State News Briefs
Many Students Give Schools Low Marks on Safety
E.D. Scraps Funds for New English Standards Project
Court To Weigh Random Drug Tests of Students
G.O.P. Takes Aim At Surgeon General
Undo School Programs, Heritage Urges
News Briefs Updates
Two Regional Desegregation Plans Rejected in Conn.
Take Note: Penny pinching pays off for students
Republicans May Press Bill To Break Up Chicago District
Letters To The Editor
U.S. Sides With Kansas City in Desegregation Case
Standards in U.S. History: An Assessment
'Putting Learning First'
People Column
Family Ties
Child's Play
E.D. Scraps Funds for New English Standards Project
A Clean Slate
Schools Look Beyond Budgets for Outside Income
Students Column
Judge Upholds S.D. Finance System; Panel Unveils Plan To Retool Formula
Colleges Column
Mich. Law Does Little To Change the Bottom Line
Va. Panel Proposes Cutting Sex-Education Mandate
Indian Tribes Put Their MoneyOn Gaming To Boost Education
State Journal: Holiday Repeal; Site Visits
G.O.P. Victories Energize Conservative Think Tanks
District News Briefs
Report Casts Critical Eye on Reading Recovery Program
Voc.-Ed. Law Expected To Get Close Scrutiny
Judge Orders Steps To Spur Integration in Phila.
Academy Unveils Draft of National Science Standards
N.H. District Contemplates All-Girls Math Class
Guide Seeks a 'Proper Role' for Religion in Schools
Federal File: Gun points
Table Talk
Districts Turn to Parent Counselors To Bolster School-Family Ties
Poorer Students Rank the Environment a Low Priority
The Sound of Nature
Kansas High Court Upholds State's School-Finance System
News in Brief
Annenberg Set to Announce Round of Gifts
Hands Off Homework?
Children's Advocates Mobilize To Protect Child-Care Programs
Idaho Judge Dismisses Equity Suit
The U.S. Supreme Court On School Prayer
State Journal
Federal File: Ins and outs; Maybe next year; E.D. efficiency
Baltimore Files Funding Suit Against Maryland Board
Citing Debts, L.A. Board Revokes School's Charter
The Electronic Gender Gap
Revival of Private-School-Voucher Plans Predicted
Ideas and Findings
Teachers and Universities: Vive La Difference
Districts News Briefs
Michigan Partnership Sets Out on New Course
Foundations Seek More Active Role in Replicating Successful Models
Advocates Assail Calif. Bilingual-Education Proposal
D.L.C. Drafts Alternative To Republican 'Contract'
Renamed House Education Panel To Restructure and Cut Staff
Elections Are Likely To Spur Shift in Power
Democrat Aides Find They Are Out in the Cold
Counting Their Losses in Wealthy Orange County
New Laws Leave State, Local Officials Full of Questions
Letters to the Editor
Gore Seeks Bill To Earmark F.C.C. Auction Revenues for Schools
Effort To Do the Right Thing Upsets Ga. County
Capital Update