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People Column
Goals 2000 Fails To Gain Firm Foothold
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Palo Alto Parents Square Off Over Math Curriculum
Colleges Column
Ridge Seeks To Make O.B.E. Targets Voluntary
Preliminary Budget Figures Forecast Major Cuts
Governor Signs Bill Putting Mayor in Control of Chicago Schools
International Group To Take Over Mass. School This Fall
Digital Delivery
Stop The Presses
District News Briefs
Telecomm Bill Would Create Panel To Help Insure School Access
Handel Goes To School
The Downsizing of Corporate Philanthropy
Pa.'s Ridge Takes Point Position for G.O.P. Governors
Justice Dept. Appeals
Police Takeover of N.Y.C. District Security Is Urged
Publicity Fears May Aid Lunch Program in the Senate
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Where Teachers Enroll Own Children Tracked
Hard News
Transportation Aid for Nonpublic Students Debated
Preschool Images From Korea
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Florida Audit Faults
State Capitols
Star-studded; No interest
Budget Crunch Kills Denver's Mentoring Program
Taking the Social Pulse of Youth, Age, Creativity
Common Causes
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Minn. Abolishes Education Department, Merges State Services
Ore. Lawmakers Seek Accord on Amending Reform Law
Study Links Television Viewing, School Readiness
Measures To Revamp Wis. Schooling Advance
The Downsizing of Corporate Philanthropy
Guide Outlines Ways To Create 'Inclusive' Classrooms
D.C. Schools Get Security Devices Used at Nuclear Plant
Charters' Impact on Parent Involvement Studied
Calif. Plotting New Tack on Language Arts
Impressions of a 'Principal for a Day'
Capital Update
Reduce Legal Immigration, Federal Panel Recommends
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District News Roundup
Legislative Update
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Citing School-Aid Cuts, Clinton Vetoes Rescission Bill
Federal File
Virtually There
G.O.P. Welfare Proposal Is Misguided, Clinton Tells Governors
Testing Column
Businesses' Enthusiasm for Reform Seen Flagging
Ga. Districts Say Pay Promise Puts Them in a Bind
La. Pay Bonus Proposal Nears Approval
Strengths, Weaknesses of Casey Program Detailed
9 Noes Later, Vt. Town To Finish Year It Never Voted To Begin
Oakland Boycott Spurs School-Facilities Promise
Riflery as Varsity Sport Hits Mark For Ga. Students
States Move To Open Juvenile Court Records
Getting the Scoop on Recycling
News in Brief
Measure To Give Parents Say in Breakup of L.A. District Advances
Private Schools Column
When the Honeymoon Is Over
Law Update
Cards On the Table
Researchers Track Decline In Health of Adolescents
Grants To Aid Merger of Chattanooga, County Districts
State Journal
National News Roundup
Political Skills Seen Key in Whoever Succeeds Sobol in N.Y.
News In Brief
Worried About Federal Cuts, Nonprofits Step Up Lobbying
Officials Debate Plans To Scrap or Demote E.D.
Letters to the Editor
Update News Roundup
Ore. Lawmakers Retain Mastery Certificates
All Schools Can Learn
Fla. Report Documents Sexual Misconduct of Teachers
Clinton Spares Education From Cuts in Balanced-Budget Plan
National News Roundup
Advocates Beat Drum for Para-to-Teacher Programs
Researchers Chart Increase in Earnings of G.E.D. Holders
Annenberg Institute Seeks To Find Voice in 1st Year
Bringing Back Heroes
Controversy Predicted Over N.Y. Social-Studies Framework
Capital Digest
Six Steps to Social Studies
Have I Missed Something Here?
Capital Update
Cortines Resigns as N.Y.C. Schools Chancellor
Books: New In Print
Take Note: Some stumping; Others surfing
In States, G.O.P. Stymied in Push To Revamp Policy
N.J. District Sues Parents of Nonresident Students
Department Proposes Standards for Awarding Research Grants
School-Prayer Amendment Back in the Spotlight
Tex. Lawmakers Clear Overhaul of School Code
Expletives Deleted
The Swing to the Right In America's Views on Education
The Letter of the Law
News Update
State Journal: All in the family
People Column
Excerpts From Majority Opinion of High Court In Missouri v. Jenkins
Teacher's Case Spurs Debate Over Scope of A.D.A.
O'Connor's Concurrence
Legislative Update
Federal File: Not a moose; Racial Remarks
Arthur Kropp, Advocate for Civil Liberties, Dies at 37
Supreme Court Sets Stricter Standard for Racial Preferences
Maine Supreme Court Backs Budget Cuts
Panel Backs Bill To Retain Federal Control of School-Meals Programs
Group To Develop Test for P.E. Teachers for the Disabled
N.Y. State Teachers Say Cheating Has Increased
Thomas's Concurrence
From the Summer Bookshelf
Wish Upon a Star
Harsh Reality at Graduation Season
Partnership's Board Backs Draft Student-Performance Standards
Conn. District Settles Suit By Athletes Cut From Team
Measures at Odds Over School Access to Telecomm Networks
Rep. Goodling Performs Balancing Act Between Politics, Personal Views
Chicago Mayor Poised To Take District's Reins
In K.C. Case,Court CurtailsJudges' Powers
New Title I Law Will Bring Shift In Funding to Schools This Fall
Excerpts From Majority Opinion of High Court In Missouri v. Jenkins
Okla. Power Struggle Imperils 'Rainy Day' School Aid
Proposed Amendments Delay Vote on Voc.-Ed. Bill
Two Independent Panels To Review Controversial U.S., World History Standards
Ginsburg's Dissent
E.A.I. Proposes To Scale Back Hartford Plan
Group Formed To Oversee the Quality of Private Schools Fast Expanding Its
Letters to the Editor
Partnerships Column
Excerpts From Dissenting Opinion
State Chiefs' Report Plugs School Telecommunications
Advocating Lifelong Activity, Group Unveils P.E. Standards