House Panel Approves School-Meal Block Grant
People Column
Del. Desegregation Case Pivots on Student Statistics
State Journal: Alaskan Buy-out; Texas shuffle
Outbreaks of Meningitis, Measles Strike Districts
It All Adds Up
Employers Discount School Factors In Hiring Decisions
NASDC Discloses 11 'Jurisdictions' for Model Schools
Girls' Night Out
Smoothing the Standards Path to the Classroom
Books: New in Print
House Approves $1.7 Billion In Cuts to 1995 Education Programs
Schools as a Safe Haven
Critics Target State Teacher-Tenure Laws
Law Seen Posing Particular Challenge to Private Schools
Gap Between White, Black Dropout Rates Has Virtually Closed
Ideas & Findings
Publisher Buys Company For On-Line Delivery of School Materials
Book Excerpts: Culture Conflict and 'Anti-Intellectualism'
Accord Set in Desegregation Case in K.C.
State News Briefs
National News Briefs
Testing Column
N.J. To Debate Standards Before Revisiting School-Finance Issue
Lawmakers Take on Texas-Sized Task: Rethinking School Code
Language Burden of Bilingual Children Called False Belief
Getting Its House in Order
Ill. Lawmakers Debate Chicago Voucher Proposal
Study Suggests There's No Place Like Home for Math and Science
District News Briefs
Legislative Update
Take Note: A little sipping; A lot of slipping
Bilingual Educators Urged To Join Political Fight
News in Brief
School-Finance Legislation Clears House, Senate in North Dakota
Honors & Awards
Districts Wonder If A.D.A. Efforts Will Satisfy Law
Child-Care Block Grant Clears Education Committee
Digital Library of the Future May House Bytes, Not Books
News Updates
Critics Decry N.Y. Governor's Proposal To Repeal Foreign-Language Mandate
Early Years Column
Letters to the Editor
Court To Weigh State Efforts To Ban Local Gay-Rights Measures
Federal Study Ties Spending Disparities to Local Property Values
NABE Sets Goal: Teachers Fluent in Second Language
Federal File: Branstad backing out; Keeping up appearances
The Egalitarian Virus
Court Orders Tennessee To Equalize Teacher Salaries
Diffusion Network Seeks To Gain Solid Footing
Exxon Gives $1.25 Million to Goodlad Center
Federal File: Out to Lunch; Expectations
Congress in Transition: Advocates Left Wondering at Goodling's 'Metamorphosis'
Reading a School Like a Book
Chicago Increases Math, Science Requirements
School-Aid Stalemate Spurs Reform Talk in Iowa
States: Ill. Districts Off the 'Watch,' But Still Facing Financial Woes
Capital Update
Kansas House Votes To Repeal Accreditation System
Alexander Declares Candidacy for 1996 G.O.P. Nomination
Bright Lights, Small City
Teacher, Tutor, High-tech Tycoon
Letters To the Editor
Teachers as Team Players
Districts Weigh Paying Students for Tips on Crime
Teachers' Union in Denver Backs Charter School
N.C. Poised To Slash Size, Power of State Education Agency
Vocational Education
Riley Appoints Independent Board To Set Research Agenda
Riley Defends Budget Plan as Lawmakers Pledge Cuts
Goodling Bill Would Limit Federal Standards Role
Eager Educators Get Hard Sell for Security Gadgetry
Fervor Spreads To Overhaul State Agencies
Child-Protection Block Grant Imperils Troubled Families, Critics Say
Educators Cast Wary Eye on House Debates
Grade Inflation: A Problem and a Proposal
Court Weighs University Decision To Deny Funds To Religious Magazine
News in Brief: Ala. Governor Appeals School-Finance Decision
State Journal: Scholarship follies
Take Note: For Honor or Money; What's Ahead for the Dead?
Panel Sends 1995 Education Cuts to House Floor
Schools, Colleges, and Mending Reform
National: Condom Use Increases Among Students, Study Finds
Unusual Collaboration Yields Software Designed To Hone Student Social Skills
R.I. Unions at Odds in Suit Over Millions in Benefits
Tight Budgets, Escalating Enrollments Collide
Wise in The Ways of The World
Districts: Oakland Board Approves Mandatory-Uniform Policy
Capital Digest: Kassebaum Files Bill To Limit Direct Loans
Take Note
Idaho's New Schools Chief Battered by Controversies
Voucher Bill Gets Nod From Ill. Senate
Mont. Republicans Push for More Local Control
District News Roundup
House Committee Clears Welfare-Reform Measure for Floor Action
People Column
Governors Plead for Relief From Special-Education Rules
Legislative Update
Pediatrics Group Urges Caution on Readiness Tests
Cortines Urges Tougher Policy for Gun-Toting Students
A Community of Learners
Judge Upholds N.Y. Law PreservingSchool District for Orthodox Jews
Teachers Column
Media Column
Congress Ponders Proposal To Include Student Aid in Block Grant
Officials Weigh Offering NAEP Tests in Spanish
Forever Green
Pioneering Studies Show How Dollars Are Spent
Capital Update
Helmets, Face Masks May Make Hockey Players Feel Invulnerable
Administration Assails Plan To Cut Technology Funds
The Learning Process 19 Core Principles
Letters To the Editor
Miami Educators Inspect Refugee Schools in Cuba
Pittsburgh Plan Spurs Debate Over Merits of Merger
Ridge Proposes 1st State Voucher Program for Pa.
'With Privilege Comes Responsibility,' N.A.I.S. Conferees Told
The Charter-School Plus
Conn. Ponders Leaving Federal Program for Disabled Infants
Clinton Suggests Race-Based College Aid Be Re-Examined
State Journal: Piscine politics; Finance fight
'Crisis' Spurs State Takeover Of Cleveland
News Update
Playing Politics With State Boards: Questions To Ask About Change
National News Roundup
Dade To Vote on Proposal To Require Uniforms
News In Brief
Troubled N.J. School Turns to Single-Sex Classes
Federal File: Thomas retires; Alexander garners votes--and flak
States News Roundup
Strange Bedfellows Strive To Scale Down Schools
District News Briefs
Union-State Board Skirmish Catches Md. Governor in Crossfire
The New Breed Of Assessments Getting Scrutiny
Proposal to Ax O.B.E. Pilot in N.C. Rankles Reform Advocates
A.C.L.U. in Vermont Challenges State System of Paying for Education
Federal File
Conservative Group Backs Parent-Rights Amendment
Toward a Unifying Agenda
Thinking Small
Cuts Would Close Stations, Hurt Programs, C.P.B. Chief Says
As Assaults Intensify, Administration Moves to Defend E.D.
Update Briefs
Philanthropy Column
Schools Provide Backdrop For Putting Edge on a Political Point
Texas Debates 'Open Market' For Textbooks
Cognitive Growth at 2- and 4-Year Colleges Studied
People Column
Measure To Lower Spending Caps Advances
Congress Likely to Seek Extension for Special-Ed. Programs
30 Nations To Participate in Global-Language-Education Study
Capital Update
House Backs Bill To Slash $1.7 Billion In Education Spending
Legislative Update
Take Note
Taking Charge of the Parent-Teacher Conference
Schools Await Bankruptcy Settlement in California
Edison Project Announces $30 Million in Investments
Goals Panel Pledges To Continue Work on Standards
Radical Proposals Set Stage for Student-Aid Battle
Philanthropy Column
Science Teachers' Group Offers Standards Guide
News in Brief
State Journal
Letters to the Editor
Satellite-Space Crunch Seen Impeding Distance Learning
Early Skirmish Expected on Direct-Lending Plan
Going Mobile
E.C.S. Advocates Redesign of Urban Districts
Pioneering Reform Act Under Attack in Oregon
Testing-Standards Review Likely To Address Technical Issues
Congress in Transition
Calif. Teacher Victim of Anti-Semitic Slurs, A.C.L.U. Suit Says
Urban Public Schools: America's Most Effective?
Beating the Odds
Directions 2000: A Forum
State Journal: Lighting up; Group Psychology
Legislative Update
Calif. Report Hailed, But Many Worry It Has No Champion
Teachers Win $3.2 Million Settlement in Suit Against Publishers
Ga. Administrators Decry Cuts in Central-Office Funds
Make Financial Aid Priority, College Leaders Warned
Religious Schools Cannot Join Wis. Voucher Plan, Judge Rules
Calif. Report Hailed, But Many Worry It Has No Champion
Home-Schoolers Gain Access to School Activities
Guide Links Childhood Services, Success of State Goals
Charges That Ga. Test Scores Were Manipulated Probed
District News Roundup
Going Extra Mile Is Hallmark Of Family-Resource Centers in Ky.
State News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Update Briefs
The Science of Art Appreciation
Directions 2000: A Forum
Baltimore Mayor Seeks Changes in E.A.I. Contract
Vaccines for All Who Have Not Had Chicken Pox Advocated
Ideas & Findings
AmeriCorps Demographics Paint Middle-Class Face
Benefits for Families of Disabled Children Retooled
E.D. Will Not Help Pay To Develop Economics Standards After All
Four Coordinators Trying To Help One Family at a Time
Take Note: Evironmental anxiety; Ahead of the Dead
A Political Food Fight
News In Brief
House To Pass Welfare Bill, Block Grants for Child Programs
Networking Column
Directions 2000: A Forum
News In Brief
Capital Update
Truce Sought In School Wars Over Religion
Native American Educators Seek More Control and More Money
Center Criticizes Fla. District's Top-Down Style
House Panel Launches Series of Hearings on National Standards
Budget Deficit in Tenn. District Spurs Transportation, Staff Cuts
Four Million Computers Can Be Wrong!
Federal File
Broad Impact of Debate Over Race, Gender Predicted
Pa. District Vote To Hire Firm To Run School Assailed
Two Finance Cases Spur N.Y. Court To Consider How To Measure Equity
Public Divided Over Proposed Child-Care Cuts, Poll Finds