Senate Approves Health-Care Bill; Access Still Worries Advocates
Five Arrested, Fraud Alleged In Probe of N.Y.C. Elections
The Ins and Outs
Judge OKs Rally At Denver School
Letters To The Editor
School Choice in Britain
Capital Update
News in Brief
Media Column
HHS Proposes Regulatory Overhaul of Head Start
Panel Urges Efforts To Ensure Vitality Of Youth Arts Programs
In Change of Heart, Wilson To Accept Goals 2000 Funds
National News Roundup
Take Note: Civics lesson
Working at Learning
News in Brief
Playwriting to Compassion
Publishing Column
Empowerment Zones And Enterprise Communities
Federal File
Miss. Measure To Give Pay Boost To Nationally Certified Teachers
Supreme Court To Hear Appeals in 2 Employment Cases
In the Zone: Effort Aims To Link Economic Gains, School Reform
'Academics and Life'
N.J. Lawmakers Slow Off the Mark To Retool School Aid
Turnout for Local Council Voting in Chicago Up
By The Notes: Hit Parade
'No Wonder Johnny Can't Read'
Seven Months Late, Congress Approves Budget
'All Students Can Serve'
State Journal: Advocacy? Timing
Historical Ed. Books Speak Volumes
States News Roundup
District News Roundup
News Updates
N.Y. Backs Tougher Exams for All Students
Upgrading School Technology
Spec.-Ed. Bill Clears Panel, But Contentious Issues Remain
Minn. Student Leaders Push for Place at Policy Table
L.A. Board Urged To Name Latino to Top Job
Child Care Not Seen Hurting Bond With Mother
People Column
Dole Campaign Weighs Options On Education
Conservative School Bills Get Brief Run in Calif.
To Placate Conservatives, Measure Alters Goals 2000
The Road to Reform
The Lunchroom
Progress Report on NASDC Projects Finds Mixed Results
Salt Lake City Prepares List of Banned Clubs
Calif. District, First To Show Channel One, Tunes Out
'Community Problem-Solving 101'
School Uniforms and Pride, Envy, Responsibility
Title I Changes Tucked Away in 1996 Budget Law
Require 'Truth in Commentary' Disclosures
Honors & Awards
Measure Would Relax School Nutrition Mandates
Judge in Finance Suit Takes Firsthand Look at Schools
Taking on the Test
The 'Vital Signs' Of Math and Science
Tenn. To Split Public, Private Sports Leagues
Supporters Worry Goals 2000 Changes Hurt Standards Efforts
Districts Cannot Be Held Liable for Student Harassment, Court Rules
Colo. Lawmakers Finishing Up Rewrite of Children's Code
One More For the Road
Network Seeks Union Role in Reform Efforts
Math Texts Are Multiplying
Funding Battle Changes Terms Of the Debate
Books: New In Print
Federal File: Racial Politics
New School Role Seen Critical To Respond to Modern Economy
Teaching a School System How To Learn
A New Era for Hoosier Basketball
Bonuses Help Keep Teens on Welfare In School, Study of Ohio Program Finds
Federal Court Orders Review Of Mich. Union's Spending
Early Years
What's So Special About Special Education?
N.J. Towns Approve Plan For Regional Magnet School
Math, Science Test Scores Up, NSF Reports
Education Roster
Partnership Revs Up To Open Mich. Charter School
State Journal: Sex Education; Bedfellows
Ideas & Findings
Mo. Seeks To End Court Oversight of K.C. Desegregation Plan
Channel One To Carry SAT-Preparation Courses
Company To Pay $40 Million in Fund-Raising Suit
Legislative Update
Moe Book Examines Privately Funded Vouchers
Alaska Bill Would Revamp Teacher-Tenure Law
N.Y. Schools Chief Suggests Eliminating Principals' Tenure
FCC Proposal Seen Slashing Cost of Making Classroom Connection
Mixed Blessings
Kansas Proposal To Ax Statewide Property Tax Worries School Officials
Letters To The Editor
Take Note: Traffic circle; Past in print
New State Schools Chiefs Taking the Reins
Kan. Governor Set To Sign Bill To Reduce State Property-Tax Levy
State Journal
Clinton Beats Drum on Youth and Family Issues
Principal Accused of Covering Up Abuse Charges
Colleges Column
National News Roundup
Study Links CUNY's Admissions Policy, Student Gains
Legislative Update
People Column
Ex-Dallas Board Member Indicted on Bribery Counts
The Decline of Literacy
Start and End Schooling Earlier, Ala. Chief Proposes
Asthma Study Prompts Questions About Health Care
Take Note
Grading 'Grade Inflation' From Two Perspectives
By the Numbers: Abuse Cases Up
Accountability Tops N.C. Lawmakers' Agenda
No New Wars!
District News Roundup
Calif. Districts Hit Barriers on Road to Tests
Memphis Parents Seek To Halt Vaccine Program
News In Brief
Redoing the Math: States Push To Tie Formulas to Real Costs
Status of Federal Legislation
Do Free Markets Always Lead to Better Quality?
State News Roundup
Update News Roundup
Scratching the Surface
Order Forcing Cleveland To Use Race in Pupil Assignments Lifted
Where the Debate About English Standards Goes Wrong
Union Election Puts Reform on Chicago Ballot
Nurse's Orders
Bill Eases Rules on Meeting Dietary Guidelines
State News Roundup
Education for the New Commons
5th Graders' Science-Fair Project Gets Big Response--on the Internet
Legislative Update
Unions May Sue To Enforce Notice of Layoffs, Court Rules
NSF Awards Three $15 Million Math and Science Grants
At a Glance: Evergreen High School
District News Roundup: Three Wis. Teens Charged With Selling Ritalin
News Update: Counselors Face Layoffs In Oakland Budget Shortfall
Federal File: Right Rankings; On disk
Take Note: The name game
Can the Chicago Reforms Work?
Aspiring To Success
Vocational Education Column
People Column
At Work in Indianapolis
Ariz. Construction Funds Come Up Short, Critics Say
Okla. Officials Debate School-to Work Oversight
Improving Schools Is Top Priority for Californians, Poll Finds
Clinton Calls for Rewards for Community Service
Research Spans Spectrum on Block Scheduling
News In Brief
To Stem Violence, Alaska Puts Hockey on 1-Year Probation
Little Rock Seeks End to Oversight of Desegregation Efforts
Measuring Writing Skills
Block Scheduling: For More Information
Sports Group Promotes In-Line Skating for School PE Programs
Board Endorses Draft Plan for NAEP Overhaul
Letters To The Editor
Dade Superintendent Steps Down After Five Years
Calif. Backs Off Requirements In Testing Program's 1st Year
District's Laptop 'Plan' Is Idea Whose Time Has Not Come
N.H. Governor Uses Veto To Reject Goals 2000 Money
Digitizing America's School Kids
Hartford Council Seeks State Help in Running Schools
State Journal: Testy situation; Chief critics
Principals Seek To Identify Measures of School Quality
Budget Votes Bring Annual High Anxiety in N.Y.
More and More Schools Putting Block Scheduling to Test of Time
Mass. Board Mulls Proposal To Ax PE Requirement
Accord on N.Y.C. Teachers' Contract Reached
Pataki Wants To Give Hook to Money for School Artwork
Capital Digest: House Clears Budget; Senate Starts Debate
Schools, Libraries Seen Bridging Technology Gap
Accountability Is Watchword In Indianapolis
Wis. Lawmakers Hold Line on Budget Cuts
Chain of Blame
Philanthropy Column
Capital Update
Debate Over How Children Learn is Reignited
Coalition Unveils Consensus To Retool Special-Ed. Law
News In Brief
Sharing the Wealth
By the Numbers: Role of Religion
Proposed Criteria for Picking Goals 2000 Districts Outlined
Lawmakers Back School-Aid Increases for Fiscal '97
CDF Slates D.C. Rally To Show Support for Children
People Column
Gay-Rights Ruling Seen Holding Wide Implications for Education
Going Comprehensive
Chicago Union Head Beats Back Challenge by Teacher
Critics Seek To Kill Perk of Giving Ill. Lawmakers College Aid
Family Awarded $1.6 Million in Asthma Death at School
Legislative Update
News Updates
Bill To Increase Funding 3% In Colo. Would Strike Impact Fees
Take Note: Cheese burgers aren't paradise; Pepsi promotion
Ballot Box
District News Roundup
Lack of Progress Could Imperil Voc.-Ed Bill
N.Y.C. Gets Go-Ahead To Seek Felton Reversal
Virtue Should Be Seen, Not Just Heard
Wilson Proposes Using Surplus To Cut Class Sizes
National News Roundup
Public's Ties to Schools Unraveling, Book Argues
The Practical Impractical
Charitable Gifts to Education Up 8% in 1995, Report Finds
NGA Approves Group To Aid in Standards-Setting Efforts
L.A. Mulls Rewards for Shifting Students Out of Bilingual Ed.
The Billion Dollar Man
State News Roundup
Guidelines From a Character-Education 'Manifesto'
Curriculum Column
Mo., K.C. Reach Desegregation-Subsidy Accord
Capital Update
Colo. District Claims Against Credit-Rater Dismissed
Budget Woes Seen Hurting E.D. Centers
State Journal
Edison Posts High Marks in Inaugural Year
Letters To The Editor
Conferees Seek To Overcome Barriers to Standards Reform
Teachers Column
Federal File: Facing History
NAEP Data From History Test Released
Whitman's School-Funding Plan Getting Mixed Reviews
Middle School Gains Over 25 Years Chronicled
Private Control Has Yet To Show Improved Test Scores, Report Finds
Urban Districts Pressed To Find Teachers, Survey Says