes 14 School Charters
Electioneering on Education: What Comes Next?
An Economics Education
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Connect Agenda for Federal Research To Practice, Advisory Board Advocates
The Comfort Zone
L.A. Board Considers Insurance for Unmarried Partners
Comparing Test Results
Report Roundup
Merit Pay Won't Work in Schools
Wilson Seeks Smaller Classes, More Money for Technology
Honig Convictions Reduced to Misdemeanors
A Language Comparison
The Comfort Zone
N.J. Finance Law Ties Funding and Standards
The Beginner
Surprise! N.J. Bill Includes Interdistrict Choice Provision
Female Wrestlers Spur Officials To Go to the Mat
A Three-Year Plan of Action
Buffalo Schools Must Honor Teacher Raises in '90 Pact, Court Rules
Familiar Faces To Mark Second-Term Team
Law Update
School Head Indicted in Scuffle With Reporter
The Translator
Cincinnati Board Backs School-Overhaul Plan, Despite Union Protests
Special Education
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Full Text of 'Ebonics' Resolution Adopted by Oakland Board
The Comfort Zone
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Crew Packs Arsenal of New Powers in N.Y.C.
State-by-State Report Card To Be Issued
5 Local In-Service Programs Get E.D. 'Showcase' Awards
A Crash Course
A Common-Ground Issue and a Common-Ground Strategy
Court Refuses Case Seeking Appeal of Student Expulsion
The Imagemaker
Though Numbers May Be Accurate, Some Data Hold Very Little Meaning
N.H. School-Finance Ruling Appealed After Judge Finds System Acceptable
Teachers Seek To Polish Schools' Image
Carper Urges Overhaul of Del. Education Dept.
Charter School Backers Claim R.I. Law Is Too Restrictive
Some Survey Findings
Judge Overturns Expanded Wis. Voucher Plan
High Court Refuses To Revive Lawsuit in Bathroom-Pass Case
Pushing Back for the Center
Early-Decision Applications for College on the Rise
State Journal
Federal File
Ohio Lawmakers Urged To Face Up to School Issues
Children & Families
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Politics Found To Hinder Research on LEP Students
In About-Face, Va. To Apply For Goals 2000 Funds
Ala. High Court Agrees System Unconstitutional
Law Puts Restrictions on Some Foreign Students
Take Note
Corrections to Supplement
Ill. Coalition Seeks To Be 'Catalyst for Change'
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Ties Between Ideology, Education Views Probed
Court Weighs Mandatory Drug Tests for Candidates
Oakland Board Revises 'Ebonics' Resolution
Psittacism and Dead Language
Partnerships & Philanthropy
Neb. Mulls Hiring Substitutes Without 4-Year Degrees
Goals 2000 Loses Its Way on Standards
Plan To Cut Disability Benefits in the Works
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
Getting More Out of School Construction Dollars
States Turn to a Mix of Tests in Hopes of a Clearer Picture
In Mass., Silber Goes to Battle Over History Framework Draft
Moving Beyond Title I Bean Counting
Funded Into Perpetuity
Up In Smoke
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Up In Smoke
Wyo. Band Marches to Different Inauguration Drumbeat
Welfare Reform and the Schools
Desegregation Panel Offers 15 Proposals to Conn. Legislators
Book Sparks Debate Over Necessary Job Skills
Beyond Ebonics: Indoctrination Isn't Teaching
School-Based Child Care Meets Myriad Needs
Technology Update
Court Asks Administration Stand on N.J. Teacher-Layoff Case
Federal File
Up In Smoke
Honors & Awards
Wis. Governor, Chief Spar Over Standards
Channel One Focuses More on Style Than Substance, Study Says
Law And Order
Letters to the Editor
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Up In Smoke
HMO Targeting School Clinics For Pupil Care
Advice for the Asking Available as Clinton, Congress Push Agendas
Up In Smoke
State Journal
Hiring of Hispanic Sparks Tensions in Dallas
N.D. Lawmakers Put Dibs on Leftover School Funds
Hawaii Governor To Seek Bill To Rehire Retired Teachers
Clinton, Test Scores Put Ill. Consortium on the Map
Beyond Ebonics: Why `Black English' Matters
Va. Board Members Rue Time Spent on Discipline Hearings
Take Note
PTA Issues Parent-Involvement Standards for Schools
EAI Gets Charter To Run Up to 12 Schools in Ariz.
Discipline Again To Top Special Ed. Debate
Board Urges Skills Standards for 16 Sectors of Economy
Increasingly, the Internet Combines Education With Advertising
Conflicting Health Needs Put Student, Teacher at Odds
Court To Hear Plea To Revoke Limits on Title I