Abstinence Bills Gaining Popularity and Momentum
Federal FIle: Omissions; Death or bowling?
Council Moving To Gain More Say Over D.C. Schools
Decline in Reading Level of 12th Graders Tracked
Early-Years Educators Out Front in Ditching Traditional Tests
Edgar Urges 'Superboard' To Run Chicago District
'Talking Books' Pressed Into Classroom Service
Is Innovation Always Good?:
Bring the Revolution Home
State Journal: Budgetary spin; Making up
Fund-Raising Schemes Raise Parents' Ire in California
Unconscious (Rhetorical) Motivations
Tracking May Not Be As Common a Practice As Assumed, Study Says
Excerpts From Majority Opinion and Dissent In Gun-Free School Zones Case
Take Note: Senior on board; 'Green' stamps
National News Briefs
New Multicultural Editions of Cliffs Notes Get Mixed Reviews
Legislative Update
State News Briefs
Joining Hands
Justices Reject Ban on Guns Near Schools
Clinton and Gore Pledge Rural-Development Strategy
Is Innovation Always Good?:
Toledo Union Eliminates Peer-Review Program
Ind. Dropouts Could Face Loss of Driver's Licenses
Common Causes
Letters to the Editor
The Dog Ate It
Study of Gender Bias in S.A.T. Prompts Debate
Clinton Defends Programs And Hails Loan Expansion
Philanthropy Column
Academic Tourney's Black Mark: A Cheating Scandal
News Brief Updates
From Sassy to Statistics: Running the Research Gamut
Capital Update
Advocates Worry Cuts Will Kill Service Projects
Suicide Rate Among Youths Soaring, C.D.C. Reports
The New "New Math"?
Technology Update
Capital Update
Federal File
Schools Are Special Places
Hire Education
Administration Asks Court To Overturn Ban on Race-Based Aid
People Column
Update Briefs
New Generation of Activists Channels Their Idealism
12 States Join Move To Pass Charter Laws
Testing Column
Food-Services Firm Serves Up Deficit to R.I. Districts
Cultivating a Field of Dreams in the Inner City
State News Roundup
Seattle Pledges To Improve Services for L.E.P. Students
Phila. Scales Back School-Based Child-Care Services
State News Roundup
District News Roundup
Group Seeks To Pave Way for New Social Entrepreneurs
State Journal
Connecting Technology
Letters To The Editor
G.O.P. Spending Proposal Urges Phaseout of E.D.
Report Urges New Method Of Setting the Poverty Line
Time Well Spent
Clinton Vows Steps To Reinstate Federal Gun Ban
Foster Grilled on Pregnancy-Prevention Program
N.J. Desegregation-Aid Program on Chopping Block
Texas Teacher Count Does Not Add Up, Union Says
News In Brief
Take Note
Calif. Agrees To Pay District For Desegregation Expenses
Dallas To Pilot-Test Teacher-Evaluation System
S.D. Board Asked To Rethink State Guidelines for Schools
Core Subject Status for Health Education Sought
Research Links Pregnant Teenager's Age to Risk
Informal Coalition of Grantmakers To Form Nonprofit Group
New Title I Rules Focus on Standards and Assessment
Advocate Urges Foundation Role in Restoring Honor to Public Service
News In Brief
Union Interests Under AttackIn Statehouses
News in Brief: Conferees Set To Approve $1 Billion Education Cut
Tougher N.Y.C. Requirements Seen Spurring Gains
Excise Tax To Pay for School Technology Advocated
Calif. Democrats Offer Fast-Track Plan To Rewrite School Code
The Declining Fortunes of Michigan's Teachers' Union
States: Federal Judge Upholds N.J. Welfare-Reform Law
Talent Scouts
Legislative Update
Who Should Control Voc.-Ed. Dollars Is a Hot Topic
Update: Cincinnati Board Approves Sweeping Budget Cuts
Thorny Issues Loom as Hearings on Spec.-Ed. Law Begin
Del. To Spend $30 Million To Build Fiber-Optic Network for Schools
Pa. Governor Unveils Details of Statewide Voucher Plan
Federal File: Presidential positioning
Nobody Ever Flunks This Course
Denver Chief Ousts 12 Principals in Shake-Up
Ready To Soar
Board To Buy Out Superintendent's Contract
Capital Update: Standards, Deregulation Highlight N.C. Proposal
Redesign, Don't Bypass, School Districts
Florida District Held Partially Responsible For Student's Suicide
View Urban Schools in Local Context, Researchers Urge
House Committee Passes Bill To Eliminate Standards Council
Palm Beach Desegregation Strategy Falls Short
Tex. Conferees To Wrangle Over Governance Bills
Districts: Judge Denies Conn. Town's Plan To Close Schools Early
Rhetoric Outstrips Reality in Assessing Special-Needs Students
Character and Coffee Mugs
State Journal: Junk financing; Tipless
Take Note: Students stage a comeback
Robust State Budgets Show Signs of Economic Recovery, Survey Finds
New And Noteworthy
Capital Update
Letters: Computerized Testing, Pro And Con
Some Men's Sports Hurt By O.C.R. InterpretationOf Title IX, Critics Say
Scaling Up The Design
Setting Entry Age For Kindergarten Triggers Debate
House, Senate Budget Plans Slash E.D. Programs
Values Education: A Moral Obligation or Dilemma?
Desegregation Must Span All Grades, Report Urges
Workers With More Schooling Found To Be More Productive
Letters To the Editor
Large Districts HiringMore Rookie Teachers
House Bill To Create Voc.-Ed., Job-Training Block Grants Advances
Take Note
National News Roundup
Special Education Column
Bon App‚tit
State Journal
Conn. Board Nominees Fan Flames of Discontent
The Politics of School-Trust Lands
House Approves Budget Bill That Would Force Cuts
Budget Plans Put Issues of Process,Politics on Table
Advocates Mobilize To Make Case To Save Service Program
States Seen Improving Access to Education for Homeless
Capital Update
Children & Families Column
News Update
Prerequisites for 'Scaling Up'
Rethinking Indoctrination
News In Brief
Legislative Update
Could I Interest You in a Late-Model School Design?
Teaching Citizenship Is Not Slavery
District News Roundup
NAEP Will Defer Special Accommodations for the Disabled
Conservatives' Social-Issue Agenda Targets Schools
Inclusion Policies in 21 Countries Documented
Revolutionary School-Voucher Measure Falls Short in Ill. House
State News Roundup
Fasten Your Seat Belts
Clinton Vows To Veto Bill That Would Slash E.D.'s 1995 Budget
The Importance of Being Ernest
Attacks Mount Against E.A.I.'s Hartford Plans
G.O.P. Lawmakers Weighing Intervention in D.C. Schools
$25 Million Hewlett Gift To Support S.F. Reforms
Wash. Law Hailed as New Tool To Rescue Runaway Children
News In Brief
Books: New in Print
Honors & Awards
Tide Turns for the Better in N.J., Ohio Budget Votes
Federal File
Four-Day Week Finds a Niche in the Rural West
Idaho Grazing Lands Eyed as Cash Cow for Schools
Foundation Scheme Leaves Schools in Shock
Education Lobby Aims To Rally Public Support
Hawaii Scurries To Fill 8 Percent of Teaching Posts
G.O.P. Senators Signal Desire To Retain School-Meals Programs
Asking Hard Questions
Legislative Update
Decentralization Plan Seen Sparking 'Education Revolution' in N.C.
Ala. Court Allows Two Groups To Join School-Finance Case
'They Were Fighting Over a Woman . . .'
House Republicans Unveil Bill To Ax E.D., Create Block Grants
Twice Exceptional
Federal File: Clinton's teacher; Bennett raps rap; City votes
National News Roundup
N.Y.C. Spec.-Ed. Panel Urges ShiftingMore Students Into General Education
N.J. Board Poised To Vote on Newark Takeover
Take Note: Dream comes to life
Philanthropy Column
News In Brief
Ky. To Retain Control of District; Local Board Ousted
News Update
Senate Joins House in Endorsing Plan To Balance the Budget by 2002
Ideas & FIndings
More Than One Way To Count Peanuts
Tex. Lawmakers Reach Accord on Overhaul of Education Laws
District News Roundup
Math Standards for Student Assessment Released
Taj Mahal and the Lakers
G.O.P. Leaders Seek To Head Off Veto of '95 Budget Bill
Publishing Column
Letters To the Editor
Voc.-Ed. Bill To Create Four Block Grants Clears House Panel
Capital Digest
Specialty Groups' Influence in NCATE Debated
News In Brief
Report Advocates More Authority For Urban Schools
Making the Grade
Court Lets Stand Ruling Invalidating Race-Based Aid
Public Will, POlitical Context, And Public Education
Overruns Spur Teacher Board To Alter Plans
Jostens Building Ramp to 'Information Highway'
Anti-Abortion Groups Blamed for Axing Nurse Funds in Mo.
State News Roundup
Clinton Urges Key Place for Character Education in Curriculum
Most Nations Eschew Prayers In Public Schools, Report Says
District To Sell Ad Space on School Buses
State Journal: Not-so-fond farewells
People Column
Toledo's Peer-Review Program Fails To Make the Cut
Teacher Board Providing Valuable Lessons in Using Portfolios
Giving to Education Groups Up 5.25% in 1994, Report Says