Legislative Update
New Subcommittee Chairman Ushers In New Budget-Making Priorities
Flushed With Victory, Charter-School Advocates Share Words of Wisdom
Ala. Equity CaseTraps Students in Political Undertow
Ind. Union Sues Over Curb On Teacher Bargaining Rights
Letters To the Editor
Publishing Column
Lawmakers Putting the Brakes on Alternative Assessments
Preventing Youth Violence
Indian Mascot Does Not Run Afoul of Rights Law, O.C.R. Says
Bill To Push Block Grant For Education
R.I. School-Finance Formula Is Upheld
Federal File: House To Debate Plan for School Telecomm Access
Bucking a Trend, Md. AssessmentsEmerge as Model School-Reform Tool
House Debate on Education Budget Cuts Slated
Despite Fiscal Vigor, Lawmakers Preach Prudence
Educators Prod Lawmakers To Loosen Hold on Cash Reserves
Politics Bottles Up Special Payments in Okla.
More U.S. Children Are At Risk of Hunger, Study Finds
Wisconsin Gov. Signs School-Reform Measures
Republican Aides Craft I.D.E.A. Reauthorization Proposal
N.D. Districts Put on Hard Sell for Superintendents
Mass. Court Upholds Condom-Distribution Program
Youths' Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs Prompts Policy Debates
Beyond City Limits
State Journal: Farewell to the chiefs; Opposite directions
President Offers Guidance on Religion in Schools
Palm Beach Board Removes Superintendent With Buyout
Accord Would Free Mo. From Paying K.C.'s Desegregation Costs After 1999
Administration Review Cites Benefits of Affirmative Action
Schools and the System
Board Relaxes Bilingual-Ed. Policy in Calif.
Seeking Reform Role, P.R. Officials Pitch Clear Communications
State Academic Standards Are Set Too Low, A.F.T. Report Concludes
Can Desegregation Alone Close the Achievement Gap?
Plan Seeks More Flexibility in Disciplining Spec.-Ed. Students
A Matter of Strategy: Keeping the Public Informed on Violence
Thompson Aims To Rebuild Bipartisan Coalition, Spur Bold Action
G.O.P. Hopes Accounting Will Help Kill Direct Loans, Save Interest Aid
Push Ahead With Standards, Alternative Assessments, Panel Urges
N.J. Reports Outline Options in Desegregation Battle
Chiefs' Center Documents State of Play On Math, Science Standards
Payzant, Alvarado Candidates for Top Boston Job
Defunded; Departing
Mich. Board Makes Curriculum Standards Voluntary for Districts
Take Note
A Lesson in Caring
Bill To Make 'Breakup' of L.A. District Easier Clears
A Hateful Prank
'A View From the Bench': Frank Talk on School Finance
Windows '95 Prompts Questions of Compatibility
State-Appointed Newark Chief Vows To Improve Condition of Buildings
Key First Job or Make-Work? Value of Summer Program Debated
Common Causes
Judge Strips Kan. Interscholastic Group For Sports and Activities of Its Authority
Clinton Signs Bill Cutting $574 Million From Education in Fiscal '95
Texas Law To Ease School Access to Telecommunications Services
Va. Governor Proposes Tying Driver's License to Tests