U.S. Judge Declares Buffalo Schools Desegregated
Specter Raises Profile of Goals 2000 in N.H. Primary
Ohio Private Schools Challenge Required Test
Update News Roundup
'The Basics' Is Once Again Rallying Cry in Littleton Election
Riley Backs Reversing Title I Felton Ruling
The Myth of Failed School Reform
Budget-Cutting Bills Advance; School-Funding Bill Stalls
New Chancellor Moves Against 16 N.Y.C. Schools
Federal File
Voters in Nearly 120 Ohio Districts Asked To Approve Tax Levies
Take Note
7 Students Die in Ill. Train-Bus Crash
39 Percent of Schools Require Arts for Graduation
N.J. Measure Seeks Constitutional Ban on Unfunded State Mandates
Books: New in Print
Educating African-American Children: Higher Than Hope
Letters To The Editor
State Journal
PBS Program Looks at Life From a Dog's Point of View
News In Brief
Fla. Jury Awards Soccer PlayerTargeted by Rival Coach $277,000
State News Roundup
My Town
Record Increase in Special-Education Students Reported
Teacher Signed for $45 Million!
Debate on 'V-Chip' Moves From 'If' to 'How'
Army To Fall Short of 1997 Target for JROTC
Captial Update
Mixed Record For Coalition Schools Is Seen
Media Column
It's Fields vs. Foster for La. Gov.
Cuts in College Remedial Courses Proposed
Iowa Panel Proposes No Changes In Control of Fiber-Optics Network
People Column
The Human Cost Of Teacher Education Reform
District News Roundup
Pioneer System For Special Ed. Watched in Vt.
Inquiring Minds
Calif. Districts Get 3 Options To Spend $279 Million Grant
Ax Education Agency, Okla. State Employees Urge
Study Links Advertising To Adolescent Smoking
Taking The Offensive: State Democrats Using Education as Weapon
Racist, Sexist Remarks Put Dallas Board on Edge
Leading Software Publishers Announce Merger
Books: Culture Wars, Common Dreams, Passionate Teachers
State Journal: An investment gamble; Celebrity criticism
Statistics on School Choice
Soaring Prices SendMany Schools Down A Smaller Paper Trail
Expert Testimony
Focus on Student Learning Is Key In School Restructuring, Study Says
Weld Proposes Single K-12 Board To Be Headed by Silber
AT&T To Offer All Schools Free Access to Internet Services
Coalition Unveils 'Cluster' Plan for Next Decade
Ohio Student-Aid Agency to Dissolve Itself
Ala. Board Mulls Taking Stand on Evolution as Theory
Financial-Aid Plan Tied to Students' Future Earnings
Up to Par: How Life Imitates Golf
Take Note: Looking for a French connection
Solving the Productivity Puzzle
News in Brief
Suit Argues Essay Questions on Test In Ind. Are 'Psychologically Intrusive'
Worried About Message, E.D. Halts Video Distribution
Goals 2000 Column Item Stirs the Political Pot
Chicago Elementary Students Exceed State Average in Writing
Neb. Teachers, Farm Group Join in Tax Plan
16 Foundations Seek To Increase Support for Reforms in N.Y.C.
Welfare Reform Is Already a Reality in Wisconsin
Teaching Board Boosts Certification Fee to $2,000
A School of Choice
Capital Update
Federal File: Nomination imminent?; By my count; Criticized camel
Students Post Dismal Results On History Test
Pa. Court Backs Private Management of Wilkinsburg School
Illinois Moves To Streamline Teacher-Certification Process
Profiting From Experience
High Court Declines School-Counseling Case
$9.8 Million in Pew Grants To Support Phila. Reforms
D.C. Budget Bill Includes School Voucher Plan
Guilford County, N.C., Board Chief Killed by Car
K-12, Higher-Ed. Officials Join To Rebuild Calif. Standards
Inadequate Laws Put Children in Day Care at Risk, CDF Says
Education for the Workplace: Another Form of Elitism
Ideas & Findings
Political Winds Are Buffeting Popular Title I
More Changes in Middle Schools Needed, Report Urges
Dade County Police Kill Man Who Hijacked School Bus
Ex-Head of Quest Center Enters Race for Chicago Union President
Auditor Calls for Overhaul Of Cleveland Governance
RAND Weighs Takeover of Aid Council's Work
Conservatives Assail Elementary Counseling in Va.
Capital Digest
Vocational Education Column
Demonstration Sites Seek To Help Schools Make Technological Leap
D.C. Bill Stirs Debate Over Federal Policy
A Bit Skittish, Voters in State Races Show Tendency To Back Status Quo
Cincinnati Voters Approve Two Levies, Staving Off $10 Million in Budget Cuts
More Interdisciplinary Courses, Please
Despite Election Win, EAI's Business Picture Is Still Far From Clear
Mills Calls for Higher Standards for N.Y. Students, Schools
A Short History of the Standards
Skills Needed To Succeed in Workplace Outlined
School Links
Myths and Realities
Privatization Backers Prevail in Hartford
Preventive Medicine
Common Causes
Rochester Unveils `Shared Accountability' Plan
Mich. Senate Makes Quick, and Conservative, Work of Law Rewrite
Fla. Parents Win Retreat on Year-Round Schools
Education Goals: How We Score
Stopgap Spending Bills Worry Education Advocates
Academic Ability Top Predictor in College Decisions
N.J. Voters Nix Unfunded State Mandates
With Computers, Apple Project Finds Less May Be More
Fedfile: Errata; Bowing out
State News Roundup
`Back to Basics' Slate in Littleton Trounced by 2-to-1 Margin
Law Update: Judge Upholds Mandatory Uniforms at Phoenix School
State Election Results
PepsiCo Backs Off Voucher Plan in Jersey City
A '90s Kind of Science Fair
Early Years Column
State Journal: Heated debate; Roll call
Study Chides Weekly Reader's Tobacco Coverage
District News Roundup
Colo. Bill Would Kill Compulsory Age for School
People Column
News In Brief
Building Blocks: From Preschool and Beyond
Playing Games With History
New Standards Specify Essential Skills Required By Automotive Students
3 Futures of Colleges of Education
Take Note: Field of dreams; It's economic
Forced Choices in a Non-Crisis
Goals Progress Report Shows Mixed Results
District News Roundup
The Play's the Thing
Rights Group Challenges Newcomer School
'The Public Will Not Blindly Follow the Experts'
College Rankings Rankle Counselors, Admissions Officers
Accord Preserves Federal School-Meals Guarantee
Study of Calif. Anti-Drug Education Programs Stirs Debate
14-State Reform Project Releases Draft Standards
Teachers in Wash. District End 37-Day-Long Strike
Star Treatment for 1995 American Teacher Award Winners
'The Politics Of Endurance'
Court Again Strikes Down Wyo. Finance System
Cable-TV Company To Donate Satellite Receivers to Rural Schools
City Bound
Budget Ripples Reach State, Local Officials
Impact-Aid Districts Feeling the Pinch of Budget Impasse
Federal File
Specter Swims Against GOP Current
News In Brief
Bill To Ax Tenure for Milwaukee Teachers Advances
Beyond Question
'Building A Broad Constituency For Change'
News Updates
Partnerships column
National News Roundup
Work-for-Tuition Proposal Floated in Chicago
State Journal
Report Contests Huge Boost in School Dollars
Budget-Reconciliation Highlights
Juvenile Weapons Offenses Double in Decade, Report Says
Arlen Specter
Welfare Compromise Would Halt Public-Aid Guarantees
Games and Assessments
States News Roundup
Take Note
'Making The Public The Leaders in Education Reform'
Where Has the Money Gone?
News In Brief
What Price Success?
Special Education column
Fla. Bill Seeks To Strengthen Lottery, Education Tie
Engaging The Public
Confederate Symbols Stir Racial Tensions in Ga.
Report Roundup
Language-Arts Standards Spur Mixed Reviews
Draft Plans To Reauthorize Spec.-Ed. Law on Same Course
State Journal
People Column
A Bottom-Up Look at Welfare Reform
Education Seen A Litmus Issue In '96 Election
Minn. Governor Unveils Private School Voucher Plan
Curriculum Column
School Leaders, Desegregation Panel Lock Horns in Chicago
Conferees at Impasse Over Tuition Vouchers for D.C. Schools
At NSTA, New Science Guy Is Renaissance Man
Sylvan Makes Quiet Inroads Into Public Schools
Sen. Nancy Kassebaum, Key G.O.P. Moderate, To Retire in 1996
Update News Roundup
News In Brief
Impasse Ends With Promise To Protect Spending
Judge Rejects Prop 187 Bans on Calif. Services
Federal File
State News Roundup
Chicago's New Perspective on District Management
Lawmakers Introduce Religious-Expression Proposals
District News Roundup
Baltimore To Terminate EAI Schools Contract
Charter School Resources
With Economy Booming, Utah Educators Draw Up Wish Lists
Letters To the Editor
National News Roundup
2nd NAACP Official Questions Merits of Busing
Take Note
Without a Contract, Oakland Teachers Approve Strike
With Nod to History, Foreign-Language Standards Unveiled
Ill. Lawmakers Weigh Waivers, Declare Process a Success
American Visionaries
Laws of the Land
Declarations of Independence