News in Brief
E.D. Awards 5-Year Grants to 10 Regional Research Labs
With Bankruptcy Looming, Iowa District Receives Unprecedented State Bailout
N.Y. Regents Oust Local Board, Take Over District
Mich. District Chief Proposes Making All Five Schools Charters
'Lagniappe' Comes To Education
Take Note
Homeward Bound
In Wake of Suit, L.A. Moves To Revamp Spec.-Ed. System
Colleges Column
News Updates
People Column
Hartford Officials Agree To Pay EAI $3 Million
Bill Could Send Ed. Dept. Staff Back to Work
State Journal
Nerve Center
Publishing Column
Reform Plan Unveiled for Cleveland Schools
Accord Would Let Seven States Run Meals Programs
Building a Budget From Scratch: Public, Private Funds Fill the Pot
Court Holds Service Rule Does Not Violate Rights
District Battles Dropouts With Cradle-to-Graduation Approach
Making It Work
Whatever Happened To the Local School?
States Do Not Spend Enough to Fix, Build Schools, Report Says
Home Improvement
Studies Seek To Adjust for Pay Variables
Carnegie Launches Search for Boyer Successor
Equitable Pursuits
Judge To End Monitoring Of San Diego Desegregation Order
Philanthropy Column
Onward and Upward, New School Navigates Rocky Road
Mich. Education-Code Overhaul Shifts Power
Home on the Web
District News Roundup
No Talks Set in Teacher-Contract Dispute in N.Y.C.
State News Roundup
Federal File
Computer Geeks
Study Finds Variations in Math, Science Tests in 7 Nations
Nominees Announced For 2 Ed. Dept. Posts
Local Officials May Help Decide D.C. Voucher Issue
Capital Update
Rep. Gunderson Seeks New Perspective on School Debate
Pa. Governor Puts His Reform Plan on Back Burner
Letters To the Editor
104th Congress Shifts Terms of School Debate
National News Roundup
Panel Urges More Spec.-Ed. Students, Money Go To Regular Classes
Court Backs Test-Taker in Suit Against ETS
Aides Optimistic Bill Will Ease Schools' Telecomm Access
Colo. Reports Low Graduation Rates for Minority Students
Report Offers Ways To Improve History Standards
Mother Nature Exacts a Toll on Schools
Federal File: Mixed review
Code Revisions Spur Change in Texas Climate
In Reversal, Allen Proposes Big Boost in Va. Spending
Absence Makes Districts Scramble for Stand-Ins
Learning with Jasper
NCAA Vote Gives Broader Control to College Presidents
Letters To the Editor
Vocational Education
What is Time?
Learning in Community
5,500 E.D. Employees Back on Job as Talks Continue
Providence, R.I., May Ban Smoking Ads Near Schools
Wilson Proposes Statewide Choice Plan in Calif.
Educating Rafael
Keith Can't Spell 'Know'
Poll Finds Fear of Crime Alters Student Routines
Negative Test at Health Clinic Seen Indicator of Later Pregnancy
Good Country Practice
Lessons of Life: Mrs. Clinton Urges Focus on Children
News in Brief: Clinton Vetoes Measure On Welfare, School Meals
Paying for Substitutes
State Journal: Free labor; Stocking stuffers
Oberti and the Law
High Court Rejects Condom-Distribution Case
Ideas and Findings
Take Note: A star is born?
Student Wins Settlement For Internet School Spoof
On Knowing the Secret of Schools
Mississippi Poised To Take Over Cash-Short District
Model Chicago Schools To Get Cash Rewards
Court Rejects Miss. Law Authorizing Student-Led Prayer
Mix and Match
New Rules Would Prevent Boards From Hiring DOD School Chiefs
Lawsuit Seeks To Block Vouchers in Cleveland
Learning on Line
Dana Grant Seeks To Bolster Public-Engagement Strategy
Wash. Schools Chief Reveals She Has AIDS Virus
National News Roundup
District Debates Using Income in Assigning Pupils
New Admissions Policy Sought for S.F. School
Wilkinsburg Should Rehire Teachers, Arbitrator Says
News In Brief
Issues of 'Buildings and Bucks' Put Squeeze on Charters
Partnerships Column
District News Roundup
Take Note
Receiver Takes Control of N.Y. Hasidic School
AFT Affiliate in New York Among Top Backers of Clinton Campaign
Districts Tap Private Firms for Support Services
Shaky Finances Putting the Squeeze on Charters
Special Education Column
A Storybook Bookstore for Children of All Ages
State Journal: Power sharing, Pop quiz
Measure To Allow Breathalyzers in Wis. Schools Advances
Federal File: Veto power; Retiring; Cyberlobby
Books: New in Print
E.D. Won't Fault Grantees for Breaking Old Rules
Making Lemonade
Board Ponders New Format To Make NAEP More Cost-Effective, Useful
Discipline and Demographics
People Column
Carlson Vows Aggressive Fight for Choice Plan in Minn.
N.Y.C. Plan To Ensure Full Day of Schooling Ordered
Voluntary Busing Plan Is Unveiled in Denver
Education for Citizenship
Impact of VMI Case on K-12 Programs Mulled
Unlikely Alliance Targets Ga. Ed. Department
N.H. Wrestles With a Draft Ethics Code for Teachers
State News Roundup
The Serious Business of Fun
Federal File: Surprise appearance; I declare
State Takeover Of Baltimore Schools Mulled
Budget Impasse Takes Toll on Access to 2 Federal Technology Reports
Pencil Me In
Common Causes
Philosophical Disputes, Time Pressures Stall Bills To Revamp Voc.-Ed. System
Administration To Propose Educational-Technology Grant Fund
Dozens Targeted in Chicago Corruption Probe
News Update
Legislative Update
News In Brief
Unintended Winners of Wis. Aid Reforms Found
Calif. School Seeks Aid To Flee 'Triad of Terror'
Federal Grand Jury Investigates Detroit School Board
Inquiry Focuses on Fees Paid To Hillary Clinton
Dropouts Bring New Problems to N.C. Community Colleges
Take Note: No rock, hard places; Language lineup
Federal Officials Tout Plunge in Loan Defaults
Maine Governor Touts High Standards, Not More Money
Nonprofits in Fund-Raising Hoax Asked To Return Grants
State Test Questions Focus of Renewed Scrutiny
Title I Provisions Designed To Promote Local Flexibility Spur Anxiety
State Journal: Exceptions; Fingerprints
Tenure on Trial
Letters to the Editor
Charters May Need More Oversight, Report Suggests
Politics Gums Up Search for Vermont Schools Chief
Shutdown Averted, Odds for a Budget Deal Improve
Make Public Schools More Like Private
People Column
State News Roundup
After Arduous Process, Mo. Board Approves 75 Academic Standards
Clinton Speech Issues Education 'Challenges'
Hartford Ousts EAI in Dispute Over Finances
Rethinking the Mission of American Education
Boston To Expand Its Pilot-Schools Program