Alexander Has Change of Heart On Federal Role
States News Roundup
Nearly a Third of Schools Found To Exceed Enrollment Limits
Fla. Considers Bill To Allow Breakup of Big Districts
Presumed Innocent
News In Brief
Equity Debates in States Shift To Standards and Technology
Summitry, Irony, Polarity: Responses to Chester Finn
District News Briefs
People Column
Parents Mobilize To Get Calif. Schools Wired
Close Vote Predicted on Okla. Tax-Rollback Plan
Students Learn More in Magnets Than Other Schools, Study Finds
Religious School Vouchers Get Day in Court
'NetDay' Numbers
Update Briefs
Apathy and Anonymity
Teacher-Educators Explore the Uncertain Future of Education Schools
Take Note
Legislative Update
State Journal
Early Arts Lasts a Lifetime, Study Says
Panel To Review Programs for Redundancy
The Trashing and Survival of OBE
Riley Calls for Fresh Fight on Illiteracy
N.Y.C. To Stop Proficiency Testing of All Hispanics
Federal File
Negotiators To Step Up Talks in Oakland Strike
Bursting at the Boundaries
Department To Issue Guidelines on School Uniforms
Publishing Column
Chicago, Phila., N.Y. To Share $10 Million For Teacher Training
PBS To Create `ScienceLine' for TV, On-Line Networks
D.C. Voucher Proposal Ties Up Spending Bill
By the Numbers: Principal Earnings
Firestorm in Wake of Salt Lake City Vote Continues To Grow
National News Roundup
News In Brief
Scarce, Outdated Textbooks Impede Learning, Teachers Say
Letters to the Editor
Equal Access of Law at Center of Utah Flap
Crew Unveils Plan To Streamline the Central Office
Kentucky Judge Upholds Statewide Testing Program
Most Md. 11th Graders Have Not Met Service Mandate, Report Says
New Budgets More Generous, But Education Cuts Remain
Panel Calls for More Caution in Diagnosing, Treating ADD
Many Governors Touting Technology As a Magic Bullet
Case Challenging Daily Prayers at Miss. School Goes to Trial
Five Members of Va. School Board Resign
Uprooted by Floods, Students Have New School To Call Home
D.C. Board Slashes Fund
Nebraska Lawmakers Near Accord on Finance Plan
Utah To Vote on the Use Of School-Aid Funds
State Journal: English only; Atlanta Jane
Report Examines Influences on Reading Skills
Status of Federal Legislation
Legislative Update
Action Expected Soon On Special-Ed. Plans
Despite Full-Court Press, Wash. Charter Bill Likely To Die
Flap Over N.Y.C. Site Derails Multiage School
Racial-Bias Lawsuit Threatens To Disrupt N.C. Board Elections
N.Y. Bills Give Teachers Power To Oust Pupils
Take Note: Hands off; Hitting the high
Board Approves Plans for NAEP Civics Tests
Capital Update
Barbara Sizemore Stresses Test Preparation to Help Poor Black Children
Letters to the Editor
Hornbeck's Reform Plan Under Siege in Phila.
Good News, Bad News
Turnover in the Superintendency
New School Drives Wedge Through Border Town
High Court Rejects Suit On Explicit AIDS Talk
70 Years After Scopes, Evolution Hot Topic Again
Mich. Teachers Assail Universities That Grant Charters
Clinton Uses Conference To Put Focus on Fighting Drugs, Violence
Summit Puts Faith in Two School-Reform Tactics
Federal Backlog May Delay College-Aid Decisions
The End of Independent Schools
Los Angeles To Keep Special-Ed. Schools Open
After Drug Raids, 14 Schools in N.H. Reap Harvest of Hydroponic Equipment
In Ending GOP Bid, Alexander Remains Mum on Future Plans
Federal File: Labor unrest; Scorecard
Galvanized by Strike, Parents Seek Union
Lisa Delpit Says Teachers Must Value Students' Cultural Strengths
Behavioral Observations Gone Awry
Ky. Governor's Proposal To Boost Teacher Pay Debated
News In Brief: Va. Law Hikes School Aid, Supports Goals 2000
Basic-Skills vs. Whole Language
A Delicate Balance
Federal File: Women's day; Flexibility
Honors and Awards
People Column
Student Rights, School Discipline Are at Issue In Off-Campus Dispute
District News Roundup: Baltimore Mayor Asks Panel For School-Choice Ideas
State Journal: Documentary issue; Charitable settlement
By the Numbers: Urban Report Card
Reading Glossary
Thousands Turn Out to Wire Calif. Schools for the Internet
Senate Adds $1.3 Billion in School Aid to Bill
L.A. Board Backs Overhaul of Special-Education System
Philanthropy Column
Ideas and Findings
News Update: Mentoring Program Undergoes Changes After Federal Ruling
By a 2-to-1 Ratio, Okla. Voters Reject Proposal To Revamp School Funding
Dole Campaign Preparing To Serve Up New Education Proposals
Education Summit Invitees
Education Supply: Will It Create Demand?
But Words Will Never Hurt Me
Milestones: Audrey Cohen, Innovative Educator, Is Dead at 64
Capital Update
Legislative Update
The Changing Family
The Best of Both Worlds
Calif. To Decide Next Week on Fate Of $3 Billion in Construction Bonds
On-Line Companies To Offer Guidelines for Internet Use
Portland, Ore., Chief Calls for All-Charter District
Getting Down to Business at Next Week's Summit
Web Site on K-12 Standards Efforts Lauded
A War of Words: Whole Language Under Siege
Board Ponders District Merger in Chattanooga
'Official English' Bills Could Kill Bilingual Education, NABE Says
Deans Seek Improved K-12 Science Teaching
Learning English-Language Arts
Standards for Language Arts Are Unveiled
On-Line Alliance
GOP Not Walking in Lock Step on School Issues
Governors' Proposal Focus of Welfare-Reform Debate
Boston Plan Targets Principals and Curriculum
2-Parent Family Makes Comeback, Study Finds
N.C. District To Press Point With Classroom Near Jail
Children & Families Column
Take Note: Baggy ban; Readers respond
Indianapolis Study Documents Benefits of Vouchers
District News Roundup: Minnesota Approves Changes In Desegregation Rules
Ohio School Makes Game Out of Studying for Math Test
'A Renewed Commitment'
Voices for the Young: Looking Out for Children at Risk
Student-Records Rules Targeted for Changes
Tenn. Senate To Get New Chance To Vote On Evolution Measure
Legislative Update
Bringing the Fundamentals of Civics to Life at City on a Hill
Mass. Schools Chiefs Weigh In On State's Reform Efforts
Governor, State Chief Gain More Power in Ga.
'No Role at All'
Kindergarten Cops
Old-Time Religion
'Time To Pick Up The Pace'
Math Proficiency in Some States Found To Stack Up
Portland, Ore., To Cut Almost 500 School Jobs
Letters to the Editor
Federal File
Holdovers; The back door
Senate Panel Approves Bill To Reauthorize Spec.-Ed. Act
Clinton Budget Targets Reform, Poor Schools
In Defeat to Urban Areas, High Court Upholds 1990 Census Bureau
Pact Ending Strike Brings Fragile Peace
Surge in Hispanic Student Enrollment Predicted
Of Like Minds: School, YMCA Share Community Connections
Few Schools, Districts in 'Ed-Flex' States Seek Waivers
Court Rejects Race-Based Admissions at Law School
Advocates Seek Revisions in Many Charter Laws
District Mergers Continuing To Redraw Educational Maps
'Priding Ourselves on Local Control'
Chiefs Seek Summit Call for Standards Review
House Backs School Ban on Illegal Immigrants
High-Level Science Exams in 5 Nations Studied
'The Department Serves as Our Conscience'
What U.S. Democracy Requires Of Its Schools
'Press Enter'
Purchasing pollution
Minority Recruitment Hot Topic At Private Schools Conference
Winter Break Becomes Spring
Beyond Public Engagement
N.Y.C. Chief Could Receive Power To Discipline Boards
'A Catalyst For Educational Improvement'
Balance of Power
Effort To Improve Diet, Exercise Of Students Results in Some Gains